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Walter Norman and Amelia Turner Smith fonds

Series 1

Personal papers and correspondence. — 1915-1967

M-1157-1 First World War diary. — 1917. — Consists of daily orders, and personal notes regarding activities on the front line, while serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France.
M-1157-2 Correspondence. — 1915-1919. — Regarding commission as lieutenant in the army, recommendations, and certificate.
M-1157-3 Daily orders. — 1916-1918. — Consists of marching orders, and anti-gas measures.
M-1157-4 Officer’s papers. — 1918-1919 and nd. — Consists of cheque book; broadside: “Keep Your Mouth Shut!” regarding secrecy of operations; greetings from Moncton to returning overseas soldiers (1919); and propaganda leaflet distributed by airplane entitled “Extract from daily journals of a German soldier” (nd).
M-1157-5 Correspondence. — 1920-1924. — Includes of comments on the limitations of Henry Wise Wood by Edgar C. Dawson; prospects of employment on other papers; draft of letter to H.E. Spencer regarding the fate of Irvine’s resolution on credit and economic views of Major C.H. Douglas; comments on the new publication UFA and the Alberta political scene; outline of newspaper experience; comment on new legislation and calibre of men; problems of financing the UFA paper and possibilities of another job; letter to George Bernard Shaw and reply regarding Liberalism and world situation; dissatisfaction among United Farmers of Alberta membership; and comments on lack of policy among Progressives.
M-1157-6 Correspondence. — 1924-1929. — Includes of note from E.J. Garland about United Farmers of Alberta local meetings; Mussolini’s philosophy; future of Canadian Council of Agriculture; copy of letter granting Ghost River hydro licence to Calgary Power Company; and request for information by J.K. Sutherland for Wheat Pool financing.
M-1157-7 Correspondence. — 1930-1933. — Includes of comments on United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) position regarding cooperatives and provincial election (1930); resolutions from locals supporting UFA paper; lack of leadership in UFA movement; note from E.J. Garland that militia called up, possibly because of relief camps; comments on retirement of Henry Wise Wood and development of cooperatives; letter from W.J.S. Walker, Canadian National Parks Association regarding Kananaskis lakes and parks policy (1931); defence of Robert Gardiner’s actions’ comments on internal staff and executive of UFA by Robert Gardiner; letter noting movement by the United Farmers of Manitoba to join the United Farmers of Canada and the UFA in the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF); speech by Donald Cameron in Legislative Assembly regarding problems of credit and support of CCF policy; letter to William Aberhart suggesting meeting with William Irvine and other federal Members of Parliament (1933).
M-1157-8 Correspondence. — 1934. — Includes an analysis of space in the UFA paper; comments of vote of United Farmers of Alberta members on Bank of Canada bill; letter expressing faith in Premier J.E. Brownlee and that he was not guilty of adultery; memo on speech of Conservative leader in the Alberta Legislature regarding Alberta economy; play satirizing old line parties; Social Credit gaining headway; problems in Calgary UFA local; defence of Brownlee as the McMillan charges were the latest brought to “break” Brownlee.
M-1157-9 Correspondence. — 1935. — Includes belief that Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) was the only solution to Depression; United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) should re-examine Social Credit theories of Major C.H. Douglas and try to destroy delusion set up by William Aberhart; comment from England that Aberhart should have been repudiated by movement long ago; growing strength of Social Credit; Aberhart proposals and position of UFA regarding financial reconstruction; suggestion by UFA supporter that a working agreement be made with Aberhart; prospects for UFA in upcoming election.
M-1157-10 Correspondence. — 1936. — Includes suggestion by Sidney H. Cliffe that United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and other farm organizations recognize a Douglas Social Credit plan for Western Canada to defeat William Aberhart; letter from Smith to editor of The New Era, commenting on misjudging Aberhart’s support in election and that Douglas should have rejected Aberhart; sympathy on suspension of UFA paper; establishment of new paper, Western Farm Leader; financial problems of new publication; letters of congratulation on new paper; objective of paper to bring unity among farm people and overcome bitterness engendered by election; lack of support by Wheat Pool; situation in Alberta and possibilities of a “Popular Front” movement.
M-1157-11 Correspondence. — 1937. — Includes memo on search of mortgage held by the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute; comments on Major C.H. Douglas’ appearance in Alberta, meeting with L.D. Byrne, and possibilities of a true Social Credit being established; William Aberhart and legislation for Alberta.
M-1157-12 Correspondence. — 1938. — Includes confusion of issues at the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) convention, that many UFA members still support William Aberhart and brief resume of highlights; letter from Upton Sinclair and reply regarding situation in Spain and possibilities of running a Sinclair serial in the paper; problems of dry areas of eastern Alberta; copy of address by W.D. Herridge; and comments on the world situation.
M-1157-13 Correspondence. — 1939. — Includes memo entitled “Canadian Unity in War and Peace, March 1939”; news release on marketing of farm products by Eastern Canada conference; memo on advantages of farm newspaper for educational work of Central Alberta Dairy Pool; outbreak of war and human rights.
M-1157-14 Correspondence. — 1940-1942. — Includes war situation; explanation of the League for Economic Democracy; press release notices from Canadian Institute of International Affairs; Nazism and Hitler note from M.J. Coldwell regarding war production methods; extracts from speech of William Aberhart at Dominion-Provincial Conference; support from the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) for the paper; resolution by Canadian Legion that profit be taken out of war; director’s report of first annual meeting of Canadian Cooperative Implements Ltd.; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and public ownership; farm income tax problem; civil liberties and communist movement by George Ross, Member of Parliament.
M-1157-15 Correspondence. — 1943. — Includes support of cooperative movement by Western Farm Leader; letter from construction camp worker in northern Alberta regarding racial prejudice against Negroes [Blacks]; request to W.L. Mackenzie King that ban be lifted on Communist Party; meat rationing; thank you from J.J. Bowlen regarding poem on Alaska Highway; support for Victory Loan campaign; war time prices.
M-1157-16 Correspondence. — 1944. — Includes possibility that United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) start own paper; Canadian-Palestine Committee; financial problems of radio station CKUA in Edmonton; rebuttal from H.G.L. Strange, Searle Grain Company, that grain trade is trying to destroy the cooperative movement.
M-1157-17 Correspondence. — 1945-1949. — Includes support for Victory Loan campaign; protest against British government’s refusal to permit Jewish refugees to go to Palestine; report by Lt. Col. E.W. Cormack on visit to Denmark and Sweden (1945); letter giving extensive background on J.E. Brownlee, Ben S. Plumer and Colin G. Graff; report of the Calgary Branch of Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) (1946); problems within the CCF in Calgary; comments on lack of authority of the League and the United Nations by S. Mack Eastman.
M-1157-18 Correspondence. — 1950-1951. — Includes belief that elimination of economic injustice is necessary for lasting peace; report of the 32nd annual convention of American Farm Bureau Federation; Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) Alberta section stand on international affairs and draft for CCF foreign policy; opinion from Paul Martin, Minister of Health, regarding social progress.
M-1157-19 Correspondence. — 1952-1954. — Includes report on Britain and the wheat market; press releases from Farmers’ Union of Alberta (FUA); concern regarding outburst of Farm and Ranch Review against Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and position of (CFA); satisfaction from ambassador of Pakistan over suggestion of friendship as expressed in Western Farm Leader (1953); abolition of the Senate by Angus MacInnis; analysis of power companies operations in Alberta.
M-1157-20 Correspondence. — 1955-1967. – Includes expressions of regret over passing of Western Farm Leader and purchase by the Western Producer; resolution of appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Smith from Alberta Cooperative Union; comments on 1958 election to M.J. Coldwell; general political situation and election of 1963; correspondence with T.C. Douglas regarding 1963 election; reforms of United Farmers of Alberta and Progressives during the 1920s; obituary of Fred J. White (1967).

Series 1a

Correspondence with individuals. — 1922- 1966

M-1157-21 Major C.H. Douglas. — 1922, 1933-1935. — Consists of correspondence about the distinction between producer and consumer credit; meeting with William Irvine and discussion of Canadian railway situation; discussion of the Douglas plan, its operation in Alberta and problems arising because of William Aberhart’s own interpretation; letters from Social Credit secretariat in London and Douglas Credit League of Canada answering questions on economics.

William Irvine. — 1923-1962. — Consists of correspondence and speeches regarding hope for investigation of credit in parliament and displeasure over Speakman’s actions; possibility of Major C.H. Douglas giving evidence (1923); suggestion to settle United Farmers of Alberta Members of Parliament’s differences before the convention; problem that Mackenzie King cannot serve both the West and Quebec and suggestions for the Ginger Group to try to support Meighan; circular letters to voters for 1925 election; reference to meeting between Irvine and William Aberhart (1933); comments by Irvine on Aberhart’s interpretation of Douglas; Irvine’s comments on Brownlee’s position regarding the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) (1933); attempt to get Aberhart to adopt full Douglas program (1934); Aberhart has “robbed” the nest in gaining support (1934); election (1958); extracts from Irvine’s manuscript on world problems, edited by W. Norman Smith and Alex Calhoun (1962); comments on Canadian political scene (1960s). The 1923-1936 material has been scanned.

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M-1157-23 Norman F. Priestley. — 1930-1936. — Consists of correspondence regarding position of W.N. Smith and the UFA paper and Wheat Pool; problems in the United Farmers of Alberta executive and resistance to the Wheat Pool’s dominance of UFA paper.
M-1157-24 Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Spencer. — 1922-1963. — Consists of correspondence regarding credit control; address about currency and credit reform (1925); national debt; note that William Irvine and Spencer were working together for monetary reform and establishment of Canadian Monetary Reform League (1932); discussion of Douglas Social Credit; report on resolutions about federal matters passed by 1932 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) provincial convention; address regarding banking (1932); William Aberhart vs. Douglas Social Credit (1934); suggestion that Douglas be invited to Alberta; strength of Aberhart (1935); division of UFA into factions (1937); problems with UFA movement; position of federal Liberal and Conservative parties.
M-1157-25 J.E. Brownlee. — 1930-1954. — Consists of correspondence about agreement between Alberta Wheat Pool and United Farmers of Alberta executive regarding UFA newspaper; doubts that provincial government can reduce interest rates (1936); opinions on amalgamation of three prairie provinces; sale of Western Farm Leader.
M-1157-26 A.H. Brinkman. — 1935-1944. — Consists of correspondence from a rural United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) supporter about William Aberhart and Social Credit; articles for UFA paper on marketing agricultural products and price of wheat; disgust with UFA for dropping out of politics.
M-1157-27 Mrs. Isa Johnson. — 1934-1966. — Consists of poetry contributions to UFA paper and Western Farm Leader, and personal correspondence including comments on world affairs.
M-1157-28 George MacLachlan. — 1930. — Consists of correspondence about comments on extracts from Alberta Legislative Assembly and House of Commons debates regarding lawyers’ fees; problems of depression.
M-1157-29 Alfred Stiernotte. — 1932-1957. — Consists of correspondence regarding civil liberties resolution and possibilities of forming a Canadian Civil Liberties Union; discussion of Christianity and Marxism; socialist movement in United States; Unitarian Service Committee; world affairs.
M-1157-30 William Aberhart and J.H. Coldwell. — 1932-1933. – – Consists of correspondence including comments on cause of Depression and economics proposals to remove it; Aberhart’s comments on Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and application of Christian principles to economics; Douglas system.
M-1157-31 William Aberhart and Premier R.G. Reid. — 1935. — Consists of invitation to present Social Credit plan for the consideration of the Alberta Legislature, and reply from Aberhart as to problems involved.
M-1157-32 Larkham Collins. — 1934-1935. — Consists of correspondence regarding the Douglas plan; questions arising out of a discussion with William Aberhart and brief submitted to Agricultural Committee of the Alberta Legislature regarding the Douglas Social Credit system; letter to Charles Bowman, editor of Ottawa Citizen, regarding the Aberhart movement.
M-1157-33 T. Nissen. — 1935. — Consists of correspondence regarding William Aberhart’s Social Credit system as expounded at St. Paul, Alberta and Abilene school-house, with a view to establishing local study groups.
M-1157-34 Watson Thomson. — 1937-1958. — Consists of correspondence regarding international affairs, war, religion, adult education in Saskatchewan, and personal notes on family affairs.
M-1157-35 W.D. Trego. — 1949. — Consists of correspondence about activities of the United Farmers of Alberta executive; dealing with the United Grain Growers; and the farm movement in Alberta.
M-1157-36 Winston S. Churchill. — 1941-1945. — Consists of thank you letters for editorials in the Western Farm Leader.
M-1157-37 Albert Einstein. — 1947. — Consists of appeal for financial support for education program of Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists.
M-1157-38 Colonel John McKay Hughes. — 1943-1955. — Consists of reminiscences of cooperative movement in Alberta (1902-1948), and development of Alberta Seed Growers’ Cooperative.
M-1157-39 W.N. Smith as editor of Western Farm LeaderM. — 1942. — Consists of correspondence about subscriptions; space given Central Alberta Dairy Pool in paper and costs; comments on war situation and Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) votes in Parliament; Canada’s war effort; India and the war; and self-goevernment.

