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Tue, 27th Aug 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-7147 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-7156 Lubicon Lake Cree Research collection
M-7157 T.C. Power
M-7158 Ladies Auxiliary to the United Transportation Union. Local 333 fonds
M-7159 Imperial Hotel fonds
M-7166 German Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-7167 Matt O’Reilly fonds
M-7170 Kenneth Leach fonds
M-7171 Hotel Wales fonds
M-7172 Walter Norman Smith and Amelia Turner Smith fonds
M-7173 John Garnet
M-7175 Pratt family fonds
M-7176 Silk-O-Lina Ltd. fonds
M-7177 Halford and Valentine Ltd. fonds
M-7178 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-7181 Revelstoke Companies Ltd. fonds
M-7190 Ron Ghitter
M-7191 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-7194 Harper’s Tires
M-7195 Williams Brothers fonds
M-7196 Dacks Shoes
M-7197 Media Club of Canada. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7198 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-7199 Harry A. Irving fonds
M-7200 Lewis Stationery
M-7201 Davidson Enman Lumber Ltd. fonds
M-7203 Charles Ursenbach fonds and oral histories
M-7204 Clarence Victor Bryden fonds
M-7206 Joseph Clarence Cosley fonds
M-7207 Jack Downey fonds
M-7209 Western Canadian Wheat Growers’ Association fonds
M-7211 Calgary Printing Trades Union. Local 1 fonds
M-7212 National Drug and Chemical company
M-7213 William Nelson Richie
M-7214 Calgary Artificial Limb Factory Ltd. fonds
M-7216 Macleod Brothers fonds
M-7217 Cushing Family Businesses fonds
M-7218 Somerville Calgary monumental ltd
M-7219 Templeton family fonds
M-7220 Pat Burns fonds
M-7221 Lefty Brown fonds
M-7222 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-7224 Ivan Crooks fonds
M-7225 Michelle G. Stirling
M-7226 Dora Nimmons Trew
M-7227 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Local 1779 fonds
M-7228 Minuetta Kessler fonds
M-7229 Tania Obolensky
M-7234 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-7235 Lethbridge brewery
M-7236 M. Ross Maguire
M-7241 John E. Lyle
M-7242 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-7243 Crescent Heights Community Association fonds
M-7244 Louis Leitinger fonds
M-7245 Dorothy Allen Gray fonds
M-7247 Alberta Flour Mills Ltd
M-7248 Hurst Construction Company Ltd. fonds
M-7249 Millarville, Kew, Priddis and Bragg Creek Historical Society collection
M-7250 Anthony Earnshaw fonds
M-7251 J. Elliot
M-7252 William Bennett
M-7253 Calgary Police Service
M-7255 Winifred Sedgwick fonds
M-7256 E.L. Cross
M-7258 Grenfell Garage
M-7259 Valerie Orr
M-7260 Janey Canuck International Training in Communications Club fonds
M-7261 Aubrey Kerr
M-7262 Perry family fonds
M-7264 James Anderson-Wilson fonds
M-7265 Calgary Birth Control Association fonds
M-7266 Alice Doyle fonds
M-7267 Transport Canada
M-7268 Barron Enterprises Ltd. fonds
M-7269 Margaret Gilkes fonds
M-7273 Gerry Nep
M-7274 Tom Williams
M-7276 Ogston family fonds
M-7280 Sunalta School
M-7282 David R. Elliott
M-7283 Edwards, Gardiner family fonds
M-7284 Archie Key
M-7288 Standard Radiator Service
M-7289 George Everett Learmonth fonds
M-7290 Canadian Pacific Railway
M-7295 Coleman Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-7297 Nature Calgary fonds
M-7299 David Breen
M-7300 Woods Family Businesses fonds
M-7303 Stuart Kidd family
M-7304 Olivier’s Candies Ltd. fonds
M-7306 City of Calgary
M-7307 Alberta Military Institute
M-7309 Flesher Marble and Tile Ltd. fonds
M-7312 St. Hilda’s School for Girls fonds
M-7313 Tom Williams
M-7317 Alberta Canadian Girls in Training Association fonds
M-7324 Minnie and Arthur Webb fonds
M-7326 J.B. Toft
M-7327 Percy Harrison fonds
M-7330 Dan Solmason
M-7331 Anthony Scott
M-7337 Roy Farran
M-7341 Jack Peach fonds
M-7342 Bill Abler
M-7343 Jack Farish fonds
M-7344 Crown Lumber Company Ltd. fonds
M-7345 Ralph Connor United Church
M-7346 Eleanore Hammer
M-7347 Bill McKee
M-7348 Bill McKee
M-7349 Calgary Disarment Coalition
M-7350 Perry family fonds
M-7351 Universal sales and service
M-7352 Perry family fonds
M-7353 Danish Canadian Club (Calgary) fonds
