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Wed, 31st Jul 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-1113 Frederick Scott fonds
M-1114 Knox United Church fonds
M-1115 Frederick Scott fonds
M-1116 Seaborn family fonds
M-1117 Barbara Sears
M-1118 John Schmidt fonds
M-1119 Richard Secord
M-1120 Richard Secord
M-1121 Lord Selkirk
M-1122 Ernest Seton
M-1124 John Smith Shanks fonds
M-1125 Charles Sharples fonds
M-1127 Frederick D. Shaw fonds
M-1128 Alexander Campbell Shaw fonds
M-1129 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1130 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1131 Samuel M. Shaw fonds
M-1132 William Shearer fonds
M-1133 James Sheils
M-1135 Rice Sheppard
M-1136 Jack and Philip Shirley fonds
M-1137 Short, Knupp family fonds
M-1138 Thomas John Cornwall fonds
M-1139 Sydney C. Short
M-1140 Albert Shurtleff fonds
M-1141 R.L. Silverthorn
M-1142 Dugald Macdonald Sinclair
M-1143 Mrs. Alexander Sinclair
M-1144 William G. Morrow fonds
M-1145 A. Sketchley
M-1147 Chief Robert Smallboy
M-1148 Cappy Smart fonds
M-1149 Archibald Edwin Smith fonds
M-1150 Henry Smith fonds
M-1152 Tom Gummo fonds
M-1153 Kathleen Lennox Smith
M-1154 Marie Rose Smith fonds
M-1155 Orville Hawkins Smith fonds
M-1156 Vernor W. Smith fonds
M-1157 Walter Norman Smith and Amelia Turner Smith fonds
M-1159 Mrs. John Smythe
M-1161 C.C. Snowdon Company Ltd. fonds
M-1162 D.M. Soole fonds
M-1163 James Wilson Spalding fonds
M-1164 Thomas Harold Spear fonds
M-1165 Henry E. Spencer fonds
M-1166 J. Wesley Stambaugh fonds
M-1167 Joseph Standish fonds
M-1168 Mrs. E.C. Stanley
M-1169 Milton Howard Staples
M-1170 Harry Snyder Barren Lands Expedition fonds
M-1171 Sam Steele fonds
M-1172 Sam Steele fonds
M-1173 William Steele
M-1175 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1176 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1177 Henry Stelfox fonds
M-1178 Stephan Stephansson fonds
M-1179 Arthur Alexander Melville Stewart fonds
M-1180 A.J. Stewart fonds
M-1182 Arthur Hiram Stewart fonds
M-1185 Canon H.W.G. Stocken fonds
M-1188 Wesley Stockton fonds
M-1189 John Stokoe fonds
M-1190 Fred V. Stone fonds
M-1191 Fred V. Stone fonds
M-1192 George Storch
M-1193 Okey Strain fonds
M-1194 Lord Strathcona
M-1195 Gervase Strong fonds
M-1196 Theodore Strom fonds
M-1197 Hamilton R. Stephenson
M-1198 Arthur Alexander Melville Stewart fonds
M-1199 John Kenneth Sutherland fonds
M-1200 John Kenneth Sutherland fonds
M-1201 James Sutherland fonds
M-1203 Thor Swain fonds
M-1204 Swinarton family fonds
M-1204 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-1205 Alberta Provincial Police fonds
M-1206 Tait family fonds
M-1207 Percy Talbot fonds
M-1208 Japanese Albertans Oral History Project collection
M-1209 John Tanche fonds
M-1210 John Tapson-Jones fonds
M-1211 Egbert Oliver Taylor fonds
M-1212 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1213 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-1215 James M. Taylor fonds
M-1216 Oscar Gilbert Taylor fonds
M-1217 Kathleen Tempest
M-1220 David Thompson fonds
M-1221 Bernard H.J. Thoms fonds
M-1222 Bernard H.J. Thoms fonds
M-1223 David Thompson fonds
M-1224 Georgina Helen Thomson fonds
M-1225 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1226 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1227 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1228 Colonel J.R. Thompson
M-1229 Frank Thorn fonds
M-1230 William D. Thornton fonds
M-1231 Thorpe family fonds
M-1232 Percival Timms fonds
M-1234 Archdeacon J.W. Tims family fonds
M-1235 Archdeacon J.W. Tims family fonds
M-1237 Peter Tomkins Jr. fonds
M-1240 Bert and Myrtle Toshach fonds
M-1241 Traill family fonds
M-1242 Traill family fonds
M-1243 Traill family fonds
M-1244 Ma Trainor fonds
M-1245 William J. Tregillus fonds
M-1246 Richard S. Tribe fonds
M-1247 Alfred Warren Trickey fonds
M-1248 Trizone oil and development
M-1249 Daniel Webster Trotter fonds
M-1251 Trussler family fonds
M-1252 Trussler family fonds
M-1253 Spencer and Esme Tuck fonds
M-1254 Spencer and Esme Tuck fonds
M-1255 Arthur Turner fonds
M-1256 Herbert Edward Turtle fonds
M-1257 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-1258 Mrs. Annie Leake Tuttle
M-1259 William Morris Graham fonds
M-1260 Clarence and Jessie Umscheid fonds
M-1261 Thomas Underwood fonds
M-1262 Lawrence Unwin
M-1263 Bert Valentine fonds
M-1264 Sydney Vallence
M-1265 Mrs. Grace VanBuren
M-1266 Alex Price’s Railway collection
M-1267 Anna van Wyk fonds
M-1268 John Makes Him Long fonds
M-1269 P.H. Waddy
