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United Farmers of Alberta fonds


Predecessors of the United Farmers of Alberta. – 1905-1909. – In 1909 the Society of Equity and the Alberta Farmers’ Association joined to form the United Farmers of Alberta. – Consists of records of the Bon Accord Society of Equity, and the Alberta Farmers’ Association.

M-1749-1 Society of Equity constitution and bylaws. – [ca. 1906-1908]. – Consists of the constitution and bylaws of the Canadian Society of Equity, a farmers’ organization in Alberta which in 1909 joined the Alberta Farmers’ Association to become the United Farmers of Alberta. Includes a 1908 membership card. View now.
M-1749-2 Bon Accord Society of Equity – Minute book. – 1905. – The minutes record the founding of the Sturgeon local of the American Society of Equity, at a meeting held at the Bon Accord school house. View now.
M-1749-3 Bon Accord Society of Equity – Correspondence. – 1905. – Consists of correspondence from the Edmonton office of the Canadian Society of Equity, (primarily W.J. Keen, provincial secretary), and about membership, binder twine prices, celebrations for Alberta becoming a province, and the proposed constitution of the Alberta Farmers’ Association. View now.
M-1749-4 Bon Accord Society of Equity – Correspondence. – 1906. – Consists of correspondence, primarily with provincial secretary W.J. Keen re binder twine, incorporation, delegates convention in Edmonton, proposed seed fairs, grain marketing, and annual meeting of Canadian Society of Equity in Lacombe. View now.
M-1749-5 Bon Accord Society of Equity – Correspondence. – 1907. – Consists of correspondence, primarily with provincial secretary W.J. Keen, about incorporation, a special convention in Edmonton, fees, and dues. View now.
M-1749-6 Bon Accord Society of Equity – Correspondence. – 1908. – Consists of correspondence, primarily with provincial secretary J.H. Thamer, about financial statements, resolutions passed by the Canadian Society of Equity in Wetaskiwin, binder twine prices, and notices of meetings. View now.
M-1749-7 Bon Accord Society of Equity / Bon Accord United Farmers of Alberta – Correspondence. – 1909. – Consists of circular letters about the organization and the amalgamation with the Alberta Farmers’ Association to form the United Farmers of Alberta. View now.
M-1747 “The Early History of the Canadian Society of Equity (beginning of UFA)”. – nd. – Consists of a short manuscript. View now.
M-1745 Alberta Farmers’ Association – Minute book. – 1906-1907. – Consists of minutes of conventions and directors’ meetings in Strathcona and Calgary. Contains some negotiations for amalgamation with the Society of Equity.

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M-2405 Alberta Farmers’ Association. – 1908. – Consists of a membership roll of the East Clover Bar local.
M-1749-8 The Great West newspaper. – 1909. – Consists of a special issue about the uniting of the Alberta Farmers’ Association and the Canadian Society of Equity to form the United Farmers of Alberta. View now.

Series 2

United Farmers of Alberta. – 1909-1966, predominant 1909-1949. – Consists of constitution and bylaws, board minutes, minutes and reports of annual conventions, incorporation of the political arm of the organization, campaign literature, briefs and submissions by the organization, circulars and promotional literature.

M-1749-9 Extracts from UFA constitution. – 1909
M-1749-10 Constitution and bylaws. – 1909-1963
M-1749-11 Amendments constitution and bylaws. – 1918-1966. – Consists of amendments to the United Farmers of Alberta Act (1918), and bylaw amendments (1944-1966).
M-1749-12 Incorporation. – 1918. – Consists of draft of an act to incorporate the UFA.
Micro/ufa Official minutes of the UFA Executive and Board. – 1913-1929. – 2 microfilm reels

Official minutes and reports of the UFA annual conventions. – 1910-1949. – 5 microfilm reels. – The minutes have been scanned.

