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Mon, 9th Sep 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-7914 (BOX 4-45) Earl Hastings fonds
M-7915 Mountain View Irrigation District fonds
M-7916 Alberta Rugby Union fonds
M-7917 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-7918 Drumheller Motel and Hotel fonds
M-7919 T.K. Kilpatrick fonds
M-7920 Catherine de Bellefeuille fonds
M-7922 Calgary Activettes Club fonds
M-7923 Western Canada Fertilizer Association fonds
M-7924 Stagg family fonds
M-7925 Elsie Norrie Robson fonds
M-7926 Ernest Brookes fonds
M-7927 R.S. Trowsdale fonds
M-7928 W.L. Falconer
M-7929 Canadian Well Logging Society fonds
M-7930 Frederick Scott fonds
M-7931 Canadian Credit Institute. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-7932 Alberta Pacific Grain Company Ltd. fonds
M-7933 Archibald Key fonds
M-7934 Ralph G. Steinhauer fonds
M-7935 Howard Falkenberg fonds
M-7936 MAK Performance Communications Ltd. fonds
M-7937 Geneva Stump’s Rocky Boy collection
M-7938 Cardinal Coach Lines fonds
M-7939 Calgary Newcomers’ Club fonds
M-7940 Squash Alberta fonds
M-7941 (BOX 1-24) Monarch Coal Mining Company Ltd. fonds