M-1270 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1271 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1272 William Walker fonds
M-1273 John Phipps fonds
M-1274 David John Carter fonds
M-1275 Captail HughWallace
M-1276 James Wallace’s Bowness collection
M-1277 Paul Wallace fonds
M-1278 W.L. Walsh fonds
M-1279 Alexander Ward
M-1280 Jack Ward fonds
M-1281 John Ware, Lewis family fonds
M-1283 John Ware, Lewis family fonds
M-1284 Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta fonds
M-1285 Keith Martin Watt fonds
M-1286 Guy Weadick fonds
M-1287 Guy Weadick fonds
M-1288 Minnie and Arthur Webb fonds
M-1289 Edna Webb
M-1290 James Albert Webb fonds
M-1291 Manasseh Weber
M-1292 Ethel M. Webster
M-1293 William Wedgewood fonds
M-1294 Robert Weir fonds
M-1296 Alfred P. Welsh fonds
M-1297 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-1298 Carl L. and George Wenstrom fonds
M-1299 Christopher and Alice West fonds
M-1300 Christopher and Alice West fonds
M-1301 John Dickson Whetham fonds
M-1302 Frank White fonds
M-1303 Cochrane Ranche Company Ltd. fonds
M-1305 Calgary Horticultural Society fonds
M-1306 Donald Wilby fonds
M-1307 Bill Wilde fonds
M-1308 Stephen Wilk fonds
M-1309 Mary Katherine Wilkin fonds
M-1310 Dr. Isabel Wilkins
M-1311 P.R. Wilkinson
M-1312 Frederick C. Williams fonds
M-1313 T. Milton and Katherine Williams fonds
M-1314 T. Milton and Katherine Williams fonds
M-1315 Thomas Bowerman Williams fonds
M-1316 Tom Williams
M-1318 Mrs. John Willis
M-1319 Ernest Willis fonds
M-1320 Eliza Jane Wilson fonds
M-1321 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1322 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1323 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1324 Tom Wilson fonds
M-1325 Ed Wilson fonds
M-1326 Beryl Wingerter
M-1327 Austin de B. Winter fonds
M-1328 Austin de B. Winter fonds
M-1329 Edwin John Winterbottom fonds
M-1330 Peter Prince fonds
M-1332 Garnet Wolseley fonds
M-1333 Garnet Wolseley fonds
M-1335 Charles E.D. Wood fonds
M-1336 Charles E.D. Wood fonds
M-1337 Henry Wise Wood fonds
M-1338 Kerry Wood
M-1339 Percy Charles Woodford fonds
M-1340 Mabel Brinkley fonds
M-1341 Woodside family fonds
M-1343 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-1344 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-1345 Fred Wright fonds
M-1346 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1347 Wyndham family fonds
M-1348 George Markland Yeomans
M-1349 Captain George Holmes Young
M-1350 Young, Peacock family fonds
M-1351 Chinese Consul of Vancouver fonds
M-1352 Jack J. Zubick fonds
M-1354 St. Philip and St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1355 Anglican church
M-1357 Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute fonds
M-1359 Camrose United Church fonds
M-1360 Camrose United Church fonds
M-1361 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1361 Pinkham family fonds
M-1362 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1363 Central United Church fonds
M-1364 Central United Church fonds
M-1365 Central United Church fonds
M-1366 Christ Church fonds
M-1367 Christ Church fonds
M-1368 Christ Church fonds
M-1369 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1370 Church of the Brethren
M-1371 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-1373 Free Methodist Church. Alberta Conference
M-1375 Hillhurst Baptist Church fonds
M-1376 George Hollywood
M-1377 Knox United Church fonds
M-1380 McDougall Orphanage and Home fonds
M-1381 Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection
M-1382 Olivet Baptist Church fonds
M-1383 Our lady of peace cairn
M-1384 Hugh G. Peck’s United Church History collection
M-1385 Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection
M-1386 Stephen Wilk fonds
M-1387 St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1388 St. James Anglican Church fonds
M-1389 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church Women’s Auxiliary fonds
M-1390 St Mary Blessed virgin church
M-1391 Samson United church fonds
M-1392 St. Martin’s Church fonds
M-1393 St. Martin’s Church fonds file 1-3
M-1393 Elton family fonds file 4
M-1394 Scottish episcopal church
M-1395 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-1396 Father Emile Tardif
M-1397 Trinity Lutheran Church fonds
M-1398 Rev. Daniel Umprheville
M-1399 Gaetz family fonds
M-1400 Shepard United Church Ladies Aid Society
M-1402 Hugh Dempsey
M-1403 George Bruchet collection
M-1405 Barber-Ellis of Canada
M-1406 William Stanley Bates fonds
M-1407 Earl of Bathurst
M-1408 Beehive Linen and Wool Shop fonds
M-1409 Derek Besant
M-1410 Bituminous Sand Extraction Company Ltd.