Series 2

Monetary system and banking. — 1915-1933

M-1157-40 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) resolutions. — 1915-1922. — Consists of resolutions passed at annual conventions about banking and credit.
M-1157-41 Henry Spencer. — 1922-1931. — Consists of articles sent by Spencer to be used in the UFA paper: series on unemployment, money question, municipal banks, wage cuts, and banking system.
M-1157-42 Report on banking and credit, Alberta. — 1922. — Consists of report by the Commissioner with respect to the industry of agriculture. Includes testimony of farmers, and complaints.

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M-1157-43 Financial credit system and C.H. Douglas. — 1922- 1931. — Consists of suggestions by Douglas to British government, A and B theory, price stabilization, ratio of cost to price, questions regarding Douglas and Alberta, questions regarding similarity between United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) platform and Douglas scheme.
M-1157-44 Bank Act. — 1923-1924. — Consists of correspondence regarding the position of Alberta Members of Parliament on the act, and agenda of executive council of the Canadian Bankers’ Association.
M-1157-45 Canadian Council of Agriculture. — 1926. — Consists of report of economic research department regarding farm loans, tariff board, income tax, etc.
M-1157-46 Banking Committee, House of Commons. — 1928. — Consists of report about improving the banking system, and synopsis of evidence given.
M-1157-47 Royal Commission on Banking. — 1933. — Consists of submissions by the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA); mayor and council of Calgary; and group of professionals and businessmen of Calgary.
M-1157-48 Free Economy League of Canada. — 1933. — Consists of suggestions for changes in Alberta’s economic system by using the Gessell economic system plus an example of a “currency” note that could be used; and that the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) party should unite with the Alberta Social Credit League.

Series 3

Elections. — 1917-1935

M-1157-49 Federal election. — 1917. — Consists of circulars regarding the Victory Loan program, and newspaper excerpts on election issues and the war effort.
M-1157-50 Medicine Hat by-election. — 1921. — Consists of speeches made at a federal by-election in Medicine Hat, in which United Farmers of Alberta (Progressive) candidate Robert Gardiner soundly defeated his opponent, Lieut.-Col. Nelson Spencer, and become one of the first electoral successes of the farmers’ movement. Includes speeches by Gardiner, Henry Wise Wood, and Irene Parlby. Includes summary and comments on victory of the UFA.

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M-1157-51 Federal / Provincial elections. — 1921. — Consists of a breakdown of results and campaign literature used by the United Farmers of Alberta during both the provincial and federal elections of 1921. Includes brochure “Present Electoral System Condemned” and broadside “UFA — Provincial Platform — Declaration of Principles”. Scanned material includes leaflets entitled “Group Organization and Cooperation Between Groups”, “Progress or Reaction?”, and “United Farmers of Alberta Official Circular no. 29: The Medicine Hat By-Election and the Alberta Provincial Elections in their Relation to the Federal General Election Campaign”.

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M-1157-52 Provincial election. — 1926. — Consists of election results and analysis; articles on election issues; and broadsides for R.H. Parkyn (Labour), public meeting for Liberal candidates, F.C. Potts, anti-prohibition, William Laut, Captain J.T. Shaw, Liberals, and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) party.
M-1157-53 Provincial election. — 1930. — Consists of statistics and information, comparison of sources of revenue, highway report, summary of Public Health Department, summary and costs of election, hand-drawn cartoon broadside for Liberal candidate Fred H. Dunstan and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) candidate V.W. Smith.
M-1157-54 Federal election. — 1930. — Consists of campaign material and speeches of E.J. Garland, United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) campaign, synopsis of work of Progressives in Parliament (1922-1930), summary of events in Parliament (1929), campaign leaflets and material for George Coate, Alfred Speakman, T.O. King, Lethbridge UFA candidates, D.F. Kellner, Athabasca UFA, and broadside for William Irvine.
M-1157-55 Camrose provincial by-election. — 1932. — Consists of circular letter and broadside for United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) candidate, Chester Ronning.
M-1157-56 Athabasca federal by-election. — 1932. — Consists of circular letter and broadside for United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) candidate, Louis Normandeau.
M-1157-57 Calgary public school trustee election. — 1933. — Consists of election results and statistics. Amelia Turner placed first.
M-1157-58 Calgary by-election. — 1933. — Consists of campaign cards for candidates, R.H. Parkyn, Norman Hindsley, and Amelia Turner; and newspaper comments on the election.
M-1157-59 Calgary by-election. — 1934. — Consists of newspaper comments on win of Liberal candidate, W. Harry Ross, and loss of Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) candidate, Amelia Turner.
M-1157-60 Calgary civic election. — 1934. — Consists of leaflets for Canadian Labor Congress.
M-1157-61 East and West Calgary Federal Constituency Association. — 1935. — Consists of statements of funds handled by the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) central office.
M-1157-62 Federal election. — 1935. — Consists of address by William Irvine; extracts of speeches by H.H. Stevens; election results; and broadsheets in support of the Liberal party.
M-1157-63 Provincial election. — 1935. — Consists of election results by constituency.
M-1157-64 Provincial election and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). — 1935. — Consists of achievements of the UFA government from 1921 to 1935; and biographies of members.
M-1157-65 Provincial election and Liberals. — 1935. — Consists of statements of proposals put forward by Liberals.

Series 3-a

Radio broadcasts, provincial election. — 1935

M-1157-66 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) series #1-28. — January-August 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts by Norman Priestley, Jack Sutherland, W. Norman Smith, and others. Topics relate largely to refuting William Aberhart’s interpretation of Social Credit.
M-1157-67 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) radio broadcasts, Lethbridge. — 1935. — Consists of broadcasts by Norman Priestley and others.
M-1157-68 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) personalities or supporters. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts by Harry Humble, G.G. Coote, H.W. Allen, Irene Parlby, W. Mentz, George Maclachlan, W.T. Lucas, and others. Some are not identified.
M-1157-69 W. Norman Smith. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts over CFCN in July and August, regarding United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) policies, and refuting William Aberhart.

