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West Calgary Home and School Association fonds

Series 1 Constitution and minutes. — 1942-1958
M-2061-1 Constitution of West Calgary Home and School Association. — 1957
M-2061-2 Minutes of executive meetings. — 1949-1956
M-2061-3 Minutes of regular monthly meetings. — 1942-1958

Series 2 Membership, activities and finances. — 1947-1958
M-2061-4 Memberhip record and cards. — 1947-1957. — Consists of a record book with annual membership lists; and booklets of carbon copies of issued membership cards.
M-2061-5 Sick Visiting Committee record book. — 1950-1958. — Consists of lists of illnesses of school children and HSA members, gifts given, and cash spent by the committee.
M-2061-6 Business papers. — 1948-1957 and n.d. — Consists of monthly and annual reports of executive and various committees; reports of school board and rate-payers meetings; membership list (1951-1952); and resignations.
M-2061-7 Correspondence. — 1948-1957. — Consists of letters re school health services; establishment of a rural health unit; school radio broadcasts; school water supply and sanitary facilities; cancer fund; teacher training and qualifications; traffic problems; and disbanding of the association.
M-2061-8 Financial records. — 1950-1957. — Consists of receipts and bills re membership dues and gifts given by the Sick Visiting Committee.
M-2061-9 Greeting cards – Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc. — 1953-1958

Series 3 Affiliated organizations. — 1948-1958
  Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher Federation
M-2061-10 Correspondence. — 1956-1958. — Consists of circular letters re funds for national headquarters building; Canadian family study; and Founders Day. Includes reprint of article from Canadian Home and School on parent education.
M-2061-11 Procedure manual, etc. — Consists of handbook entitled “Training Course in Home and School”, and Chamber of Commerce bulletin “Procedure at Meetings”. Includes a Founders Day booklet.
M-2061-12 Issues of Canadian Home and School. — 1950-1953
  Alberta Federation of Home and School Associations
M-2061-13 Constitution and bylaws. — 1948
M-2061-14 Minutes Of annual conventions. — 1952, 1953, 1958
M-2061-15 Convention kit. — 1957. — Consists of program, literature and instructions for delegates, resolutions, ballot sheet and delegate’s ribbon.
M-2061-16 Correspondence. — 1949-1958. — Consists of circular letters re policies; records and reports; conferences; workshops; extension visits; Alberta Home and School News; national headquarters fund; education week; teacher recruitment and retention; and budget and financial information. Includes resolutions presented at the 1958 annual convention.
M-2061-17 Association kits. — 1957-1958. — Kits include home and school calendar; directory of officers; constitution and bylaws; program ideas; school radio broadcasts; and educational information and publications.
M-2061-18 “Home and School Creed”. — Two versions.
M-2061-19 Alberta Home and School News. — 1957-1958. — Two issues
  Calgary Council of Home and School Associations
M-2061-20 Correspondence. — 1948-1958. — Consists opf circular letters re monthly meetings; school radio broadcasts; school medical services; annual regional conference; study groupos; teacher recruitment; and scholarships.

Series 4 Pamphlets, circulars and newspaper clippings. — 1951-1957
M-2061-21 Circular letter re school services. — Outlines school medical and dental services.
M-2061-22 Pamphlets. — Includes list of school radio broadcasts (1956-1957); Royal Bank monthly letters re education and aging; Alberta General Curriculum Committee newsletter (1956); pamphlets on child training, mental health, immunization,and Charles Best summer camp for diabetic children.
M-2061-23 Newspaper clilppings. — 1951-1957. — Re child training; edcuation; and Home and School Association conventions and resolutions.