M-1411 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1412 Thomas Brager fonds
M-1414 John Smith Shanks fonds
M-1415 Calgary Chamber of Commerce fonds
M-1417 Ivan Crooks fonds
M-1418 Samuel Lucas family fonds
M-1419 Gleichen Call fonds
M-1421 Gleichen Call fonds
M-1422 James H. Mills fonds
M-1423 Robert N. Harvey
M-1424 Herald Building fonds
M-1425 Hiscox West End Garage fonds
M-1426 Hurst Construction Company Ltd. fonds
M-1427 Jackson Brothers fonds
M-1430 Macleod and District Board of Trade fonds
M-1431 Wendell Maclean fonds
M-1433 Massey-Harris Company Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-1434 Pat Burns fonds
M-1435 Princess drug company
M-1436 Sidney Richard Reeves fonds
M-1437 Riddoch family fonds
M-1439 Toole, Peet and Company fonds
M-1440 Trotter and Morton Ltd. fonds
M-1441 W.S. Cooper Company Ltd. fonds
M-1442 West Canadian Mineral Holdings Ltd. fonds
M-1443 Western oil examiner
M-1445 Walter G. Agnew Ltd. fonds
M-1446 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1448 Blue label bottling company
M-1449 John Brackley fonds
M-1450 Brands Shoe Repair Shop fonds
M-1451 Motor Car Supply Company of Canada Ltd.
M-1452 Calgary Artificial Limb Factory Ltd. fonds
M-1453 Campbell & Griffin LTD
M-1454 J.I. Case Company fonds
M-1455 Crown Lumber Company Ltd. fonds
M-1456 Cowdry family fonds
M-1457 Alberta Ice Company fonds
M-1459 Clarence Elder fonds
M-1460 Despins hardware
M-1461 Diamond Motor Company Ltd. fonds
M-1462 Dixon Brothers fonds
M-1463 Charles Joseph Duggan and Joseph Gau fonds
M-1464 T. Eaton
M-1466 T. Eaton
M-1467 Helgi Einarsson
M-1469 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1470 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1471 Great West Saddlery fonds
M-1472 John D. Higinbotham fonds
M-1473 Alton David Irvine fonds
M-1475 Lee Electric fonds
M-1476 E.L. Little & Company
M-1477 John D. McAra fonds
M-1478 MacCosham storage company
M-1479 J.B. McDougall
M-1481 Maclin Motors Ltd. fonds
M-1482 Wendell Maclean fonds
M-1483 Macleod Brothers fonds
M-1485 S.W. Shaw family fonds
M-1486 Ralph Mitchelltree
M-1487 Madsen’s General Retail Ltd. fonds
M-1488 Charles Lloyd Nowlin fonds
M-1490 Premier Cycle and Sports (Calgary) Ltd. fonds
M-1491 Revelstoke Companies Ltd. fonds
M-1492 Revelstoke Companies Ltd. fonds
M-1494 Mrs. O.B. Robin
M-1495 Rogers and Grant Ltd. fonds
M-1496 Saskatoon Piano Company fonds
M-1497 Mr. Henry Selvage
M-1498 Roy C. Stahl
M-1499 Stewart hatcheries
M-1500 Terrill’s Flowers fonds
M-1501 Thomas Pain Furrier Ltd. fonds
M-1502 Ian Turner
M-1503 Union packing company
M-1505 Western Retail Lumbermen’s Association fonds
M-1506 Williams Brothers fonds
M-1507 Winner Cap Manufacturing Company fonds
M-1508 Mrs. S.R. Woodward
M-1509 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1510 J.E.A. Macleod fonds
M-1511 Robert H. Hougham fonds
M-1512 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1513 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1514 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1515 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1517 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1518 Hudson’s Bay Company (Calgary) fonds
M-1519 Hudson’s Bay Company (Calgary) fonds
M-1520 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1522 Hudson’s Bay company
M-1523 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1524 Alex Slaney fonds
M-1526 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1529 Traill family fonds
M-1531 Hudson’s Bay Company Posts fonds
M-1532 Chritchley family fonds
M-1535 John Bishop Ballem Q.C
M-1536 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-1537 British American coal company
M-1538 Brock Petroleums Limited fonds
M-1539 C.C. Snowdon Company Ltd. fonds
M-1540 Calgary and Edmonton Corporation Ltd. fonds
M-1541 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds
M-1542 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds
M-1543 A.E. Cross family fonds
M-1545 Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-1546 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds