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Toole Family fonds


Edith Phoebe Sanders and Archer John Toole papers

Series 1

Journals and school records. — 1903-1912. — The series consists of records which give some details of Phoebe’s early life. Included here are her certificate of confirmation (1905), journals and notesbooks (1903-1912), reports cards from her Calgary schools (1902, 1906-1907), and a will she wrote as a young child.

M-4794-1 Certificate of confirmation. — 1905. — Includes catechism, church teaching, and hymn books for children.
M-4794-2 Diaries. — 1905-1908. — 4 volumes

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View 1906 diary, January-March.
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View 1906 diary, July-September.
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View 1907 diary, January-March.
View 1907 diary, April-September.
View 1907 diary, October-December.
View 1908 diary, January-March.
View 1908 diary, April-June.
View 1908 diary, July-September.
View 1908 diary, October-December.

M-4794-3 Notebooks. — [ca. 1903-1912]. — 4 volumes. — Some of the notebooks contain diary entries as well.

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View second notebook.
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M-9542-198 Phoebe’s diary. — 1912-1919. — 1 volume. — Consists of a photocopy of a diary, collected by author Nancy Millar for use in her book Once Upon a Wedding, as it contains entries re the wedding of Phoebe and Archer. Note: The original diary is still held by a descendant.

View photocopy of diary.

M-4794-3a Phoebe’s will. — n.d. – Written when she was very young. Also a lock of her hair.

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M-4794-4 Calgary Central School report cards. — 1902
M-4794-5 Certificate of Standard Seventh Examination (Calgary. — 1906; Crofton House School for Girls (Vancouver) report cards. — 1906-1907.

Series 2

Personal correspondence. — 1899-1979, predominant 1910-1952. — The series consists of letters arranged in chronological order. Correspondence between Phoebe and Archer Toole is grouped together in files 13 to 16 (1913-1914), and files 20 to 31 (1915-1918). The remaining files in the series contain letters from friends and relaties, mainly to Phoebe, although there are also letters to Archer in files 32 to 62. The series also includes a sound recording of an interview with Phoebe Toole about her life.

M-4794-6 Personal correspondence. — 1899-1905
M-4794-7 Personal correspondence. — 1906-1909
M-4794-8 Personal correspondence. — January-August 1910
M-4794-9 Personal correspondence. — September-December 1910
M-4794-10 Personal correspondence. — 1911
M-4794-11 Personal correspondence. — 1912-April 1913
M-4794-12 Personal correspondence. — May-December 1913
M-4794-13 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — December 1913-January 1914
M-4794-14 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — February 1914
M-4794-15 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — March 1914
M-4794-16 Letters from Phoebe to Archer. — December 1913-March 1914. — 75 pages

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M-4794-17 Personal correspondence. — 1914. — 123 pages

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M-4794-18 Personal correspondence. — January-May 1915. — 147 pages

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M-4794-19 Personal correspondence. — June-December 1915. — 200 pages

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M-4794-20 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — June-July 1915
M-4794-21 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — August, December 1915
M-4794-22 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — January 1916
M-4794-23 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — May-June 1916
M-4794-24 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — July-August 1916
M-4794-25 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — September-October 1916
M-4794-26 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — November-December 1916
M-4794-27 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — January-February 1917. — Note: some of February missing.
M-4794-28 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — March-April 1917
M-4794-29 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — May-September 1917
M-4794-30 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — October-November 15, 1917
M-4794-31 Letters from Archer to Phoebe. — November 16, 1917-January 1918

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M-4794-32 Personal correspondence. — 1916-1918

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M-4794-33 Personal correspondence. — 1920-1924
M-4794-34 Personal correspondence. — 1925
M-4794-35 Personal correspondence. — January-June 1926
M-4794-36 Personal correspondence. — July-December 1926
M-4794-37 Personal correspondence. — January-February 1927
M-4794-38 Personal correspondence. — March-April 1927
M-4794-39 Personal correspondence. — May-December 1927
M-4794-40 Personal correspondence. — 1928-1929
M-4794-41 Personal correspondence. — 1930-September 1931
M-4794-42 Personal correspondence. — November 1931-1932
M-4794-43 Personal correspondence. — 1933-1937
M-4794-44 Personal correspondence. — January 1938
M-4794-45 Personal correspondence. — February-December 1938
M-4794-46 Personal correspondence. — January-June 1939
M-4794-47 Personal correspondence. — July-December 1939
M-4794-48 Personal correspondence. — January-June 1940
M-4794-49 Personal correspondence. — July-December 1940
M-4794-50 Personal correspondence. — 1941
M-4794-51 Personal correspondence. — 1942
M-4794-52 Personal correspondence. — 1943
M-4794-53 Personal correspondence. — 1944
M-4794-54 Personal correspondence. — 1945
M-4794-55 Personal correspondence. — 1946
M-4794-56 Personal correspondence. — 1947
M-4794-57 Personal correspondence. — January-June 1948
M-4794-58 Personal correspondence. — July-December 1948
M-4794-59 Personal correspondence. — 1949
M-4794-60 Personal correspondence. — 1950
M-4794-61 Personal correspondence. — 1951-1952, 1955-1979
M-4794-62 Personal correspondence. — n.d.
RCT-150 Interview with Phoebe Sanders. — February 14, 1973. — 1 audio reel. — Consists of a recorded interview with Phoebe Sanders about her life. The interviewer was Sue Baptie of the Glenbow Archives.

