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Sheilagh S. Jameson and Nola B. Erickson
Chautauqua collection

Series 1

Nola B. Erickson papers. — 1909-1981. — The series consists of the following sub-series:

Correspondence re Chautauqua. — 1916-1932
Papers re operation of Chautauqua in Canada. — 1917-1935
Chautauqua publications. — 1928-1954
Personal and miscellaneous papers. — 1909-1981
Articles and newspaper clippngs re Chautauqua. — 1916-1981
Scrapbook. — 1920-1927
Sound recordings. — 1960, 1979
Nola B. Erickson – Correspondence re Chautauqua. — 1916-1932
M-4739-1 Correspondence – J.R. Ellison and R.R. Ellinwood. — 1916. — Re Chautauqua potential in Canada. Inlcudes Ellinwood’s negative report on conditions in Canada; also letter to accompany enclosures from Ellison in Portland, Oregon to J.M. Erickson in Lethbridge.
M-4739-2 Correspondence – J.M. Erickson and Nola B. Critz. — 1917. — Re progress in booking Chautauqua in Canada, arrangements for programs, etc. Note: Consists of some original letters; mainly typed extracts with notations by Virginia Fledderjohn, daughter of the Ericksons, made in 1978.
M-4739-3 Correspondence – J.M. Erickson to Nola B. Erickson. — 1932. — Re obtaining performers.
M-4739-4 Correspondence – General. — 1917 and n.d. — Consists of letter (copy only) from American ex-President Taft endorsing Chautauqua in Canada (1917); letter to Ethel Greenup re accomplishments of Chautauqua Institution founder Lewis Miller, and influence of first Chautauqua.
M-4739-5 Telegrams – Nola B. Erickson. — 1932. — Sent to Chautauqua office in Winnipeg re travel plans.
Nola B. Erickson – Papers re operation of Chautauqua in Canada. — 1917-1935
M-4739-6 List of workers. — 1917-1935. — Includes page giving town schedules with names of advance agents and superintendents (1917).
M-4739-7 Schedules. — 1917-1930 (in binder). — Includes list of lyceum towns for 1918-1921.
M-4739-8 Schedules. — 1917-1935 (loose). — Includes both duplicates and additional lists to those above. Some contain notes and workers’ names. One page entitled “Exhitibit A” lists United Chautauqua towns under contract with Chautauquas.
M-4739-9 List of Canadian towns. — 1917-1934. — Alphabetically arranged in chart form giving year and type of program. Some abbreivations used: 6 means six days; Fa means Festival A; F4 means Festival four days; U meants United Chautauquas; I means Independent Chautauquas.
M-4739-10 Programs – Typed. — 1917-1932. — Originals and duplicates, some with notes.
M-4739-11 Illustrated programs – Printed. — 1918-1935. — Some open to form posters. Includes some American programs and a Dominion Redpath program.
M-4739-12 J.M. Erickson’s notebook. — 1917-1918. — Contains information about towns, workers, schedules, lumber specifications, tent and equipment costs, pay arrangements with performers, etc.
M-4739-13 Tents. — 1917 and n.d. — Consists of order for tents and related equipment from Ellison-White Chautauqua Company. Includes detailed instructions for erecting tents.
M-4739-14 Bulletins to Supertintendents (Directors). — 1920-1930. — Consists of mimeographed instructions (1920-1921) and printed bulletins (1930 and n.d.).
M-4739-15 Canadian Chautauqua agreements. — 1926 and n.d. — Consists of talent contract with Ralph Erwin (1926) and form of contract to bring Chautauqua to a community.
M-4739-16 Dominion Chautauqua agreement. — 1926. — Re J.M. Erickson’s purchase of Ellison-White’s interest.
M-4739-17 Chautauqua distribution maps. — 1930. — Showing towns involved in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and part of Ontario. The reverse side features advertising.
M-4739-18 Sheet music by Lowell Patton, music director for Canadian Chautauquas. — 1930
M-4739-19 Advertising – Press releases. — n.d.
M-4739-20 Advertising – General. — [ca. 1021-1929]. — Includes booklets directed to Committee men; leaflets regarding work with children; and collages of complimentary newspaper headlines.
M-4739-21 Advertising – Talen. — 1929 and n.d. — Consists of posters, leaflets and booklets about lecturers and other performers.
Nola B. Erickson – Chautauqua publications. — 1928-1954
M-4739-22 Chautauqua Scout. — 1920-1927. — Published by Dominion Chautauquas, Calgary. Includes supplements called Canadian Chautauqua News.
M-4739-23 The Junior Chautauqua Scout. — 1921-1930. — Published in Calgary specifically for children.
M-4739-24 Dominion Chautauqua and Lyceum Review. — March 1920. — Published in Calgary.
M-4739-25 Chautauqua Talk. — 1924-[ca. 1929]. — Advertising specific programs and entertainers of the year.
M-4739-26 The Lyceum Magazine. — 1918-1927 and n.d. — Published in Chicago. Includes one complete copy and several extracts.
M-4739-27 The Platform World. — 1929-1931. — Published in Chicago. Includes extracts dealing with artists, particularly those performing in Canada.
M-4739-28 Talent. — 1934-1937, 1947-1954. — Published in Chicago by International Lyceum Association. Includes some issues of its predecessor, The I.L.A. News.
M-4739-oversize Extracts from various publications. — 1917-1924. — Consists of material from Boston Evening Transcript (January 29, 1921); Grain Growers’ Guide (1917); and Chautauqua Talk (1922-1924).
