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Victor Wheeler fonds

Series 1 Victor Wheeler’s war diaries. — 1916-1919. — 7 cm of textual records. – The series consists of diaries (written in shorthand) kept by Victor Wheeler while serving as a signaller with the 50th Battalion during the First World War; longhand translations of the diaries; indexes to the subject content of the diaries; and a calendar of war events extracted from the diaries. Also includes Victor’s army paybooks, discharge certificate and note from the Minister of National Defence re his medal.
M-5614-1 War diaries (in shorthand). — 1916-1919. — 4 volumes
M-5614-2 Handwritten longhand translations of diaries. — 1916 and 1917. — 2 volumes
M-5614-3 Handwritten longhand translations of diaries. — 1918 and 1919. — 2 volumes
M-5614-4 Index to subject content of diaries. — [created ca. 1963-1970s]. — Arranged alphabefically by subject.

Victor’s army records. — 1917-1919. — Consists of the following:

Active Service paybooks. — 1917-1919. — 2 volumes
Discharge certificate. — 1919
Note from Minister of Defence about his medal. — n.d.

M-5614-6 War calendar extracted from diary entries. — [created ca. 1963-1970s]

Series 2 50th Battalion veterans. — 1963-1979. — 81 cm of textual records. — In 1963, approaching the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, Victor Wheeler began the research which resulted in the publication (in 1980) of his book about the 50th Battalion, No Man’s Land. He tracked down and corresponded with many veterans of the Battalion about their war experiences and lives. — The series consists primarily of correspondence between Victor and 50th Battalion veterans, and sometimes their wives or descendants. Some files simply document his unsuccessful attempts to make contact.
M-5614-7 A: Joe Allen, William Allen, Andy Anderson. — 1966-1969.
M-5614-8 B: G.S. Bain, Lt. Barber-Starkey, Frank Bate, Walter Berryessa. — 1966-1974
M-5614-9 Cyril Baines. — 1963-1970. — Includes his war notebook, [ca. 1914-1918].
M-5614-10 Bob Barnetson. — 1963-1978. — Bob was very active int he 50/14 Veterans’ Association.
M-5614-11 R.W. “Bob” Blain and Fern Blain. — 1966-1976
M-5614-12 Purcell A. Blain. — 1963-1976
M-5614-13 Horace L. Blake. — 1963-1977
M-5614-14 Jim Bracegirdle. — 1963-1979
M-5614-15 Samuel Broad and Charles Broad. — 1969-1970
M-5614-16 John “Jack” Butt. — 1964-1977
M-5614-17 C: Comrade Chapman, Col. Cooper-Johnstone. — 1965, 1967
M-5614-18 George Calder. — 1970-1971
M-5614-19 George Carson. — 1969-1975
M-5614-20 Avard J. Carter and Marie Carter. — 1971-1977
M-5614-21 Arthur Cave. — 1963-1970
M-5614-22 Harold Bernard Coldwell and John Herbert Coldwell. — 1967-1978
M-5614-23 Arthur E. Cooter. — 1963-1969, 1977
M-5614-24 Colonel Douglas George Leopold Cunnington. — 1965-1973
M-5614-25 Jim Curtis and Florence Curtis. — 1963-1972
M-5614-26 D: R.S.M. Dalrymple, George Dalrymple, H.A. Dyde. — 1966-1972
M-5614-27 Fred W. Daglish. — 1963-1975
M-5614-28 Harry Diller. — 1969-1977
M-5614-29 John Dingle. — 1963-1970
M-5614-30 Sam H. Dingley. — 1963-1977
M-5614-31 Joe Dowler. — 1965-1976
M-5614-32 F: Douglas Foreman, Guy Franks. — 1964-1972
M-5614-33 Cecil Faggetter and Eileen Faggetter. — 1967-1976
M-5614-34 Bob Forrest. — 1963-1971
M-5614-35 G: Bill Gaff, Bill Gough, Robert M. Grierson. — 1966-1971
M-5614-36 Jack W. Gadsden. — 1964-1970
M-5614-37 Herbert A. Gibbons. — 1963-1977
M-5614-38 Winston Grafton. — 1972
M-5614-39 Alec E. Green. — 1971-1972
M-5614-40 H: Jack Haining, Herbert Hobden. — 1969-1970
M-5614-41 Frank Haines. — 1972-1976
M-5614-42 Stewart Heigh. — 1967-1972
M-5614-43 Arthur T. Henson. — 1971-1972
M-5614-44 T.B.T. Hewett and Ruby Hewett. — 1965-1973
M-5614-45 Frederick Thomas Highfield (bandmaster). — 1964-1972. — The file contains information about him, but no actual correspondence with him.
M-5614-46 Fred Hilderman. — 1969-1972
M-5614-47 H.W. “Bert” Hogg. — 1964-1970. — The file also includes his 1919 Great War Veterans’ Association membership card.
M-5614-48 Harry Honeybourn and Madge Honeybourn. — 1969-1971
M-5614-49 Zane Hull. — 1969-1978
M-5614-50 Russell Ivans and Gladys Wood (his niece). — 1968-1973
M-5614-51 William Johns. — 1966-1972
M-5614-52 Lt. Col. Dr. A.C. Cooper Johnston and Margaret Johnston. — 1965-1972
M-5614-53 Samuel Kirk. — 1969-1970
M-5614-54 Everett W. Kelly and Nellie Kelly. — 1963-1975
M-5614-55 Sidney Lambert. — 1964-1971
M-5614-56 Alex Leiper. — 1969-1971
M-5614-57 Charles Lepper and Miriam Lepper and Fred H. Lepper (his brother). — 1972-1974
M-5614-58 Jack Lundie. — 1968-1979
M-5614-59 M: William J. Martin, Bob McDougall, Fred McKillson, Alf McLean, E.L. Meeres. — 1963-1977
M-5614-60 John A. Macdonald. — 1967-1977
M-5614-61 Jim Mace. — 1969-1971
M-5614-62 Katharine Mason and Peggy Mason (wife and daughter-in-law of Lt. Col. E.G. Mason. — 1965-1977
M-5614-63 Charles K. McDonald. — 1964-1974
M-5614-64 David L. McDougall. — 1967-1972
M-5614-65 Willie McGillivray (piper). — 1971-1976. — The file contains information about him, but no actual correspondence with him.
M-5614-66 Art C. Moore. — 1963-1977
M-5614-67 Richard “Dicky” Moore. — 1964-1976
M-5614-68 Jack Moyes. — 1971-1974
M-5614-69 N, O, P: J.H. Neeland, Bill Oliver, William Pattullo, Sam Petley. — 1967-1971
M-5614-70 Andy Nicol. — 1964-1969
M-5614-71 Charles S. Oke. — 1969-1978. — The file also includes a transcript of his 1918 war diary.
M-5614-72 Douglas William Paradise and Patricia Clark (member of the Clark family which “adopted” Paradise in his old age). — 1963-1971. — The file also includes correspondence regarding the regimental march, “The Hundred Pipers”.
M-5614-73 D. Cecil Parker. — 1972-1979
M-5614-74 Jimmie Parker and Marge Pfoh (his niece). — 1964-1970
M-5614-75 John George Pattison (Victoria Cross) and descendants Henry and Gertrude Pattison. — 1963-1969
M-5614-76 Oliver F. Payne and Margaret Payne (daughter). — 1964-1973
M-5614-77 Charlie Pickering. — 1968-1977
M-5614-78 Verne W. Plant. — 1969-1971
M-5614-79 Jack F. Price (signaller). — 1971-1979
M-5614-80 R: Harvey Redfern, Gordon D. Reid, Bill Ripley, J.D. Rowe. — 1963-1979
M-5614-81 John Rickert. — 1964-1976
M-5614-82 Leo Ricks. — 1968-1972
M-5614-83 William Richardson. — 1971-1975
M-5614-84 W. Trevor Roper, part 1. — 1963-1972
M-5614-85 W. Trevor Roper, part 2; and children George Roper and Margaret Millar. — 1970-1978
M-5614-86 Andrew A. Russell. — 1963-1977
M-5614-87 S: Walter Smith, Robert Stockdale. — 1966
M-5614-88 Harold M. Scott. — 1963-1974
M-5614-89 Len Sheriff. — 1963-1972
M-5614-90 Webb “Bermuda” Smith. — 1969-1976
M-5614-91 Bob Stephen. — 1963-1979
M-5614-92 Charles H. Stewart. — 1970-1979. — The file consists of correspondence with a Second World War veteran working on a military history re lineages and badges.
M-5614-93 Jack E. Streeter. — 1963-1968
M-5614-94 Edwin Sweatman. — 1967-1976
M-5614-95 Ewart P. Taylor. — 1973-1974
M-5614-96 Col. Jim A. Taylor. — 1972
M-5614-97 Col. G.M. Urquhart (Victoria Military District). — 1970-1971
M-5614-98 Ed Van Loo. — 1963-1976
M-5614-99 W, Z: Alex Walker, Bert Walls, Raphael Zengel. — 1965-1971
M-5614-100 Bob Waller. — 1963-1978
M-5614-101 Bishop Fred Wilkinson. — 1965-1977
M-5614-102 Herbert “Harry” Wright. — 1963-1970
M-5614-103 Muriel Wright (widow of Battalion’s Adjutant). — 1965-1972
M-5614-104 Index to letters. — [ca. late 1970s]. — Consists of an alphabetically-arranged subject index to the letters, created by Wheeler while writing his book, The 50th Battalion in No Man’s Land. — Includes headings such as alcohol, Belgian soldiers, Christmas, decorations, helmets, lice, mud, music, prayer, runners, trench feet, etc.

