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Theodora McKay fonds

Series 1 Theodora McKay – First World War. — 1916-1920

First World War correspondence. — 1916-1920. — Consists of letters written to Theodora Paynter, who served as a nurse at No. 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station in France. Includes letters from Ralph M. Burman, soldier on the front line; Howard C. Green, soldier on the front line (and later politician and Minister in Diefenbaker Government); M.I. Burns, nursing sister at the No. 5 General Hospital, BEF, France; Buckingham Palace re Theodora’s Royal Red Cross decoration; and No. 10 Manitoba Military Hospital re reporting for duty after the war.

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M-6245-15 No. 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. — 1918. — Consists of military orders, plan of the camp, and copy of Clearings booklet, with articles and photographs of the No. 4 CCCS. View now.
M-6245-6b First World War memorabilia. — 1918-1919. — Consists of dance cards and greeting cards.
M-6245-22 First World War memorabilia. — 1917-1919 and n.d. — Consists of programs for concerts by various military regiments; lists of gifts brought back to family and friends from overseas; entertainment committee list (Sister Paynter is head of serving committee); letterhead for HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses; and “Pigeon Service Message Book” for sending messages by passenger pigeon post;
M-6245-8 Souvenir postcards. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — Consists of commercial postcards for Belgium, Dinant, Florence, Grasse, and Mons. Includes war views of trenches, armoured car, heavy gun and shell burst, and also miscellaneous postcards of Winnipeg and Montreal.
M-6245-9 Souvenir postcards. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — Consists of commercial postcards for Belgium, Cologne, Maidenhead, the British Royal family. Holyrood House, Tower of London, Namur, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Mons, Paris & Versailles, Italy (Pompeii and Naples), Rome, Saint Omer, Waterloo, and Windsor Castle.
M-6245-10 Souvenir postcards. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — Consists of commercial postcards entitled “Sketches of Tommy’s Life in France”, 1st set, 3rd set and 4th set.

Souvenir programs. — 1919. — Consists of programs for the following:

Canadian War Memorials Exhibition, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 1919
Royal Air Force Exhibition catalogue, [ca. 1919]
Program of Entertainment in aid of Seamen’s Charities, on board RMS Caronia, June 30, 1919

M-6245-16 Christmas Day menu. — 1919. — Includes autographs of others attending the dinner on the reverse.
M-6245-20 J.M. Kenshole’s “Memories of Night Duty, 10 Stat Hospital, France, Janauary-February 1918”. — Consists of a poem written by a nursing sister in a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD).
M-6245-23 Souvenir war publications. — 1917-1919. — Consists of Le Pantheon de la Guerre, Still More Bystander Fragments from France (by Bruce Bairnsfather), and The Maple Leaf Magazine, Victory number 1918.
M-6245-25 Newspaper clippings. — 1919-1920. — Includes issues of the wartime publicaton Canadian Daily Record.
M-6245-(26-30) Souvenir travel literature and guides. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — For European places visited by Theodora Paynter while serving overseas during the war.
M-6245-31 Maps of Belgium and France. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — One is annotated: “Map used by 2nd Canadian Division Headquarter Staff on last day of war – 1918” and show the location of various Canadian divisions.

Series 2 Theodora Paynter McKay – Personal papers. — 1906-1945
M-6245-11 Wedding invitations from friends, primarily in western Canada. — 1906-1920
M-6245-6a Greeting cards and dance cards, etc. — [ca. 1911-1916]. — Includes Winnipeg Skating Rink programs and Winnipeg General Hospital memorabilia.
M-6245-7 Memorabilia. — [ca. 1911-1916]. — Consists of score cards, calling cards, train tickets, etc.
M-6245-12 Program – Thirtieth Annual Banquet of the Manitoba Medical Students’ Association. — 1912
M-6245-1 Correspondence. — 1912-1915. — Includes a letter from her Uncle, Joseph Paynter, and her nursing sister friend, L.R. Aikman. Also includes a letter from Dr. Charles Hunter of Winnipeg certifying that she was “in every way physically strong & well”.
M-6245-19 Stationery – Blank letterhead for King Edward Hotel. — 191?
M-6245-5 William McKay – Miscellaneous. — 1916 and n.d. — Consists of postcards from his uncle Sam Bolton and cousin Reg Bolton (1916). Includes a folder of scenic postcards entitled “See Canada This Year”, put out by Imperial Esso, n.d.
M-6245-17 Small calendar. — 1920. — Featuring sailboats on front.
M-6245-13 Booklet – Canadian Red Cross Guide for Teachers of Home Nursing Classes. — [ca. 1924]. — Includes Theodora’s handwritten notes re home nursing.
M-6245-3 Letter regarding train tickets from Cessford, Alberta to Winnipeg. — 1926. — Includes menu for buffet car service.
M-6245-24 Newspaper clippings. — 1926-1927. — Consists of an article about the Canadian Nurses Memorial in Ottawa (1926); and National Thanksgiving supplement to the The Alberta Farmer during the1927 Diamond Jubilee.
M-6245-18 Stationery – Envelopes with the return address of: “A.S. McKay & Sons, Real Estate, Room 14, Mackie Block, Calgary, Alta”. — n.d.
M-6245-21 Miscellaneous. — 1935 and n.d. — Consists of Winnipeg street map, handwritten recipe for catgut solution, a Kipling poem, certificate for donation to the Jubilee Cancer Fund of Canada (1935), and business card for Chinook Flying Service.
M-6245-4 Letters from the Department of National Defence re the loan of books and photographs. — 1944-1945

Series 3 Photographs. — 1910-1919. — 48 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-2377 Views of nursing sisters, patients, military hospitals, trenches and front line views during the First World War. — 1915-[ca. 1919]. — 47 photographs.
PA-2494 Tintype by Theodora’s uncle, Joseph Paynter. — 1910