Nola B. Erickson – Personal and miscellaneous papers. — 1909-1981
M-4739-29 John M. Erickson – Papers re early career. — 1906-1916. — Consists of teacher’s and Bachelor of Laws certificates, letters of recommendation and letter of appreciation. Includes poster for a concert at Chewelah School, where Erickson was Superintendent.
M-4739-30 Nola B. Critz – School papers. — 1909-1914. — Consists of record from University of Missouri; application and record for Northwestern University; term report when teaching. Includes newspaper clipping re sport activity.
M-4739-31 Wedding invitation for marriage of J.M. Erickson and Nola B. Critz. — 1917
M-4739-32 Miscellaneous correspondence. — 1926-1955. — Includes letters to Mr. and Mrs. Wade Critz re the Ericksons’ children and Chautauqua matters; from J.M. Erickson as President of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua Association; and from the Ericksons on the death of J.R. Ellison.
M-4739-33 “American Women Today” by Nola B. Critz. — n.d. — Probably written for a college course.
M-4739-34 Drafts of lectures by J.M. Erickson. — n.d. — Written when Superintendent on Ellison-White circuit and for talk to women’s club in Regina.
M-4739-35 Tributes to Nola B. Erickson. — n.d. — Consists of congratulatory letter signed by colleagues and poem “To Nola B.” by Edgar Flavelle.
M-4739-36 Draft of article about Chautauqua in Canada. — 1918. — Published under name of A.G. MacGillivray, but thought ot have been written by J.M. Erickson.
M-4739-37 International Lyceum and Chautauqua Association (ILCA) – Convention programs. — 1930, 1931 and 1938. — J.M. Erickson was President in 1930 and 1931.
M-4739-38 Nola B. Erickson – Letter of recommendation. — 1935. — For application for position as assistant to head of Drama Department of the Works Program Administration of the USA Government. [She lost out to a male applicant.]
M-4739-39 Drafts of talks by Nola B. Erickson. — 1941 and n.d. — On H.G. Wells and the beginnig of drama festivals in Alberta.
M-4739-40 Notes on the history of Chautauqua in Canada by the Ericksons. — 1960. — Basis for a CBC script.
M-4739-41 Papers re J.M. Erickson’s work with Community Chest, Glendale, California. — 1940-1956. — Includes script of letter, commendation certificate and newspaper clippings.
M-4739-42 Miscellaneous cards and poems. — n.d. — Consists of cards of C.C. Critz and J.M. Erickson; poem “The Bridge Builder”; and Chautauqua poem.
M-4739-43 Memorial services for the Ericksons. — 1963 and 1981. — Consists of eulogy for J.M. Erickson and sympathy letter (1963); and memorial service card for Nola B. Erickson (1981).
M-4739-44 Virginia Erickson’s school paper about the Chautauqua movement. — n.d.
M-4739-45 Janene Fledderjohn’s school paper called “Chautauqua”. — 1971. — Janene is the daughter of Virginia Erickson.
M-4739-46 Louis J. Alber – Stories about Chautauqua. — 1937. — Consists of stories about humourous incidents on the USA circuits. Includes material about Winston Churchill’s American visits.
Nola B. Erickson – Articles and newspaper clippings re Chautauqua. — 1916-1981
M-4739-47 Chautauqua Institution – Articles and newspaper clipping. — 1920-1974. — Includes history of the original Chautauqua.
M-4739-48 J.M. Erickson’s Chautauqua work – Newspaper clippings. — 1916. — Primarily about his time as Superintendent.
M-4739-49 Canadian Chautauquas – Articles and newspaper clippings. — 1917-1927 and n.d. — One item gives circuit statistics for 1920.
M-4739-50 Institution at Grimsby Park, Ontario – Newspaper clipping. — n.d. — Consists of an article re possible connection with Chautauqua Lake Institution.
M-4739-51 Chautauqua in USA – Articles and newspaper clippings. — 1921-1976
M-4739-52 Leo S. Rosencrans – Reminiscent Chautauqua stories. — [ca. 1970s]. — Mainly published as part of the “Those Were the Days” series.
M-4739-53 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. — 1973-1981. — Consists of articles about the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chautauqua; International Platform Association’s 150th anniversary; and an American Chautauquan’s reminiscences.
Nola B. Erickson – Scrapbook. — 1920-1927. — Consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, primarily from western Canadian newspapers, about Chautauqua performances.
M-4739-54 Scrapbook – Loose pages. — 1923-1927
M-4739-55 Scrapbook – Pages 1-35. — 1920-1927
M-4739-56 Scrapbook – Pages 36-70. — 1920-1927
M-4739-57 Scrapbook – Pages 71-125. — 1920-1927
M-4739-58 Scrapbook – Pages 126-160. — 1920-1927
M-4739-59 Scrapbook – Pages 161-281. — 1920-1927
Sound recordings. — 1960, 1979. — Consists of the reminiscences of the Ericksons and radio programs about Chautauqua which were broadcast on CBC.
RCT-157 Reminiscences of Nola B. Erickson and J.M. Erickson. — [ca. 1960]. — 2 audio reels
RCT-248 Sound recording of CBC radio broadcast re Chautauqua. — 1960. — 2 audio reels
RCT-253 Sound recording of Nola B. Erickson for CBC radio broadcast re Chautauqua. — March 29, 1979. — Part of the Morningside show. — 1 audio cassette

