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Tue, 13th Aug 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-1601 (BOX 246) West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-1602 Charles Westgate fonds
M-1603 Winnipeg Western Land Corporation fonds
M-1604 Homestead hotel and bungalows
M-1605 Beacher stopping house
M-1606 Braemar Lodge Hotel fonds
M-1607 King George Hotel fonds
M-1608 Cranbrook Hotel
M-1610 Empire Hotel fonds
M-1612 King George Hotel fonds
M-1614 Queen’s Hotel fonds
M-1616 Bon accord herald
M-1617 Leroy E. Brownlee fonds
M-1618 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1619 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1620 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1621 Fred Kennedy fonds
M-1622 Dingman family fonds (File 1-2)
M-1622 Calgary Herald fonds (File 3-11)
M-1624 Calgary Herald fonds
M-1628 Mrs. Frances Fraser
M-1630 Glenwood gleanings
M-1631 The Globe
M-1634 Macleod Gazette fonds
M-1636 New York public library
M-1637 Pincher Creek Echo fonds
M-1638 John Tapson-Jones fonds
M-1639 Saturday Globe
M-1640 J.A. Spencer
M-1642 Bow North Rural Electrification Association fonds
M-1644 Independent Order of Foresters fonds
M-1645 10th Battalion, Royal Grenadiers fonds
M-1646 Israel Florence fonds
M-1647 Etta G. Mather fonds
M-1648 Harry Pearce
M-1649 William F. Wuest fonds
M-1650 Masonic Grand lodge
M-1651 Frederick Archibald Brewster fonds
M-1652 Elks
M-1654 Independent Order of Foresters fonds
M-1655 Mrs. J.D. May
M-1656 Modern Woodmen of America. Crossfield Camp No. 14202 fonds
M-1657 Independent Order of Oddfellows. Grand Lodge of Alberta / Rebekah Assembly of Alberta fonds
M-1658 Loyal Orange Association. Springbank Lodge No. 595 fonds
M-1659 Sons of England Benefit Society. Calgary Lodges fonds
M-1660 Sons of England Benefit Society. Calgary Lodges fonds
M-1661 Calgary Italian community council
M-1662 Conference of friends of the Indians of BC
M-1664 Ku Klux klan
M-1665 Sir Roper Lethbridge
M-1666 Fred Parkinson fonds
M-1667 Gussie Steihhauser
M-1668 Union of BC. Indian chiefs
M-1669 Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association fonds
M-1670 Alberta Home Economics Association fonds
M-1671 Austrian Aid Society fonds
M-1672 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-1673 Boy Scouts of Canada. 2nd Calgary Troop fonds
M-1674 Boy Scouts of Canada. 2nd Calgary Troop fonds
M-1675 Calgary St. Andrew’s Golf Club fonds
M-1676 Calgary Dahlia Society fonds
M-1679 Canadian Order of Chosen Friends. Springbank Council fonds
M-1681 Centennial Ravine Park Society fonds
M-1682 High River Polo Club fonds
M-1683 Alberta Women’s Institute. Glendale Branch fonds
M-1684 Golden Age Club fonds
M-1685 Bob and Gladys Campbell fonds
M-1686 Grace Guild fonds
M-1687 E.E. Harper
M-1689 Historic Trails Society of Alberta fonds
M-1690 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-1693 Kiwanis Club of Calgary fonds
M-1694 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-1696 Canadian Hostelling Association fonds
M-1697 Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-1698 Carseland Public Benefit Club fonds
M-1699 Ranchmen’s club
M-1700 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-1701 Rotary Club of Camrose fonds
M-1703 Women’s Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-1708 Alberta Provincial Woman’s Christian Temperance Union fonds
M-1710 Young Men’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-1711 Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-1712 Y’s Menettes Club of Calgary fonds
M-1717 United Farmers of Alberta. Square Deal Local fonds
M-1718 Women of Unifarm fonds
M-1719 Calgary Status of Women Action Committee fonds
M-1721 Cooperative commonwealth federation
M-1722 Alberta Cooperative Commonwealth Federation Party fonds
M-1724 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1725 Alberta Women’s Liberal Association fonds
M-1726 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1727 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1729 Alberta Liberal Association fonds
M-1730 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-1733 H.G.L. Strange
M-1734 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-1735 Edmond Francis Purcell fonds
M-1736 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1737 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1738 James Gladstone family fonds