Series 3 First World War memorabilia. — 1915-1919, 1964-1971. — 7 cm of textual records. — The series consists of original items kept by 50th Battalion veterans as mementos of their time in the war, and later sent to Wheeler as part of his research.
M-5614-105 “Great Crowd Cheers 50th Battalion as it Leaves Calgary” (article published in The Calgary Daily Herald). — October 22, 1915

Programs of dinners, entertainments and other events. — 1915-1919, 1964-1971. — Consists of the following:

H.T.M. Orduna menu, October 29, 1915

Cunard Line (H.M.T. Orduna) regimental dinner menu for the 50th Battalion Infantry, November 2, 1915

R.M.S. Orduna postcard, November 2, 1915

Program of Music by the 50th Battalion, October 28, 1915

3 embroidered postcards

50th Canadians first anniversary dinner, 1917

Palais des Sports de Bruxelles Velodrome d’hiver program, March 23, 1919

50th Battalion Blighty Reunion dinner program, Trocadero, London (3 copies, autographed), May 12, 1919

Palliser Hotel 50th Battalion banquet program, June 12, 1919

Program (autographed) for dinner for Brigadier-General James G. Ross, London, August 6, 1919

50/14 Veterans’ Association annual reunion and banquet programs, August 15, 1964, April 10, 1965, August 20, 1966

Remembrance Service, 1914-1918 Veterans’ Association at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Calgary, November 5, 1967

Royal Canadian Legion, Calgary annual banquet program, November 23, 1967

World War I Veterans Appreciation Night program, October 29, 1971

King’s Own Calgary Regiment Christmas Card, n.d.

M-5614-107 Publications: Souvenir Album of Officers, NCOs and Men of the 50th Overseas Battalion CEF European War and The Story of the Fourth Canadian Division, 1916-1919. — [ca. 1916 and 1919]. — 2 booklets. — Both have been annotated by Wheeler.
M-5614-108 Miscellaneous publications: Rhine Panorama for the Men of the American Army Occupation, 1919; and Harris of Hindhead, A Price List (Grayshott), 1961.
M-5614-109 Enemy propaganda newspapers. — 1915-1918. — Written in German and French.
M-5614-110 Trench map of Belgium, Sheet 28 NE. — 1917
M-5614-111 German 2-mark banknote. — [ca. 1915-1919]
M-5614-112 Souvenir picture postcard booklets. — [ca. 1914-1919]. — Consists of views of Arras, Bethune, Valenciennes, Rue, Albert, Mont St Eloi, Ypres, Bramshott, Dickebusch, Waterlook Namur, Brussels and other European locations.
M-5614-148b Violin music. — 1915-1919. — Brought back from France by Victor Wheeler. Some was a gift to him and some was “Found in Oisylez Verger”.

Series 4 Reference material for book. — 1915-1979. — 66 cm of textual records. — The series consists of research materials gathered together by Wheeler while he was writing his book for The 50th Battalion in No Man’s Land.
  Reference material for book – General
M-5614-113 Copy of 50th Battalion war diary. — 1916-1919. — The original is held by Library and Archives Canada. Includes Wheelers summaries.
M-5614-114 Copies of 50th Battalion nominal rolls. — 1915-1918
M-5614-115 Poetry re the First World War. — n.d. — Includes “The Fighting Fiftieth men”.
M-5614-116 Copies of excerpts from signals manuals. — n.d.

Copies of menus, greeting cards, programs, etc. — 1915-1919. — Consists of the following:

50th Battalion Christmas card, 1915

Canadian Night at the Theatre Royal de la Monnaie, Brussels, March 29, 1919

The See Toos at the Stadt Theatre, n.d.

Christmas menu, In-the-field headquarters, 1917.