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View 1916 convention part 1.
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View 1917 convention part 1.
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View 1918 convention part 1.
View 1918 convention part 2.
View 1918 convention part 3.
View 1918 convention part 4.
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View 1921 convention part 1.
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View 1922 convention part 1.
View 1922 convention part 2.
View 1923 convention.
View 1924 convention part 1.
View 1924 convention part 2.
View 1925 convention part 1.
View 1925 convention part 2.
View 1926 convention part 1.
View 1926 convention part 2.
View 1927 convention part 1.
View 1927 convention part 2.
View 1928 convention.
View 1929 convention.
View 1930 convention.
View 1931 convention part 1.
View 1931 convention part 2.
View 1932 convention part 1.
View 1932 convention part 2.
View 1933 convention.
View 1934 convention.
View 1935 convention.
View 1936 convention.
View 1937 convention.
View 1938 convention.
View 1939 convention part 1.
View 1939 convention part 2.
View 1940 convention part 1.
View 1940 convention part 2.
View 1941 convention part 1.
View 1941 convention part 2.
View 1942 convention part 1.
View 1942 convention part 2.
View 1943 annual report (no convention was held).
View 1944 convention part 1.
View 1944 convention part 2.
View 1944 convention part 3.
View 1945 convention part 1.
View 1945 convention part 2.
View 1945 convention part 3.
View 1946 convention part 1.
View 1946 convention part 2.
View 1946 convention part 3.
View 1947 convention.
View January 1948 convention.
View November 1948 convention.
View 1949 convention.

