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Thurs, 21st Nov 2019

Accession Number Collection
M-5630 (BOX 5-6) Iva Golden fonds
M-5631 W.A. Keetch
M-5633 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-5635 Donald Leslie fonds
M-5636 Evelyn D. Neish fonds
M-5637 Pearl Dillon fonds
M-5638 Doris Northey
M-5639 Leslie family fonds
M-5642 Canmore, Alberta
M-5643 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-5645 Gem Golden Jubillee committee
M-5646 Fran Fraser’s Milo History collection
M-5647 Carmi Gold mines ltd
M-5648 Hay and Harding Ltd. fonds
M-5649 John Nisbet Gunn fonds
M-5651 Leslie J. Hurt
M-5652 Donald David Miner
M-5653 Peter W. Toews fonds
M-5655 Harold Banister fonds
M-5656 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-5657 Jean Lamont Johnson fonds
M-5658 Mrs. Roy White
M-5660 Francie Roback
M-5662 Leslie family fonds
M-5663 Maurice Weegar
M-5664 Metis Association of Alberta fonds
M-5667 Western Irrigation District fonds
M-5669 A.W. McVittie collection
M-5670 Kelly family fonds
M-5671 McLean family fonds
M-5674 unknown
M-5675 Canmore Alberta
M-5676 Gail Yester
M-5678 Kenneth Eric Liddell fonds
M-5679 Jack Ward fonds
M-5680 Canada. Dept of Interior
M-5681 Crow’s nest pass baseball league
M-5682 Mrs. Sheery E. Bradbury
M-5684 Bow Valley School Division No. 43 fonds
M-5685 Greyhound lines of Canada
M-5686 Patricia Louisianna Knop
M-5688 Alexander Begg fonds
M-5689 Alan Rowbotham fonds
M-5691 Grace Presbyterian Church fonds
M-5692 James and Mary Aikenhead
M-5693 Thordur Swinburne fonds
M-5695 Calgary Normal School fonds
M-5696 Canada Club of Calgary fonds
M-5697 George V. Homas
M-5698 Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre fonds
M-5699 Andrew Carson fonds
M-5700 Lou Goodwin fonds
M-5702 Jack Peach fonds
M-5703 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-5705 Aaron B. Aizenman
M-5707 Steel family fonds
M-5708 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-5709 Duncan and Archie Campbell fonds
M-5712 Larkham Collins
M-5713 Metis Association of Alberta fonds
M-5715 James Wallace Rushworth fonds
M-5718 Women’s Canadian Club of Calgary fonds
M-5719 Alberta college
M-5720 McKay family
M-5721 Crow’s Nest Pass Golf Association fonds
M-5722 Max Rubin fonds
M-5724 John Browning
M-5725 A. Griffin
M-5726 Alf McLean fonds
M-5728 Peter Gerlitz
M-5730 Alberat department of education
M-5733 Louisa Russell
M-5735 Canmore Junior Hockey Club fonds
M-5736 Mrs. N. Load
M-5738 Dr. James Lougheed
M-5741 Coutts family fonds
M-5743 L.B. Elliot fonds
M-5744 Pingle Drug and Book Company fonds
M-5745 Bowness public library
M-5746 Royston S. Baay
M-5747 Max Foran fonds
M-5749 British Canadian trust company
M-5751 J.S. Freebourn
M-5753 Ruth Hunt
M-5754 Steve Kotch
M-5755 Mary McElheran fonds
M-5756 William Berry family fonds
M-5758 Patrick Kennedy
M-5759 Canada Safeway
M-5760 Hugh G. Peck’s United Church History collection
M-5762 Alberta Women’s Institute. Barons Branch fonds
M-5763 Royston S. Baay
M-5764 Raoul Green fonds
M-5765 Lloyd Turner fonds
M-5766 Calgary Ski Club fonds
M-5769 Alberta Stock Exchange fonds
M-5770 Scotty Stevenson
M-5771 Louis Oluf Svendsen fonds
M-5772 Diana Sim
M-5774 Kenneth C. Hurt fonds
M-5775 Pearl Morrison
M-5778 Archie Hutton fonds
