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Ted Riback fonds

Series 1

Personal and business-related papers. — 1935-1975, predominant 1951-1975

M-1035-1 Biographical sketch of Ted Riback. — n.d.
M-1035-2 Correspondence re Beth Israel Congregation Gentlemen’s Dinner in honour of Ted Riback. — 1975-1976. — Includes material related to B’Nai B’Rith Youth Camp, Harry Cohen, and Ronald Southern.
M-1035-3 Invitations, programs, etc. — 1975
M-1035-4 Human Relations Award banquet (Canadian Council of Christians and Jews) – Correspondence. — 1975. — The event was in honour of Ted Riback, M.E. “Mac” Jones and D.P. “Danny” McCullough.
M-1035-5 Human Relations Award banquet (Canadian Council of Chrisitans and Jews)- Invitations and programs. — 1975. — Includes guest list and acceptance speech by Ted Riback.
M-1035-6 Human Relations Award banquet (Canadian Council of Christians and Jews)- Newspaper clippings. — 1975
M-1035-7 Tony Anselmo tribute dinner – Correspondence and newspaper clippings. — 1974-1975. — Tony Anselmo was nominated by Ted Riback for the Nicholas and Hedy Munk Brotherhood award in recognition of his efforts in selling State of Israel bonds.
M-1035-8 Negev testimonial dinner for Charles Waterman, etc. — 1955-1975 and n.d. — Consists of program for the Waterman dinner, an award acceptance speech by Ted Riback, and information about the Executive Volunteer Corps.
M-1035-9 Meadowlark Athletic Association – Business correpondence. — 1951-1964. — Re organization, construction and liquidation of Meadowlark Athletic Association’s curling club. Includes photographs of a model of the club building. See also M-1035-oversize for plans of the curling rink and Meadowlark Park subdivision.
M-1035-10 Meadowlark Athletic Association – Business correspondence and reports. — 1955-1963
M-1035-11 Meadowlark Athletic Association curling club. — Business papers. — 1955-1956 and n.d. — Includes minutes, articles of association, membership lists, and information bulletin.
M-1035-11a Meadowark Athletic Association curling club – Business papers. — 1956-1961. — Include minutes and correspondence.
M-1035-12 Meadowlark Athletic Association curling rink – Newspaper clippings. — 1955-1956
M-1035-13 Pamphlets. — 1951-1958. — Re Edmonton B’Nai Menorah Curling Club, Toronto Maple Downs Golf and Country Club, and Calgary Glencoe Club.
M-1035-14 Beth Israel Synagogue. — 1958-1960. — Consists of correspondence and notes re construction.
M-1035-15 Dedication and Bar Mitzvah of Beth Israel Synagogue and Congretation. — 1960, 1965. — Consists of newsletter and programs.
M-1035-16 Pamphlets and newspaper clippings re constructon and furnishing of synagogues. — 1958-1964
M-1035-17 Calgary Community Foundation – Minutes, reports and correspondence. — 1963-1969
M-1035-18 Calgary Community Foundation – Minutes, reports and correspondence. — 1970
M-1035-19 Calgary Community Foundation – Minutes, reports and correspondence. — 1971
M-1035-20 Visit of Hugh Benham to promote the Calgary Community Foundation. — 1971. — Benham was the Executive Director of the Winnipeg Community Foundation. See RET-40 for sound recording of his speeches.
M-1035-21 Calgary Community Foundation – Minutes, reports and correspondence. — 1972
M-1035-22 Calgary Community Foundation – Minutes, reports and correspondence. — 1973-1978. — Includes Riback’s letter of resignation as President of Director.
M-1035-23 Calgary Community Foundation – Brochures, newsletters, etc. — 1955-1975. — Includes Acts of Incorporation and Amendment and stationery samples.
M-1035-24 Calgary Community Foundation – Information manual. — 1972-1973
M-1035-25 Joint brief by Calgary Foundation and the United Fund. — 1973. — Re planning for social development in Calgary.

