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Young Women’s Christian Association (Calgary) fonds


Minutes. — 1907-1974


Board Minutes

M-1711-1 Board minutes. — nd. — Consists of minutes of Board of Directors of Calgary branch of YWCA.
M-1711-2 Board minutes. — 1907-1910
M-1711-3 Board minutes. — 1910-1913
M-1711-4 Board minutes. — 1913-1917. — Includes committee reports; circular letter from Local Council of Women.
M-1711-5 Board minutes. — 1914-1915
M-1711-6 Board minutes. — 1917-1919
M-1711-7 Board minutes. — 1918-1923. — Includes financial statement (March 1930).
M-1711-8 Board minutes. — 1923-1926
M-1711-9 Board minutes. — 1926-1930
M-1711-10 Board minutes. — 1930-1932
M-1711-11 Board minutes. — 1931
M-1711-12 Board minutes. — 1932
M-1711-13 Board minutes. — 1932-1940
M-1711-14 Board minutes. — 1933
M-1711-15 Board minutes. — 1935
M-1711-16 Board minutes. — 1936-1944
M-1711-17 Board minutes. — 1940-1946
M-1711-18 Board minutes. — 1941-1942
M-1711-19 Board minutes. — 1953-1956
M-1711-20 Board minutes. — 1957-1960
M-1711-21 Board minutes. — 1957-1967
M-1711-22 Board minutes. — 1961-1962
M-1711-23 Board minutes. — 1963-1964
M-1711-24 Board minutes. — 1965-1966
M-1711-25 Board minutes. — 1967-1970
M-6247-88 Board minutes. — 1969

Committee Minutes

M-6247-89 Annual meetings. — 1961-1974
M-1711-26 Camp committee minutes. — 1956-1963, 1969. — Includes minutes, budget material, and correspondence.
M-1711-27 Camp committee minutes. — 1968- 1969
M-1711-29 Chalet committee minutes. — 1965- 1969
M-1711-30 Christian emphasis committee minutes. — 1959-1969
M-1711-31 Finance committee minutes. — 1957- 1965
M-1711-32 Finance committee minutes. — 1966- 1967
M-1711-28 Membership committee minutes. — 1960- 1971. — Includes minutes regarding membership, world service and public affairs committee.
M-1711-33 Mountain resorts board minutes. — 1927
M-1711-34 Mountain resorts board minutes. — 1928
M-1711-35 Mountain resorts board minutes. — 1932- 1935
M-1711-36 Personnel committee minutes. — 1953- 1960
M-1711-37 Personnel committee minutes. — 1960-1967. — Includes correspondence, reports, and clippings.
M-1711-38 Personnel committee minutes. — 1968- 1969
M-1711-39 Programme and extension committee minutes. — 1960-1965
M-1711-40 Public affairs committee minutes. — [ca.1956- 1969]
M-1711-41 Public relations committee minutes. — 1959- 1969
M-1711-42 Staff meeting minutes. — 1970

Series 2

Financial. — 1953-1969

M-1711-43 Financial statement. — 1953
M-1711-44 Financial statements. — 1965-1968
M-1711-45 Financial statements. — 1968-1969

Series 3

Correspondence. — 1929-1971

M-1711-46 Correspondence. — 1929-1932. — Mainly regarding resignations resulting from crisis in Mountain Resorts Board.
M-1711-47 Correspondence. — 1937. — Regarding Unemployed Girls’ Club or Gamma Choir Club. Includes commercial donor list for club tea; proposed programme for unemployed girls’ school; correspondence regarding severing club ties from YWCA.
M-1711-48 Correspondence. — 1942-1949. — Includes letters of resignation and pamphlet regarding building drive for new YWCA building.
M-1711-49 Correspondence. — 1967-1971. — Includes personal and business correspondence of YMCA executive director, Leone Wellwood.
M-1711-50 Correspondence. — 1968-1969. — Includes miscellaneous cards and letters written to Board members.
M-1711-51 Correspondence. — 1969-1971. — Inter-Y correspondence. Includes outline of Lethbridge YWCA programmes and activities.
M-1711-52 Correspondence. — 1970. — Regarding world service programme.
M-1711-53 Correspondence. — 1970-1971. — Regarding public relations.
M-1711-54 Correspondence. — 1970-1972. — Inter-Y correspondence.
M-1711-55 Correspondence. — 1971. — Business correspondence of assistant executive director Jean S. Machan.

