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Thomlinson Family fonds

Series 1

Seed business. — 1928-1997; (predominant 1940-1995). — The Thomlinsons began their successful seed business in 1939 when they seeded the first alfalfa in their district. Graeme Thomlinson subsequently produced pedigreed seed, for which he won many awards at seed fairs. He was very active in the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA), and in Alberta and Peace River seed organizations as well. — Consists of CSGA membership certificates and service awards; correspondence about the seed operations; crop certificates and crop inspection reports; seed testing certificates; acreage crop reports; and prize ribbons from seed fairs.

M-8698-1 Graeme Thomlinson’s service awards from the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. — 1957-1959
M-8698-2 Alberta Seed Growers’ Cooperative. — 1946-1952. — Consists of annual reports.
M-8698-3 Alberta Seed Growers’ Cooperative. — 1942-1956. — Consists of members’ seed statements and correspondence.
M-8698-4 Peace River Cooperative Seed Growers’ Association. — 1928, 1944-1950. — Consists of articles of association, and members’ settlement statements.
M-8698-5 Peace River Seed Co-op Ltd. — 1972-1987. — Consists of growers’ weight records, Board of Directors report, and financial statement.
M-8698-6 SeCan Association. — 1977, 1985-1991. — Consists of membership lists, levy and royalties reports, and circulars.
M-8698-7 Authorized establishments. — 1971-1972, 1980-1988. — Consists of authorized establishment procedures and manual; correspondence with, and circulars from, Agriculture Canada; and declaration of authorized seed establishment by Thomlinson.
M-8698-8 Seed fairs. — 1978, 1983-1989. — Consists of catalogues and lists of winners.
M-8698-9 Canadian Western Agribition. — 1985-1988, 1991. — Consists of seven ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed.
M-8698-10 Savanna Agricultural Society. — 1974-1989. — Consists of 28 ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed and other produce, including raspberries and rhubarb.
M-8698-11 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto. — 1985- 1989, 1991. — Consists of eight ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed. For his “Champion” ribbon, see file M-8698-17.
M-8698-12 Rycroft Agricultural Society. — 1986 and nd. — Consists of 17 ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed and produce.
M-8698-13 Grande Prairie County Fair. — 1977-1986. — Consists of 17 ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed and produce.
M-8698-14 British Columbia Provincial Seed Fair. — 1986, 1987. — Consists of two ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed.
M-8698-15 Annual Peace Country Classic Agri-Show Seed Fair. — [ca. 1980s]. — Consists of three ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed.
M-8698-16 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Brandon, Seed Show. — 1986. — Consists of one ribbon won by Thomlinson for his seed. For his “Champion” ribbons, see M-8698-17.
M-8698-17 “Champion” ribbons from seed fairs. — 1986-1989 and nd. — Consists of ribbons won by Thomlinson for his seed at Edmonton Northlands ([ca. 1980s]; five ribbons); Calgary Seed Fair and Hay Show (1986 and nd; three ribbons); Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (1987; one ribbon); Ag Expo Provincial Seed Fair (1986, 1987; two ribbons); Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Brandon (1986, 1989; two ribbons).
