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Thurs, 22nd Aug 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-6891 (BOX 10-31) Royalite Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-6892 Elizabeth Haestie fonds
M-6893 Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations fonds
M-6895 Perry family fonds
M-6896 Perry family fonds
M-6897 Marmaduke Mathews
M-6898 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-6899 William H. Downton fonds
M-6901 Jack and Edith Frost fonds
M-6902 Rotary Partners of the Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-6903 Basil Mozinee fonds
M-6905 Alberta Table Tennis Association fonds
M-6906 General supplies ltd
M-6908 Robert Arthur Brown, Jr. fonds
M-6909 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds
M-6912 Pat Burns fonds
M-6913 William Clemis fonds
M-6916 Gaetz family fonds
M-6918 T.M. Schulte
M-6920 Western baptist church
M-6921 Jim Othen
M-6922 Gwilym Isaac fonds
M-6923 Vera Van Veen
M-6924 Calgary association for children and adults with disabilities
M-6925 Glenbow museum
M-6927 Alberta family history society
M-6930 Alberta Rugby Union fonds
M-6932 William Neilsen fonds
M-6933 Nose Hill Park Communities Board fonds
M-6934 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-6935 Robert Cunningham
M-6937 Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association fonds
M-6938 Charles F. Johnson fonds
M-6940 Bill Brenner
M-6941 Marjorie McInnes
M-6942 Beddington heights community assocation
M-6943 Ruth Lindsay
M-6946 Rosalee van Stelten fonds
M-6947 Spi Langston fonds
M-6948 Calgary Cabin-Alberta Crafts fonds
M-6949 Perry family fonds
M-6951 Priddis and Millarville Agricultural Society fonds
M-6953 Joe and Mary Clitheroe fonds
M-6954 Max Foran fonds
M-6957 Alfred and Clara Causley fonds
M-6958 Louise Dean fonds
M-6959 Carl J. Anderson fonds
M-6959 Bow Valley Livestock Feeders’ Association fonds
M-6959 Brooks Central Feeders’ Association fonds
M-6961 A. Russell Patrick
M-6962 James Wickham
M-6963 Sid Weller
M-6964 Women’s Literary Club fonds
M-6965 David Breen
M-6971 Joe and Mary Clitheroe fonds
M-6974 Paddy Ryan fonds
M-6975 Wetherhall and co.
M-6977 Dorothy Scott Shackleton
M-6978 Grand trunk pacific railway
M-6981 Riverside Villa Association fonds
M-6982 Raymond F. Gordon fonds
M-6983 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6985 Evelyn Slater McLeod fonds
M-6987 Gabriel Dumont Institute
M-6988 Interprovincial Pipe Line (NW) Ltd. fonds
M-6989 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-6991 Max Bell fonds
M-6992 Lubicon Lake Cree Research collection
M-6994 Elgin Coal Company Ltd. fonds
M-6996 George and Mary MacDonald
M-6998 Blackfoot truck stop
M-6999 Mrs. Jack Macleod
M-7000 Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies fonds
M-7002 Dr. G.D. Lougheed
M-7003 Calgary Albertan fonds
M-7004 Alberta Home Economics Association. Calgary Branch fonds
M-7005 EP Ranch fonds
M-7007 W.W. Grant fonds
M-7011 Canadian oil company
M-7012 Albert Walter Bennett fonds
M-7014 Executive Women International. Calgary Local fonds
M-7015 Alberta Wilderness Association fonds
M-7017 Society for the Preservation of Architectural Resources in Calgary fonds
M-7019 Rosedale Historical Society collection
M-7021 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7022 Canadian pacific railway
M-7024 St. Thomas public library
M-7025 Alberta Under 17 Hockey Team fonds
M-7026 P. Duncan Hargrave fonds
M-7029 William John Doherty
M-7030 Wililam Leslie Lyster
M-7031 Max Foran fonds
M-7032 Keith Phillips
M-7033 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-7034 William Ferriman Salsbury
M-7035 Calgary Expos Baseball Club fonds
M-7036 Eastern Irrigation District fonds
M-7037 Calgary city ballet society
M-7039 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-7040 Robert Brown fonds
M-7045 Rosalee van Stelten fonds
M-7047 Northern pacific railway
M-7048 Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare fonds
M-7050 Town of Carmangay fonds
M-7053 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-7054 Central United Church fonds
M-7056 Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists fonds
M-7057 Southern Alberta Sheep Breeders Association fonds
M-7061 Trudy Cowan and associates
M-7063 Helen Adams McKay fonds
M-7064 Anette Christofferson fonds
M-7066 J.L. Sparling
M-7067 Elmer G. Fullerton fonds
M-7068 Ladies Auxiliary to the United Transportation Union. Local 333 fonds
M-7069 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-7070 Calgary Typographical Union. Local 449 fonds
M-7072 Canadian Professional Rodeo Association fonds
M-7073 Joseph Irwin fonds
M-7074 Calgary Philharmonic Society fonds