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Tex Vernon-Wood’s lantern slide collection

Pack horses fording river in the Rockies, [ca. 1920s]

Pack horses folding river in the Rockies, [ca. 1920s]

Tex Vernon-Wood’s lantern slide collection

The hand-tinted lantern slides collected and used by Tex Vernon-Wood, hunting guide and outfitter in the Canadian Rockies, date from the 1920s and are rich in views of mountain scenery, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and wildlife.

You may view all the currently digitized Vernon-Wood slides (about100) in date order.

You may search the Vernon-Wood slides by subjects or places by using the Archives Photographs search screen. Always enter the call number, S-233, in the ‘Keywords/Phrase’ box to limit your findings to Vernon-Wood’s slides, then refine your search by entering search terms in the other boxes on the screen. Several examples are given below:

  • Enter S-233 in the ‘Keywords/Phrase’ box AND waterfalls in the ‘Subject’ box to find all the images of waterfalls.
  • Enter S-233 in the ‘Keywords/Phrase box’ box AND bears in the ‘Subject’ box to find his slides of bears.
  • Enter S-233 in the ‘Keywords/Phrase’ box, followed by the ‘&’ symbol, then the name of a specific place to find geographical locations. For example, S-233 & Louise to find views of Lake Louise OR S-233 & Burgess to find views of the Burgess Pass.