J.E. Brownlee. — 1935. — Consists of anti-Social Credit campaign speeches made by J.E. Brownlee, former United Farmers of Alberta Premier, during the 1935 provincial election. Includes his handwritten copy of a speech given in person at Carseland, and typescripts of a series of radio broadcasts regarding the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) platform in the coming election.

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M-1157-71 J.F. Lymburn. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts regarding the election campaign, William Aberhart, and Liberal candidates.
M-1157-72 Premier R.G. Reid. — 1935. — Consists of transcripts of radio broadcasts regarding United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) principles and the record of the government made by R.G. Reid, United Farmers of Alberta Premier of Alberta, during the 1935 election which was ultimately won by the Social Credit party.

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M-1157-73 George Hoadley. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts refuting William Aberhart’s Social Credit.
M-1157-74 F.S. Grisdale. — 1935. — Consists of addresses regarding Alberta’s agricultural position.
M-1157-75 J.R. Love. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts regarding economic conditions, problems to be faced, and the fallacy of William Aberhart’s plan.
M-1157-76 W.R. Howson. — 1935. — Consists of address by the Alberta Liberal Party leader outlining proposals.
M-1157-77 Economic Safety League. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts again Social Credit.
M-1157-78 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) personalities. — 1935. — Consists of addresses by William Irvine, Robert Gardiner, and others.
M-1157-79 Social Credit personalities. — 1935. — Consists of radio broadcasts for the Alberta Social Credit League by O.G. Devenish; a Social Credit forum led by W.D. Stovel, Fred Anderson, and others.
M-1157-80 Ernest Manning. — 1935. — Consists of transcripts of campaign speeches made by Ernest Manning, candidate for the Social Credit Party, during the 1935 provincial election in Alberta. The speeches were broadcast over CFCN radio. Includes a question and answer series with William Aberhart, radio broadcasts under the auspices of the Alberta Social Credit League, and radio broadcasts from the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute. [Social Credit won the election over the incumbent United Farmers of Alberta.]

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Related An interview with Ernest Manning about William Aberhart is in Iris Miller’s William Aberhart collection at Glenbow.

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M-1157-81 William Aberhart. — 1935. — Consists of extracts and handwritten transciptions of radio broadcasts during the election.

William Aberhart. — February-May 1935. — Consists of transcripts of campaign speeches made by William Aberhart, leader of the Alberta Social Credit League, during the 1935 provincial election in Alberta. The speeches were broadcast over CFCN radio. [Social Credit won the election over the incumbent United Farmers of Alberta, and Aberhart became the Premier.]

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William Aberhart. — June-August 1935. — Consists of transcripts of campaign speeches made by William Aberhart, leader of the Alberta Social Credit League, during the 1935 provincial election in Alberta. The speeches were broadcast over CFCN radio. [Social Credit won the election over the incumbent United Farmers of Alberta, and Aberhart became the Premier.]

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Series 4

Social Credit. — 1922-1940

M-1157-84 Poems regarding William Aberhart. — [ca. 1935]. — Consists of two poems about Social Credit, entitled “How Aberhartus Made a Plan” (by “Spectator”), and “A Ballad to Social Credit” (by Alexander Davidson). [The Social Credit won the 1935 provincial election over the incumbent United Farmers of Alberta.]

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M-1157-85 Social Credit convention. — April 1935. — Held at the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute. Includes excerpts from speeches of individuals.
M-1157-86 Social Credit articles and comments. — 1935. — Consists of extracts from William Aberhart meeting; questions and answers regarding Aberhart’s proposals; Aberhart’s “dividends”; criticism of articles by Aberhart appearing in the Calgary Albertan; satire on Aberhart.
M-1157-87 Douglas plan of Social Credit. — 1935. — Consists of a list of books and pamphlets available; national application of the Douglas scheme; and Social Credit principles by Major C.H. Douglas.
M-1157-88 Douglas Credit League of Canada. — 1935. — Consists of circular letters sent out from Toronto.
M-1157-89 Major C.H. Douglas general papers. — 1934. — Consists of extracts from “Douglas Social Credit for Canada” by W.A. Tutte; advertisement for “Social Credit Secretariat”; transcript of address by Douglas at the Armouries, Calgary (1934); list of books on Douglas economic principles; Douglas plan for Alberta and memorandum regarding proposed charter for Social Credit organization in Alberta.
M-1157-90 Social Credit and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). — 1935-1938. — Consists of address of William Aberhart and discussion of Social Credit at the UFA convention (1935); correspondence between Social Credit special committee and UFA annual convention (1938).
M-1157-91 Social Credit, England. — 1922-1941. — Consists of circular letters, enlisting support for solution to economic troubles, and information sheets from Social Credit party or Greenshirts.
M-1157-92 Social Credit, United States of America. — 1940. — Consists of circular letter.
M-1157-93 Social Credit and communism. — October 5, 1933. — Consists of article by W.T. Symons in The New Age.
M-1157-94 Social Credit and the war effort. — 1939. — Consists of meeting between federal Social Credit members and members of the Alberta cabinet to support Britain’s war effort.

Series 5

United Farmers of Alberta. — 1920-1946

M-1157-95 Correspondence, UFA paper. — 1922- 1930. — Consists of circular letter soliciting support for UFA paper; memorandum that W.N. Smith was in charge of educational department; problem of paper’s survival because of decline in membership; difference of opinion between Alberta Wheat Pool and policy of UFA paper, especially the editorial policy of W.N. Smith.
M-1157-96 UFA paper general business. — 1921- 1933. — Regarding future of paper, financial situation, report of newspaper committee, report on publication, reduction in salary, and balance sheet.
M-1157-97 Memoranda, UFA paper. — 1930. — Includes agreements and detailed statements sent to Mr. Fred Scholfield defending UFA paper, policy, and position regarding the Alberta Wheat Pool; defence by W.N. Smith after verbal dismissal by Scholfield.
M-1157-98 Articles for UFA paper. — 1923-1934. — Consists of articles about the significance of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) in life of Alberta, Alberta’s political movement, debt adjustment legislation, Alberta Cooperative Council activities (1930), history of UFA activities, publicity work, submission to Minister of National Revenue (1930), freight rated for grain, gold standard, Alberta’s population by nationalities (1933), letters to the editor, financial condition of the government, progress in education, public debt, Alberta government and guarantees, review of William Irvine’s play “The Brains we Trust” (1935), and method of organization for political purposes in the UFA.
M-1157-99 Wheat. — 1934-1941. — Consists of articles and memoranda on tariffs, place of wheat in a planned economy, wheat as a national commodity, and resolution regarding wheat payment.
M-1157-100 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) directors bulletins. — 1920. — Includes comments on federal and provincial situation and policies expounded by the UFA organization.
M-1157-101 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) conventions and meetings. — 1922-1934. — Regarding wheat marketing (1922); executive meeting (1923); address about Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) policy by C.L. Gibbs at Alexandra UFA convention (1933); presidential address and debate on land policy (1934); and resolution regarding wheat.

