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Thurs, 5th Dec 2019

Accession Number Collection
M-4843 Riveredge Foundation collection
M-6080 Lyle Kilburn Hayes fonds
M-6081 Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association fonds
M-6082 E.A. Crockett
M-6085 Samaritan Club of Calgary fonds
M-6086 Calgary Albertan fonds
M-6088 William L. Sexsmith fonds
M-6089 W. Roland Murray fonds
M-6090 Alberta Women’s Liberal Association fonds
M-6092 Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-6093 Chritchley family fonds
M-6094 Alrik Tiberg
M-6095 Florence Boggs
M-6096 Max Foran fonds
M-6097 W.W. Grant fonds
M-6098 Calgary Chamber of Commerce fonds
M-6100 Angus Anderson fonds
M-6101 Calgary Musical Club fonds
M-6103 Bill Brooks
M-6105 Century Calgary fonds
M-6106 Calgary Herald fonds
M-6111 Thomas Harold Smythe fonds
M-6112 George and Norma Piper Pocaterra fonds
M-6114 J.H.G. and Colin Bray fonds
M-6117 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-6118 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-6119 Stewart Herron fonds
M-6122 Diane and David Spindel fonds
M-6123 Diane and David Spindel fonds
M-6124 Dr. Samuel Veiner
M-6125 R. Winnifred Robson
M-6127 Stanley, Smith family fonds
M-6129 Riverside Villa Association fonds
M-6130 Nicholas Taitinger fonds
M-6131 Frank O. Elliott
M-6132 Max Foran fonds
M-6134 Consumers Association of Canada, Calgary Branch fonds
M-6135 Hans E.N. Wight fonds
M-6136 South Alberta Turf Association fonds
M-6139 Professional Opportunities for Women in Education fonds
M-6140 Purcell Blain fonds
M-6141 Isaac Sanford Freeze fonds
M-6142 Edward Barnett fonds
M-6143 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6146 Association for Systems Management. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6148 Association of Administrative Assistants. Calgary Branch fonds
M-6149 Harry O’Hanlon
M-6152 James Anderson-Wilson fonds
M-6154 Charles R. Bunn Genealogy collection
M-6155 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-6156 Diane and David Spindel fonds
M-6157 Stagette Club of Calgary fonds
M-6158 PEGG Women’s Club of Calgary fonds
M-6159 Oddfellows
M-6161 Mossop family fonds
M-6162 Charles Lloyd Nowlin fonds
M-6164 Steel family fonds
M-6165 Ralph’s Furniture Company fonds
M-6166 Canadian Shoe Shine fonds
M-6167 Queen’s Hotel fonds
M-6168 Branley family fonds
M-6169 Geffen, Sanofsky, Goodman family fonds
M-6170 Association for Systems Management. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6171 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Beta Chapter fonds
M-6173 Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill Community Association fonds
M-6174 Briar Hill Parent-Teacher Association fonds
M-6175 Joe Madsen
M-6176 Ross family fonds
M-6178 Southview Community Association fonds
M-6179 Laurel Chrumka
M-6180 Bennett McCardle
M-6181 Intersee Calgary
M-6183 L.D. Hyndman
M-6184 St. Andrew’s heights community association
M-6185 Building Owners and Managers Association. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6188 Eastern Irrigation District fonds
M-6189 Monica Hopkins fonds
M-6190 W. Montgomery Chandler
M-6191 William Edward Simpson fonds
M-6192 Ranchmen’s Club fonds
M-6193 Ernest Corbett fonds
M-6195 Empress Theatre fonds
M-6196 Deer Lodge Hotel fonds
M-6198 George Whitlock fonds
M-6197 Henry and Gertrude Altermatt
M-6198 George Whitlock fonds
M-6199 Calgary Cabin-Alberta Crafts fonds
M-6201 V. L. Douglas Hawkes fonds
M-6202 Stewart Cameron fonds
M-6207 Central United Church fonds
M-6208 Alberta family history society
M-6212 Harry’s News and Tobacco Shop fonds
M-6213 George Lee Warner fonds
M-6214 Stanley Corben
M-6215 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-6218 Calgary Status of Women Action Committee fonds
M-6219 St. Stephen’s Anglican Church fonds
M-6220 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-6221 Clarence Berry
M-6222 John Allan Cameron fonds
M-6223 Martin and Irene Anderson
M-6225 Louis Riel collection
M-6226 Clark, Ostrom, Bryant family fonds
M-6227 Great plains research
M-6228 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-6229 Roughsedge, Tymchuk family fonds
M-6230 Calgary grain exchange
M-6232 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-6233 Curtis, Cody family fonds
M-6235 Association for Systems Management. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6236 Helen Carr McCormick
M-6239 Family Life Education Council of Calgary fonds
M-6240 Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance fonds
M-6241 Eileen Jameson fonds
M-6242 Emilio Picariello fonds
M-6243 Albert Playdon fonds
M-6244 William Fedoruk fonds
M-6245 Theodora McKay fonds
M-6246 Charles F. Johnson fonds
M-6247 Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-6248 Jim and Marion Nicholl
M-6249 Desk and Derrick Club of Calgary fonds