M-1749-13 Official minutes and reports of UFA secretaries’ conventions. – 1917-1919
M-1749-14 UFA political associations. – 1919. – Consists of minutes of convention of executives of UFA federal constituency associations. Includes lists of delegates in attendance, and business discussed such as organization and finances.
M-1749-15 Minutes re incorporation for political purposes. – 1920. – Consists of minutes of the meeting, and report on legalities of becoming political, written by J.E. Brownlee.
M-1749-16 Application for incorporation of the United Farmers of Alberta Political Association. – 1921. – Signed by Henry Wise Wood, Herbert Greenfield, Snow S. Sears, Herbert Higginbotham and Willet D. Trego. View now.
M-1749-17 Declaration of Principles, etc. – 1926-1933. – Consists of the Declaration of Principles as adopted at the 1925 election, and amended in 1931 and 1933; and an article entitled “Capital cost of Provincial Government” (1926).
M-1749-18 UFA political platform and campaign literature for the 1921 elections. – 1921. – Consists of “United Farmers of Alberta Provincial Platform, Declaration of Principles”, “Present Electoral System Condemned”, “How Groups Function in Manitoba Legislature”, “The 1921 Budget”, “Proportional Representation”, “Labor Requests your Support for its Candidates”, “Political Awakening of the Canadian People Feared by Reactionaries of Both Parties”, “Party System Failure as Business Proposition”, “Group Organization a Dominating Issue in Federal Election”, and “Director’s Bulletin No. 20: Some Opinions on the Causes of Agricultural and Industrial Depression”. View now.
M-1749-19 UFA Federal MPs’ resolution. – 1925. – Consists of a resolution made to the annual UFA convention, regarding the resignation of E.J. Garland and the solidarity of the group.
M-1749-20 Correspondence and speeches of Robert Gardiner. – 1933-1941. – Consists of annual presidential addresses to UFA conventions (1934-1937, 1941); radio broadcasts (CFCN) regarding the CCF platform and the 1935 election; an article entitled “The Velocity of Money” (1933); and general correspondence.
M-1749-21 Election expenses return of Alfred Speakman. – 1926
M-1749-22 Memorandum and articles of association of UFA Limited. – 1928
M-1749-23 Life member list. – 1930-1932
M-1749-24 Price Spreads committee. – 1934. – Consists of a summary of investigations in to economic problems.
M-1749-25 Farmers and banking problems. – 1933-1934. – Consists of an explanation of the Farmers’ Creditors Arrangement Act; comparative statement of public debt; article by G.G. Coote on the Bank of Canada; submission by the UFA to the Royal Commission on Banking and Finance; bylaws of the Bank of Canada; and notes on monetary policies.
M-1749-26 Articles and resolutions of the UFA on Social Credit. – 1933-1935. – Consists of resolution re Major C.H. Douglas (nd); excerpt from “The Credit Forum” (1934); “National Application of Douglas Scheme” (1933); “The Douglas Plan” (1934); and newspaper clipping entitled “Aberhart Social Creditors Draft Election Planks.”
M-1749-27a UFA campaign literature for the 1935 provincial election. – 1935. – Consists of “Manifesto of the Alberta Government”; “Has the Organized Farmers’ Movement in Alberta Justified its Existence” by Norman Priestley; “Alberta Government’s Record and a Reply to its Critics”; “Provincial Program of the United Farmers of Alberta”; and the “Fact Finder” series, numbers 1, 3-18. View now.
M-1749-27b UFA campaign literature for the 1935 provincial election. – 1935. – Consists of “Cross Examination of the Aberhart Plan of Social Credit” by J.R. Love. The pamphlet features an anti-Social Credit cartoon on the front. View now.
M-1749-28 Tariffs and restrictions on wheat in world markets. – 1935
M-1749-29 Amalgamation of United Grain Growers and Alberta Wheat Pool. – 1937. – Consists of a proposal by the UFA.
M-1749-30 Turgeon Royal Commission on grain problems. – 1937. – Consists of UFA’s submission, and draft of United Grain Growers submission.
M-1749-31 Rowell-Sirois Commission on Dominion-Provincial relations.-1938. – Consists of outline of brief by the UFA, and minutes of the committee preparing the brief.
M-1749-32 Rowell-Sirois Commission. – 1938. – Consists of briefs submitted to the Commission by the UFA, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts, United Church of Canada, Alberta Cooperative Council, and Alberta Youth Congress.
M-1749-33 National policy for agriculture. – 1939. – Consists of an address presented by H.S. Arkell to the UFA convention.
M-1749-34 Adjustment and settlement of farm debts. – 1942. – Consists of presentation by the Alberta Farmers’ Union; précis of debt conference at Saskatoon, attended by the three Prairie Provinces and farm organizations; and UFA convention resolution regarding debt.
M-1749-35 Post-war Reconstruction Committee report. – 1944
M-1749-36 UFA submission to the Board of Transportation Commission. – 1945
M-1749-37 UFA policy statements regarding Hutterites in Alberta. – 1944-1947
M-1749-38 Amalgamation of UFA and Alberta Farmers’ Union. – 1948-1949
M-1749-43 Lists of UFA / UFWA/ UFA Junior officials and executives. – 1909-1958
M-1750 Brief histories of the UFA. – 1949 and nd. View now.
M-6019os Illuminated address to Henry Wise Wood. – 1931. – The address was presented to him by the UFA on his retirement, after 16 years as president of the organization.
M-1748os John Herron’s campaign poster. – 1911. – Consists of a full-page advertisement printed in the Okotoks Review newspaper, for John Herron, who ran as a farmers’ candidate although the UFA did not become a political force until 1919. The advertisement states “A vote for John Herron is a vote for the Farmer’s Platform.

Series 3

United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative Association. – 1932-1964. – Consists of articles of association, minutes of the board and executive, records of amalgamation with Alberta Cooperative Wholesale Association, historical sketches about cooperative marketing, and scrapbooks of advertisements.

