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Thurs, 5th Sep 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-4583 Chestermere Historical Society fonds
M-7661 (BOX 36-70) Hays and Company Ltd. Fonds
M-7662 Fred G. McGannon
M-7663 Samuel Adams fonds
M-7664 Perry family fonds
M-7666 United Grain Growers Ltd. Langdon local fonds
M-7667 Alexandra Hotel fonds
M-7670 Alberta Home Economics Association. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7671 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-7673 Bankview Community Association fonds
M-7677 David A.A. Finch
M-7682 Riley lodge
M-7683 Administrative Management Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-7684 Victorian Order of Nurses (Calgary) fonds
M-7685 Angelina and Antonio Rebaudengo fonds
M-7688 Canadian Ski Association. Alberta Division – Alpine Discipline fonds
M-7689 Samuel Tritten
M-7690 Engineering Institute of Canada. Edmonton Branch fonds
M-7691 Margaret I. Jackson fonds
M-7692 Del Bonita Historical Society collection
M-7697 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-7699 MacKinnon, Sage family fonds
M-7700 Endre and Jozef Csavossy fonds
M-7701 Calgary Committee for an Alberta Council on Women’s Affairs fonds
M-7702 Orville Brunelle fonds
M-7703 Canadian Girls’ Rodeo Association fonds
M-7705 Heritage park
M-7707 Remembrance Association (Silver Cross Women of Canada). Calgary Branch fonds
M-7708 Mrs. Ann Underhill
M-7709 William Roper Hull fonds
M-7711 Oi Kwan Foundation fonds
M-7712 Pauline L. Hoskin
M-7713 Herbert Sawley and Myrle Mugleston fonds
M-7715 Fonds di Ordine Indipendente Fior d’Italia. Cesare Battisti Loggia no. 9
M-7716 Butchers’ and Packers’ Supplies Ltd. fonds
M-7717 Canadian Charolais association
M-7718 Jim Burns
M-7719 Anglican Church of the Ascension fonds
M-7721 Alberta Home Economics Association fonds
M-7723 Paddy Campbell and Douglas Riske fonds
M-7726 Women’s League of the Calgary Philharmonic Society fonds
M-7727 Archibald Holmes Boyce fonds
M-7728 Minuetta Kessler fonds
M-7729 Association of Records Managers and Administrators. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-7730 Alberta wood products
M-7731 Harry Stevenson fonds
M-7734 Kiwanis Club of Calgary fonds
M-7735 Town of Granum fonds
M-7738 Glen Peacock fonds
M-7739 Berry Creek School Division No. 1 fonds
M-7741 Howard Smith
M-7742 Janet Pieschel
M-7743 Bryce Hamilton Bunny fonds
M-7745 Walter H. James fonds
M-7752 Galahad Curling Club fonds
M-7753 Robert and Winnifred Merkley fonds
M-7753 Elmer W. Luther fonds
M-7753 Robert Cooper Cole fonds
M-7554 Mary Benn
M-7756 Greene, Lund family fonds
M-7757 Fonds de la Groupe de Concertation de Franco-Albertaines
M-7760 Alberta Rugby Union fonds
M-7761 Francois Vernon fonds
M-7762 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-7763 Town of Trochu fonds
M-7764 Perry family fonds
M-7767 Berry family fonds
M-7768 Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-7770 Wright, Steeves family fonds
M-7771 Pat Burns fonds
M-7772 Margaret Gilkes fonds
M-7773 Calgary Bar Association fonds
M-7774 Honens fonds
M-7775 Junior League of Calgary fonds
M-7776 Barbara Cunningham
M-7777 Malcolm D. Geddes fonds
M-7778 John Alexander Campbell fonds
M-7779 Marjorie McInnes
M-7780 Twin Rivers Toastmasters Club fonds
M-7781 Sunnyhill Housing Cooperative Ltd. fonds
M-7782 Children’s Hospital Aid Society fonds