Series 4

YWCA of Canada. — 1967-1971

M-1711-56 Minutes. — 1967-1970. — Includes minutes of Board of Directors of national organization.
M-1711-57 Minutes. — 1967-1971. — Includes material regarding personnel and salaries.
M-1711-58 Financial statements of national organization. — 1961-1971. — Includes reports, summaries, material regarding 78th National Council Meeting.
M-1711-59 Correspondence. — 1970. — Regarding programmes and activities of national organization.
M-1711-60 Correspondence. — 1971. — Regarding programmes and activities of national organization.

Series 5

Reports. — 1927-2000

M-1711-61 Annual reports. — 1927-1930
M-7768-1 Annual reports. — 1972-2000
M-1711-62 Statistical reports. — 1966-1969. — Regarding attendance, programmes and residences.
M-1711-63 Reports. — 1969-1971. — Regarding non-medical use of drugs.
M-6247-90 Committee reports. — 1976. — Includes YM/YWCA Development Education Project, Local and World Affairs Committee, Tourism with Insight Committee, Energy Action Committee, Co-operation for Development Committee, Youth and Family Services Sub-Committee. Also includes minutes regarding Alberta Energy Coalition, Calgary Chapter.

Series 6

Camps and residences. — 1949-1996

M-7768-2 Camps. — – 1949-1964. — – Consists of an outline of counsellor duties, historical display material, etc.
M-7768-o.s. Camp Log Book. — – [ca. 1953]-1996. — – Consists mainly of artwork prepared by campers commemorating specific sessions of camp. Includes artwork, campers’ names, signatures of guests, etc.
M-1711-64 Stella Maris residence. — 1968-1970. — Includes minutes and financial material regarding co-op house for unwed mothers.
M-1711-65 Co-op House. — 1968-1971. — Regarding unwed mother’s co-operative housing project sponsored by YWCA. Includes lease, minutes, correspondence, progress reports, and papers regarding co-op housing.
M-1711-66 Residence. — 1969-1971. — Includes statistical summaries, correspondence, and descriptive reports regarding residents. Also includes minutes, and notes regarding Calgary Youth Aid Centre Society and job descriptions regarding YWCA residence director.
M-1711-67 Residence. — 1969-1971. — Includes correspondence, notes, and information sheet regarding residence.
M-1711-68 Stella Maris residence. — 1970. — Includes correspondence, report, and project proposal regarding co-op house for unwed mothers.

Series 7

Conferences and seminars. — 1965-1971

M-6247-91 Conventions. — 1965, 1969. — 22nd national convention, Saskatoon, Sask and 23rd national convention, Hamilton, Ont.
M-1711-69 Convention workbook. — 1969. — Includes summary of association’s work (1965-1968), convention resolutions, bibliography.
M-1711-70 Conferences and seminars. — 1969-1971. — Includes convention papers and reports, bulletins and news releases.
M-1711-71 Provincial conference. — 1970. — Includes correspondence and agenda regarding conference at Banff.

Series 8

Women of the Year Awards. — – 1979-1987. — – The Women of the Year Awards originated in 1979 as part of an event hosted by the YWCA called “Women Celebrate Women” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Persons Case. Awards were presented in the following categories: Arts, Business and Professional, Community Service, Education, Health, and Women’s Advocate. Called “A Women’s Celebration” when it was held a second time in 1981, the Women of the Year Awards came to be known as the Women of Distinction Awards in 1986.

M-5913 “Women Celebrate Women” correpondence, committee lists, guest books, etc. — 1979
M-579 Program, correspondence and related items regarding “Women Celebrate Women” dinner. — October 1979
M-6092 Program for “A Women’s Celebration” banquet. — 1981
M-7768-3 Women of the Year Awards. — – 1984. — – Consists of program, list of award winners, nomination forms, and negatives and contact sheets showing views of awards banquet. Includes completed nomination forms for: Beverley Anderson; Carolyn A. Anderson and Peggy Mayes; Shirley Marie Burstall; Ann Chippendale; Rosemary Church; Judith Cooper; Trudy Cowan; Louise Dean; Karen De Boek; Pat Donnelly; Lucille C. Dougherty; Sheila Embury; Vicki English; Evelyn Erdman; Mary Jeanette Fenwick; Elaine Fleming; Gloria M. Gage; Marsha P. Hanen; Kathryn Jane Hannah; Helen Hengel; Donna Bernice Hinde; Donna A. Humphries; Carrie L. Hunter; Mary T. Lewis; Kathleen Mahoney; Susan McCormick; Irene Misak; Debbie Muir; Norma Rae Oliva; Carole Perkins; Lois Radcliffe; Claudette Reed-Upton; Sylvia S. Rempel; Beverly A. Sabourin; Margaret L. Sadler; Marilyn Samuels; Marnie Juel Shaw; Katherine Sloman; Kay Snow; Winifred Stewart; Lillian Vernon; Ulrike Volle; Sheila Wheatley.
M-7768-4 Women of the Year Awards. — – 1985. — – Consists of list of award winners and nomination forms. Includes completed nomination forms for: Johanna Bates; Susan Booker; Val Boser; Dorothy Deamer; Doreen Douglas; Prem. S. Fry; Sheila Rae Iverson; Kathleen Mahoney; Kathleen McCaul; Lois Milne; Patricia Oxtoby; Liz Palmer; Rosalyn Schmidt; Susan Scott; Joey Stewart; Susanne Truba; Una Wesley; Lucie Wheeler.
M-7768-5 Women of Distinction Awards. — – 1986. — – Consists of program, sample award certificate and nomination forms. Includes completed nomination forms for: Sheila Barling; Helen Boyse; Ardella Brennan; Fae Chato; Patricia Cooper; Zelda Dean; Christine Dumitriu Van Saanen; Mary Dunlop; Sandra Farnham; Yvonne Fritz; Dianne Hall; Sue Higgins; Doris Kennedy; Billielu King; Janet Koper; Cecilia Lanz; Sandra LeBlanc; June Lore; Arlene McGinn; Helen Mogensen; Evelyn Moore-Eyman; Barbara Philpot; Gloria Saarinen; Sandra Scott; Sheila Taylor; Honey Watts; Marion Winter.
M-7768-6a Women of Distinction Awards. — – 1987. — – Consists of program and nomination forms. Includes completed nomination forms for: Grace Agar; Emily Alstad; Margaret Bard; Joy Bliss; Carol Blyth; Carmen Boulter; Marian Burke; Barbara Butchart; Connie Conway; Glen Cumming; Deb Day; Ruth Dennison; Frances Douglas; Jacqueline Dunckel; Judith Dyck; Norma Farquharson; Rhea Graham; Julie Kearns; Karyn Allen Keenan; Dorothy Larson.
M-7768-6b Women of Distinction Awards. — – 1987. — – Consists of completed nomination forms for: Frances McGilvray-Cooke; Catherine McGinley; Arlene McGinn; Shirley Marlow; Joyce Meyer; Karen Nordgaard; Laraine Orthlieb; Pat Raymaker; Mary Ann Reeves; Sandra Reilly; Jharie Sewall; Suzanne Swibold; Eileen Thurlow; Eva Turley; Amal Umar; Lennie Van de Geer; Helen Vanderburg; Evelyn Wallace; Margaret Waterchief; Beryl Wood; Sharon Wood; Joyce Wright.

Series 9

Miscellaneous. — 1907-2000

M-1711-72 Committee membership. — 1907-1971. — Includes lists of committee members.
M-1711-73 Memorium. — 1943. — Includes clipping and memorium regarding Mrs. J. T. (Florence Alberta) Shaw, former president of YWCA board.
M-1711-74 Directors. — 1930-1939. — Includes lists of board members.
M-1711-75 Procedures. — 1942. — Includes outline of procedures regarding resignation of board member and administration of association via interim committee.
M-7768-7 Pauline Sutermeister Kay. — – 1949, 2000. — – Consists of reminiscences, correspondence and clippings regarding her YWCA experiences.
M-1711-76 Policies. — 1951-1967. — Includes outline of policies regarding membership, residences, personnel and health education.
M-1711-77 Information booklet. — 1956-1965. — Contains names and addresses of board members, city churches, staff members; information regarding transients, supplies, and clippings.
M-1711-78 Speeches, and talks. — 1960-1970. — Given by executive director Leone Wellwood. Includes certificate of appreciation o Miss Wellwood from the Rotary Club of Calgary.
M-1711-79 Proposals. — 1965-1966. — Consists of draft outline of proposal by executive director Leone Wellwood (trainee with World YWCA, Geneva): “Christian Youth Work with the Unattached”; proposal from the YWCA, the Catholic Family Service and the Social Planning Council of Calgary for a project in the Victoria community called “Area Services for Low Income Families.”
M-1711-80 Bequests. — 1966-1967. — Regarding Mary Gay Sparks and Stanley Harold Comba.
M-1711-81 Alberta Department of Youth. — 1968-1970. — Includes correspondence, reports, and minutes regarding activities of Department of Youth, Youth Advisory Committee.
M-1711-82 Leone Wellwood (personal). — 1969-1970, nd. — Includes miscellaneous cards, letters, including Miss Wellwood’s resume prepared for campaign as aldermanic candidate and music for song “Emblematic Wild Rose” written by Ruth Lowry.
M-1711-83 Other agencies. — 1969-1971. — Includes reports, directories regarding other agencies and associations in Calgary including Calgary Inter- Faith Community Action Committee, Calgary and Region Mental Health Planning Organization, Calgary Local Council of Women.
M-1711-84 Miscellaneous. — 1969-1981. — Includes report regarding YWCA contacts with other Calgary social agencies; completed application for employment as assistant residence director; two provisional proposals regarding YM-YW hostel operation, etc.
M-6247-92 Building campaign. — 1968. — Includes pamphlet; city street overlay view; “Synopsis of future aims of Calgary YWCA”.
M-5856 Building campaign brochure (prototype). — – 1968.
M-6247-93 Furnishings. — 1973, nd. — Includes lists of furnishings and their donors (regarding new building).
M-6247-94 Antique show. — 1973. — Includes fund-raising show and sale.
M-6247-95 Doreen Orman. — – 1992. — – Consists of nomination form and supporting documents re winning a Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case.

Series 10

Publications. — 1965-2000

M-1711-85 Newsletters, etc. — 1965-1971. — Includes reports regarding YWCAs of Saskatoon and Vancouver; catalogue of publications; copies of the following YWCA newsletters: News Bulletin, Personnel News, National News; annual reports from Alberta Department of Youth.
M-7768-8 Newsletters. — – 1986-2000. — – Consists of issues of YWCA Calgary Contact.
M-1711-86 Publications. — 1967-1970. — Manuals, reports and resource kits.
M-6247-96 Pamphlets. — 1953-1970. — Regarding YWCA. Includes national directory, constitution, world wide reports, and camp brochure.
M-6247-97 Journals. — 1962-1968. — Consists of issues of YWCA Canada Journal and Now, and YWCA United States Magazine.

Series 11

Scrapbooks. — 1962-1974

M-1711-os1 Scrapbook. — 1962-1963. — Regarding association activities and personalities.
M-1711-os2 Scrapbook. — 1963-1967. — Regarding association activities and personalities.
M-1711-os3 Scrapbook. — 1967-1974. — Regarding activities and personalities.

Series 12

Photographs. — 1940s-1979

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2126 YWCA convention and retirement party in Calgary. — 1969-1971. — 10 photographs
PA-2217 YWCA buildings (old and new); recipients of awards at the “Women Celebrate Women” dinner. — [ca. 1960s]-1979. — 7 photographs
PA-2303 2nd annual women’s awards dinner. — 1981. — 2 photographs
PD-155 Album of views of groups and activities of the YWCA in Calgary and of conferences in the Banff area. — [1940s-1950s]. — 127 photographs
NA-3215 Views of YWCA dormitories; guests at awards dinners, including Margaret Atwood. — [ca. 1960s]-1980. — 7 photographs