M-1749-39 Articles of association. – 1932
Micro/ufa Official minutes UFA Co-op board and executive. – 1935-1966. – 1 microfilm reel
M-1749-40 Amalgamation of UFA Co-ops and Alberta Cooperative Wholesale Association. – 1958-1959. – Consists of a statement presented to the ACWA annual meeting by George E. Church; affirmation of UFA Co-op policy; report on proposed amalgamation; memo to UFA Board of Directors; and pamphlets explaining the move.
M-7113 UFA Cooperative advertising scrapbooks. – [ca. 1948-1964]. – Consists of newspaper clippings (many loose), of the Cooperative advertisements.
M-1749-41 UFA Cooperative – General. – 1957-1965. – Consists of an address by E.A. Taylor regarding Maple Leaf Petroleum amalgamation; brief summary of position; radio broadcast by Leonard D. Nesbitt on organization; and brochure on shares.
M-1749-42 UFA historical sketches. – 1928-1960. – Consists of various brief histories and articles about farm organization and cooperative marketing in Alberta.

Series 4

United Farm Women of Alberta. – 1915-1961. – Consists of board minutes, minutes and reports of annual conventions, articles on women’s organization, and information about Junior Branches.


Official minutes of the UFWA board and annual conventions. – 1915-1949. – 1 microfilm reel. – The minutes have been scanned.

View 1915-1922 proceedings.
View 1923-1925 proceedings.
View 1926 proceedings.
View 1927 proceedings.
View 1928 proceedings.
View 1929 proceedings.
View 1930 proceedings.
View 1931 proceedings part 1.
View 1931 proceedings part 2.
View 1932 proceedings.
View 1933 proceedings.
View 1934 proceedings.
View 1935 proceedings.
View 1936 proceedings.
View 1937 proceedings.
View 1938 proceedings.
View 1939 proceedings.
View 1940 proceedings.
View 1941 proceedings.
View 1942 proceedings.
View 1943 proceedings.
View 1944 proceedings.
View 1945 proceedings.
View 1946 proceedings.
View 1947 proceedings.
View 1948 proceedings.
View 1949 proceedings.
View 1933-1945 Alumnae Association proceedings.

M-1749-44 Convention minutes. – 1925-1932. – Consists of complete reports and addresses delivered to UFWA annual conventions by standing committees such as Marketing, Peace and Arbitration, Education, Health and Child Welfare, Young People’s Work, Social Welfare, and Immigration.
M-1749-45 Articles on women’s organization. – 1934-1961. – Consists of a history of the UFWA by Mrs. R.W. Barritt (1934); “Thirty Years of Progress” by Eva Carter (1944); “Legal Status of Women in Alberta (1946); “Laws of Interest to the Women of Alberta” (ca. 1961); and magazine clippings.
M-1749-46 UFA – Junior Branch. – 1942-1949. – Consists of an outline of work and sample material for organization; a brief history; and a paper delivered to the 1947 Farm Young People’s Week at the University of Alberta, entitled “History of Cooperatives in Alberta”.

Series 5

Promotional literature and published material. – 1910-1963. – Consists of pamphlets and circulars promoting the organization, the UFA government, and cooperative marketing; published reports on resolutions passed at annual conferences; manuscript for Norman Priestley’s book about the UFA; sheet music and song sheet of UFA songs; and newspaper clippings about the organization.

M-1749-47 Pamphlets and circulars. – 1910, 1926-1962. – Consists of “UFA Official reports for 1910”; “Five Years of Progress” (1926); “What Makes the Wild West Wild” (cover of The UFA, May 1, 1931); “Farmers Should Organize” by Norman Priestley (nd); “Farmers Have Organized” (ca. 1945); “UFA Co-op: Progress in Cooperation” by Norman Priestley (nd); “Buying Farm Supplies in Alberta” (nd); “UFA Co-op: Summary of 10 Years of Cooperation” (1942); “Brief Presented to Alberta Post-war Reconstruction Committee by UFA” (1944); “Addresses and Reports Presented to UFA Convention” (1939); “Resolutions Passed at UFA Convention” (1944, 1945); “Reports and Addresses, UFA Convention” (1944, 1945); “Report of Farm Young People’s Week” (1945); “Farm Movement in Alberta” by Norman Priestley (1949″; “The United Farmers of Alberta” (1942);”A Few Facts for Farmers” (nd); “United Farmers of Alberta: Programme for Agriculture” (nd); “Time for Expansion” by Norman Priestley (1949); “UFA Co-op” (nd); “Board of Directors Report” (1958, 1959, 1960; and “Fourteenth Annual Convention” (1962).