M-8698-18 Seed orders and sales. — 1958, 1986 and nd
M-8698-19 Seed business correspondence. — 1928- 1969
M-8698-20 Seed business correspondence. — 1970- 1997
M-8698-21 Seed cleaning and handling. — 1953-1954, 1974- 1985. — Consists of brochures of, and correspondence with, companies producing seed-related equipment.
M-8698-22 “Thomlinson Seed Records”. — 1936-1987. — Consists of a notebook recording acreage and registration numbers of various seed crops.
M-8698-23 Crop certificates. — 1941-1966. — Issued by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association.
M-8698-24 Crop certificates. — 1967-1977. — Issued by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. See also M-8698-25-36 for crop certificates for specific crops.
M-8698-25 Aurora Alsike Clover. — 1961-1962, 1983-1989. — Consists of crop certificate, harvesting guidelines, and correspondence about crop.
M-8698-26 Bonanza Barley. — 1979-1987. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-27 Boreal Creeping Red Fescue. — 1978-1987. — Consists of crop certificates, and study of red fescue in the Hythe district.
M-8698-28 Calibre Oats. — 1986-1987. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-29 Forage seed. — 1977-1986. — Consists of guidelines for pedigreed forage seed production, crop inspection reports, and applications for foundation forage seed.
M-8698-30 Gateway Barley. — 1955-1961. — Consists of correspondence about the crop, and control sample certificates.
M-8698-31 Gateway Barley. — 1981-1984. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-32 Heartland Barley. — 1986-1990. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-33 Jackson Barley. — 1986-1990. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-34 Otal Barley. — 1984-1987. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-35 Random Oats. — 1978-1986. — Consists of crop certificates.
M-8698-36 Span Rapeseed [Canola]. — 1969-1973. — Consists of correspondence about the crop and its erucic acid content and crop inspection documents.
M-8698-37 Elite Stock / Foundation Stock certificates. — 1945- 1966. — Consists of certificates for Vanguard, Newal, and Gateway Barley.
M-8698-38 Canadian Seed Growers’ Association membership certificates. — 1940-1960
M-8698-39 Applications for crop inspection and membership in Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. — 1966-1985
M-8698-40 Crop Inspection Reports. — 1941-1949, 1954-1959, 1961, 1963-1969
M-8698-41 Crop Inspection Reports. — 1970-1972, 1976-1976, 1978-1986
M-8698-42 Personal CSGA Pedigreed Crop Production Records. — 1972-1995
M-8698-43 Control Sample Certificates. — 1941-1959
M-8698-44 Seed Testing Certificates. — 1965, 1968- 1989
M-8698-45 Select Plots Production Reports. — 1976- 1989
M-8698-46 Acreage Crop Reports (for Statistics Canada). — 1958-1983. — Includes Thomlinson’s sketches showing which crops were grown on which land over a series of years.
M-8698-47 Weed location maps and descriptions. — 1983
M-8698-48 Seed publications. — 1960-1986. — Consists of regulations for pedigreed seed crops, list of crops inspected in Alberta, and brochure on certified seed.
M-8698-49 Plant breeders rights. — 1979 and nd