United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Henry Wise Wood. — 1916-1931. — Consists of biographical articles about, and speeches and correspondence by, Henry Wise Wood, related to his time as president of the United Farmers of Alberta (1916-1931), his political philosophies, the farmers’ movement, and the history of the UFA.

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M-1157-103 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). — 1923. — Consists of conference called to consider CPR land contracts and their revisions.
M-1157-104 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) conferences, Calgary. — 1927-1933. — Includes minutes of meetings, letters acknowledging resolutions, speech of Robert Gardiner and discussion, resolutions regarding immigration, and notes.
M-1157-105 United Farmers of Alberta radio broadcasts. — 1946. — Consists of broadcasts about accomplishments of the United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA); formation of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture.

Series 6

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). — 1933-1956

M-1157-106 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) proposals. — 1933. — Includes address made in debate on speech from the throne, speech by Chester Ronning, proposal on nationalization of land, policies of UFA based on CCF principles, the individuality of the CCF by J.S. Woodsworth, the United Farmers of Canada and the UFA in the CCF.
M-1157-107 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) radio broadcasts. — 1933-1934. — Consists of radio broadcasts mostly sponsored by the Calgary CCF education committee. Includes broadcasts by Harvey S. Price, A.J.E. Leisemer, Amelia Turner, S.J. Davies, F.J. White, W. Norman Smith, Annie Campbell, Norman F. Priestley, F.F. McNeill, and George Church.
M-1157-108 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) education committee. — 1934. — Consists of minutes of meeting held at the Calgary Labor Temple.
M-1157-109 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and Communist party. — 1935 and nd. — Consists of copy of letter by Tim Buck sent to J.S. Woodsworth and rejection by CCF.
M-1157-110 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) election instructions. — nd. — Consists of printed information for workers, poll captains, etc.
M-1157-111 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and foreign affairs policy. — 1950-1951. — Consists of statements regarding position on Germany and Asia.
M-1157-112 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) circulars. — 1947-1956. — Regarding problems of Calgary organization and Winnipeg declaration of principles.

Series 7

Radio broadcasting. — 1931-1968

M-1157-113 Articles by W.N. Smith. — nd. — Includes critical analysis of George Bernard Shaw’s plays; article about the economic situation; article about why membership in the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) makes good citizens; historical survey of UFA.
M-1157-114 Speeches by W.N. Smith. — 1931-1968. — Includes speeches about Calgary Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; present depression and the future; radio broadcasting in Canada; Mission Hill affair; radio broadcasts for the “Open Mind” series on CFCN (1933); radio debate on democracy; addresses on foreign policy, illusion of liberty, fascism, and Bertrand Russell.
M-1157-115 Round table radio broadcasts. — 1936-1938. — Consists of memoranda regarding type of broadcasts, schedule, and subjects to be discussed.
M-1157-116 Round table radio broadcasts. — 1936-1938. — Consists of transcripts of talks regarding political, social and economic subjects, Eden crisis, future of the family, Spanish tragedy, William Pearce scheme, etc.
M-1157-117 “Open Mind” radio broadcasts. — 1933-1934. — Consists of a series of broadcasts about banking, national application of the Douglas scheme, function of industry, where technocracy is now, economic planning, doctrine of laissez faire, public debt of Canada, interest rates, mortgage rates, and gold production.
M-1157-118 Radio broadcasting, general. — 1932-1943. — Consists of tribute to J.S. Woodsworth, agricultural news commentary, world order, cooperation and cooperatives.
M-1157-119 Radio broadcasting correspondence. — 1930-1936. – – Includes comments on Royal Commission on broadcasting, the Aird report, establishment of the Canadian Radio League, support for the new league from Calgary, circulars from the Canadian Radio League.
M-1157-120 Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Listeners League. — 1930-1960. — Regarding formation of league to press for public ownership and operation of broadcasting in Canada.
M-1157-121 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). — 1929-1958. — Consists of report of Royal Commission on radio broadcasting, submissions, and memoranda.

Series 8

Agriculture. — 1920-1960

M-1157-122 Wheat pools. — 1920-1951. — Consists of reports regarding wheat marketing, pooling system, wheat pool for Alberta, wheat board, and international wheat pool conference.
M-1157-123 Canadian Council of Agriculture. — 1920-1926. — Regarding resolutions, systems of handling wheat in Australia, grain handling in the USA by Aaron Sapiro, and tariffs and sales taxes.
M-1157-124 Central Alberta Dairy Pool. – 1937-1944. — Regarding investigation into affairs of Pool, resolutions, president’s address, annual meeting, and yearly statements.
M-1157-125 Alberta Cooperative Livestock Producers. — 1926- 1930. — Regarding agreement, report of Cecil Rice-Jones (president of United Livestock Growers’ Ltd.), minutes of first convention, and report of directors and statement prepared for United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) members.
M-1157-126 Saskatchewan Farmer-Labor Group (CCF). — [ca. 1933]. — Consists of program, agricultural land policy, economic policy, circular letter with record of Liberal provincial and federal administrations.
M-1157-127 Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act (PFRA). — 1937. — Consists of map of areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; discussion of dry areas; and the Pearce project.
M-1157-128 Alberta Federation of Agriculture. — 1941-1955. — Consists of resolutions of annual meeting, submissions, reports and press releases.
M-1157-129 Canadian Federation of Agriculture. — 1944-1954. – – Consists of information bulletins and press releases.
M-1157-130 Canadian Federation of Agriculture. — 1954. — Consists of minutes of board of directors meetings.
M-1157-131 Alberta Farmers’ Union. — 1943-1959. — Regarding war time production, and press releases.
M-1157-132 Alberta Institute of Agrologists. — 1959-1960. — Consists of reports on profession.
M-1157-133 Alberta Farm Writers’ Association. — 1956. — Consists of organizational meeting and constitution.
M-1157-134 History of farm organizations. — nd. — Regarding the Society of Equity (Canadian branch), early cooperative movements in Alberta, and dairy and livestock pools.