M-6250 Shell Wives’ Club fonds
M-6251 Moodie family fonds
M-6253 Canadian Well Logging Society fonds
M-6255 V. L. Douglas Hawkes fonds
M-6257 W.S. Caine fonds
M-6258 Annie Glen Broder fonds
M-6259 Leroy E. Brownlee fonds
M-6261 Russell A. Dixon fonds
M-6262 Canadian Historical association
M-6263 Calgary Downtown Business Association fonds
M-6265 Oswald A. Critchley fonds
M-6266 Muriel Morland
M-6267 Harold Sheasby
M-6268 Canadian pacific railway
M-6269 Alberta Trucking Association fonds
M-6272 J.V.H. Milvain
M-6273 Dudley Edward Batchelor fonds
M-6277 Morris M. Averill fonds
M-6278 Alberta Golf Association fonds
M-6279 Douglas Forrest
M-6281 Paul L. Farnalls fonds
M-6282 Margaret Louise Holmes
M-6283 Frank Roe
M-6284 Sheila Johnston
M-6285 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-6286 William J. Tregillus fonds
M-6287 Edgar Burge’s W.W. Grant Research collection
M-6288 Calgary working women’s organization
M-6289 Souther Alberta opera association
M-6290 Calgary civic employee’s association
M-6293 Patricia Ainslie
M-6295 J.H.W.S. Kemmis fonds
M-6300 Hugh A. Dempsey
M-6301 Margaret Janet Yellowlees fonds
M-6303 Alberta Canadian Girls in Training Association fonds
M-6304 Order of the 14 Olde Time Salesmen of Alberta fonds
M-6306 Franklin Alexander Coates fonds
M-6308 Ashdown’s hardware
M-6310 Mrs. R. Titterington
M-6311 Leyden’s funeral home
M-6313 Curtis, Cody family fonds
M-6314 Glenbow museum
M-6315 Central Alberta women’s shelter
M-6317 The Hobby shop
M-6318 Maclin marathon committee
M-6319 William Guthrie fonds
M-6321 T.O.F. Herzer fonds
M-6322 Oil Wives Club of Calgary fonds
M-6323 Halliburton services ltd
M-6324 Fred Harshman
M-6325 Rodger Galvin fonds
M-6326 Tom Wilson fonds
M-6328 Alsands Project press clippings collection
M-6330 Anglican church
M-6332 Canadian Micrographics Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6333 Geraldine Logan
M-6334 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-6335 Robert S. Stockton
M-6336 Alberta family history society
M-6338 St. Paul public library
M-6339 John Moore Cousins fonds
M-6340 George and Norma Piper Pocaterra fonds
M-6341 Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Alberta Mackenzie Council fonds
M-6342 William Guthrie fonds
M-6344 W.J. Oliver fonds
M-6345 Judge Kenneth L. Crockett
M-6347 Foothills Historical Society fonds
M-6348 Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance fonds
M-6349 Golden Age Club fonds
M-6353 Herbert Earle fonds
M-6354 Elizabeth May Palmeter fonds
M-6355 Brooks Ledgewood Gowen
M-6356 Provincial museum of BC
M-6357 Provincial museum of BC
M-6358 Patrick Valentine
M-6359 Bashford’s Corner Ltd. fonds
M-6360 Alberta 75th Anniversary Commission fonds
M-6362 Women for Political Action fonds
M-6363 Women for Political Action fonds
M-6364 Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association. Calgary Branch fonds
M-6368 Roger Hays Hicks fonds
M-6369 Gordon H. George
M-6370 Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre fonds
M-6371 Canadian pacific railway
M-6372 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-6375 Weber family fonds
M-6376 David and Annie Robertson
M-6377 David Ogilvy Crichton fonds
M-6378 Bob Newbolt fonds
M-6380 Rebekah Assembly of Alberta. Esther Lodge No. 1 fonds
M-6381 James Hamar fonds
M-6382 E.P. Scarlett fonds
M-6383 Archibald McDonald
M-6384 Wesley and Alta Crook fonds
M-6385 John and Peter Ballantine fonds
M-6386 Marguerite Harradence
M-6387 Ada L. and Arthur C. Kemmis fonds
M-6388 Eastern Irrigation District fonds
M-6391 Harold Banister fonds
M-6392 Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas Company fonds
M-6393 Palliser hotel
M-6394 Dorothea Calverley
M-6395 Chritchley family fonds
M-6396 Jack Long
M-6397 Glenbow museum
M-6398 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-6399 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-6401 Dorothy G. Robinson fonds
M-6407 Marion Strachan
M-6408 Gabrielle Marion
M-6409 Canadian Authors Association, Calgary Branch fonds
M-6410 Glenbow museum
M-6412 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Beta Chapter fonds
M-6413 Harry Max Sanders
M-6414 West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6418 Raymond and Margaret Woodard
M-6420 Minuetta Kessler fonds
M-6422 William John Maughan fonds
M-6423 Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta and NWT fonds
M-6424 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists fonds
M-6426 Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance fonds
M-6428 George Marston Weed fonds
M-6429 C.K. Maclean
M-6430 Jenkins’ Groceteria Ltd. fonds
M-6432 Brian Lee fonds
M-6434 Paul Moseson
M-6435 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-6436 Alberta Cattle Feeders Association fonds
M-6437 Canadian Historical association
M-6439 George Ness