Series 2

Papers of former Chautauquans. — 1918-1979. — The series consists of original correspondence, programs and other papers, including related reminiscent material. It has been arranged in alphabetical order by name.

M-4739-60 Mrs. Cliff Anderson. — 1928-1931. — Consists of Three Hills and Markerville programs.
M-4739-61 Grace Matheson Anderson. — 1928 and 1978. — Consists of a letter from J.M. Erickson re Chautauqua work and from Mrs. Anderson (1978) re her experiences.
M-4739-62 Hugh Anson-Cartwright (collector). — 1926. — Consists of Lacombe program.
M-4739-63 Antiques and Things, Calgary (collector). — 1924. — Consists of Killam program.
M-4739-64 Rex Baker (collector). — [ca. early 1930s]. — Consists of Leslieville programs.
M-4739-65 Kathleen Bell (collector). — [ca. 1931]. — Consists of Heisler program.
M-4739-66 Mrs. Ona C. Bishop. — [ca. 1920]. — Consists of a program, with Dr. George W. Kerby of Calgary advertised as lecturer.
M-4739-67 G. Brock Brownell – Correspondence. — 1924. — Consists of letters to mother from Morris, Manitoba re experiences as Superintendent.
M-4739-68 G. Brock Brownell. — 1928. — Consists of a Brandon, Manitoba program, which lists leading citizens. Also includes fragment of 1925 program.
M-4739-69 G. Brock Brownell – Chautauqua reminiscences. — 1970
M-2157 Vera Burns (collector). — 1967. — Consists of minutes, programs, lists of volunteers, and publicity for Flare Square Chautauqua at the Calgary Stampede. Mrs. Burns served as coordinator.
M-4739-70 Edna Butt. — 1928. — Consists of an Arcola, Saskatchewan program.
M-4730-oversize Edna Butt. — 1929. — Consists of an oversize program called Chautauqua Talk with talent advertising for Arcola, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-71 M. Johnson Castle – Correspondence. — 1918. — Consists of letters to parents from Chilliwack, British Columbia and Regina, Saskatchewan re experiences as Superintendent.
M-4739-72 M. Johnson Castle – Stories. — 1932 and 1941. — Consists of stories written by Castle with Chautauqua settings, which were published in Forum and Colliers.
M-4739-73 M. Johnson Castle – Newspaper clipings. — 1955 and n.d. — Re Marian Johnson Castle’s writing career.
M-4739-74 Mrs. Gordon Cole. — 1935. — Consists of program of community Chautauqua at Czar, Alberta. Features items from Czar, Hughenden, and Wainwright.
M-4739-oversize Davis Coutts (collector). — 1926. — Consists of Calgary Chautauqua poster.
M-4739-75 Mrs. Mable Crosland – Newspaper clippings re career. — 1974 and n.d.
M-4739-76 Mrs. R. Dann (collector). — 1926-1931. — Consists of tickets from Melita, Manitoba (1926-1928) and program (1931).
M-4739-77 Lucille Elmore – Programs. — 1929-1932 and n.d. — Lucille was a comediennce on the Chautauqua circuit.
M-4739-78 Ralph Martin Erwin – Papers. — 1925-1931 and n.d.. — Consists of contracts with play company, corespondence and circuit schedules and newspaper clippings.
M-4739-79 Ralph M. Erwin – Drama school papers. — 1930 and n.d. — Consists of brochures and programs of Martin Erwin School of the Theatre, Winnipeg.
M-4739-80 Ralph M. Erwin – Miscellaneous dramatic papers. — 1928 and n.d. — Consists of programs of plays in which Erwin was involved. Includes script for act 1 of “ack and the Beanstalk”.
M-4739-81 Ralph M. Erwin – Miscellaneous publicatiions. — 1969-1970 and n.d. — Consists of copies of Nippy News, Salisbury House restaurant publication (the chain was founded by Erwin), and a reminiscent article about Chautauqua.
M-4739-82 Mrs. Jessie Finlay. — [early 1930s]. — Consists of Markerville, Alberta program.