Series 2

Farm accounts and records of activities. — 1941-1975. — Consists of farm account books, cashbooks, and receipts books. Includes dairy herd breeding records.

M-8698-50 Farm account book. — 1941-1943. — Includes diary of activities, 1940-1943, in the back.
M-8698-51 Farm account book. — 1945-1955
M-8698-52 Farm account book. — 1958
M-8698-53 Farm account book. — 1961
M-8698-54 Farm account book. — 1963
M-8698-55 Farm accounts [computer printout]. — 1975
M-8698-56 “Farmer’s Pocket Ledger” [cashbooks]. — 1950, 1952-1955, 1957
M-8698-57 “Farmer’s Pocket Ledger” [cashbooks]. — [ca. 1958], 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964
M-8698-58 Farm receipt books. — 1945-1957, 1961- 1962
M-8698-59 Stable Breeding Record (Department of Agriculture, Dairy Branch). — 1947-1953

Series 3

Income tax returns. — 1949-1993. — Consists of rough copies of Graeme and Marion Thomlinson’s income tax returns. Many files also include Thomlinson’s various calculations related to his annual expenses.

M-8698-60 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1949
M-8698-61 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1951
M-8698-62 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1952
M-8698-63 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1953
M-8698-64 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1954
M-8698-65 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1955
M-8698-66 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1956
M-8698-67 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1957
M-8698-68 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1958
M-8698-69 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1959
M-8698-70 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1960
M-8698-71 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1961
M-8698-72 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1962. — Partial form only.
M-8698-73 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1963
M-8698-74 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1964
M-8698-75 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1965
M-8698-76 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1966
M-8698-77 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1967
M-8698-78 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1968
M-8698-79 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1969
M-8698-80 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1970. — Partial form only.
M-8698-81 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1971
M-8698-82 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1972. — Consists only of rough notes.
M-8698-83 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1973
M-8698-84 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1974
M-8698-85 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1975
M-8698-86 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1976
M-8698-87 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1977. — Partial form only.
M-8698-88 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1978. — Rough notes only.
M-8698-89 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1979. — Rough notes only.
M-8698-90 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1980. — Rough notes only.
M-8698-91 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1981. — Rough notes only.
M-8698-92 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1976
M-8698-93 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1977
M-8698-94 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1978
M-8698-95 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1979
M-8698-96 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1980
M-8698-97 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1981
M-8698-98 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1982
M-8698-99 Marion Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1983
M-8698-100 Graeme Thomlinson’s expenses. — 1988. — Consists of rough calculations, probably used for his income tax return.
M-8698-101 Graeme Thomlinson’s income tax return. — 1991- 1993. — Consists of notices of assessment.

Series 4

Munro Presbyterian Church. — 1949-1996; (predominant 1962-1996). — Munro Presbyterian Church at Blueberry Mountain was organized in 1936. Initially, a minister from Wanham travelled to Blueberry Mountain and held services in private homes and later the community hall. In 1948 it was decided to build a church, which was completed and dedicated on July 29, 1951. Brian Thomlinson, the son of Graeme and Marion Thomlinson, was baptized at this dedication service. Graeme was elected to the Board of Managers shortly after the church was built, became an Elder (Member of Session) in 1956, and the Clerk of Session in 1973. He continues in these positions. He also served as treasurer of the church from 1975 to 1996. — Consists of annual reports, statistics, account book, property titles, income tax returns, and programs of services.

M-8698-102 Annual reports. — 1964-1967, 1974, 1976- 1981
M-8698-103 Annual reports. — 1982-1996
M-8698-104 Minutes of annual congregational meetings. — 1962-1965, 1971, 1979
M-8698-105 Board of Managers minutes. — 1966- 1969
M-8698-106 Miscellaneous correspondence. — 11978, 1982, 1983, 1987, 1995
M-8698-107 Annual statistics reports. — 1975-1991. — Compiled for the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
M-8698-108 Budgets and treasurer’s reports. — 1969-1970, 1976-1980, 1984-1988, 1991-1992, 1996
M-8698-109 Treasurer’s Accounts [account book]. — 1980- 1993
M-8698-110 Insurance on church. — 1979-1995
M-8698-111 Church property. — 1949, 1979-1980. — Consists of property titles, and correspondence about church expansion.
M-8698-112 Church extension plans. — 1979. — Consists of Thomlinson’s rough sketches and calculations of cost.
M-8698-113 Income tax returns. — 1975-1991
M-8698-114 Programs of services (calendars). — 1977
M-8698-115 Programs of services (calendars). — 1978
M-8698-116 Programs of services (calendars). — 1979
M-8698-117 Programs of services (calendars). — 1980
M-8698-118 Miscellaneous programs of services. — 1962-1964, 1973-1995
M-8698-119 Growth : A History and Anthology of the Synod of Alberta of the Presbyterian Church in Canada / The Synod’s History Committee. — 1968. — A brief history of Munro Presbyterian Church appears on page 45.

Series 5

Peace River Presbyterial Women’s Missionary Society. — 1949-1971. — The Peace River Presbyterial, Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) was organized in 1949 as an umbrella group for local WMS groups in the region, which had previously fallen under the jurisdiction of the Edmonton Presbyterial. Member WMSs included Fort St. John, Blueberry Mountain (founded in 1936), Flying Shot, Grande Prairie, Brownvale, Last Lake, Bear Lake, Gordondale, Wanham, and Dixonville. Marion Thomlinson was active in both the local and the regional group, and served as secretary of the Peace River Presbyterial WMS from 1957 to 1962. — Consists of minutes, annual reports, and correspondence.

M-8698-120 Minutes. — 1949-1952
M-8698-121 Minutes. — 1952-1962
M-8698-122 Annual reports. — 1949-1953
M-8698-123 Annual reports. — 1954-1955
M-8698-124 Annual reports. — 1955-1956
M-8698-125 Annual reports. — 1956-1958
M-8698-126 Annual reports. — 1959-1961
M-8698-127 Annual reports. — 1962-1964
M-8698-128 Annual reports. — 1965-1968 and nd
M-8698-129 Correspondence. — 1951, 1954-1966, 1969
M-8698-130 Circulars from the national Women’s Missionary Society. — 1954-1956
M-8698-131 Blank stationery and envelopes. — nd
M-8698-132 Blueberry Mountain Women’s Missionary Society. — [ca. 1971], 1997. — Consists of brief histories of the Society, and a letter written by Graeme Thomlinson regarding the disposal of some of the records.

Series 6

Peace River Presbytery. — 1964-1998. — Graeme Thomlinson was active in the Peace River Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. He served as the treasurer of the Presbytery from 1985 to 1986. He also represented the Peace River Presbytery on the national “Rural and Remote Ministries” Task Force, 1986-1988, and “Cluster Ministries Task Force”, 1994-1995. — Consists of minutes, circulars, and treasurer’s papers. Includes minutes, correspondence, submissions and reports of the “Rural and Remote Ministries Task Force”.

M-8698-133 Minutes and circulars. — 1964-1965
M-8698-134 Minutes and circulars. — 1969-1975
M-8698-135 Minutes. — 1976-1978
M-8698-136 Minutes. — 1979-1980
M-8698-137 Minutes. — 1981-1983
M-8698-138 Minutes. — 1984-1985
M-8698-139 Minutes. — 1986
M-8698-140 Minutes. — 1987
M-8698-141 Minutes. — 1988
M-8698-142 Minutes. — 1989
M-8698-143 Minutes. — 1990
M-8698-144 Minutes. — 1991
M-8698-145 Minutes. — 1992
M-8698-146 Minutes and circulars. — 1993
M-8698-147 Minutes and circulars. — 1994
M-8698-148 Minutes and circulars. — 1995
M-8698-149 Minutes and circulars. — 1996
M-8698-150 Minutes and circulars. — 1997
M-8698-151 Minutes and circulars. — 1998
M-8698-152 Graeme Thomlinson’s papers as treasurer. — 1965- 1986. — Consists of correspondence and financial statements.
M-8698-153 Rural and Remote Ministries Task Force. — 1986- 1988. — Consists of minutes, correspondence and reports.
M-8698-154 Rural and Remote Ministries Task Force. — 1988. — Consists of submissions.
M-8698-155 Cluster Ministries. — 1994-1995
M-8698-156 Positions on Baptism and teaching the young. — [ca. 1986-1988]
M-8698-157 Lists of ministers and student in the Presbytery. — 1933-1990

Series 7

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) / New Democratic Party (NDP). — 1939-1997. — Graeme Thomlinson, like his father Earle, was active in the CCF / NDP. He ran, unsuccessfully, as a CCF candidate for the riding of Spirit River in the 1952 and 1955 provincial elections. He served in executive capacities in both the provincial and federal CCF / NDP constituency associations. Provincially the constituency was known as Spirit River until 1971, as Spirit River- Fairview from 1972 to 1985, and as Dunvegan from 1986 onward. Federally, the constituency is Peace River. — Consists of CCF / NDP circulars, membership lists, campaign materials, poll results, publications, and administrative records of the provincial and federal constituency associations. — Other records of the Peace River federal constituency and Spirit River provincial constituency are held by the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Photocopies are available in these papers.