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M-1749-48 General farm pamphlets. – 1948, 1963. – Consists of “The Story of Edmonton Cooperative Ltd.” (1948); and “Report of the Committee on Farm Organization to Board of Directors of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture” (1963). View now.
M-1749-49 Newspaper clippings. – 1920-1960. – Consists of clippings about UFA politics, cooperative marketing, resolutions passed, and proposed amalgamations.
M-1749-50 Norman Priestley’s manuscript. – 1950. – Consists of the manuscript for a history of the UFA, which was subsequently published in 1967 as Furrows, Faith, and Fellowship.
M-1749-51 Sheet music: Equal Rights for All. – 1920. – Consists of the official song of the UFA, which was composed by H.W. Gothard. The words “…say good-bye to a government that will not work for all” relate to the UFA’s decision to directly enter politics and run its own candidates in the 1921 election. View now.
M-1749-52 Song sheet: UFA Community Songs. – [ca. 1930]. – Consists of words to songs to be sung at meetings. Includes “O Canada!”, “The UFA”, “Alberta”, “I’m Yumping Back to Alberta”, “UFA Days Are Here Again” and others. View now.

Series 6

Photographs. – 1909-1961. – 665 photographs. – Consists of views of UFA, UFWA, and UFA Co-op groups, activities, and buildings.

Some of the following photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2105 Mrs. Amy Warr, UFWA. – nd. – 2 photographs
PA-2270 UFA, UFWA, and UFA Co-op groups and events. – 1909-1961. – 454 photographs. – Some of these photographs have been copied as NA-4338, and are available via the Archives Photographs database.
PA-3279 UFA students sent to University of Alberta, Edmonton, for summer courses. – June 1924. – 1 photo print.
PB-71 UFA members and activities. – 1920-1944. – 16 photographs. – Some have been copied as NA-4338, and are available via the Archives Photographs database.
PB-450 UFA Board of Directors. – 1918. – 1 photograph. – The print includes the identification of the Directors.
PB-521 UFWA and UFA boards. – 1921, 1928-1929. – 4 photographs. – These have been copied as NA-3972, and are available via the Archive Photographs database.
PC-16 UFA 10th annual convention. – 1918. – 1 photograph
PC-40 UFA Annual Convention, Edmonton. – 1919. – 1 photograph
PD-220 UFA Co-op buildings. – [1930s]. – 180 photographs. – Some of these photographs have been copied as NA-4338, and are available via the Archives Photographs database.
PE-43 Delegates to UFA annual convention. – 1920. – 1 panoramic photograph
PE-72 Delegates to UFA annual conventions. – 1916, 1918, 1920, 1922. – 4 panoramic photographs
PE-132 Delegates to UFA 10th annual convention. – 1918. – 1 panoramic photograph
PE-177 Delegates to UFA 14th annual convention. – 1922. – 1 panoramic photograph

