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Mon, 21st Oct 2019

Accession Number Collection
M-2360 (BOX 40-64) Alberta Department of Agriculture. Agricultural Societies of Alberta fonds
M-2361 Alberta department of agriculture
M-2363 Alberta department of agriculture
M-2364 Alberta Wheat Pool fonds
M-2365 Alberta department of agriculture
M-2366 Alberta Wheat Pool fonds
M-2367 Alberta Wheat Pool fonds
M-2368 Alberta Pacific Grain Company Ltd. fonds
M-2369 Alberta Wheat Pool fonds
M-2371 William A. Baillie-Grohman fonds
M-2372 Balzac Trading Cooperative Association of the UFA Ltd. fonds
M-2373 Carstairs Livestock Cooperative fonds
M-2374 Blind Man Valley Creamery Association fonds
M-2375 William Brown fonds
M-2376 Pat Burns fonds
M-2377 Lawrence Burpee
M-2378 Calgary grain exchange
M-2379 Calgary irrigation co.
M-2380 EP Ranch fonds
M-2381 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds
M-2382 Canadian Percheron Association fonds
M-2384 Canadian Agricultural, Coal and Colonization Company fonds
M-2385 Free Importation of Canadian Cattle Association of Great Britain fonds
M-2387 Canadian Pacific Railway
M-2388 Canadian Agricultural, Coal and Colonization Company fonds
M-2389 Canada Land and Irrigation Company Ltd. fonds
M-2390 Chritchley family fonds
M-2391 Clydesdale horse association
M-2392 Frank Collicutt fonds
M-2393 Ralph C. and Kenneth R. Coppock fonds
M-2394 A. Noel and Lorna Cox fonds
M-2398 EP Ranch fonds
M-2399 St. Ann Ranch Trading Company fonds
M-2400 William Wallace Farran
M-2401 Federal Grain Ltd. fonds
M-2402 John Dafoe fonds
M-2404 High River Agricultural Society fonds
M-2405 United Farmers of Alberta fonds
M-2408 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District fonds
M-2408 P.M. Sauder fonds
M-2409 Local Improvement District No. 9R4 fonds
M-2410 O.S. Longman fonds
M-2411 O.S. Longman fonds
M-2412 O.S. Longman fonds
M-2413 Springbank Irrigation District fonds
M-2414 Horace Brenton MacLeod fonds
M-2415 Lloyd, Hervey family fonds
M-2416 Massey-Harris Company Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-2417 O.S. Longman fonds
M-2418 Monte Vista Beef Ring fonds
M-2419 Mitchells, Johnston & co
M-2420 Mitchells, Johnston & co
M-2422 Dr. Charles Morkeburg
M-2427 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-2428 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-2429 Charles S. Noble fonds
M-2431 Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company fonds
M-2432 James L. O’Dell
M-2433 Eunice J. Park collection
M-2434 Priddis and Millarville Agricultural Society fonds
M-2435 Quorn Ranch Company fonds
M-2436 Simon Evans
M-2437 Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Calgary) fonds
M-2438 Richard Robinson fonds
M-2439 Rawlinson Ranch fonds
M-2440 St. Ann Ranch Trading Company fonds
M-2441 Okotoks Agricultural Society fonds
M-2442 Southern Alberta cooperative assn
M-2443 Springbank Irrigation District fonds
M-2444 Stock growers assn of Medicine Hat
M-2445 H.C. Storey
M-2446 Henry George Latimer Strange
M-2447 Aborigines Protection Society fonds
M-2449 United Grain Growers Ltd. fonds
M-2451 Bert Clayton Dipping Ring fonds
M-2451 Golden Rod Presbyterian Church fonds
M-2452 (BOX 1-13) Western Stock Growers’ Association fonds
M-6531 (LEDGERS) Canada Northwest Land Ltd. fonds
M-8147 (LEDGERS) Canmore Mines Limited fonds