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Mon, 15th Jul 2019


Accession Number Collection
M-6556 George Whitlock fonds
M-6557 Canadian Credit Institute. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6558 Glenmore Conservative Constituency Association fonds
M-6559 Hugh G. Peck’s United Church History collection
M-6560 Central United Church fonds
M-6561 Calgary Foreman’s Club fonds
M-6562 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-6566 Hotel Wales fonds
M-6567 Handicapped Savings and Credit Union Ltd. fonds
M-6568 Conrad Olai Hage fonds
M-6569 William G. Morrow fonds
M-6571 Boose family fonds
M-6571 Boose family fonds
M-6572 Mr and Mrs. Ronald Jones (see index card)
M-6573 Curtis, Cody family fonds
M-6574 Henry J. Duff (see index card)
M-6575 Winnipeg Silver plate company (see index card)
M-6576 N.R. Crump (see index card)
M-6577 Col. J.T. Thompson (see index card)
M-6578 Donald B. Smith fonds
M-6580 Walter H. James fonds
M-6583 Dawson family fonds
M-6584 Cowdry family fonds
M-6586 Braemar Lodge Hotel fonds
M-6588 Lea Nicoll Kramer (see index card)
M-6590 R.B. Shepard (see index card)
M-6591 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6592 Eliot’s Store fonds
M-6592 Pascoe Restaurants Ltd. fonds
M-6592 Harry’s News and Tobacco Shop fonds
M-6593 T.L. Gillespie (see index card)
M-6595 Canadian consolidated oils (see index card)
M-6596 Molson’s banks (see index card)
M-6597 Grand trunk pacific railway (see index card)
M-6598 Cushing Family Businesses fonds
M-6599 Heritage park society (see index card)
M-6600 P.M. Dewar (see index card)
M-6603 H.A. Reid (see index card)
M-6604 Doug N. Grant fonds
M-6605 Philip C. Keeley fonds
M-6608 Joseph J. Carscadden fonds
M-6610 D.C. Coleman (see index card)
M-6611 Thomas James Hodson (see index card)
M-6612 Calgary Motel Association fonds
M-6613 United Citizens’ Association fonds
M-6615 Hamerl family fonds
M-6624 Inslee B. Greene (see index card)
M-6625 Canadian historical association (see index card)
M-6626 Dave Eagleson fonds
M-6627 Elizabeth Clipsham fonds
M-6628 T.K. Kilpatrick fonds
M-6629 Calgary ladies field hockey (see index card)
M-6630 Alexandra Hotel fonds
M-6631 Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson Chautauqua collection
M-6632 Bertram F. Souch fonds
M-6633 Royal Australian airforce (see index card)
M-6634 United Way of Calgary fonds
M-6635 Alberta Theatre Projects fonds
M-6636 Canadian Ladies’ Golf Association. Alberta Branch fonds
M-6637 Linda Mary Marsden (see index card)
M-6638 Calgary Women’s Literary Club fonds
M-6639 Alex Johnston fonds
M-6640 McCormick family fonds
M-6641 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6643 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6644 Duncan MacCononchie (see index card)
M-6645 Floyd Clark (see index card)
M-6646 W.J.C. Kirby fonds
M-6648 Collectors corner (see index card)
M-6649 John Glambeck fonds
M-6651 Martin Winning fonds (index card says Boy Scouts)
M-6654 Knox united church (see index card)
M-6655 Canada Club of Calgary fonds
M-6656 Crescent Heights Community Association fonds
M-6657 Alfred and Clara Causley fonds
M-6659 Harold Christian Scheer fonds
M-6660 High River Agricultural Society fonds
M-6661 Hal T. Lyne fonds
M-6663 Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus fonds
M-6664 Glenbow Memorabilia (index card says CPR)
M-6665 W.F. Salsbury (see index card)
M-6667 Worker’s educational assn (see index card)
M-6668 Royal Arch Masons. Grand Chapter of Alberta fonds
M-6669 Beatty family
M-6670 James Abel Hornby fonds