Series 9

General. — 1921-1962

M-1157-135 General articles. — 1930-1962. — Consists of articles related to national health; gold standard; William Herridge’s address to the Canadian Club (1936); animal fats and oils; excerpts from Nazi Primes; biography of Robert Gardiner; report on death of Lethbridge prisoner; case for Italy; tourist trade; R.O. German’s reminiscences of farming in 1909; case of Sophie Sheinin (deported); extract of speech by Harry Pope, New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate (1962); and discussion of military-industrial complex (1964).
M-1157-136 Articles regarding war. — [ca. 1930s]. — Includes speeches, statistics, etc. regarding the causes of war and what must be done.
M-1157-137 Canadian Labor Party. — 1925-1933. — Consists of platform for Calgary council, Calgary School Board, program and circular letters to members.
M-1157-138 Alberta Relief Commission. — [ca. 1930s]. — Consists of article on problems of relief, and relief statement from family of six.
M-1157-139 “The Trekkers” by Dr. C.W. Gordon [Ralph Gordon]. — 1935. — Consists of protest and statement regarding unemployment, relief camp, and On to Ottawa Trek; and statements to citizens legal defence committee regarding Regina Riots.
M-1157-140 Raymond scrip. — 1935. — Consists of report on issue of scrip by the town of Raymond, Alberta.
M-1157-141 Alberta libel legislation. — [ca. 1935]. — Consists of comments on significance of the legislation.
M-1157-142 People’s League of Alberta. — [ca. 1935]. — Consists of manifesto to maintain principles of democracy.
M-1157-143 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). — 1933. — Consists of council minutes; constitution of CCF clubs; circular letters; and radio broadcast by Miss Annie Campbell entitled “The Social Services”.
M-1157-144 Unemployed Married Men’s Association, Calgary. – – 1932. — Consists of circular letter regarding bungling of Calgary city administration.
M-1157-145 Workers’ Unity League of Canada, Drumheller branch. — [ca. 1930s]. — consists of broadside “Rally to united struggle against bosses and their agents”, for both farmers and miners.
M-1157-146 Canadian Labor Defence League, Calgary. — [ca. 1930s]. — Consists of broadside protesting “fascism secret terroristic society, Knights of Confederation”; and leaflet of activities of the Knights of Confederation.
M-1157-147 Communist Party of Canada, Calgary organization. — 1931-1943. — Consists of broadside “Celebrate the November anniversary”; circular letter to workers of Calgary for a demonstration; leaflet “Help Spain – Appeal from Tim Buck; circular regarding lifting of ban on Communist Party of Canada.

View “Help Spain Make the World Safe for Democracy. An Appeal from Tim Buck” (pamphlet).

M-1157-148 Canadian League against War and Fascism. — 1937. — Consists of statements, brochures, correspondence, radio broadcasts, etc. mostly related to Canadian volunteers and work during the Spanish Civil War.

View “Listen In! (pamphlet).
View “The Destruction of Guernica” (pamphlet).
View “Prisioneros Italianos” (pamphlet/brochure).
View “Fascism Destroys Spain’s Art–Treasures: The Infantado-Palace (Guadalajara)” (pamphlet).

M-1157-149 Canadian League for Place and Democracy. — 1937-1939. — Consists of circulars from Canadian committee to aid Spanish democracy, bulletins and press releases.

View Canadian Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy report 30 November 1937.
View Canadian Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy report 28 December 1937.
View Canadian Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy report 18 April 1938.
View Information Bulletin No. 1 (Committee to Aid Spanish Refugees).
View “An Easter Gift for Every Canadian Boy in Spain” (flyer).
View “Let No Spanish Child Go Hungry This Christmas” (envelope and ticket).
View “Canada’s Volunteers in Spain” (pamphlet/brochure).

M-1157-150 Spanish democracy. — 1937-1948. — Includes civil rights bulletins, Spanish refugee bulletins, etc.

View Information Bulletin No. 7 (Committee to Aid Spanish Refugees).

M-1157-151 Citizens Defence Movement, Calgary. — 1936-1937. — Regarding conference for repeal of section 98; relief camps; defence of thirty-one Calgary unemployed people; and Calgary demonstration for the unemployed.
M-1157-152 League for Social Reconstruction. — [ca. 1932]. — Regarding agricultural situation in Canada, and establishment of a central bank.
M-1157-153 Province of Alberta statistics. — 1921-1935. — Consists of financial breakdown of expenditure of government.
M-1157-154 Railways articles. — 1920-1935. — Consists of brief history of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC); address of railways minister, V.W. Smith, about Alberta lines; wasting millions on Hudson’s Bay Railway; Alberta farmers and freight rates; Crow’s Nest Pass freight rates; brief history of Grand Trunk Railway; Canadian railway situation; and summary of 1933 annual report of Canadian National Railway (CNR).
M-1157-155 Alberta School of Religion. — 1939. — Consists of addresses by W. Norman Smith on democracy and war.
M-1157-156 Canadian Legion. — 1942. — Consists of circulars regarding Canadian conscription.
M-1157-157 Canadian censorship. — 1945. — Consists of circulars and directives issued by government for newspapers during the Second World War.
M-1157-158 Canadian Association for Adult Education. — 1941-1943. — Consists of correspondence regarding study programs, circulars and radio broadcasting possibilities, and resolution.
M-1157-159 Civil liberties. — 1946-1953. — Consists of lists of supporters of Canadian bill of rights; circulars from League of Democratic Rights regarding criminal code amendments.
M-1157-160 International affairs. — 1939-1950. — Consists of circulars, etc., regarding wars in Europe and China, and refugees.
M-1157-161 Canadian Far Eastern newsletter. — 1948-1954. — Consists of news from China regarding Chiang Kai-Shek, communists, and Canadian efforts.
M-1157-162 Health care. — 1962. — Regarding Canadian Federation of Agriculture submission to the Royal Commission on Health Services; and medicare in Saskatchewan and Britain.
M-1157-163 Airmail cover. — 1930. — Consists of collector’s envelope for first regular flight from Calgary to Medicine Hat.
M-1157-164 Illinois-Alberta Oils Ltd. share certificate. — 1926
M-1157-165 Poems and articles. — 1925-1935. — Written by Bert Huffman regarding pioneers, prairie life, United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and 1935 election .
M-1157-166 French franc notes and German mark notes. — 1915-1919
M-1157-167 Programs, Calgary. — 1919 and nd. — Consists of programs for Peace Day celebration (July 19, 1919); and menu and program for Old Friends by Dr. J.N. Gunn.
M-1157-168 United Farmers of Alberta posters. — nd. — Consists of posters for UFA meeting in the Morrin hall, and E.J. Garland campaign.