Series 7

The U.F.A. and The United Farmer newspapers. – 1922-1936. – The series consists of The U.F.A., the official newspaper of the United Farmers of Alberta, and after 1927 of the Alberta Wheat Pool and other provincial marketing pools as well. The newspaper was published twice a month from March 1922 until April 1934. The name was then changed to The United Farmer and was published weekly until it ceased publication in March 1936. The originals are housed in the Glenbow Library.
vol.1, no.1-4 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-April 1922 View now.
vol.1, no.5-15 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – May-October 1922 View now.
vol.1, no.16-vol.2, no.2 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – October 1922-February 1923 View now.
vol.2, no.3-9 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – February-May 1923 View now.
vol.2, no.10-16 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-September 1923 View now.
vol.2, no.17-23 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-December 1923 View now.
vol.3, no.1-7 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-March 1924 View now.
vol.3, no.8-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-May 1924 View now.
vol.3, no.15-22 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – May-September 1924 View now.
vol.3, no.23-29 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-December 1924 View now.
vol.4, no.1-7 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-March 1925 View now.
vol.4, no.8-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-May 1925 View now.
vol.4, no.15-22 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-September 1925 View now.
vol.4, no.23-30 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-December 1925 View now.
vol.5, no.1-7 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-March 1926 View now.
vol.5, no.8-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-May 1926 View now.
vol.5, no.15-19 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-July 1926 View now.
vol.5, no.2-26 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – August-October 1926 View now.
vol.5, no.27-31 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – October-December 1926 View now.
vol.6, no.1-6 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-March 1927 View now.
vol.6, no.7-11 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-April 1927 View now.
vol.6, no.12-15 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – April-June 1927 View now.
vol.6, no.16-19 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-August 1927 View now.
vol.6, no.20-24 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – August-October 1927 View now.
vol.6, no.25-28 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – November-December 1927 View now.
vol.7, no.1-5 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-February 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.6-10 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – February-March 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.11-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – April-May 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.15-18 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-July 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.19-21 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – July-September 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.22-25 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-November 1928 View now.
vol.7, no.26-28 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – November-December 1928 View now.
vol.8, no.1-3 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-February 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.4-7 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – February-March 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.8-11 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-April 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.12-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – April-May 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.15-17 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – June-July 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.18-21 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – July-September 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.22-25 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-November 1929 View now.
vol.8, no.26-28 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – November-December 1929 View now.
vol.9, no.1-4 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-February 1930 View now.
vol.9, no.5-6 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March 1930 View now.
vol.9, no.7-9 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – April-May 1930 View now.
vol.9, no.10-12 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – May-June 1930 View now.
vol.9, no.13-16 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – July-August 1930 View now.
vol.9, no.17-21 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-November 1930 View now.
vol.9, no. 22-24 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – November-December 1930 View now.
vol.10, no.1-4 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-February 1931 View now.
vol.10, no.5-9 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – March-May 1931 View now.
vol.10, no.10-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – May-July 1931 View now.
vol.10,no. 15-20 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – August-October 1931 View now.
vol.10,no.21-24 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – November-December 1931 View now.
vol.11, no.1-5 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-March 1932 View now.
vol.11,no.6-10 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – April-August 1932 View now.
vol.11, no.11-14 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-December 1932 View now.
vol.12, no.1-4 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-April 1933 View now.
vol.12, no.5-8 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – May-August 1933 View now.
vol.12, no.9-12 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – September-December 1933 View now.
vol.13, no.1-4 The U.F.A. (newspaper). – January-April 1934 View now.
vol.14, no.1-8 The United Farmer (newspaper). – May-July 1934 View now.
vol.14, no.9-16 The United Farmer (newspaper). – July-September 1934 View now.
vol.14, no.17-24 The United Farmer (newspaper). – September-November 1934 View now.
vol.14, no.25-31 The United Farmer (newspaper). – November-December 1934 View now.
vol.15, no.1-8 The United Farmer (newspaper). – January-February 1935 View now.
vol.15, no.9-16 The United Farmer (newspaper). – March-April 1935 View now.
vol.15, no.17-24 The United Farmer (newspaper). – April-June 1935 View now.
vol.15, no.25-32 The United Farmer (newspaper). – June-August 1935 View now.
vol.15, no.33-40 The United Farmer (newspaper). – August-October 1935 View now.
vol.15, no.41-51 The United Farmer (newspaper). – October-December 1935 View now.
vol.16, no.1-9 The United Farmer (newspaper). – January-March 1936 View now.