M-6671 Pacific western airlines (see index card)
M-6672 Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare fonds
M-6675 Jewish Historical Committee of Calgary collection
M-6677 Nature Calgary fonds
M-6678 Western Irrigation District fonds
M-6680 Hugh McLachlan (see index card)
M-6681 Dave and Ester Klaiman (see index card)
M-6682 Stephen Avenue Mall Alliance fonds
M-6683 Calgary Eco-Centre Society fonds
M-6684 West Canadian Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6685 Western Canada College fonds
M-6686 Joy Duncan’s Frontier Nursing Project
M-6690 J.P.J. Jephson fonds
M-6691 Canadian Micrographics Society. Calgary Chapter fonds
M-6694 John Giffen fonds
M-6696 Patricia Stansfield fonds
M-6697 Norman F. Priestley fonds
M-6698 Lewis Burke and John Burke fonds
M-6699 Thomas Cassidy (see index card)
M-6701 Ralph William McKenzie fonds
M-6702 Alberta Women’s Liberal Association fonds
M-6703 Alberta Aberdeen Angus Association fonds
M-6704 Kong family fonds
M-6706 James Abel Hornby fonds
M-6707 Ruth I. Solomon (see index card)
M-6708 James Quinn (see index card)
M-6709 Roy Everett Boss fonds
M-6714 Elidio Mascherin (see index card)
M-6715 Canadian pacific railway (see index card)
M-6716 Marjorie Cheff Manery (see index card)
M-6718 College of Alberta School Superintendents fonds
M-6719 William Shaw (see index card)
M-6722 Jack Pettinger (see index card)
M-6725 Peter Turner Bone fonds
M-6726 Sir James Hector (see index card)
M-6727 Canmore Mines Limited fonds
M-6729 Alexander Bryden fonds
M-6731 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6733 Canada. Army
M-6734 Allan McDonald fonds
M-6735 Calgary Herald fonds
M-6736 Canadian Labour Congress. Calgary Office fonds
M-6738 no index card (Langdon and Shepherd on file)
M-6739 Kenneth Joubert (see index card)
M-6740 Canadian Oil and Refinery Company Ltd. fonds
M-6743 Ross Ellis fonds
M-6744 Susan Reid (see index card)
M-6745 John Schmidt fonds
M-6746 Tallman family
M-6747 Ellen Almeda Ott (see index card)
M-6749 Donald William Purnell (see index card)
M-6750 A.J. Dalgleish (see index card)
M-6751 Howard B. Macdonald fonds
M-6752 George and Norma Piper Pocaterra fonds
M-6753 Loys Lillian Pettit (see index card)
M-6754 William Doheny
M-6755 Robert Hood family fonds
M-6756 Herbert Sawley and Myrle Mugleston fonds
M-6758 The de la Vergne Company Ltd. fonds
M-6759 Grant MacEwan fonds
M-6760 Robert Brown fonds
M-6762 Ellen Stone (see index card)
M-6763 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6764 Lubicon Lake Cree Research collection
M-6765 Elaine and Dorothie Dudley Smith fonds
M-6766 Bakers, confectionary & tobacco workers international union (see index card)
M-6767 Mark Morgan (see index card)
M-6768 Dudley Edward Batchelor fonds
M-6769 Rees Carlyle Hugh fonds
M-6771 Conrich Mutual Telephone Company fonds
M-6771 Rockyview School Division No. 41 fonds
M-6773 Canadian pacific railway (see index card)
M-6774 James Elliot fonds
M-6776 Alberta Aberdeen Angus Association fonds
M-6777 Mr and Mrs Carrol Baptiste (see index card)
M-6781 Boy Scouts of Canada (see index card)
M-6782 Property Owners Association of Calgary fonds
M-6783 White pass and yukon railway (see index card)
M-6784 Paul L. Farnalls fonds
M-6785 Carbondale Coals Ltd. fonds
M-6786 Ford Highwood Collieries Ltd. fonds
M-6787 Raven Oils Ltd. fonds
M-6788 Pacific Oil and Refinery of Alberta Ltd. fonds
M-6789 Highland Oil Company Ltd. fonds
M-6790 Bill Niven fonds
M-6791 Construction and General Workers Union. Local 1111 fonds
M-6792 United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada. Local 496 fonds