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Mon, 9th Dec 2019

Accession Number Collection
M-6441 Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors fonds
M-6442 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists fonds
M-6443 Paul Moseson
M-6444 Charles S. Lee fonds
M-6445 Canadian pacific railway
M-6446 Desk and Derrick Club of Calgary fonds
M-6447 Alberta Provincial Rifle Association fonds
M-6448 David Gardner
M-6450 Georgeen Klassen
M-6451 Betty Garbutt fonds
M-6454 Samaritan Club of Calgary fonds
M-6455 Western Canada Fertilizer Association fonds
M-6456 Kaye Buckland
M-6458 Edward Barnett fonds
M-6460 Fred A. Locke
M-6463 West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6465 Jack Peach fonds
M-6466 Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare fonds
M-6467 James H. Jefferies fonds
M-6469 William Aberhart fonds
M-6470 Sierra Club of Alberta fonds
M-6472 Unknown
M-6473 Canadian pacific railway
M-6474 Justice Morrow
M-6475 Saks furs ltd
M-6476 Frederick George Forster
M-6478 400 club
M-6479 Calgary professional club
M-6480 Edwin P. and Susan Gower fonds
M-6481 Canada west securities corporation
M-6482 Alberta. National resources commission
M-6483 Trans-western oils
M-6484 Tom Baines fonds
M-6486 R.A. Campbell
M-6487 Gervase Strong fonds
M-6488 P.E.O. Sisterhood
M-6489 William McLennan
M-6491 Mary Guichon fonds
M-6492 T.C. Sheppard
M-6493 Handicapped Savings and Credit Union Ltd. fonds
M-6494 Jenkins’ Groceteria Ltd. fonds
M-6495 Max Foran fonds
M-6496 John Walker
M-6498 Ellamae Gunn
M-6500 Rundle Lodge United Church Home fonds
M-6501 William Knowles
M-6502 Archibald G. McNee
M-6504 Sherring family fonds
M-6511 Calgary Steel Fabricators Association fonds
M-6512 Canadian Professional Rodeo Association fonds
M-6513 Diane and David Spindel fonds
M-6515 Aimee Woodcock Hargrave
M-6518 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds
M-6519 Boy Scouts of Canada, Calgary Region fonds
M-6520 Calgary Eco-Centre Society fonds
M-6523 Crowfoot High Spirits Club fonds
M-6524 Property Owners Association of Calgary fonds
M-6526 John White
M-6527 Walter K. Miles Genealogical collection
M-6528 Walter K. Miles Genealogical collection
M-6529 Calgary Normal School fonds
M-6530 Nature Calgary fonds
M-6531 Canada Northwest Land Ltd. fonds
M-6532 John and Mayme Orr fonds
M-6533 Arctic brotherhood
M-6535 Dave Eagleson fonds
M-6536 Boy Scouts of Canada, Calgary Region fonds
M-6538 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6541 Alberta Wilderness Association fonds
M-6542 Irma and Frances Wright fonds
M-6543 Calgary Knights of the Round Table fonds
M-6544 De Winton and District Historical Society fonds
M-6546 Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-6549 Georgina Sackville fonds
M-6550 Melva Downey fonds
M-6552 Billy and Evelyn Cochrane fonds
M-6553 Amateur Athletic Union of Canada. Alberta Branch fonds
M-6554 Peter Burns fonds
M-6555 Calgary Labor Temple Company Ltd. fonds
M-8251 Howard Palmer fonds
M-8111 (BOX 1-13) United Mine Workers of America. District 18 fonds