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Thurs, 14th Nov 2019

Accession Number Collection
M-4739 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-4741 Fred Moses fonds
M-4742 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America. Kitchener Lodge No. 145 fonds (Box 1-3)
M-4742 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America. Ladysmith Lodge No. 42 fonds (Box 1A)
M-4743 Calgary and District Labour Council fonds
M-4744 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-4745 Joy Duncan’s Frontier Nursing Project
M-4747 unknown (Louis Riel collection?)
M-4750 Canmore mines research project
M-4751 Christian Reformed Church Canadian Immigration Committee fonds
M-4752 Mary Morrison fonds
M-4753 Hugh G. Peck’s United Church History collection
M-4755 Metis Association of Alberta fonds
M-4757 Duncan Cameron fonds
M-4760 Leslie family fonds
M-4761 unknown
M-4762 Douglas Harkness fonds
M-4766 Gravely & Company
M-4767 Wes Irwin?
M-4768 Pastoral Institute fonds
M-4769 John and Bruce Johnson fonds
M-4771 H.J. Hole fonds
M-4772 Mrs. Stanley Eveleigh
M-4773 Marilyn Neu
M-4774 Calgary Board of Education fonds
M-4775 F.O. Neil fonds
M-4776 Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds
M-4779 unknown
M-4780 unknown
M-4781 Eda Owen fonds
M-4782 Ida Price
M-4783 unknown
M-4784 unknown
M-4785 W. Sinclair Budd fonds
M-4786 unknown
M-4787 Woodside family fonds
M-4790 Elmer Dunham ?
M-4791 Huntley D.B. Ketchen fonds
M-4793 Canadian Diesel Engineering Schools (Calgary) fonds
M-4794 Toole family fonds
M-4795 unknown
M-4796 Sat-Teen Club fonds
M-4797 Alpine Club of Canada. Calgary Section fonds
M-4798 Irene and Walter Parlby fonds
M-4799 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-4800 H.B. and H.E. Richardson fonds
M-4801 unknown
M-4802 Robert Garner Wilson fonds
M-4803 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-4804 Eda Owen fonds
N-4805 unknown
M-4807 Cooper family fonds
M-4808 William H. Cox fonds
M-4810 Unknown
M-4814 Cloakley fonds
M-4817 Jack and Bud McCaig fonds
M-4818 Michael A. Stahl fonds
M-4819 Julien Nash fonds
M-4820 Mrs. L. Augade
M-4821 Frank Livingston
M-4823 Smithbilt Hats fonds
M-4825 Sheilagh Jameson
M-4827 Irma Braddell
M-4828 Love Feeds Ltd. fonds
M-4829 William John Maughan fonds
M-4830 Sir John French
M-4831 Guiseppe Marinaro
M-4832 Mrs. E.A. Kemle
M-4833 Edward Ahenakew
M-4834 Kenneth C. Hurt fonds
M-4835 Mrs. J.C. Neufeld
M-4837 William McKenny Wray fonds
M-4838 Calgary Normal School fonds
M-4839 McHugh family fonds
M-4840 J.W. Munro fonds
M-4845 Tom Williams
M-4846 unknown
M-4847 G.H.L. Bossange
M-4848 Mary Humphrey Baldridge
M-4849 Jack Ward fonds
M-4851 James F. Macleod family fonds
M-4853 Western Canadian archaeological council
M-4855 Golden Age Club fonds
M-4856 Anne Campbell
M-4857 Sheilagh Jameson
M-4858 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-4860 Charles and Henrietta Maidment fonds
M-4863 Alberta Old Age Pensioners Society fonds
M-4870 E.J. Arnold
M-4872 Kate Shaw Brighty Colley fonds
M-4873 Walter K. Miles
M-4874 Meakin, Livingston family fonds
M-4875 Canadian Pacific Railway. Western Division. Riel Rebellion Telegrams fonds
M-4876 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-4878 unknown
M-4879 unknown
M-4880 unknown
M-4881 George Eric Gwynne Craig fonds
M-5612 Congregation of the House of Jacob fonds
M-5617 Marjo L.M. Eason
M-5620 Sheila Johnston
M-5621 Loraine Lounsberry
M-5625 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-5627 William M. Martin
M-5628 Short, Knupp family fonds
M-5630 (BOX 1-4) Iva Golden fonds