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Tom Wilson fonds

Series 1

Correspondence. — 1893-1934. — Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.

M-1322-1 Correspondence – A. — 1896-1901. — Includes correspondence with or about Phillip S. Abbott, Silas Abraham (Stoney), Samuel E.S. Allen, caribou, and taxidermy.
M-1322-2 Correspondence – B. — 1895-1934. — Includes correspondence with or about G.P. Baker, Robert L. Barrett, Dwight James Baum, John Bearspaw (Stoney), H.A. Beatty, Morley Beaver (Stoney). Harry M. Beck, Jonas Bigstony (Stoney), Charles A. Bramble, G.D. Brophy, Sir George Mclean Brown, John Murray Gibbon, and CPR timetables.
M-1322-3 Correspondence – C. — 1898-1933. — Includes correspondence with A.B. Caeder, J.C. Campbell, J. Norman Collie, and Hector Crawler (Stoney).
M-1322-4 Correspondence – D. — 1896-1932. — Includes correspondence with Guy Davenport, George M. Dawson, B. Deville, and Howard Douglas.
M-1322-5 Correspondence – E. — 1927. — Includes correspondence with Earle Hooker Eaton.
M-1322-6 Correspondence – F. — 1895-1928. — Includes correspondence with Charles E. Fay.
M-1322-7 Correspondence – G. — 1903-1934. — Includes correspondence with John Murray Gibbon.
M-1322-8 Correspondence – H. — 1897-1933. — Includes correspondence with Jean Habel, George H. Ham, J.B. Harkin, Joshua Hunter (Stoney),
M-1322-9 Correspondence – J. — 1922-1929. — Includes correspondence with or about J.A. Jaffary, Royal Canadian Mounted Police amusements, and the Alberta Provincial Library.
M-1322-10 Correspondence – K. — 1928-1932. — Includes correspondence with L.T. Keelie.
M-1322-11 Correspondence – L. — 1902-1930. — Includes correspondence with Agnes C. Laut.
M-1322-12 Correspondence – M. — 1895-1933. — Includes correspndence with or about M. McDonald, John McDougall, James A. Macmillan, H.T. Mathews, S.H. Mitchell, and the Alpine Club of Canada.
M-1322-13 Correspondence – N. — 1925-1927. — Includes correspondence with Newton Newkirk, Frederick Niven, and Walter J. Nixon.
M-1322-14 Correspondence – O. — 1908-1927. — Includes correspondence with Frederick Ogilvy, Geoffrey O’Hara, and Frank Oliver.
M-1322-15 Correspondence – P. — 1902-1926. — Includes correspondence with Elizabeth Parker, and William Pearce.
M-1322-16 Correspondence – R. — 1904-1931. — Includes correspondence with Ralph Reed, Harold W. Riley, A.B. Rogers, and Mary G. Rundle.
M-1322-17 Correspondence – S. — 1900-1933. — Includes correspondence with or about Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Charles Schaffer, Arthur L. Sifton, Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association, Paul Standard, Samuel Benfield Steele, and Ken Start.
M-1322-18 Correspondence – T. — 1897-1934. — Includes correspondence with P.E. Thian, Charles S. Thompson, and A.E. Tregent.
M-1322-19 Correspondence – U,V,W,Z. — 1893-1933. — Includes correspondence with or about James Walker, J.M. Wardle, P.S. Warren, Peter Wesley (Stoney), Arthur O. Wheeler, Edward Whymper, T.C. Zamaski, J.B. Harkin, Mary Schaffer, Alpine Club of Canada, Devil’s Head Mountain, Floe Lake, Fort Steele, Lake Louise. Moraine Lake, Mt. Assiniboine Park, and geographical names.
M-1322-20 General correspondence. — 1895-1933. — Includes correspondence about the Alpine Club of Canada.

