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Wed, 16th Oct 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-2302 C.S. Robinson
M-2303 Stanley stamp co.
M-2305 Tutshi steamboat
M-2306 Willis James West fonds
M-2307 Whitehorse
M-2308 J.A. Wyatt
M-2309 Alberta Theatres Association fonds
M-2311 Alberta Theatre Projects fonds
M-2312 Kathleen Allen
M-2313 Calgary Allied Arts Council fonds
M-2314 Barron Enterprises Ltd. fonds
M-2315 Barron Enterprises Ltd. fonds
M-2316 Calgary Television Ltd. fonds
M-2317 Calgary Women’s Literary Club fonds
M-2319 Calgary Citizens’ Band fonds
M-2320 William Pearce family fonds
M-2322 Calgary Allied Arts Council fonds
M-2325 Media Club of Canada. Calgary Branch fonds
M-2326 Glenbow Memorabilia
M-2329 Denver art museum
M-2330 Douglas Doherty fonds
M-2334 Glasgow museum and art gallery
M-2336 Glenbow foundation
M-2341 Calgary Philharmonic Society fonds
M-2348 Museum of the plains Indian
M-2350 J.H.R. Thomson’s Popular Songs collection
M-2351 Charles Marion Russell
M-2354 Kenneth Leach fonds
M-2355 Theatre Calgary fonds
M-2356 J.H.R. Thomson’s Popular Songs collection
M-2360 (BOX 1-39) Alberta Department of Agriculture. Agricultural Societies of Alberta fonds