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Thurs, 26th Sep 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-7954 Charles S. Douglas fonds
M-7955 Helen Pilon fonds
M-7956 Canadian Ski Association. Alberta Division – Alpine Discipline fonds
M-7957 Eva Reid fonds
M-7958 Canadian Ski Patrol System. Calgary Zone fonds
M-7961 Thomas Cowie Simpson fonds
M-7963 Barclay family fonds
M-7964 Calgary Yacht Club fonds
M-7965 Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen fonds
M-7967 Moodie family fonds
M-7968 Calgary Stampeder Football Club fonds
M-7971 Maerov and Sons Ltd. fonds
M-7972 ITC Glacier Region fonds
M-7973 North Calgary Business Association fonds
M-7974 Hilia Keila’s Trochu Finnish Settlers collection
M-7975 Charles H. McKenzie fonds
M-7976 James and Alice Smalley fonds
M-7978 Andrew Little fonds
M-7979 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-7980 John Nisbet Gunn fonds
M-7981 Edith Rogers fonds
M-7982 Miller and Beazley Ltd. fonds
M-7983 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-7984 Royal Canadian Air Force, Station Edmonton collection
M-7985 Coutts family fonds
M-7987 Lillian Valentine fonds
M-7988 Ted Hills fonds
M-7989 Calgary Cannons Baseball Club fonds
M-7990 Neville Lindsay fonds
M-7991 James H. Walker fonds
M-7993 S. Bruce Smith fonds
M-7994 Donna Hicks
M-7995 Evans-Tedham Lumber Company fonds
M-7996 Wilkie Wanless’s lumber industry collection
M-7998 Campbell family fonds
M-7999 Alberta Trucking Association fonds
M-8000 Tom Innes fonds
M-8002 Charlie Dunkley fonds
M-8004 Farm Women’s Union of Alberta. Sunniebend Local fonds
M-8004 Farmers’ Union of Alberta. Sunniebend Local fonds
M-8005 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-8007 Susan Lawrence fonds
M-8008 James Logan Hannah fonds
M-8009 Beveridge and Johnson fonds
M-8011 Town of Pincher Creek fonds
M-8012 Tyler, Wright and Daniel Ltd. fonds
M-8014 George E. Webber fonds
M-8015 Katherine Oczkowski fonds
M-8016 Washburn family fonds
M-8017 Alexo Coal Company Ltd. fonds
M-8018 Ed and Ted Nagle fonds
M-8019 Sharp’s Theatre Supplies Ltd. fonds
M-8020 CFCN Old Timers fonds
M-8021 Alberta Vegetable Growers Marketing Board fonds
M-8023 Calgary Theatre Singers fonds
M-8024 CFCN fonds
M-8025 Lionel and Elma Bird fonds
M-8026 Loretta Baillie fonds
M-8027 Robert James Crawford fonds
M-8028 William B. Gilbert fonds
M-8029 John W. Mitchell fonds
M-8030 Hay and Harding Ltd. fonds
M-8031 John Senycz’s Lost Lemon Mine collection
M-8033 Pat McAleenan fonds
M-8035 Pumphouse Theatre fonds
M-8036 Fred Kraft fonds
M-8037 Nelly Taylor fonds
M-8038 Scollen family fonds
M-8039 Canada. Department of National Defence. Prairie Command Headquarters fonds
M-8045 Card, Stringer family fonds
M-8046 Hook Signs fonds
M-8047 Joseph Tyas fonds
M-8049 John S. Lipkowsky fonds
M-8050 Sherring family fonds
M-8051 Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta Oral History Project collection
M-8053 Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta Oral History Project collection
M-8054 Eleanor Brass fonds
M-8055 Sid Barron fonds
M-8056 Doug Renton fonds
M-8058 Penley family fonds
M-8059 Ken Penley’s Pharmacy collection
M-8060 Pam Appleton fonds
M-8061 N.D. McDermid fonds
M-8062 William C. Fleming fonds
M-8063 Anne Woywitka fonds
M-8064 Stiles Pharmacy fonds
M-8065 Wood family fonds
M-8065 James Morrow Walsh fonds
M-8066 Foothills School Division No. 38 fonds
M-8067 Calgary 88’s fonds
M-8068 Stuart McRae fonds
M-8069 Sport Alberta fonds
M-8070 Voice of Women. Calgary Branch fonds
M-8071 Voice of Women. Calgary Branch fonds
M-8072 (BOX 1-79) David John Carter fonds