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Wendelboe Family fonds

Series 1

Mike and Mary Wendelboe – Personal papers. — 1880-1972. — 12.5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of family certificates (birth, naturalization, homestead, wedding, etc.); correspondence with family and friends (1910-1972); Mary’s diary (1956-1972); and old age pension applications. — The records have been artificially arranged in chronological order by the earliest date in each folder.

M-9684-1 Mikal Ostergaard Wendelboe’s birth certificate and confirmation certificates. — 1880 and 1895. — Includes translations. These were submitted as part of his Old Age Pension application in 1950.
M-9684-2 Mike’s cowpox vaccination certificate. — 1881

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M-9684-3 Mary Lund’s birth certificate and baptism certificate. — 1891
M-9684-4 Mike’s childhood cards from teachers, awards and gift tags. — [ca. 1890s]
M-9684-5 Mary’s documents written in Danish. — 1898-1909. — Possibly first communion and letter of introduction.
M-9684-6 Mike’s autograph book. — 1899-1911
M-9684-7 Mary’s souvenir religious cards. — [ca. 1903-1904]
M-9684-8 Mike’s Certificate of Naturalizaton (Dominion of Canada), and homestead patent for NW 20-12-24-W4. — 1907. — The homestead was 9 miles west of Barons, Alberta.

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M-9684-9 Mary’s first letter home to her mother in Denmark, after emigrating to Canada. — August 1910. — Consists of both the original (in Danish) and a translation, in which she describes her arrival in Alberta by train, her employer’s log house, his expectation that she would marry him, her refusal to marry him, a crop-destroying hail storm, her move to Blackfalds, meeting Mike Wendelboe [later her husband] on the train, what settlers ate, laundry and clothing, the abundance of men in Alberta (4 men to 1 woman), possible jobs for a single woman, and her marriage prospects.

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M-9684-10 Mike’s letters and postcards to Mary Lund. — 1910. — Written before their marriage (in Danish).

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M-9684-11 Mike and Mary’s wedding certificate. — November 16, 1910

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M-9684-12 Birth certificate of Rose Wendelboe. — September 11, 1918
M-9684-13 Auction sale poster. — January 7, 1925. — For sale of the Wendelboe’s farm equipment and livestock when they moved from the Barons area to Starline.

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M-9684-14 Children’s report cards. — 1928-1930. — For Betty and Vivian Wendelboe, who attended Starline School District No. 1005.
M-9684-15 Family correspondence. — 1933-1972 and n.d. — Several letters are in Danish.
M-9684-16 Mary’s autograph book. — 1938
M-9684-17 Mary’s correspondence. — 1943-1970. — The folder was annotated “Letters I’ll Keep”. — Includes letter written by Rose when she was at the Provincial Mental Hospital at Ponoka in 1943-1944.
M-9684-18 Mary’s Old Age Pension applications. — 1955-1961
M-9684-19 Mary’s 5-year diary. — 1956-1960
M-9684-20 Mike and Mary’s 50th wedding anniversary certificates from the Lieutenant-Governor and the Premier. — 1960
M-9684-21 Mary’s notebooks. — 1960-1969. — They include some diary entries.

Series 2

Mary Wendelboe’s writings. — [ca. 1966-1968]. — 4 cm of textual records. — Mary took a creative writing course the University of Alberta (Calgary) in 1966. — The series consists of genealogical writings about the family, and short fictional pieces based on her own experiences.

M-9684-22 Genealogical articles: “Peter Wendelboe’s Family” and “A Short Report on the Family of Mike Wendelboe”. — 1968

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M-9684-23 “Profile of a Pioneer Woman”. — July 1968. — Written by Mary about her mother-in-law.
M-9684-24 “The Making of a Dude Rancher”. — 1968. — Includes both handwritten and typewritten versions. 9500 words long.
M-9684-25 “Monologue”. — [ca. 1966-1968]. — Consists of short theatrical piece.
M-9684-26 “Vacation Days on the Circle 5”. — [ca. 1966-1968]
M-9684-27 “While the Rest of the World Goes By”. — [ca. 1966-1968]

Series 3

Family memorabilia. — 1908-1975. — 15 cm of textual records. — The series consists of a scrapbook, greeting cards, invitations, postcard albums (started in Denmark), exhibition prizes, and Mary’s pansy embroidery.

M-9684-28 Scrapbook. — 1954-1975. — Consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, invitations to graduations and weddings, etc.
M-9684-29 Greeting cards. — [ca. 1928-1951]. — Includes a card to Rose from her Grade 6 teacher at Starline School (1931).
M-9684-30 Greeting cards. — [ca. 1950s-1960s]. — Consists of birthday, valentine, Mother’s Day and Christmas cards, primarily sent to Mary.
M-9684-31 Wedding invitations, graduations, funerals. — 1959-1964
M-9684-32 Postcard album. — 1908-1945. — Consists of Mary’s collection of postcards, many from Silkeborg, Denmark, where she was born. Includes translations of many of the Danish messages.
M-9684-33 Postcard album. — 1910-1915. — Largely of Silkeborg, Denmark.
M-9684-34 Loose postcards sent to Mary. — 1928-1945. — Many date from 1944-1945, and most have messages written on the back.