Series 3

Archer Toole – Personal. — 1908-1920s. — The series consists of a very few personal papers of Archer Toole, and none relating to his early life. The series includes a file of personal testimonials from past employers in Britain which he collected when emigrating to Canada in 1908; a file of miscellaneous personal and business correspondence; and a file of materials relating to his service in the First World War.

M-4794-63 Archer Toole, personal testimonials upon emigrating to Canada from Britain. — 1908
M-4794-64 Correspondence – miscellaneous business and personal. — [1910s-1920s]
M-4794-65 Archer Toole’s First World War papers. — Includes last will and testament as well as war memorabilia.

View war canteen coupon.

Series 4

Memberships, affiliations, etc. — 1916-1940s. — The Tooles were actively involved in a variety of clubs and societies in Calgary. This series documents their activities in groups as diverse as the Ranchmen’s club, St. John Ambulance, and the Calgary and District Beekeepers’ Association

M-4794-66 Alberta Military Institute. — 1940s
M-4794-67 Canadian Legion. — 1940s
M-4794-68 The Royal Overseas Officers Club – Ladies Club. — 1917
M-4794-69 Christ Church, Calgary – miscellaneous papers. — 1920s-1950s
M-4794-70 Ranchmen’s Club. — 1920s
M-4794-71 Sports clubs – tennis, badminton, golf, skating and jockey clubs. — 1920s
M-4794-72 St. John Ambulance certificate. — 1915; Convalescent Hospital, England. – 1916
M-4794-73 Ladies societies
M-4794-74 Boy Scouts. — 1930s
M-4794-75 Elbow Park Residents’ Association
M-4794-76 Calgary and Distric Beekeepers’ Association

Series 5

Personal and social. — 1909-1928 and n.d. — The series consists of records of a variety of day to day personal business and social activities, including medically-related services, life insurance, correspondence with private schools reagarding enrolment of the Toole’s son William, invitations, programs, and others.

M-4794-77 Medical miscellany. — Includes doctors, nurses, opticians and pharmacy accounts, prescriptions, and Calgary Group Nursing Society agreement.
M-4794-78 The Montessori School. — Informational brochure and correspondence about enrolling son William.
M-4794-79 Trinity College School. — Correspondence about enrolling son William.
M-4794-80 Real estate. — Includes property and mortgage information.
M-4794-81 Life insurance. — Correspondence regarding policies.
M-4794-82 Invitations
M-4794-83 Programs
M-4794-84 Dance cards
M-4794-85 Description of dance at Athabasca landing. — 1909
M-4794-86 Scrapbook of social and sporting events in Regina and Calgary. — [ca. 1910-1915]
M-4794-87 Bridge tallies
M-4794-88 Liquor permits. — 1926-1928
M-4794-89 Gun registration
M-4794-90 Astrological reading
M-4794-91 Motels. — Accounts and reservations.

Series 6

Financial. — 1910-1950s. — Some indication of the Toole’s financial situation can be gathered from these files. In addition to a large file containing their investment interests, there are household account books, store account books, and some banking information.

M-4794-92 Investments
M-4794-93 Income tax
M-4794-94 Banking – Ireland, England and Canada
M-4794-95 Household account books. — 1915-1916, 1926-1928, 1939-1943
M-4794-96 IOUs. — 1927. — Archer Toole’s debts to Toole, Peet and Company
M-4794-97 Store accounts, Canada. — 1920s-1950s
M-4794-98 Store accounts, overseas. — 1910-1920s
M-4794-99 Union Milk company price lists. — 1920s-1950s

Series 7

Cards, pamphlets, scrapbooks, etc. — 1891-1956. — The series consists of a variety of materials including souvenir booklets, circulars, pamphlets, cards of various sorts (Christmas cards, greeting cards, calling cards, postcards) calendars and newspaper clippings relating to family members.