M-7783 Helen and Mort Freeman fonds
M-7784 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-7786 Diamond family
M-7787 Bill Hnatiuk fonds
M-7788 Campbell Floral Seeds and Nurseries Ltd. fonds
M-7791 Alimohamed Damji
M-7792 Malinda Moore fonds
M-7793 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7794 Slovak Cultural Club (Calgary) fonds
M-7795 A.F. Ewing
M-7800 Jack M. Manson’s Brick Research collection
M-7803 Don MacFarlane
M-7804 Alberta Irrigation Projects Association fonds
M-7805 Absalom Clark Bury fonds
M-7806 Aetna Irrigation District fonds
M-7807 Westbourne Baptist Church Ladies Aid fonds
M-7809 Alvin Francis Bullock fonds
M-7813 Kent-Inverlake Mutual Telephone Company fonds
M-7814 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7816 Charles A. and William J. Vesey fonds
M-7818 Traill family fonds
M-7819 Percival Timms fonds
M-7823 The Buskins fonds
M-7824 Ian F. Smith fonds
M-7825 Robert Henry Baxter fonds
M-7828 William Bleasdell Cameron fonds
M-7832 Canadian Hostelling Association fonds
M-7833 Leonard F. Ling fonds
M-7834 Harry Stevenson fonds
M-7835 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7836 Cushing Family Businesses fonds
M-7837 Canada. Department of National Defence. Calgary Highlanders fonds
M-7839 Helen M. Hartman fonds
M-7841 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-7842 Alberta Registered Dietitians Association fonds
M-7843 Howard Palmer fonds
M-7845 Fred Parkinson fonds
M-7846 Ferguson Supply Ltd. fonds
M-7847 Chuck Doerr’s Saskatchewan coalfields collection
M-7849 Ernest and Carrie Adams fonds
M-7850 Louise Dean Book Club fonds
M-7851 Patricia J. Barsness
M-7852 Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection
M-7853 Calgary Chamber of Commerce fonds
M-7855 Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7857 Fred Bell fonds
M-7861 Alberta Aberdeen Angus Association fonds
M-7864 Rouleau family fonds
M-7865 Calgary Public Livestock Market Ltd. fonds
M-7868 Calgary Horticultural Society fonds
M-7869 Edgar W. Hinman fonds
M-7870 Tom Kennedy’s Panarctic Oils collection
M-7871 Calgary Cycle Store fonds
M-7872 James Lanigan fonds
M-7873 Jascha Galperin fonds
M-7874 Kruger family fonds
M-7875 Laurence J. Clarke fonds
M-7876 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer fonds
M-7877 Charles Wilfred Tovey fonds
M-7878 Lorne and Betty Goat fonds
M-7879 Art Halpen fonds
M-7880 Music Coterie fonds
M-7881 C. Redvers Perry fonds
M-7884 Golden Gavel Toastmasters Club fonds
M-7885 George Taylor Dudley fonds
M-7886 Magrath Irrigation District fonds
M-7887 Drumheller Motel and Hotel fonds
M-7888 Calgary Petroleum Club fonds
M-7889 Western Canada College fonds
M-7890 Canadian Federation of University Women. Calgary Club fonds
M-7891 Beth Tzedec Congregation fonds
M-7892 Calgary Jewish Community Council fonds
M-7893 Chinook Country Historical Society fonds
M-7895 Jack Peach fonds
M-7896 Max Foran fonds
M-7899 Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company fonds
M-7901 United Mine Workers of America. District 18 fonds
M-7903 D. Stuart Kennedy’s organ music history collection
M-7904 Carr, McCormick, Brown family fonds
M-7905 Stephen Wick fonds
M-7906 Burnett, Hammond, Riley family fonds
M-7907 Strong family fonds
M-7908 Robson family fonds
M-7910 Delores Carder’s Pope family collection
M-7912 Bennett and White Ltd. fonds
M-7914 (BOX 1-3) Earl Hastings fonds
M-8371 Cooper family fonds