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M-9684-35 Mary’s crocheting and embroidery. — [ca. 1950s or 1960s]. — Consists of samples of her pansies. Includes a Laura Wheeler pansy pattern.
M-9684-36 Prize tags for embroidery and crochet. — 1965 and n.d. — For Mary’s work shown at the Red Deer Exhibition and Calgary Exhibition.

Series 4

Clara Sparks papers. — 1961-1991. — 2 cm of textual records. — Clara was the daughter of Mike and Mary Wendelboe. — The series consists of letters; genealogical manuscripts on the Wendelboe family for local history books; sympathy cards on the death of her mother; and a biographical sketch presented at her 80th birthday.

M-9684-37 Letters from Clara to her sister Rose [Mrs. Mary Sylvester]. — 1967
M-9684-38 Manuscript for Clara’s entry about the Mike Wendelboe family for the Barons local history book. — 1968-1971
M-9684-39 Manuscript for Clara’s entry about the James Sparks familiy for the Poplar Ridge local history book. — [ca. 1981]. — Also includes a short article about the Poplar Ridge 4-H Club.
M-9684-40 Sympathy cards to Clara on the death of her mother, Mary Wendelboe. — September 1970
M-9684-41 Biographical sketch about Clara Wendelboe Sparks for her 80th birthday. — 1991

Series 5

Other family records and miscellany. — 1917-1992. — 5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of records related to other Wendelboe descendants, and the Barons/Starline area of Alberta.

M-9684-42 Cathryn Brecka’s article, “Mary came from Silkeborg”. — n.d. — Cathryn Brecka is the daughter of Clara Sparks, and the granddaughter of Mary Wendelboe. — Consists of an illustrated article based on documents and photographs in these family papers.
M-9684-43 Slaymaker family. — 1917 and 1976. — Consists of an announcement of the marriage of Clara Lund to Paul Slaymaker (1917) and a letter about the family (1976).
M-9684-44 Genealogical articles about the Lund and Wendelboe families. — 1978 and 1992. — These were not written by Mary Wendelboe or Clara Sparks.
M-9684-45 Barons, Alberta – 50th anniversary. — 1959. — Consists of newspaper clippings, the Wendelboe’s Pioneers Certificate, and a banquet program.
M-9684-46 Starline Women’s Club – 50th anniversary booklet. — 1977
M-9684-47 Miscellaneous records. — 1945-1978 and n.d. — Consists of an address book, trip book (almost unused), newspaper clippings and cards, and a list of “Mother’s Belongings” (1968).

Series 6

Photographs. — 1892-1970. — 156 photographs. — The series consists of views of the Wendelboe family, the farm at Barons, Starline, and Lund, Sparks, Slaymaker, Sears and Forster relatives.

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PA-4025-(1-21) Mary Wendelboe. — 1892-1967. — 21 photographs. — Consists of views of Mary as a child, young woman and adult. Includes her passport and wedding photos.
PA-4025-(22-48) Mike Wendelboe. — 1909-1959. — 27 photographs. — Consists of views of Mike, his dogs, the farm at Barons, and the gardens, fruit trees, shop, truck, etc. at Starline.
PA-4025-49 Claresholm Agricultural College – Staff and students. — [ca. 1940s]. — 1 photograph. — Mike Wendelboe taught farming classes there.
PA-4025-(50-60) Children of Mike and Mary Wendelboe. — [1940s-1950s]. — 11 photographs. — Includes primarily group views including Clara, Rose, Betty, Leon, Ernie, Eleanor and Vivian.
PA-4025-(61-68) Sparks family. — [ca. 1941]-1966. — 8 photographs. — Clara Wendelboe married James Sparks and they had three children, Cathryn (Brecka), Teresa and David.
PA-4025-(69-71) Lund family – Dagny, John and Charles. — [ca. 1900]. — 3 photographs. — Taken in Denmark.
PA-4025-(72-83) Wendelboe family – Mike’s siblings, Nora, Dagmar, etc. — 1906-[1960s?]. — 12 photographs
PA-4025-(84-109) Slaymaker family. — 1942-[1960s?]. — 26 photographs. — Includes views of Clara “Stense” Lund Slaymaker, her husband Paul Slaymaker, Gertrude and Bunny (later Pauline Virtue).
PA-4025-(110-118) Sears family – Hazel, Earle, Wayne, etc. — 1914-1963. — 9 photographs
PA-4025-(119-124) Forster family – Gertie, Bob, Joy, Colleen, etc. — 1946-1961. — 6 photographs
PA-4025-(125-156) Mary Wendelboe’s album of family photos. — 1951-1970. — 32 photographs