M-5614-118 Copies of sketches by Bernard Giller Wimbush. — 1917
M-5614-119 Bruce Bairnsfather’s cartoons as published in The Fragment. — 1968-1970
M-5614-120 Maps of France and Belgium, annotated by Wheeler to show 50th Battalion locations and battles.
M-5614-121 Copies of these documents: Hostilities will cease at 11.00 hours Nov. 11th, 1918; 50th Battalion pass, 1918; and “Directions for the Use and Care of Tube Helmets”.
M-5614-122 Copies of Calgary newspapers. — 1915-1919
M-5614-123 Newspaper clippings featuring 50th Battalion veterans. — 1962-1975
M-5614-124 Research notes. — [compiled 1963-1979. — Consists of a file of material arranged in alphabetical order by subjects such as Aeroplanes, Christmas, Departure for France, Machine guns, No man’s land, etc.
M-5614-125 “Notes: Trip to England, France & Belgium”. — 1961
  Reference material for book – Biographical files
M-5614-126 Prince Maurice of Battenberg. — 1972-1973
M-5614-127 Edith Cavell. — 1965-1974
M-5614-128 Captain Ainley T. Croft (85th Battalion Memory Club). — 1966-1967
M-5614-129 Miss Madeleine Hardy. — 1963-1978. — Miss Hardy gave a violin to Victor Wheeler upon his departure to Canada after the war. He believed the violin to have belonged to her uncle Thomas Hardy. — The file consists of efforts to confirm the original ownership of the violin.
M-5614-130 Grace Harris (nee Welch). — 1962-1979. — Her family ran a grocery at Grayshott.
M-5614-131 John McCrae. — 1966-1973
M-5614-132 Henry “Ducky” Norwest (Cree sniper). — 1963-1972
M-5614-133 Quentin Roosevelt (possibly related to Theodore Roosevelt). — 1972
M-5614-134 Gobind Singh (Victoria Cross). — 1975-1976
M-5614-135 Gabriel Versavel of Passchendaele. — 1967-1979. — Consists of extensive correspondence between Wheeler and Versavel.
M-5614-136 Baron Manfred Von Richtofen. — 1965-1966
M-5614-137 Lt. Col. R.H. Webb (47th Battalion). — 1971-1972
  Reference material for book – Associations
M-5614-138 50/14 Veterans’ Association, Calgary. — 1963-1978
M-5614-139 50/14 Veterans’ Association Round-Up (commemorative magazine) — 1948
M-5614-140 Salvation Army. — 1966-1978. — Consists of correspondence regarding war history, and includes notes on the life of William Booth.
M-5614-141 1914-1918 War Veterans’ Association. — 1963-1972
M-5614-142 Royal Canadian Legion. — 1963-1974
  Reference material for book – Flanders’ Fields (CBC radio series). — 1964. — Consists of scripts for 17 hour-long programs written by Joseph Schull, and broadcast on the radio beginning on November 11, 1964.
M-5614-143 Commemorative booklet about the series. — 1964
M-5614-144 Flanders’ Fields, episodes 1-4
M-5614-145 Flanders’ Fields, episodes 5-8
M-5614-146 Flanders’ Fields, episodes 9-12
M-5614-147 Flanders’ Fields, episodes 13-17
  Reference material for book – Magazine articles commemorating the First World War
M-5614-148a Magazine articles. — 1963-1968. — Consists of articles published in The Legionary, Canadian Weekly, Weekend Magazine and others about major battles and events during the First World War.

Series 5 The 50th Battalion in No Man’s Land by Victor Wheeler. — 1970s-1980. — 31 cm of textual records. — The series consists of the outline for his book; the original manuscript; the manuscript for the shorter version which was published in 1980; and a bibliography of sources which he used.
M-5614-149 “Working Outline” of the book. — [ca. 1970s]
M-5614-150 Bibliography of sources used in the book. — [ca. 1970s]
M-5614-151 Original manuscript, pages 1-166. — 1979
M-5614-152 Original manuscript, pages 167-356
M-5614-153 Original manuscript, pages 357-548
M-5614-154 Original manuscript, pages 549-782
M-5614-155 Original manuscript, pages 783-962
M-5614-156 Manuscript of published version, Chapters 1-13
M-5614-157 Manuscript of published version, Chapters 14-24

Series 6 Photographs. — 1914-1918 and 1960s. — 381 photographs. — The series consists of views of members and activities of the 50th Battalion; and of veterans and their families.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2131 50th Battalion, Canadian Infantry during the First World War; and veterans and their families in the 1960s. — 1914-1918 and 1960s. — 360 photographs
PB-526 50th Battalion. — 1914-1918. — 3 photographs
NA-4025 50th Battalion. — 1914-1918. — 28 photographs. — Note: Most of these are copied from original prints in PA-2131 above.