Series 10

Publications. — 1920-1962

M-1157-169 General publications. — 1921-1945. — Consists of “Canadian Defence” (1937); “Federal Affairs in Review” (nd); “Problem of Unemployment” (1930); “Elect Adshead – Dominion Labor Party, Calgary” (ca. 1930); “Canadian Patriotic Fund” (nd); “Constitutional Debate” (nd): “Manifesto on Agricultural Conditions” (1930); “Silk Shirts and Bubbles” by J.S. Williams (1921); “When Banks Refused Money” (1923); “International Cooperative Alliance”, Vienna (1930); “Canadian Comment” (May 1935); “What the World Thinks of Canada” (nd); and “Soviet Union as a World Power” (1945).
M-1157-170 Social Credit and Douglas system publications. — 1933-1936. — Consists of “Major C.H. Douglas address to Ottawa Canadian Club” (1934); “Douglas Social Credit in 500 Words” (nd); The New Era (1934) [advocate of Douglas Social Credit in Australia]; The New Age (1934) [Australian]; The New Economics (1933) [Australian] ; New Democracy (1936) [New York].
M-1157-171 Socialist publications. — 1936-1940. — Consists of various American and European publications regarding aims, and boycotts against Nazi Germany.
M-1157-172 Labour publications. — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Consists of “Labor Chest News Service” (1935-1937); “Records of Votes Cast by Farmer and Labor Groups in House of Commons, 1930-1935”; “Building Alberta for the People on the Labor Plan” (nd); leaflets for labour candidates in the 1934 Calgary election; and leaflets for Calgary School Board election (nd).
M-1157-173 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) publications. — 1920-[ca. 1930s]. — Consists of directors’ bulletins; fact finder series for Alberta electors; 26th annual convention program (1934); president’s address (1925 and 1926); constitution (1928); cross-examination of William Aberhart plan of Social Credit.
M-1157-174 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) publications. — 1932. — Consists of declaration of ultimate objectives; description of CCF “A Call to the People of Canada”; constitution of provincial association of CCF clubs.
M-1157-175 Liberal Party publications. — [ca. 1930s]. — Consists of Liberal platform for Saskatchewan and leaflets for election; and newsclipping regarding Alberta Liberal leader’s platform.
M-1157-176 Banking publications. — 1932-1944. — Consists of monetary policy reports, Bank of Canada annual report, and fact about Canada’s banks.
M-1157-177 Agricultural publications. — 1926-1959. — Consists of Alberta Wheat Pool (AWP) balance sheet (1926); the case for Canadian agriculture; farmers meet the cabinet.
M-1157-178 League of Nations and United Nations publications. — 1929-1947. — Consists of charter and San Francisco conference.
M-1157-179 Radio broadcasting publications. — 1930-1954. — Regarding Canadian Radio League; establishment of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC); sessional papers of House of Commons on the Special Committee on Radio Broadcasting.
M-1157-180 Health care publications. — 1943-1962. — Regarding various proposed health care schemes for Canadians.
M-1157-181 Saskatchewan medicare. — 1960-1962. — Consists of brief submitted to the advisory planning committee on medical care; and controversy over health care insurance.
M-1157-182 Programs, etc., Calgary. — 1919 and nd. — Regarding banquet for Honourable Viscount Jeelicoe of Scopa (1919); Christmas card from Elmer E. Roper; and official program of the Alberta Industrial Congress.

Series 11

Newspaper clippings. — 1920-1966

M-1157-183 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) biographies. — 1920-1966. — Consists of biographies for Percival Baker, George Bevington, H.E. Scholefield, Lorn Proudfoot, cabinet of 1921, Irene Parlby, Donald Cameron, Perrin Baker, George Maclachlin, William Fedun, C.M. McKeen, J.G. Clark, Louis Normandeau, S.A. Carson, George N. Johnston, Laundis Joly, J. Russell Love, Louise McKinney, A.T. Sanders, G.W. Smith, Alex Moore, F.S. St. Arnaud, William M. Washburn, C.O.F. Wright, Herbert Higginbotham, E.J. Garland, and E.J. Fream.

Henry Wise Wood. — 1921-1922. — Consists of newspaper clippings about Henry Wise Wood, his political philosophy (group government, non-partisan politics), the farmers’ movement, his activities as president of the United Farmers of Alberta, and Alberta politics.

View part 1.
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Henry Wise Wood. — 1923-1941. — Consists of newspaper clippings about Henry Wise Wood, his political philosophy (group government, non-partisan politics), the farmers’ movement, his activities as president of the United Farmers of Alberta, and Alberta politics.

View part 1.
View part 2.

M-1157-185 J.E. Brownlee. — 1921-1935. — Consists of articles, speeches, etc. regarding political career. Includes headlines on 1933 scandal.

United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). — 1920-1936. — Consists of newspaper clippings documenting the political activities of the United Farmers of Alberta organization, and the UFA government, which held power in Alberta from 1921 to 1935.

View part 1.
View part 2.

M-1157-187 Captain Joseph T. Shaw. — 1922-1926. — Regarding Alberta Liberal leader’s comments on provincial affairs.
M-1157-188 Hydro-electric power. — 1928-1929. — Consists of resolutions, etc. by United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) groups asking for development of water power schemes in the province.
M-1157-189 Scrip question. — 1921-1922. — Consists of an open letter published regarding Metis land question; and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) investigation into Richard Secord.
M-1157-190 UFA paper “Comments”. — 1921-1933. — Consists of letters to the editor and comments on various topics.
M-1157-191 Bank of Canada newsclippings. — 1935. — Regarding banking in Canada.
M-1157-192 Saskatchewan Grain Growers newsclippings. — 1920-1923. — Regarding convention and resolutions.
M-1157-193 Rice Sheppard. — 1921-1922. — Consists of letters to the editor, comments on the “Ginger Group”, and against political activities of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA).
M-1157-194 Major C.H. Douglas and Social Credit. — 1934- 1935. — Consists of newsclippings about visit of Douglas to Alberta to expound his views and theory.
M-1157-195 Social Credit. — 1935-1936. — Consists of anti- Social Credit articles published in the Edmonton Bulletin and other papers.
M-1157-196 Social Credit legislation. — 1936. — Consists of comments on proposed new legislation.
M-1157-197 Social Credit general. — 1933-1936. — Regarding theory of Social Credit, William Aberhart’s proposals, legislation, etc.
M-1157-198 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) party. — 1933. — Consists of newspaper clippings about the 1933 provincial by-election in which Amelia Turner ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / Labour candidate. Includes poll by poll election results. (Turner came a close second to Hindsley, the winning candidate.)