Reports, presentations and invitations of charitable organizations. — 1970-1972. — Consists of the following:

Task Force on Social Development
Elizabeth Fry Society
Adrian D. Berry and Associates
Pre-School Parent-Child Co-op
Meals on Wheels
United Fund
Proposed Foster Grandparents Program
Pastoral Institute
Senior Citizens’ Council
Vocational and Rehabilitation Research
Southern Alberta Calgary Association for Retarded Children
John Howard Society

M-1035-27 Brochures and memoranda re Council on Foundations and other foundations. — 1971-1975
M-1035-28 Reports. — 1974. — Consists of “The Future of Foundations” and “Report and Recommendations to the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs on Private Philanthropic Foundations”.
M-1035-29 Bel-Aire Estates real estate development – Brochures and plans. — 1959-1961
M-1035-30 Brochures, plans, maps, newspaper clippings, etc. — 1957-1958. — For Mayfair Subdivision; Meadowlark Park Subdivisions; Park Royal Manor; Park Savoy Manor; Britannia Apartment Building; and Eagle Ridge Subdivision.
M-1035-31 Brochures, newspaper clippings, etc. for various American housing developments. — 1965-1966 and n.d.
M-1035-32 CN Tower, Edmonton – Correspondence re the completion and opening. — 1966
M-1035-33 CN Tower, Edmonton – Speeches, invitations, brochures re opening. — 1966
M-1035-34 CN Tower, Edmonton – Newspaper clippings re construction and opening. — 1966. — Includes postcards and artist’s rendering of the Tower.
M-1035-35 Legal papers. — 1935-1971. — Includes chattel mortgage, shares in Stratton’s Revolving Manifold, and notices of borrowing against life insurance policy.
M-1035-36 United Trailer Company and United Tire Service Company – Advertisement and newspaper clippings. — 1964 and n.d.
M-1035-37 Olympic Bowling Lanes, Calgary and Red Deer – Brochure and newspaper clipping. — 1962 and 1974.
M-1035-38 Ketchican and Northern Terminal Company, Alaska – Sketch and newspaper clipping. — 1963 and n.d.
M-1035-39 Proposed building “Riback Towers”, Calgary and shopping plaze in Swift Current – Brochure and sketch. — n.d.

Series 2

Blueprints and plans. — 1953-1965

M-1035-oversize-1 Blueprint – Pre-fabricated hut factory, United Trailer Company Ltd., High River, Alberta. — 1953
M-1035-oversize-2 Blueprints – Curing rink, Meadowlark Athletic Association, Calgary. — 1954 and 1956. — 5 sheets
M-1035-oversize-3 Plans – Meadowlark Park Subdivision, Calgary. — 1954-1955. — 3 sheets
M-1035-oversize-4 Blueprint – Synagogue, San Mateo, California. — n.d.
M-1035-oversize-5 Blueprint – Synagogue furnishings, Las Vegas, Nevada. — 1959
M-1035-oversize-6 Plan – Mayfair and Meadowlark Park subdivisions, Calgary. — n.d.
M-1035-oversize-7 Blueprints – Proposed apartment development, Bel-Aire district, Calgary. — 1961-1965. — 6 sheets
M-1035-oversize-8 Blueprint – Bel-Aire real estate development, Calgary. — 1959

Series 3

Recorded speeches and interviews. — 1971-1978

RCT-235 Interview with Ted Riback re business and community activities and his general views on business, Calgary, November 30, 1978. — 2 audio reels

View interview outline.

RET-32 Speech by Murray Dubinsky, President of the Congregation, on the 25th anniversary of Beth Israel Synagogue. — October 3, 1976. — 1 audio cassette
RET-40 Speeches by Hugh Benham re Calgary Community Foundation. — September 13, 1971. — 2 audio cassettes

Series 4

Photographs. — [ca. 1940s-1960s]. — 202 photographs

One of the photographs has been scanned. View now.

PA-1967 Bel-Aire development; United Trailer Company; Safeway stores in Calgary and Banff; Calgary groups; etc. — [ca. 1940s-1960s]. — 185 photographs
PC-157 Sun Oil Camp on Beatty Creek, Mackenzie Highway. — 1950. — 1 photograph. Copy negative below.
NA-3721 Sun Oil Camp on Beatty Creek, Mackenzie Highway. — 1950. — 1 copy negative
S-66 Bel-Aire estates, Silver Heights, etc. — 1959-1961. — 16 slides

Series 5

Unprocessed records. — [ca. 1950s-2000s]. — This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-9616 Unprocessed records. — [ca. 1950s-2000s]. — 1 m of textual records. — Consists of additional material relating to his business activities and operation of camp. [accession 2013.075]