M-4739-83 Florence T. Frederickson – Children’s material. — n.d. — Consists of stories, plays, data re games, drills,e tc. used for children’s programs by Junior workers.
M-4739-84 Florence T. Frederickson – Programs. — 1929-1932. — Consits of Wainwright, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta and Kerrobert, Saskatchewan programs.
M-4739-85 Florence T. Frederickson – Brochure and programs. — n.d. — Consists of material re R. Martin Erwin play and Elias Tamburitza Serenaders.
M-4739-86 Florence T. Frederickson – Stefansson material. — 1929-1931 and n.d. – Consists of biographical booklet, Chautauqua bulletin and newspaper clippings re Vihljalmur Stefansson.
M-4739-87 Florence T. Frederickson – Miscellaneous publications. — 1929-1931 and n.d. — Consists of The Chautauquan Junior Scout (1929); map showing Chautauqua towns (1929); and newspaper clippings re performances. Note: for better copy of map see file M-4739-17 above.
M-4739-88 Florence T. Frederickson -Article. — 1977. — Consists of her reminiscences of Chautauqua experiences.
M-4739-89 Melissa S. Freeman – Papers. — 1929-1930. — Consits of circuit schedule and agreement between Canadian Chautauquas and the community fo Spirit River, Alberta.
M-4739-90 Melissa S. Freeman – Programs. — 1928-1930. — Consists of programs for Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Heisler, Alberta, Kipling, Saskatchewan, Fort William, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario.
M-4739-91 Melissa S. Freeman – Advertising material. — 1926-1929. — Consists of a poster; papers re Dr. Teyhi Hsich; clippings from Goderich, Ontario newspapers; and Chautauqua towns map (see also M-4739-17 above).
M-4739-92 Melissa S. Freeman – Publicaton. — 1928. — Consists of Chautauqua Quarterly, summer school calendar of Chautauqua Institution, New York.
M-4739-93 Meslissa S. Freeman – Tribute published by Innestore Syndicate. — [ca. 1976]
M-4739-94 Mrs. Annie French. — 1919-1978. — Consists of adult season’s ticket and reminiscent letter, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
M-4739-85 Glenboro and area Historical Society. — [ca. 1930]. — Consists of program for Glenboro, Manitoba.
M-4739-96 Mrs. Lulu Croll Hartsook. — 1978. — Consists of Saskatoon Star Phoenix article re Chautauqua by Wayne Eyre; and reminiscent notes by Mrs. Hartsook.
M-4739-97 Dr. Fred Heal – Adult season’s ticket. — 1921
M-4739-97A S.S. Jameson. — 1930-1932. — Consists of program for Okotoks, and ticket.
M-4739-98 Evelyn Meyer Kerr. — 1931-1932. — Consists of telegram and letters re employment and news bulletin from Canadian Chautauquas; and newspaper clippings re Chautauqua origin.
M-4739-99 J.S. Konecny. — 1928. — Consists of program fro Reston, Manitoba.
M-4739-100 Mrs. Sheila Koshmen. — 1919. — Consists of program for Theodore, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-101 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Correspondence. — 1919. — Consists of letters and telegrams from Nola B. Erickson and J.M. Erickson re Anna Hebel’s work and schedules.
M-4739-102 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Schedules. — 1018-1919. — Consists of date schedules for towns and special travel schedules for talent.
M-4739-103 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Bulletins. — 1919. — Consists of bulletins to superintendents and advance workers from Dominion Chautauquas.
M-4739-104 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Children’s material. — n.d. — Consists of instructional bulletins, stories, data re games, etc.