M-8698-158 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. — 1940- 1949. — Consists of letter from Harold E. Winch; Alberta CCF Convention ribbon; and thank you letter to Earle Thomlinson for contributing to Woodsworth House.
M-8698-159 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. — 1950- 1959. — Consists of membership records for Spirit River and Grouard provincial ridings; and Clarence John Lampert’s nomination material for Peace River federal constituency.
M-8698-160 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation / New Democratic Party. — 1960-1969. — The name changed from CCF to NDP in 1961. — Consists of minutes, membership lists, and financial statements for Spirit River provincial and Peace River federal constituencies; circulars from the provincial and federal New Democratic parties; and Bert Strand campaign literature.
M-8698-161 New Democratic Party. — 1970-1974. — Consists of biography of David Lewis; NDP circulars; and newsclippings about Grant Notley.
M-8698-162 New Democratic Party. — 1975-1979. — Consists of provincial membership numbers; Notice of Poll for 1979 election; and miscellaneous correspondence of Graeme Thomlinson as secretary-treasurer of Peace River federal constituency.
M-8698-163 New Democratic Party. — 1980-1984. — Consists of minutes and correspondence of Spirit River-Fairview provincial constituency; lists of electors; minutes and financial statements of Peace River federal constituency; and NDP circulars.
M-8698-164 New Democratic Party. — 1985-1989. — Consists of minutes of Spirit River-Fairview provincial constituency (called Dunvegan after 1985); lists of NDP members in the Peace River area; lists of electors; and NDP circulars.
M-8698-165 New Democratic Party. — 1990-1997. — Consists of minutes of Dunvegan provincial constituency; lists of electors; NDP circulars; and Jacquie Gaboury campaign materials.
M-8698-166 Provincial election. — 1952. — Consists of Graeme Thomlinson’s campaign notebook, correspondence, background material, and returning officer’s reports on numbers of ballots at the polls.
M-8698-167 Radio broadcasts. — 1952. — Consists of typescripts of radio broadcasts by Graeme Thomlinson during the election campaign.
M-8698-168 Radio broadcasts. — 1952. — Consists of typescripts of radio broadcasts by A.J.E. Liesemer, Art Thornton, Mrs. Winnifred Scott, Floyd Johnson, Harold Bronson, Roy Jamha, and Mr. H.P. Finnamore.
M-8698-169 Provincial election. — 1955. — Consists of Graeme Thomlinson’s campaign materials.
M-8698-170 Radio broadcasts. — 1955. — Consists of typescripts of radio broadcasts by Graeme Thomlinson, Art Thornton, Bill Irvine, Miss Mary Crawford, and Floyd Johnson.
PE-180-1 Photograph of the 13th National Convention CCF [Cooperative Commonwealth Federation], Macdonald Hotel, Edmonton. — July 1954. — Consists of Well Studio photograph of the delegates seated at tables.
M-8698-171a Campaign posters. — 1955-1971. — Consists of Graeme Thomlinson’s campaign posters for the 1955 provincial election; and posters for Uri Powell (1963), Bert M. Strand (1967), and Grant Notley [ca. 1971].
M-8698-171b Political buttons. — [ca. 1950s-1980s]. — 10 buttons. — Consist of a CCF enamelled pin, Graeme Thomlinson’s name button from an Alberta New Democratic Party policy conference, and buttons entitled: “Notley”, “Audrey”, “Gurnett”, “Guertin”, “Martin”, Elroy Diemert: new directions for the Peace”, “Ed: Save Petrocan”, and “Save Petrocan: Sell Clark”.
M-8698-172 Peace River federal constituency (CCF). — 1940-1954. — In 1984 Graeme Thomlinson donated the originals of these records to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, which in turn supplied him with this photocopy. — Consists of photocopies of the minute books and cashbook of the organization. The PAA call number for the original records is 84.430.
M-8698-173 Peace River federal constituency (NDP). — 1965-1967. — Consists of Graeme Thomlinson’s correspondence as secretary of the organization.
M-8698-174 Peace River federal constituency (NDP). — 1968-1991. — Consists of financial statements kept by Graeme Thomlinson and other treasurers of the organization.
M-8698-175 Spirit River provincial constituency (CCF). — 1939-1960. — In 1984 Graeme Thomlinson donated the originals of these records to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, which in turn supplied him with this photocopy. — Consists of photocopies of minutes, financial statements, and a membership list. The PAA call number for the original records is 84.430.
M-8698-176 New Democratic Party constitutions (federal). — 1979, 1981, 1987, 1991
M-8698-177 Grant Notley. — 1984. — Consists of newsclippings about his death in an airplane crash, and a program for his memorial service.
M-8698-178 Grant Notley campaign literature. — 1971, 1978, and nd
M-8698-179 Team Captains’ Training Workshop, Grande Prairie. — 1988. — Consists of Graeme Thomlinson’s workshop materials.
M-8698-180 Photograph of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation Alberta Provincial Convention, Calgary. — November 1946
M-8698-181 Photograph of Graeme Thomlinson at the New Democratic Party Convention, Ottawa. — 1995. — In the photograph he is shaking hands with Lorne Nystrom, who has also autographed the image.
M-8698-182 William Irvine publications. — 1936, 1944, and nd
M-8698-183 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and socialist publications. — 1940-1948
M-8698-184 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and social publications. — 1951-1959
M-8698-185 New Democratic Party-related publications. — 1960-1965

