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Winter photos from the Glenbow Archives

The Royal Mail stage in the winter time on the overland trail, Yukon. Glenbow Library and Archives, UCalgary: S-227-187.

We’re fortunate in this region of Alberta to be graced with the Chinook and its warm winds. That shot of warmth can do a lot to lift spirits during a bitter winter. It can make the difference between a long winter and an enjoyable winter; or at least a tolerable winter.

But when we get Chinooks rolling through in November it’s easy to forget that winter is just one storm away. And predictions across the Prairies so far are calling for above normal snow and below normal temperatures this winter.

So, to prepare for the incoming winter weather, a selection of winter-themed photos from the Glenbow Library and Archives is in order.

It’s a good reminder that not only does winter arrive every year, it brings with it everything we love and hate about this season: namely the cold and the snow.

But compared to many of the people in these photographs, we have it easy. We can disappear inside and stream movies all winter; however, not so long ago, people had to face winter head on every day. And it wasn’t all work, they found time to enjoy winter, too.

So, when winter finally hits, rather than hole up with a smartphone, head outside and enjoy all that winter has to offer.

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Winter people


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