M-4739-105 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Cashier papers. — 1918-1919. — Consists of instructional bulletin, data re cashier’s case, war tax information, completed forms, and report re cash collections
M-4739-106 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Lumber papers. — n.d. — Consists of bulletin re setting up tents, seats, etc.
M-4739-107 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Reports and forms. — n.d. — Consists of forms for reports of Advance Worker, Junior Worker, and Supertendent and agreement (contract) form. Issued by Ellison-White Dominion Chautauquas.
M-4739-108 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Programs. — 1918-1919. — Consists of programs for Calgary, Blackie, Big Valley and Youngstown, Alberta; and for Briercrest and Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-109 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Advertising material. — 1918-1919. — Consists of promotional material mainly issued by Ellison-White, Portland, Oregon.
M-4739-110 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Publications. — [ca. 1918-1919]. — Consists of Mother Goose edition of Junior Chautauqua Talk; and booklet issued by Dominion Chautauauqa for use by workers.
M-4739-111 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Miscellaneous papers. — 1918. — Consists of memo notebook and map of western Canada from Waghorn’s Guide, with Chautauqua towns marked. Also marked are locations of banks, barristers and Dominion Lands information.
M-4739-112 Mrs. Anna Hebel Lawson – Biographical data. — 1978 and n.d. — Consists of obituary of Anna Lawson; and notes re Edmond Hebel by David Lawson.
M-4739-113 Douglas Light (collector). — 1929. — Consists of an advertising letter.
M-4739-114 A.D. Longman – Correspondence. — 1922-1925. — Consists of correspondence from office, mainly re his work as a tent man.
M-4739-115 A. D. Longman – Papers re handling tents. — n.d. — Consists of bulletins re erectin, handling, repairing and taking down tents. Includes lumber specifications.
M-4739-116 A.D. Longman – Contract. — 1924. — Consists of his agreement as tent man.
M-4739-117 A.D. Longman – Schedules. — 1922-1924. — Consists of detailed travelling schedules of tent crew men.
M-4739-117A A.D. Longman – Papers for talent. — 1922-1924. — Consists of bulletins giving travel instructions and statements re Chautauqua policy, relationship with communites, etc.
M-4739-118 A.D. Longman – Travel papers. — 1922-1924. — Consists of baggage receipts and bill of lading for tent and equipment.
M-4739-119 A.D. Longman – Salary statements. — 1922-1924. — Consists of salary statements from Dominion Chautauquas, including expense statements.
M-4739-120 A.D. Longman – Programs. — 1917. — Consists of programs of Dominion Fall Festival, first year in Canada.
M-4739-121 A.D. Longman – Programs. — 1922-1926. — Consists of programs for Cereal, Monitor, Nanton, Provost and Bashaw, Alberta; Indian Head, Yellow Grass, Paynton, Lancer, Moose Jaw, Briercrest, Govan, Vantage and Cabri, Saskatchewan; Nelson, Penticton, Chilliwack and Ladner, British Columbia; and Shoal Lake, Winnipeg, Roblin, Carberry and Souris, Manitoba.
M-4739-122 A.D. Longman – Miscellaneous programs. — 1925 and n.d. — Consists of programs for Redpath, Dominion Redpath and Mutual Chautauqua companies in the USA or Canada.
M-4739-123 A.D. Longman – Tickets. — 1919, 1924 and n.d. — Consists of season’s ticket and three single tickets. Includes Tom Appleby’s season ticket.