M-4794-100 Souvenir booklets for E.P. Ranch (n.d.), Calgary Stampede (1912), and Wexford, Ireland (1940)
M-4794-101 Circulars
M-4794-102 Pamphlets
M-4794-103 Christmas cards
M-4794-104 Christmas cards
M-4794-105 Christmas cards
M-4794-106 Greeting cards and personal calling cards
M-4794-107 Postcards
M-4794-108 Calendars. — 1912-1948 [incomplete series]
M-4794-109 Miscellaneous items on Lost Lemon Mine and Peigan Post
M-4794-110 Newspaper clippings
M-4794-111 Scrapbook. — [ca. 1891]. — Consists of a collection of pictures cut from magazines for a young child.
M-4794-111a Scrapbook. — [ca. 1896]. — Consists of a collection of pictures cut from magazines for a young child.
M-4794-112 Scrapbook. — [ca. 1901]. — Includes photographs of Phoebe’s relatives and their home in Ireland.
M-4794-113 Scrapbook. — [ca. 1920s]. — Consists of a collection of pictures cut from magazines.
M-4794-114 Scrapbook. — 1934-1956. — Consists of newspaper clippings regarding Colonel Sanders’ career and death (1955) and Mrs. Sanders’ death (1938).


William John Archer Toole papers

Series 8

Personal school records. — 1927-1949. –The records in this fonds of William Toole are much less substantial than those of his paents. The series consists of grades obtained at school and the University of Alberta, a fraternity membership card, and a leter regarding the registration of his birth. Although vital statistics acknowledges the registration as “William Archer John Toole”, he appears to have been more commonly known as “W.J.A. Toole”.

M-4794-115 Letter from Vital Statistics regarding birth certificate. — 1927
M-4794-116 Calgary School Board report cards, Grades 9 and 10. — 1941-1943. — Includes Strathcona Boys’ School identifcation card.
M-4794-117 University of Alberta – Statement of grades. — 1949
M-4794-118 Membership card, Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. — 1948

Series 9

Personal correspondence. — 1932-1950. — The letters in this series date from between 1932 and 1949. In addition to correspondence with his parents, friends and relatives, there is a large folder of letters to him from Jean Anderson dating from 1949 and 1950. William Toole married Jean in 1951.

M-4794-119 Letters to parents. — 1932, 1940, 1946-1949
M-4794-120 Letters from parents. — 1945-1946
M-4794-121 Letters to Santa Claus. — 1934, 1935, n.d.; Letters from friends and relatives. — 1939-1951, n.d.
M-4794-122 Letters from Jean Anderson. — 1949-1950, n.d.
M-4794-123 Archer Toole’s correspondence regarding a summer job for William. — 1946

Series 10

Memberships, education and social activities. — 1940-1950. – Like his father and grandfather before him, William Toole was involved in the armed forces. He attended the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School for at least one summer (1948) and was also involved in the Canadian Officers’ Training Corps. His educational career is fairly well documented, including numerous school notebooks and exams as well as information on Trinity College School – a private school in Port Hope, Ontario which he attended for several years in the mid-1940s – and a University of Alberta convocation program for 1946, the year he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. The last few files include invitations, programs and cards.

M-4794-124 George McLeod’s Crimson Trail Riders Club notices. — 1940
M-4794-125 Delta Kappa Epsilon House Association notices. — 1950
M-4794-126 Canadian Officers’ Training Corps, and Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School. — 1947-1948
M-4794-127 Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario and correspondence. — 1940, 1946-1949
M-4794-128 Trinity College School calendars. — 1944-1947; football programs. — 1944; Speech Day programs. — 1946
M-4794-129 School tests
M-4794-130 Grade 9 Calgary School Board and Departmental Exams. — 1942
M-4794-131 School notes and notebooks – Elementary and Junior High School (?)
M-4794-132 School notebooks – University and High School (?)
M-4794-133 University of Alberta, correspondence regarding entrance. — 1946
M-4794-134 Unversity of Alberta convocation program. — May 1949
M-4794-135 Invitations and programs
M-4794-136 Cards and postcards
M-4794-137 Account of party written by William Toole; and horoscope

Series 11

Toole / Sanders / Jukes family photographs. — [ca. 1880s-1960s]. — 1743 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-148 Toole, Sanders and Jukes families; North-West Mounted Police. — [ca. 1890s-1960s]. — 287 photographs
PB-51 North-West Mounted Police veterans, Colonel Samuel Steele, Bow River near Banff, Colonel Sanders, etc. — n.d. — 11 photographs
PC-124 Toole, Sanders and Jukes families; North-West Mounted Police. — 1887-1927. — 13 photographs
PD-14 Toole, Sanders and Jukes families; North-West Mounted Police. — [ca. 1880s-1930s]. — 10 photograph albums
PE-3 19th Alberta Dragoons. — [ca. 1914-1919]. — 1 panoramic photograph
NA-919 North-West Mounted Police personalities and views. — 1878-1901. — 73 photographs. — Many of these are copies of the original prints in the family albums (PD-14).
NA-2788 Toole, Sanders and Jukes families; North-West Mounted Police. — 1905-1916. — 95 photographs. — Many of these are copies of the original prints in the family albums (PD-14).