Series 8

Blueberry Forest Products Co-op Ltd. — 1969-1986. — In 1969 the Blueberry Community Forest was set aside by the Provincial Government for local development. In 1974 Blueberry Forest Products Co-op was established, with funding from the Alberta Opportunity Company, to operate a community sawmill. The venture ran into financial difficulties and by 1983 the sawmill was no longer operating. Graeme Thomlinson operated as secretary of the organization. — Consists of certificate of incorporation, minutes, lists of members, correspondence, financial statements, records of inventory and sales, income tax returns, timber and sawmill permits, and photographs of the mill.

M-8698-186 Peace River Farmers’ Timber Board #1. — 1969- 1973. — Consists of minutes and correspondence.
M-8698-187 Certificate of Incorporation. — 1974
M-8698-188 Minutes. — 1974-1983
M-8698-189 Brief histories of Blueberry Forest Products Co- op.
M-8698-190 Lists of members and Boards of Directors. — 1977- 1984
M-8698-191 Correspondence. — 1974-1979
M-8698-192 Correspondence. — 1980-1982
M-8698-193 Correspondence. — 1983-1984, 1986
M-8698-194 Shareholders’ pledges. — 1980
M-8698-195 Financial statements. — 1976-1982
M-8698-196 Sales journal. — 1978-1979, 1981
M-8698-197 Debentures. — 1976-1977
M-8698-198 Record of Logging and Sawing. — 1980- 1982
M-8698-199 Lumber inventories. — 1974-1981
M-8698-200 Income tax returns. — 1975-1977, 1979
M-8698-201 Timber and sawmill permits. — 1973- 1977
M-8698-202 “Preliminary Blueberry Mountain Community Forest Management Plan” / Alberta Department of Lands and Forests. — 1972
M-8698-203 Photographs of the mill. — [ca. 1975]. — 9 photoprints

Series 9

Graeme and Marion Thomlinson personal papers. — [ca. 1933]-1995. — Consists of Thomlinson and Graham family genealogies, certificates, programs of cultural and agricultural events the family attended, school-related records, and miscellaneous correspondence.