Two of the tickets have been digitized. View now.

M-4739-124 A.D. Longman – Advertising leaflets. — 1923-1924 and n.d. — Includes calendar on blotter.
M-4739-125 A.D. Longman – Publications. — 1923 and 1924. — Consists of Chautauqua Talk and Junior Chautauqua Scout with supplement.
M-4739-126 A.D. Longman – Publications (USA). — 1886-1939. — Consists of Chautauqua Assembly Herald (August 16, 1886); and The Chautauquan Daily (1911-1916 and 1939, scattered issues).
M-4739-127 A.D. Longman – Miscellaneous papers. — 1922-1925 and n.d. — Consists of Brandon, Manitoba Chautauqua licence (1923); letter from Julian B. Arnold (1925); notebook; Chautauqua Institution postcards; and miscellaneous items and notes.
M-4739-128 A.D. Longman – Script of reminiscent talk. — 1969. — [incomplete].
M-4739-129 A.D. Longman – Correspondence with Mrs. Georgia J. Daack of Oregon. — 1963. — Re her proposed disseration.
M-4739-130 A.D. Longman – Program of musical comedy. — 1966 [?]. — Consists of musical comedy entitled “Chautauqua”, including music, book and lyrics by Neil Harris. It was performed at Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg by Interfaith Harmony Theatre.
M-4739-131 A.D. Longman – Articles and newspaper clippings. — 1961-1975 and n.d. — The items are mostly reminiscences.
M-4739-134 Jessie Mackintosh. — [ca. 1923]. — Consists of program for Community Chautauquas of Canada at Manitou, Manitoba.
M-6631 Jessie Mackintosh. — [ca. 1938-1930]. — Consists of Manitou, Manitoba Chautauqua programs.
M-6826-oversize Darlene Graham MacLean (collector). — [ca. 1920s]. — Consists of Chautauqua posters for Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-132 Marjorie Winspear McEnaney. — 1960. — Consists of a script prepared by the Ericksons for a CBC radio broadcase on Chautauqua.
M-6232 Marjorie Winspear McEnaney. — 1981. — Consists of memoir, “Who Stole the Cakes?”.
RCT-155 Marjorie Winspear McEnaney. — 1974. — Interview with Winston McQuillan about his Chautauqua experiences. — 1 audio reel
M-4739-133 Ethel McIntosh. — [ca. 1923]. — Consists of program for Community Chautauquas of Canada at Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-oversize Gilbert McKay (collector). — 1929. — Consists of children’s paper hat; and Chautauqua Talk, Reston, Manitoba.
M-4739-135 Clarence Nash. — n.d. — Consists of programs
M-4739-oversize Floris J. Olsen. — 1922-1924. — Consists of three issues of Chautauqua Talk.
M-4739-136 Hazel McDonald Parkinson – Agreements. — 1923. — Consists of Brandon, Manitoba agreements and forms.
M-4739-137 Hazel McDonald Parkinson – Reports. — 1922-1923. — Consists of reports of Thirty-Day Advance Worker and Superintendent re tickets and cashier.
M-4739-138 Hazel McDonald Parkinson – Program. — [ca. 1922 or 1923]. — Consists of program for Brenton, Manitoba.
M-4739-139 Hazel McDonald Parkinson – Bulletins. — 1922 and n.d. — Consists of bulletins re Junior Workers, Advance Workers and Superintendents.
M-4739-oversize Hazel McDonald Parkinson – 1923. — Consists of Chautauqua Talk.
M-6399 Jean Munro. — 1929. — Consists of agreement with Canadian Chautauquas, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
M-4739-140 Ian Patterson (collector). — 1926. — Consists of a Tofield, Alberta program.
M-4739-141 Edward Peterson. — 1926. — Consists of a Kelvington, Saskatchewan program.
M-4739-142 Betty Pivert (collector). — 1928. — Consists of a typed copy of the diary of Cassie L. Davis, Advance Agent.
M-4739-143 Betty Pivert (collector). — 1921 and n.d. — Consists of Chautauqua Scout (December 1921), and reminiscent article (n.d.)
M-4739-144 P. Winnie Rowles – Agrrements. — 1930. — Consists of contracts for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-145 P. Winnie Rowles – n.d. — Consists of letter and poems written by Judge George D. Alden, lecturer.
M-4739-146 P. Winnie Rowles – Speech script. — n.d.. — Consists of speech re renewing her contact at Camrose, Alberta in about 1932.
M-4739-147 P. Winnie Rowles – Program. — 1932. — Consists of program for Valparaiso, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-148 P. Winnie Rowles – Reminiscences. — 1970. — Consists of memories of her Chautauqua experiences, mainly at Camrose, Alberta.
M-4739-149 P. Winnie Rowles – Miscellaneous papers. — [ca. 1930s] and 1974-1976. — Consists of programs of Battleford Chautauqua (1974); material re Road Show (1976); newspaper clippings of reminiscences; American stamp commemorating Chautauqua (1974). Includes a 1930s newspaper clipping abuot the Oshawa, Ontario Chautauqua.
M-4739-150 P. Winnie Rowles – Script of play. — [ca. 1973]. — Consists of script for “Chautauqua” by Robert Clinton.
M-4739-151 Lester Severn (collector). — 1927. — Consists of Chautauqua Talk, program and performers data for Tofield, Alberta.
M-4739-152 Marie Sled (collector). — [ca. 1919]. — Consists of program for Plenty, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-153 Ada Gray Sparling. — [ca. 1930s]. — Consists of verse written by Ada Gray.
M-4739-154 David Spindel (collector). — 1917. — Consists of telegram and response re success of first Chautauqua in Calgary.
M-4739-155 Mrs. Chris Stark. — [ca. 1931]. — Consists of program for Rainier, Alberta.
M-4739-156 Mrs. E.T. Stewart. — 1926. — Consists of program for Community Chautauquas of Canada in Senlac, Saskatchewan.
M-4739-162 Leo Stutz. — 1920-1930 and n.d. — Consists of clippings from the Cardston News and extract from biographical account of Samuel W. Coombs.
M-4739-157 Lethe Coleman Tatge – Schedules. — 1918. — Consists of towns lists and superintendent’s list.
M-4739-158 Lethe Coleman Tatge – Programs and publications. — 1920-1921. — Consists of programs for Wawanesa, Saskatchewan and Alderson, Alberta; and Chautauqua Scout (fall 1920).