M-5780 Mart Kenny
M-5783 Independent Order of Oddfellows. Grand Lodge of Alberta / Rebekah Assembly of Alberta fonds
M-5783 Rebekah Assembly of Alberta. Esther Lodge No. 1 fonds
M-5786 Rotary Club of Calgary fonds
M-5787 Michel-Natal medical association
M-5788 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-5789 Bowlus family fonds
M-5792 R.H. Huggett fonds
M-5794 Calgary club of print house craftsmen
M-5797 Max Foran fonds
M-5798 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-5799 Barron Enterprises Ltd. fonds
M-5801 Harry Smith fonds
M-5802 Alex Slaney fonds
M-5803 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-5804 Robert Hingston
M-5805 James Tamagi
M-5806 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-5807 Chritchley family fonds
M-5808 Mrs. M. Oren
M-5809 Glenbow-Alberta institute
M-5810 Norman Heinitz
M-5811 Fred J. Mellen fonds
M-5812 Walter H. James fonds
M-5815 Hugh Dempsey fonds
M-5816 Margaret Thomson
M-5818 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-5821 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America. Ladysmith Lodge No. 42 fonds
M-5822 Robson family fonds
M-5824 Louise Dean fonds
M-5825 Calgary council of social agencies
M-5826 Young Women’s Christian Association Women’s Resource Centre (Calgary) fonds
M-5827 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-5828 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-5829 Grace Gough fonds
M-5830 Oliver B. Buell fonds
M-5831 Medalta Potteries Ltd. fonds
M-5832 Thirza Nolan fonds
M-5834 W.N. Ritchie
M-5835 Chritchley family fonds
M-5836 Robert Angus Gillies
M-5837 Simon Fraser University archives
M-5839 Percy T. May
M-5840 Frances Roback
M-5841 Calgary Local Council of Women fonds
M-5844 Daniel O. Jantzie
M-5845 Peter Turner Bone fonds
M-5846 May Flora Sanderson
M-5848 Metis Association of Alberta fonds
M-5849 Associated Grocers Ltd. fonds
M-5850 David Edwin Lewis fonds
M-5851 Executive Women International. Calgary Local fonds
M-5852 Professional Opportunities for Women in Education fonds
M-5853 Walter Boote fonds
M-5854 Mary Morrison fonds
M-5855 Glenbow-Alberta institute
M-5856 Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-5857 Alexandra Hotel fonds
M-5858 Stanley, Smith family fonds
M-5860 Etta G. Mather fonds
M-5863 Link hardware
M-5864 Calgary Status of Women Action Committee fonds
M-5865 Roberta MacAdams Price fonds
M-5866 Fred J. Mellen fonds
M-5867 Alexander Smeaton Macintyre fonds
M-5868 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-5869 J.E.A. Macleod fonds
M-5870 Federation of Calgary Communities fonds
M-5871 Margaret Saucier fonds
M-5873 Frank Spragins fonds
M-5877 Colonel James H. Walker fonds
M-5878 Western Canada insurance underwriters
M-5879 Rebekah Assembly of Alberta. Harmony Lodge No. 11 fonds
M-5880 Independent Order of Oddfellows. Foot Hill Lodge No. 13 fonds
M-5883 John R. Walker
M-5885 Ross Alger
M-5888 Frank Spragins fonds
M-5889 (BOX 1-105) United Mine Workers of America. District 18 fonds
M-6245 Theodora McKay fonds
M-6296 Catherine de Bellefeuille fonds
M-6343 Vera Widger and Mary Lamplough fonds
M-8110 Independent Petroleum Association of Canada fonds
M-8209 Michael and Margaret Jennings fonds
M-9112 Mrs. Peterson’s Knitting Group fonds