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Mon, 27th Jan 2020

Accession Number Collection
M-8252 Janet Koper fonds
M-8253 Cathro, Matthews family fonds
M-8254 IODE (Calgary) fonds
M-8255 Eric Shore fonds
M-8257 Canadian Hostelling Association fonds
M-8258 Eva L. McDonough fonds
M-8259 Ray Djuff’s Prince of Wales Hotel collection
M-8260 Alberta Wheat Pool fonds
M-8261 Samaritan Club of Calgary fonds
M-8262 Rehabilitation Society of Calgary for the Handicapped fonds
M-8263 Carl U. Daniels fonds
M-8265 Bob Fox
M-8266 Foothills Cowboys Association fonds
M-8267 Stand Off School District No. 3755 fonds
M-8268 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-8269 Calgary Opera Association fonds
M-8270 John and Grace Hardy fonds
M-8274 Thomas G. Watmore fonds
M-8275 Unknown accession
M-8276 Canadian Progress Club, Calgary Eves fonds
M-8278 Reid School District No. 510 fonds
M-8279 Peoples of Southern Alberta Oral History Project collection
M-8280 Calgary Medical Society fonds
M-8281 Calgary Safety Council Baby Sitters’ Project fonds
M-8282 John McIver fonds
M-8284 Richard Hincks and Bill Webb fonds
M-8285 Short, Knupp family fonds
M-8286 High River Pioneers and Old Timers’ Association fonds
M-8287 Bradley’s Western Wear and Saddlery Ltd. fonds
M-8288 Calgary Power Company Ltd. fonds
M-8289 Naismith family fonds
M-8290 Young Men’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds
M-8290-90 Sat-Teen Club fonds
M-8291 Arthur Edward Wilson fonds
M-8292 Luther Ericksson fonds
M-8293 Alice Murdoch Adams fonds
M-8295 Melvin E. Jackson fonds
M-8296 Scott and Herman Krueger fonds
M-8297 Alberta Dressage Association fonds
M-8298 Madame Cheremeteff fonds
M-8299 John A. Langlands fonds
M-8300 Charles Cochrane Corneille fonds
M-8301 Elise A. Corbet fonds
M-8302 Rusty and Quinn Pringle’s Square Dance collection