View Alderson program.

M-4739-159 Lethe Coleman Tatge – Miscellaneous papers. — 1923-1927 and n.d. — Consists of schedules for USA circuits, advertising leaflets, etc.
M-4739-oversize Lethe Coleman Tatge – Posters. — 1930-1931. — Consists of two long posters for Braddock, Saskatchewan and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
M-4739-160 Dr. P.H. Thorburn Thorlakson. — n.d. — Consists of newspaper clippings re career of Gladys Henry, later Mrs. Thorburn Thorlakson.
M-4739-161 Ronald Tuckwell. — 1930. — Consists of congratulatory letter from J.M. Erickson re Tuckwell’s writing.
M-6872 Ruby Tuder (collector). — n.d. — Consists of three Elbow, Saskatchewan Chautauqua programs.
M-2822 Jessie Umsheid (collector). — 1934. — Consists of program of a community Chautauqua in Milo, Alberta, sponsored by Arrowwood, Queenstown and Milo junior locals.
M-4739-163 Avis Gray Walton – Letters. — 1931. — Consists of letters from Avis Gray, Chautauqua Superintendent, to her family about her experiences in Manitoba.
M-4739-164 Avis Gray Walton – Letters. — 1931. — Consists of letters to her family re experiences.
M-4739-165 Avis Gray Walton – Photocopies of letters in M-4739-(163 and 164) above.
M-4739-166 Avis Gray Walton – Children’s material. — n.d. — Consists of stories, descriptions of games, etc.
M-4739-167 Avis Gray Walton – Miscellaneous papers. — 1931. — Consists of correspondence, bulletin, ticket forms, etc., some on Imperial or United Imperial Chautauqua letterheads. (This company was taken over by Canadian Chautauquas.)
M-4739-168 Avis Gray Walton – F. Wade papers. — 1972. — Consists of biographical letter and account of Frank Wade, British Columbia radio and television personallity.
M-4739-169 Avis Gray Walton – Articles. — 1973-1976. — Consists of biographical articles and articles about Chautauqua.
M-4739-170 Roman Wengel – Correspondence and contract. — 1925-1928. — Consists of material re his work as a tent man.
M-4739-171 Roman Wengel – Schedules. — 1925-1926. — Consists of circuit and tent men’s travel schedules.
M-4739-172 Roman Wengel – Program. — 1928. — Consists of a Milestone, Saskatchewan program.
M-1297 R.B.W. Wengel. — 1971. — Consists of notes and a letter about Chautauqua.
M-4739-173 Mary Willison (collector). — [1920s]. — Consists of copies of publications, programs and articles.
M-4739-174 Florence Tutt Willoughby. — 1918-1921. — Consists of correspondence (USA), schedules, program for Brandon, Manitoba, etc.
M-4739-175 Vera Gray Willson. — 1930-1967. — Consists of words and music of Lowell Patton song. Also reminiscent letters, newspaper clippings, and articles gathered for Calgary Flare Square Chautauqua produced for the 1967 Calgary Stampede.
M-4739-176 Mrs. W.A. Young (collector). — 1930. — Consists of Melita, Saskatchewan program.