Series 2

Personal papers. — 1879-1934, 1954

M-1321 Autobiographical account of tourist and outfitting business in Banff and vicinity from 1882 to 1906. — [written ca. 1906-1933]. — 9 pages.
M-4223 Biography. — 1929. — 72 pages. — Consists of a biography based on interviews with Thomas E. Wilson in Banff by W.E. Round. It is mainly written in the first person, and was published as Trail Blazer of the Canadian Rockies by Glenbow in 1972.
M-1322-21 T.E. Wilson’s certificates. — 1879-1930. — Consists of certificates relating to his discharge from the Field Battery Militia of Canada (1879); New York Zoological Society (1900); National Geographic Society (1909); and Pioneer’s Certificate (1930). Includes brand record (1915) and agreement with the CPR to run a livery business at Field and Laggan (1902)
M-1323 T.E. Wilson’s North-West Mounted Police discharge certificate (1881); and share certificate for Diamond No. 2 Ltd. and Fidelity Oil and Gas Ltd. (1914-1915).
M-1322-22 Articles and notes about Rocky Mountains history and personalities. — 1903-1927 and n.d. — Includes information about Samuel E.S. Allen, George M. Dawson, William Henry, Agnes Knox, geograhical names, Reverend Robert Terrill Rundle, Edward Whymper and Walter D. Wilcox.
M-1324 Correspondence, newspaper clippings re exploration and mountaineering in the Rockies. — 1905-1922.
M-6326 Correspondence, newspaper clippings re Major A.B. Rogers, T.E. Wilson and the Canadian Pacific Railway. — 1885-1927.
M-1322-23 Various. — 1903-1934. — Includes Stoney welcome to Governor General, Duke of Connaught [copy only]; Masonic lodge leaflet; and miscellaneous cards. Includes information about Edward Whymper.
M-3178 Various. — 1910, 1920. — Includes Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) historical pageant leaflet (1910); and Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association invitation (1920).
M-1322-24 Newspaper clippings. — 1927-1933. — Includes historical article about Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR); biographical articles about T.E. Wilson; and obituary of William Pearce.
M-1322-25 Letter from T. Wilson to John Murray Gibbon. — 1923. — Consists of reminiscences about Columbia Valley excursion and staking his claim in 1884.
M-1322-26 F.V. Langstaff letters re Banff area pioneers. — 1954. — Consists of letter to Fred Tabuteau re the Tabuteau family; and letter to Ernest Feuz re the O’Hara Hut.
M-1322-27 “A Great Canadian Pioneer” by John Murray Gibbon. — 1934. — Consist of words and music to a song about Tom Wilson.
M-1322-28 Tom Wilson’s newspaper obituaries. — 1933.
M-1322-29 Journal of pack trip from Lake Louise to Kootenay Plains, by Elizabeth “Bessy” Wilson. — 1916
M-1322-30 T.E. Wilson’s scrapbook [copies only]. — 1902-1933. — Consists of newspaper clippings re Tom Wilson’s activities, Canadian Alpine Club, and various pioneers, including Mrs. Magnus Begg, Mrs. John Graham, Father Albert Lacombe, Norman Luxton, Mrs. George McDougall, Mrs. Alexander Matheson, Otto brothers, William Pearce, Andrew Sibbald and John Wilson. Includes illustrated note from Sir. William Van Horne (1908); letter from Madison Grant (1902); letter to Albert Rogers from T. Wilson (1923); and document by which Wilson relinquished Kootenay Plains.

Series 3

Photographs. — [ca. 1857]-1938. — 210 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-223 Portraits and views of Stoneys taken by Tom Wilson, Banff guide. — n.d. — 67 photographs
PA-285 Portraits of Rocky Mountain explorers and climbers. — n.d. — 10 photographs
PB-82 Portrains of mountain explorers and CPR personalities. — n.d. — 4 photographs
PB-163 John Murray Gibbon, Banff. — 1929. — 1 photograph
PC-22 Portrait of Reverend Robert T. Rundle. — n.d. — 1 photograph
NA-210 John Bearspaw and Thomas Chiniki, Stoneys. — 1904. — 2 photographs
NA-345 Early Calgary, Silver, Banff Rockies, Edward Whymper and James Hector, masonic climbing part, Morley, and Stoneys. — [ca. 1880s]-1938. — 32 photographs
NA-588 John Palliser and James Hector. — [ca. 1857]. — 1 photograph
NA-633 Banff personalities including Sibbalds, Carl Rungius, Frank Beatty, Bill Potts, and David Galletly. — [ca. 1900-1929]. — 11 photographs
NA-673 Banff views and groups; houses of ill repute in Calgary; Nordegg views; Brazeau Collieries. — 1888-1927. — 27 photographs
NA-696 Tom Wilson’s pack outfit and trading post. — [ca. 1896-1911]. — 2 photographs
NA-808 John Palliser [detail]. — [ca. 1857]. — 1 photograph
NA-822 Banff curling rink. — 1899. — 1 photograph
NA-930 Railway construction camp, Rogers Pass. — 1885. — 1 photograph
NA-1023 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) officials, Stoney Creek, British Columbia. — 1894. — 1 photograph
NA-1094 Banff, Rocky Mountain House and Blackfoot Crossing. — 1898-1927. — 5 photographs
NA-1263 Banff, Rocky Mountains, Stoneys and Kootenay Plains. — 1883-1928. — 36 photographs
NA-1669 Stoneys, Kootenay Plains and Colonel O’Hara. — 1904-[ca. 1929]. — 4 photographs
NA-1949 Major A.B. Rogers. — n.d. — 1 photograph
NA-2512 Tom Wilson and Charlie Leroy. — 1907 and [ca. 1910]. — 2 photographs