M-1741 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1742 A.A. McGillivray fonds
M-1743 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1744 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-1745 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1746 Perren Earle Baker fonds
M-1747 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1749 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1750 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-1751 Women of Unifarm fonds
M-1752 Alberta social credit league
M-1753 Stewart Cameron fonds
M-1754 George Gibson Coote fonds
M-1757 Solon E. Low fonds
M-1758 Una Maclean
M-1759 Una Maclean
M-1760 John McNaughton
M-1761 Eva Reid fonds
M-1763 Social credit party
M-1766 Social credit party
M-1767 John Blackmore fonds
M-1769 Social credit party
M-1770 Social credit party
M-1774 Mrs. E.W. Willis
M-1776 Daniel Webster Trotter fonds
M-1777 Dominion of Canada Party fonds
M-1790 W.G. Bogdan
M-1791 Canada. Department of Agriculture. Coutts Customs House fonds
M-1792 Department of energy
M-1793 Department of interior
M-1794 Department of energy
M-1795 Department of agriculture
M-1796 Department of agriculture
M-1797 National and historic parks
M-1798 Dominion patent office
M-1799 Department of interior
M-1800 Franklin Expedition and Arctic Exploration collection
M-1801 Department of interior
M-1802 Canada wartime prices and trade
M-1803 Royal commision on bilingualism
M-1804 Statistics Canada
M-1808 Canada. Royal Commission on Coal fonds
M-1810 Cree Indians
M-1811 Hugh Dempsey
M-1812 Eastern Rockies Forest Conservation Board fonds
M-1818 George H. Gooderman
M-1819 Alvin Hamilton fonds
M-1822 Hon George Hees
M-1828 C.E. La Rue
M-1831 Canada. Department of Indian Affairs. Peigan Indian Agency fonds
M-1832 Canada. Department of Indian Affairs. Peigan Indian Agency fonds
M-1833 Public archives of Canada
M-1834 Public archives of Canada
M-1835 Public archives of Canada
M-1836 St. Paul catholic church
M-1840 Robert Scace
M-1841 Robert Scace
M-1842 Robert Scace
M-1843 William Strojich fonds
M-1849 Department of agriculture
M-1850 Alberta taxation inquiry board
M-1851 Department of agriculture
M-1855 Perren Earle Baker fonds
M-1856 C.A. Cheshire
M-1857 George Cloakey
M-1858 Environnment conservation
M-1859 Glenbow-Alberta institute
M-1862 O.S. Longman fonds
M-1863 J. Angus McKinnon fonds
M-1864 MacMillan Family’s Vulcan Photographs collection
M-1865 William G. Morrow fonds
M-1867 University of Lethbridge
M-1868 Jack Ward
M-1870 Alberta urban municipalities
M-1876 City of Calgary
M-1878 Calgary planning department
M-1879 City of Calgary
M-1885 City of New Westminster
M-1889 Calgary Public Livestock Market Ltd. fonds
M-1891 Ernest John Hoare fonds
M-1892 Tom Kirkham
M-1893 Helen La Rose
M-1894 Lethbridge, Alberta
M-1895 Lethbridge, Alberta
M-1896 George Murdoch fonds
M-1897 J.R. Schmitz
M-1898 F.A. Schwilgen
M-1899 Hon L. Sherman Turcotte
M-1900 Tom Ward’s Calgary history collection
M-1901 Thomas Ward
M-1903 Alberta Municipalities Associations collection
M-1904 Village of Barons fonds
M-1904 Barons Consolidated School District No. 8 fonds
M-1905 Matthew A. Brimacombe fonds
M-1906 South Bittern Lake School District No. 616 fonds
M-1906 Camrose Hospital Board fonds
M-1906 Camrose Exhibition Association Ltd. fonds
M-1907 Camrose Hospital Board fonds
M-1908 Town of Camrose fonds
M-1909 Town of Camrose fonds
M-1910 Innisfail
M-1911 Malcolm and Della Robson fonds
M-1912 Local Improvement District No. 9T4 fonds
M-1913 Mooney family fonds
M-1914 Municipal District of Tomahawk No. 521 fonds
M-1915 Okotoks Agricultural Society fonds
M-1915 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-1916 Red Deer Lake Fire Brigade fonds
M-1917 Local Improvement District No. 25C4 fonds
M-1918 Special areas board
M-1919 D.M. Stewart
M-1920 Leeds public archives
M-1922 Gordon Lee Atkins
M-1923 John C.F. Bown fonds
M-1924 Amy Ellen Brown fonds
M-1925 Calgary Bar Association fonds
M-1926 Calgary Bar Association fonds
M-1929 Alex Johnston fonds
M-1931 Law Society of the North-West Territories fonds
M-1932 James D. MacDonald
M-1933 Mackid family fonds
M-1934 McLaws
M-1935 J.E.A. Macleod fonds
M-1938 Spencer Cumming (law firm) fonds
M-1941 (BOX 10) John Vaselenak fonds