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Thurs, 9th Jan 2020

Accession Number Collection
M-8112 Lethbridge Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-8113 Calgary Gladiolus Society fonds
M-8114 Ryan, Harrison family fonds
M-8115 Lawrence Peterson fonds
M-8117 F.M. Thompson Company Ltd. fonds
M-8118 Grogan family fonds
M-8119 Sheilagh S. Jameson fonds
M-8120 Samuel Graham fonds
M-8122 George M. Dawson
M-8123 William Bleasdell Cameron fonds
M-8124 A.A. Sanders
M-8125 La Leche League Alberta / Northwest Territories fonds
M-8126 Arnold Roberton fonds
M-8127 Crowe family fonds
M-8128 Lillian Thompson fonds
M-8129 Henry Edgar Davis fonds
M-8130 Jewish Star fonds
M-8131 Jessie Cadman fonds
M-8132 Footlights Club fonds
M-8133 William Edward Simpson fonds
M-8134 Calgary Jewish Academy fonds
M-8135 Chritchley family fonds
M-8136 Otto and Lily Dempsey fonds
M-8137 Noel Taylor fonds
M-8138 Louise Crummy McKinney fonds
M-8139 Aron Eichler fonds
M-8140 Adanac Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-8141 Mackenzie Basin Fisheries Ltd. fonds
M-8142 Strang’s Rotary Grain Cleaner Ltd. fonds
M-8143 Myrtle Viola Paget fonds
M-8144 Beth Israel Players fonds
M-8145 Lorene Anne Frere’s St. Ann Ranch Research collection
M-8146 Sarah Luela Neilson fonds
M-8147 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-8148 Ernest Fleury fonds
M-8150 Reginald and May Smith fonds
M-8151 W.A.Lincoln fonds
M-8153 Ann Rossander fonds
M-8154 Mark Augustus Ethridge fonds
M-8155 Women’s League of the Calgary Philharmonic Society fonds
M-8156 George Joseph Benbow fonds
M-8157 Eckersley family fonds
M-8158 Town and Country “C” Hockey League fonds
M-8159 Howard Leslie fonds
M-8160 Stewart Herron fonds
M-8161 Cornelia Lehn fonds
M-8163 Oil Wives Club of Calgary fonds
M-8165 Calgary Musical Club fonds
M-8166 Phyllis Chapman Clarke Ford fonds
M-8168 Jeff Collins’ Great Depression stories collection
M-8169 Century Coals Ltd. fonds
M-8170 Kenneth John Morrison fonds
M-8171 George Ernest Combe fonds
M-8172 May Mary McDonald fonds
M-8173 Desk and Derrick Club of Calgary fonds
M-8174 Squash Alberta fonds
M-8176 Calgary Knights of the Round Table fonds
M-8177 Unknown accession
M-8178 Burggren, Freeman family fonds
M-8179 Max Bell fonds
M-8180 Coal Association of Canada fonds
M-8181 Harry and Martha Cohen fonds
M-8182 Archibald and Rose Gordon fonds
M-8183 Calgary Nu-Grads Club fonds
M-8184 Meadowbrook Rural Electrification Association fonds
M-8185 Business and Professional Women’s Club of Calgary fonds
M-8189 Freda McArthur fonds
M-8190 Daniel Lee Redman fonds
M-8192 Wenco Industries Ltd. fonds
M-8193 Lynch-Staunton, Adam family fonds
M-8194 Sutherland family fonds
M-8195 C. William Coote fonds
M-8196 Dorothy Groves fonds