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Tue, 3rd Sep 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-7527 Frank Dabbs fonds
M-7528 Squash Alberta fonds
M-7529 Edith H. Beales
M-7522 T.M. Schulte
M-7523 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7535 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7536 Vera Gillespie fonds
M-7537 Irma and Frances Wright fonds
M-7538 Florence Haultain
M-7539 E.T. Brown and Audrey Severson fonds
M-7540 Francis Jeffrey Dickens
M-7541 Helen M. Hartman fonds
M-7543 Middleton and Tait
M-7545 Somers family fonds
M-7546 Bird Construction Company Limited fonds
M-7547 Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Calgary fonds
M-7548 Helen L. Hoogerheide
M-7550 John Noell
M-7551 Edgar William Anderson fonds
M-7553 John William Fowlie
M-7555 Elise Corbet
M-7556 Mary Twedt
M-7558 Gordon Ray Finlay fonds
M-7559 Calgary Bow progressive conservative party
M-7561 John T. and Cliff Foster fonds
M-7562 William Lyle Haney fonds
M-7563 Ethel Hunt fonds
M-7564 PEGG Women’s Club of Calgary fonds
M-7568 Les Sharlow fonds
M-7569 Helen Carr MacCormack
M-7570 William D. Hilton fonds
M-7571 Mrs. B.J. Boyd
M-7572 Municipal District of Stock Land No. 191 fonds
M-7573 Barry Davidson fonds
M-7574 Cyril Barton Browne fonds
M-7577 Patrick Lenihan fonds
M-7578 Eloise Phillips Motherwell fonds
M-7579 Rideau-Roxboro Community Association fonds
M-7580 Mrs. Joe Roberts
M-7581 R. Forbes Company Alberta Letters fonds
M-7583 Canada Department of National Defence. Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) fonds
M-7585 Archdeacon Cecil Swanson fonds
M-7586 Sidney Walpole Davis fonds
M-7588 Canadian Pacific Railway. Hotel Department fonds
M-7589 Keoma Ladies Aid Society fonds
M-7593 Mrs. George Fong
M-7594 Mrs. M.A. Paterson
M-7595 David Breen
M-7598 Duncan McMurray fonds
M-7601 May Jones fonds
M-7603 John William Gregg fonds
M-7607 Mildred Hall McMeekan
M-7609 Ted Smith fonds
M-7612 D.W. Davis family fonds
M-7613 Vern Strang
M-7614 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7616 Macleod Public School District No. 47 fonds
M-7621 Calgary mountain club
M-7622 Carbon and District Historical Society collection
M-7624 R. Forbes Company Alberta Letters fonds
M-7625 Perry family fonds
M-7627 Canadian Union of Public Employees. Local 1645 fonds
M-7628 Alan McEwan
M-7630 Calgary, Alberta
M-7633 Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7634 Bayne and Cooper Photographic Studio Ltd. fonds
M-7635 Fonds de l’Association Canadienne Francaise de l’Alberta. Regionale de Calgary
M-7637 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-7638 Mrs. R. Ferguson
M-7639 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7643 Foster family
M-7644 John Kushner fonds
M-7647 Mr. Eric Gormley
M-7651 Mrs. Georgeen Klassen
M-7652 Chesney Hardware Ltd. fonds
M-7653 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-7654 Oughton Brothers Ltd. fonds
M-7656 National Council of Jewish Women, Calgary section fonds
M-7657 R.K. Finlayson
M-7658 Irish Cultural Society of Calgary fonds
M-7659 Kay Wallace fonds
M-7660 Calgary Herald fonds
M-7661 John H. Ure Agency fonds
M-7661 (BOX 1-36) Hays and Company Ltd. Fonds