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Thurs, 20th Feb 2020

Accession Number Collection
M-8303 Nelson Malm fonds
M-8304 T.E.A. Stanley fonds
M-8305 Roughsedge, Tymchuk family fonds
M-8306 Unknown accession
M-8307 Unknown accession
M-8308 Craig family fonds
M-8309 Kaiser family fonds
M-8310 Campbell Aird Petroleum Industry Film collection
M-8311 C.W. Rowley fonds
M-8312 Petroleum History Society fonds
M-8313 James Gerald Fitzgerald fonds
M-8315 Brodie family fonds
M-8316 William J. Tregillus fonds
M-8317 Robert Willis fonds
M-8318 J.J. Weinfield fonds
M-8319 National System of Baking Ltd. fonds
M-8320 Unknown accession
M-8321 Independent Petroleum Association of Canada fonds
M-8324 Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company fonds
M-8325 Carol and Beth Johnson fonds
M-8326 Unknown accession
M-8327 Canadian Well Logging Society fonds
M-8328 James Parsons fonds
M-8329 Paul de Beaudrap fonds
M-8330 John Copeland fonds
M-8331 James Hamilton Keys fonds
M-8332 John Liss fonds
M-8335 Gillham family fonds
M-8336 Susan B. Peters fonds
M-8337 Unknown accession
M-8339 John Alfred Anderton fonds
M-8340 Archaeological Society of Alberta fonds
M-8341 Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Alberta Region fonds
M-8342 Robertson family fonds
M-8343 McDonald family fonds
M-8344 Stewart McLeod fonds
M-8345 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-8346 Adames family fonds
M-8347 James Edward Tait fonds
M-8348 Sam Jamha fonds
M-8349 United Farmers of Alberta. Conrich Local fonds
M-8350 Rosedale Douglas Social Credit Group fonds
M-8351 Gyro Club of Calgary fonds
M-8353 Unknown accession
M-8354 Bridgehead Trading – Calgary Association fonds
M-8355 Cosmopolitan International Club of Calgary fonds
M-8356 Gertrude Laing fonds
M-8358 Canadian Women’s Army Corps Reunion fonds
M-8359 Tom Watrous’ Grey Owl collection
M-8360 Samuel B. Dunlop fonds
M-8361 Esther Honens International Piano Competition Foundation fonds
M-8362 Graphic Communications International Union. Local 201C fonds
M-8363 Decidedly Jazz Danceworks fonds
M-8364 Amelia Brown Banister fonds
M-8365 Women of Unifarm fonds
M-8366 Frank Manolson fonds
M-8367 Calgary Jaycettes fonds
M-8369 Curly Galbraith fonds
M-8370 Weismose Furniture (1975) Ltd. fonds
M-8373 Calgary Jaycees fonds
M-8374 Emile Leblanc fonds
M-8374 OS Emile Leblanc fonds
M-8375 Riley family fonds
M-8376 Lou Goodwin fonds
M-8377 John Ayer fonds
M-8378 Ernest Smyth Ball fonds
M-8380 Royal Canadian Mounted Police fonds
M-8381 Frederick Luxford
M-8382 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-8383 George Narolsky and Verna Wantnuk fonds
M-8384 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-8385 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-8387 Tools for Peace, Calgary fonds
M-8389 OXFA

M-Canada Calgary Office fonds
M-8391 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-8392 Cattle Buyer fonds
M-8393 Coal Association of Canada fonds
M-8477 College of Alberta School Superintendents fonds