M-8698-204 Genealogical charts for Thomlinson and Graham families. — [ca. 1970s-1980s]. — Some pages have been digitized. View now.
M-8698-205 David Graham’s grade 9 geometry notebook. — [ca. 1933]. — David Graham was the brother of Marion Thomlinson. He was born in 1919.
M-8698-206 Graeme Thomlinson’s “Y.T.” notes. — 1938-1941. – – Consists of material from the Youth Training program.
M-8698-207 Banff trip. — 1947. — Consists of tourist maps, brochures, and letters from hotels.
M-8698-208 Leadership course taken by Graeme Thomlinson. — 1966. — Consists of notes and course materials.
M-8698-209 School newspaper, edited by Neil Thomlinson. — 1970
M-8698-210 Graeme and Marion Thomlinson’s Alberta 75th Anniversary certificates. — 1980
M-8698-211 Newsclipping, “Neil Thomlinson roasted”. — August 9, 1986
M-8698-212 Willie Janssen. — 1992. — Consists of a program for his retirement party, and a thank you letter from him.
M-8698-213 Graeme Thomlinson. — 1947-1959 and nd. — Consists of miscellaneous correspondence and documents.
M-8698-214 Bonanza and District Agricultural Society Annual Fair. — 1988. — Consists of program.
M-8698-215 4-H. — 1965, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1973. — Consists of programs for public speaking competitions and beef shows.
M-8698-216 Grande Prairie events. — 1977, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1988. — Consists of programs for the County Fair, Frontier Days, and the Highland Games.
M-8698-217 Grande Prairie and District Music Festival. — 1968, 1970. — Consists of programs.
M-8698-218 Grande Prairie Little Theatre. — 1988, 1994, 1995. – – Consists of programs.
M-8698-219 Rycroft Agricultural Society. — 1988, 1992. — Consists of programs for annual bench show.
M-8698-220 Rycroft Cooperative Association Ltd. — 1947-1958. — Consists of balance sheet (1947), agenda for meeting (1954), and financial statement (1958).
M-8698-221 Savanna Agricultural Society. — 1979, 1980, 1982, 1988, 1992. — Consists of programs for the annual community fair.
M-8698-222 Silver Valley Rural Electrification Association Ltd. — 1957-1969. — Consists of minutes and correspondence.
M-8698-223 Spirit River Glee Club. — 1951 and nd. — Consists of programs for operettas.
M-8698-224 Spirit River June Jamboree. — 1979, 1997, 1999. — Consists of programs.
M-8698-225 Spirit River Secondary School. — 1972, 1973. — Consists of graduation programs.
M-8698-226 Wanhan plowing matches. — 1977, 1978, 1992. — Consists of programs.
M-8698-227 Miscellaneous church service programs. — 1946- 1947, 1969
M-8698-228 Programs for various events. — 1961-1995. — Consists of programs predominantly for theatre and dance productions.

Series 10

Red Cross swimming lessons. — 1962-1965. — Jack Bird organized the first swimming lessons at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park in July 1962. Lessons continued at the lake until 1976. Families often camped out at the lake while their children took lessons. — Consists of student registration forms, class lists, and correspondence regarding the hiring of instructors.

M-8698-229 Swimming lessons. — 1962
M-8698-230 Swimming lessons. — 1963
M-8698-231 Swimming lessons. — 1964
M-8698-232 Swimming lessons. — 1965

Series 11

Clara and Earle Thomlinson papers. — 1898-1961. — Clara and Earle Thomlinson were the parents of Graeme Thomlinson. Earle Gordon Thomlinson, 1884-1962, was born at Kenton, Manitoba. In 1911 he married Clara Langton, 1883-1961. Graeme was their only child. Earle moved from Manitoba to farm in the Whitburn area of Alberta in 1928. Clara and Graeme joined him the following year. – – Consists of letters written to Earle by his sisters and relatives; photographs of friends and relatives; newsclippings about the family; Clara’s correspondence with Nina Moore Jamieson and Emily Murphy; Earle’s miscellaneous business correspondence; and poetry.