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M-1157-199 Wheat Board. — 1920. — Regarding price of wheat and outline of operation.
M-1157-200 Wheat Pool. — 1936. — Regarding policy and equalization payments.
M-1157-201 Norman Bethune. — 1939. — Consists of obituary describing activities in China.
M-1157-202 Western Farm Leader. — 1946-1947. — Consists of newsclippings from this paper which appeared in Canadian papers.
M-1157-203 Credit Union League of Alberta. — 1958-1963. — Regarding history and operations.
M-1157-204 Alberta medicare. — 1966. — Regarding situation in Alberta and across Canada.
M-1157-205 General newsclippings. — 1925-1962. — Includes newsclippings about the Canadian Senate; lifting ban on Communist party; Alberta’s budget.
M-1157-206 Short stories. — 1949 and nd. — Consists of “Father Lacombe” by Dan McCowan (1949); and “Oh! What’s the Use!” by Jack Sutherland (nd).

Series 12

Amelia Turner Smith papers. — 1913-1978

M-1157-207 Diary. — 1913-1917. — Consists of the diary of Amelia Turner, a young working woman from Fort Macleod, Alberta who moved to Calgary. The entries describe her clerical job at the Western Standard newspaper, her subsequent job as a retail clerk at Freeze’s store, her co-workers, the boarding houses she lives in, the books she reads, her belief in socialism, and her social life.

View diary.

M-1157-208 Income tax returns. — 1925-1934
M-1157-209 Short stories. — nd. — Consists of fiction written by Amelia Turner, mostly romantic in tone.
M-1157-210 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) speeches. — 1933-1934. — Consists of speeches given to various Calgary groups, outlining CCF plans and platform.
M-1157-211 General speeches. — 1929-1938 and nd. — Includes speeches for the May Day festival; in support of William Irvine as candidate; to school associations; to Calgary Cooperative Dairy; and to the Women’s Unemployment Association.
M-1157-212 Municipal election, school board. — 1925. — Consists of speech and statistics regarding the school board’s health clinic for Calgary schools.
M-1157-213 Provincial by-election correspondence. — 1933-1934. — Consists of Amelia Turner’s correspondence related to the 1933 by-election in which she ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / Labour candidate. Includes a letter of support from J.S. Woodsworth, an endorsement by E.J. Garland, an offer of help by Stanley J. Davies in the election campaign, an outline of the stand of the Labour party, comments on the campaign, and letters after her defeat. (Turner came a close second to Hindsley, the winning candidate.)

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Provincial by-election speeches. — 1933. — Consists of campaign speeches made by Amelia Turner, who ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / Labour candidate in the January 19, 1933 Alberta provincial by-election. Many of the speeches were radio broadcasts. (Turner came a close second to Hindsley, the winning candidate.)

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M-1157-215 Provincial by-election. — 1932. — Consists of correspondence in support of Amelia Turner by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; and election brochures.
M-1157-216 Speeches in support of Amelia Turner during provincial by-election. — 1933. — Consists of speeches of support for the candidacy of Amelia Turner, who ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / Labour candidate in the 1933 Alberta provincial by-election. Includes an introduction to Miss Turner, and radio broadcasts by S.J. Davies and Mrs. Harvey Price. (Turner came a close second to Hindsley, the winning candidate.)

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Provincial by-election. — 1934. — Consists of campaign speeches made by Amelia Turner, who ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) candidate in the January 5, 1934 Alberta provincial by-election. Many of the speeches were radio broadcasts. Includes notes, programs, etc. by Amelia Turner, regarding the CCF and labour organizations. (Turner came a close second to W.H. Ross, the winning candidate.)

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View part 2.

M-1157-218 Election broadsides and pamphets. — 1927-1934. — Consists of campaign literature for Amelia Turner, who ran as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / Labour candidate in the 1933 Alberta provincial by-election. Includes the manifesto of the recently created CCF, and campaign literature of her opponents, Norman Hindsley and R.H. Parkyn. (Turner came a close second to Hindsley, the winning candidate.)

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Calgary School Board. — 1929-1935. — Consists of speeches made by Amelia Turner, who served as a Labour trustee on the Calgary Public School Board from 1926 to 1935. She was chair of the Board in 1934.

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M-1157-220 Calgary School Board. — 1930-1936. — Includes regulations, salary schedule for teachers, and annual reports of board.
M-1157-221 Health Department, Calgary. — 1936. — Consists of statistics presented to the City on various reported diseases.
M-7172 Family history. — [ca. 1960s-1970s]. — Consists of an article by Amelia Turner Smith entitled “Ninety-eight Journey”; about a trip her family made from Toronto to British Columbia; autobiographical notes; Turner family tree; and her grandparents’ wedding certificate.
RCT-475 Recorded interview. — 1978. — 2 audio cassettes. — Consists of an interview with Amelia Turner Smith about her life.

Series 13

W. Norman Smith speeches. — 1937-1968

M-1157-222 Speeches. — 1937-1938. — Regarding Bertrand Russell, North Africa, Canadian League for Peace and Democracy, George Bernard Shaw, and the Commonwealth.
M-1157-223 Speeches. — 1964-1965. — Regarding automation, technology, and cybernetics. Includes newsclippings and notes.
M-1157-224 Speech and notes. — 1961-1964. — Regarding the military industrial complex.
M-1157-225 Speech and notes. — 1949-1956. — Regarding George Bernard Shaw.
M-1157-226 Speech. — 1964. — Entitled “World Peace through World Law

Series 14

Photographs. — [ca. 1920s-1960s]

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2801 Turner family photographs. — [ca. 1920s-1960s]. — 5 photoprints. — Consists of views of Amelia Turner Smith and her family, Calgary, Alberta.
PB-386 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) photographs. — 1932-1933. — 2 photoprints. — Consists of views of UFA groups.
NA-2465 Smiths and study group photographs. — [ca. 1930s-1940s]. — 3 photonegatives. — Consists of views of Norman and Amelia Smith; and of a CFCN radio study group.
NA-2882 Cooperative milk delivery wagon photograph. — [ca. 1930s]. — 1 photonegative
NA-4833 Amelia and Donata Turner. — [ca 1920s]. — 1 photonegative. — Copy of PA-2801-1.