M-7354 Dutch Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-7355 India-Canada Association (Calgary) fonds
M-7356 Austrian Canadian society, Calgary fonds
M-7357 Turkish Canadian cultural association
M-7358 L’Alliance francaise de Calgary
M-7359 Croatian historical society of Canada
M-7360 Alberta Historic Sites Service. Calgary Buildings Inventory fonds
M-7361 Mary Twed
M-7364 Ivy I. Mack fonds
M-7365 Happy Hours Kindergarten fonds
M-7366 Jack Ford fonds
M-7373 Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists fonds
M-7375 Alison Jackson
M-7376 Palm Diaries
M-7377 Cheesco Investments Ltd. fonds
M-7378 Barbara Reid
M-7379 Ken Tingley
M-7380 Ward family
M-7381 Boalch family fonds
M-7386 Charles W. Peterson fonds
M-7387 Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Alberta Mackenzie Council fonds
M-7388 Judy Bedford
M-7391 Della Roworth
M-7392 Minuetta Kessler fonds
M-7393 Arusha Cross-Cultural Centre fonds
M-7394 Tim Thomson fonds
M-7395 Canadian Pacific Railway
M-7396 Nels Brekken
M-7397 Pierce family
M-7399 Kathleen Armstrong fonds
M-7400 Administrative Management Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-7401 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-7402 Frank Anderson
M-7405 Sons of Norway, Valhalla Lodge Oral History Project collection
M-7406 Elise Corbet
M-7407 Calgary Humane Society
M-7408 Charles W. Peterson fonds
M-7410 James Ernest Brown fonds
M-7411 Carl J. Anderson fonds
M-7412 John Burge
M-7413 Charles Devonport Streight fonds
M-7416 Mary Mackay
M-7417 William G. Hames fonds
M-7418 New Method Advertising
M-7422 Coal Association of Canada fonds
M-7423 Nature Calgary fonds
M-7424 D.W. Davis family fonds
M-7425 Ranchmen’s Club fonds
M-7426 L.B. Elliot fonds
M-7428 Douglas Gordon Purdy
M-7430 Seaborn family fonds
M-7431 Jack Peach fonds
M-7432 Perry family fonds
M-7433 Alexander, Roach family fonds
M-7435 Perry family fonds
M-7439 Calgary McCall Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-7440 Sam Livingston fonds
M-7441 Helen MacKay
M-7442 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-7444 Calgary Public Livestock Market Ltd. fonds
M-7448 Babcock and Wilcox
M-7450 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-7451 Charles Planinshek fonds
M-7452 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Local 357 fonds
M-7453 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-7454 A.E. Johnston fonds
M-7456 Elmer Berlie
M-7457 Adams, Wood and Weiler
M-7458 Canaidan Freightways
M-7461 Bud Steedman
M-7463 Wellington Brown fonds
M-7464 Charles W. Peterson fonds
M-7465 Butchers’ and Packers’ Supplies Ltd. fonds
M-7467 Anglican church. Diocese of Calgary
M-7471 P.J. Clarke
M-7472 Jager industries ltd
M-7472 Jager industries ltd
M-7473 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-7474 Alberta Sugar Beet Growers’ Marketing Board fonds
M-7475 Homer Meers fonds
M-7476 Joe and Roberta Sergeant’s Social Credit collection
M-7478 Hector Joseph Craig fonds
M-7481 Foothills Christian College fonds
M-7482 Canniff Printing Ltd. fonds
M-7483 Joseph R. Schmitz’s Military collection
M-7484 Neil McQueen fonds
M-7485 Kennett Lyle fonds
M-7486 Percy Beston
M-7487 Adams, Lockhart, Patterson, Austin family fonds
M-7488 Robert Brown fonds
M-7491 Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7492 T.M. Schulte
M-7495 Associated Grocers Ltd. fonds
M-7496 Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre fonds
M-7497 Adams, Lockhart, Patterson, Austin family fonds
M-7499 Economy Carriers Ltd. fonds
M-7501 Maynard J. Davies fonds
M-7502 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7503 S. Cramer
M-7504 Edwards family fonds
M-7505 R.C. Hind
M-7506 John D. McAra fonds
M-7507 Riley’s Reproduction and Printing Ltd. fonds
M-7508 Unitarian Church of Calgary fonds
M-7509 Calgary Cooperative Women’s Guild fonds
M-7511 Administrative Management Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-7512 John Wonfor
M-7514 Marshall Drugs fonds
M-7516 William Roper Hull fonds
M-7519 C.G. Boehme
M-7520 Douglas F. Hughes
M-7521 Heather Ostopowich
M-7523 Calgary and District Square and Round Dancers Association fonds
M-7526 Edward Surguy