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William Kellock McKay fonds

Series 1

Constable William K. McKay’s RNWMP diary. — 1915. — 2 cm of textual records. — The series consists of a record of his daily activities while stationed at Whitehorse and Lower Labarge detachments in the Yukon. Note: He wrote his 1915 diary in an old 1904 diary, and did not always correct the date at the top of the page.


Royal North-West Mounted Police diary. Consists of the following:

View January and February entries.
View March and April entries.
View May and June entries.
View July and August entries.
View September and October entries.
View November and December entries.

Series 2

Personal papers and reminiscences. — 1914-1920. — 1 cm of textual records. — The series consists of material related to his time in the RNWMP and his desertion from the force.


Personal papers and reminiscences. Consists of the following:

“Burying Marion Davies on 30 Mile River”
“Remolio Caesari”
“Mushers on the Dawson trail”, September 1915
“Woodcamps along the River Yukon”
Letters re Lower Labarge patrol, 1915
Telegrams re patrols and prisoners
Telegram re McKay’s desertion, February 15, 1916
Letter to his parents telling of his desertion, February 1916
“Deserting from the RNWM Police and my journey to England to Enlist”
Pardon for desertion from the Governor General, February 5, 1920

View material related to his desertion from the RNWMP and his enlistment in the British Army.

Series 3

Photographs. — 1914-1916. — 58 photographs

The photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-1663 Views of McKay as a Mountie in Regina and the Yukon, and in his First World War uniform. — 1914-1916. — 58 photographs