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Wed, 7th Aug 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-1548 A.E. Cross family fonds
M-1550 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1551 Canadian gulf oil company
M-1552 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds
M-1553 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1554 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1556 Coal Association of Canada fonds
M-1557 Coleman Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-1558 Continental oil company
M-1560 Crown Lumber Company Ltd. fonds
M-1561 Crowsnest Resources Ltd. fonds
M-1562 Stanley J. Davies fonds
M-1563 Dingman family fonds
M-1564 Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company fonds
M-1565 Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company fonds
M-1566 F.H. Edmunds
M-1568 Gorman’s ltd
M-1569 Haselwood family fonds
M-1570 Home Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-1571 Home Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-1572 Hydro-Pete Oils Ltd. fonds
M-1574 Knight Sugar Company Ltd. fonds
M-1576 Robert Llewellyn’s Coal Mining collection
M-1578 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-1579 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1584 Northwest natural gas company
M-1586 Oakwood Petroleums Ltd. fonds
M-1587 Overseas Petroleum Company Ltd. fonds
M-1589 John W. Proctor fonds
M-1590 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-1592 Segur oil company
M-1594 Standen’s Limited fonds
M-1595 Standard Coal and Development Company fonds
M-1596 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1597 John Schmidt fonds
M-1599 TransCanada Pipe Lines fonds
M-1601 (BOX 245) West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds