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William Parker fonds

M-934-1 Diaries. – 1874-1905. – Consists of six diaries regarding daily life in the North-West Mounted Police.
M-934-(2-5) Letters to parents. – 1871-1873. – Regarding voyage to Canada, and work as a farmhand for the Plasketts near Stratford, Ontario. View now.
M-934-(6-7) Letters to parents. – 1874. – Regarding leaving the farm, joining the North-West Mounted Police, training in Toronto ( including a description of his uniform and riding habit), leaving Toronto, trip to Dufferin, Manitoba, getting typhoid fever, buying lots in Emerson, establishing Fort Pelly, trip to Winnipeg, meeting detachment from the west and accompanying them back to Dufferin. View now.
M-934-(8-9) Letters to family. – 1875. – Regarding his promotion in the Mounted Police, a trip to Winnipeg on the steamer “Manitoba”, St. James camp, grasshopper plague, trip to Fort Pelly, building at Swan River barracks, and plans to go to Alberta. View now.
M-934-(10-11) Letters to family. – 1876. – Regarding Christmas decorations and celebrations at Swan River, journey to Shoal Lake, a description of the guardhouse, orders to go to Fort Carlton, the signing of Treaty 6, journey to Fort Pitt, and arrival at Fort Macleod. View now.
M-934-(12-13) Letters to family. – 1877. – Regarding life at Fort Macleod, capture of whiskey traders, signing of Treaty 7 at Blackfoot Crossing, and rejoining the North-West Mounted Police for another term. View now.
M-934-(14-15) Letters to family. – 1878-1879. – Regarding Christmas festivities at Fort Macleod, capture of the horse thief “Slim Jim” Brooks, plans to return to England during his furlough from the North-West Mounted Police, trip back to Eastern Canada, trip to Shoal Lake, description of barracks at Shoal Lake, life at Shoal Lake and trip to Winnipeg. View now.
M-934-(16-17) Letters to family. – 1880. – Regarding life at Qu’Appelle, hardships and starvation of the first Nations (partially due to the disappearance of the buffalo, promotion of Inspector Griesbach to Swan River barracks, life at Battleford, the barracks, and buying land at Shoal Lake. View now.
M-934-(18-20) Letters to family. – 1881-1882. – Regarding life at Battleford, escorting a prisoner to Turtle Lake, Cochrane Ranche, his plans to marry the Métis woman Margaret Calder, breaking off of his engagement, visit of the Governor General, the Marquis of Lorne, the chase and capture of Stoney horse thieves, and buying lots in Prince Albert. View now.
M 934 Partial transcripts. – 1874-1882. – Consists of transcriptions of excerpts of letters from Will Parker, to his parents in England, describing North-West Mounted Police life in Western Canada. The transcripts are from William Parker: Mounted Police, published by Glenbow in 1973 (copyright held by Glenbow). View now.
M-934-21 Harry Parker’s letters to family. – May 1880, January 1882. – Written from Sarnia and Winnipeg.
M-934-22 Autobiographical manuscript, “History of Captain William Parker, Life in the North-West Mounted Police, 1874-1912.”
M-934-23 Patrol report. – nd. – Regarding a trip to Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, and Churchill River, Manitoba. Includes details about Indians, game, fur-bearing animals, minerals, and the appearance of the country.
M-934-24 Sketches. – nd. – Showing the route to Pelican Narrows and Churchill River.
M-934-25 Certificates and programs. – 1922, 1929. – Includes a share certificate for The Hat Pool Oils Ltd.; program for a service at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police chapel.
Photographs. — 1871-1939. — 45 photographs. — Consists of photographs of Parker, North-West Mounted Police, Mountie posts and activities, and Lord Strathcona’s Horse. Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.