M-8698-233 Letters written by Clara Langton. — 1908, 1911- 1912, 1945. — Consists letters written predominantly to her fianc,, Earle Thomlinson, while she was visiting Great Britain.
M-8698-234 Nina Moore Jamieson. — 1915-1932. — Nina Moore Jamieson of St. George, Ontario was a poet, writer and a personal friend of Clara Thomlinson. — Consists of letters to Clara (nicknamed “Joe”); photographs of herself and her children; newsclippings of her poetry and writings; obituaries; and letters from their mutual friend, Emily Murphy. View now.
M-8698-235 Clara Langton’s postcards and greeting cards. — 1908-1909. — Consists of items from her friends.
M-8698-236 Grace Langton Smith. — 1916, 1932. — Grace was Clara’s sister. She married Fraser W. Smith ca. 1930. — Consists of her teacher’s certificate (1916); and a letter to Clara and Earle Thomlinson (1932).
M-8698-237 Robert Thomlinson. — 1898, 1911. — Robert Thomlinson was Earle’s father. — Consists of a letter from a relative at the Klondike (1898); and the last letter to Earle before his death (1911). View now.
M-8698-238 Eva and Jack Lewis letters. — 1912-1961. — Eva was Earle’s sister. View part 1. View part 2.
M-8698-239 Reba Uptigrove letters. — 1934 and nd. — Reba was Earle’s sister. View now.
M-8698-240 Ada B. Speers Smith letters. — 1922, 1945-1959. — Ada was Earle’s cousin, who served as a doctor-missionary in China.
M-8698-241 Aunt Lil letters. — 1945 and nd. — Aunt Lil and her husband Jack lived in Vancouver.
M-8698-242 Aunt Lulu Dobson letters. — 1934, 1938. — Aunt Lulu lived in Vancouver.
M-8698-243 Graeme and Marion Thomlinson letters. — [ca. 1920s-1948]. — Consists of cards and letters to Earle and Clara from their son and his family.
M-8698-244 Mrs. M.L Row letters. — 1929-1948. — She lived in Langdon, North Dakota.
M-8698-245 Family letters. — 1941-1960. — Consists of letters from various family members, predominantly to Earle,
M-8698-246 Robert Forke. — 1925-1930. — Robert Forke. — 1925-1930. — Robert Forke was elected the Member of Parliament for Brandon in 1921, and replaced T.A. Crerar as leader of the Progressives in 1922. He resigned as House Leader in 1926. — Consists of letters and cards to Earle, a circular addressed to his campaign committee, and a poem about him by “Lucios”, which was published in Toronto Saturday Night.
M-8698-247 “The Letters she never sent”. — 1930. — Consists of letters written to “Terry” by “Anne”, expressing her love for him. The letters are probably the fictional work of Clara Thomlinson, who dreamed of being a writer. They appear to be in her handwriting.
M-8698-248 Wedding announcements. — 1913-1953
M-8698-249 Funeral announcements. — 1893-1946. — Includes the “In Memoriam” card for Robert Thomlinson, Earle’s father. View now.
M-8698-250 Reverend Dr. J. Bready. — 1953. — Consists of obituary and eulogy.
M-8698-251 Earle Thomlinson’s business correspondence. — 1920-1952. — Consists of miscellaneous letters relating to insurance and agricultural matters.
M-8698-252 Farmers’ Union of Alberta (FUA) / United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) Cooperative. — 1948-1957. — Consists of FUA handbook (1954); FUA membership receipt books (1956-1957); and a membership certificate for the UFA Cooperative (1948).
M-8698-253 Earle Thomlinson’s miscellany. — 1925-1933 and nd. — Consists of Shilo, Manitoba church anniversary program (1933); Manitoba threshing record books (1925-1929); and notes for a speech about his old home district (nd).
M-8698-254 Letters to the editor. — 1941. — Consists of letters written by Earle Thomlinson to the Herald Tribune about the United Farmers of Alberta, and Canadian Cooperative Implements.
M-8698-255 Newsclippings. — 1942-1958 and nd. — Consists of articles predominantly about family members. Many articles are from Manitoba newspapers.
M-8698-256 Poetry. — 1916 and nd. — Consists of poetry from newspapers, and handwritten.
M-8698-257 “A Horseman and the West”. — 1932. — Consists of a serial story which appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press.
M-8698-258 Photograph of “Christian Endeavor Convention”. — February 1910. — Consists of a view of a large group of people in front of the town hall in Manitou, Manitoba.
M-8698-259 Photographs. — [before 1911]-[ca. 1940s]. — 18 photoprints. – Consists of views of the Bready / Bond families and homes. Note: 38 other photographs were returned to the donor for identification in 2000. View now.
PE-181-2 Photograph of the “Annual Meeting of the United Grain Growers, Winnipeg, Manitoba. — December 15, 1921. — Consists of a Rembrant Studio panorama of the delegates.

Series 12

Unprocessed records. — [ca. 1940-2000]. — This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.
M-8908 Personal and organizational papers; and records of parents and grandparents. — [ca. 1940-2000]. — 2 m of textual records