Series 3

Reference material for book. — 1888-1980. — The series consists of the following sub-series:

Reminiscent letters. — 1969-1979
Research material via Nola B. Erickson and Virginia Fledderjohn. — 1970-1980
Reference material compiled by Sheilagh Jameson. — 1888-1979
Reminiscent letters. — 1969-1979
M-4739-177 Reminiscent letters written to Nola B. Erickson by:

G.B. Brownell
Marian Johnston Castle
Melissa Sinclair Freeman
Peggy Gearish and Jim Gearish
J.W. Goodine
M.B. Keelough
M-4739-178 Reminiscent letters written to Nola B. Erickson by:

Anna Hebel Lawson
W.T. McGuire
Harold Mooney
Clarence Nash
Pansy Pue
Marion Lambert Purdy
J. Qualen
P.Winnifred Rowles
Kay Vanstone Russenholt
M-4739-179 Reminiscent letters written to Nola B. Erickson by:

Joe Serpico
E.F. Sheffield
J.E.Wallace Sterling
M.M. Stewart
Lethe Coleman Tatge
Gladys M.Thorlakson
Roman Wengel
Vera Willson
David Yeddeau
M-4739-180 Reminiscent letters written to Sheilagh Jameson by:

Marjorie Harrison Allen
Grace Matheson Anderson
Margarette J. Atkinson
Wilma E. Blocker
Muriel G. Bulloch Elsey
Eva Sheere Cleland
Boyd Crane
Dr. Harold Cranfield
Earl Dickey
Florence Tory Frederikson
Warren D. “Bob” Hanscom
M-4739-181 Reminiscent letters written to Sheilagh Jameson by:

Evelyn Meyer Kerr
Andrew King
Ethel I. Mackay
Floris J. Olsen
Kay Vanstone Russenholt
Dr. Hugh Saunderson
Ada Gray Sparling
Dorothy Sproule Jessup
Jean G. Battersky Steer
Lethe Coleman Tatge
Ronald Tuckwell
M-4739-182 Reminiscent letters written to Sheilagh Jameson by:

Wilfred Wees
Frances Shelley Wees
Aldie E. Thorlakson Wengel
Marion Swenson Whiteley
Mary E. Willison
Florence Tutt Willoughby
Ernest Youngman
M-4739-183 Transcript of interview with Nola B. Erickson. — 1977. — She was interviewed by Sheilagh Jameson at Heghley’s Guest Home, Van Nuys, California.
M-4739-184 Transcripts of interviews. — 1977-1978. — Consist of interviews undertaken by Sheilagh Jameson with:

Kenneth Cooper
Dr. Charles Duke
Mrs. R. Fisher
Mrs. E. Krans
Melissa Sinclair Freeman
L.L. “Dick” Gaetz
Dr. Fred Heal
Mrs. W.H. Irwin
K Jamieson
Mrs. J. Johnson
Mrs. J.A. Mather
Miss B. Maxwell
A Moore
Mrs. G.A. Smith
Mrs. M. Sparling
T. Trotter
Mrs. Vera Willson
Mrs. R. Young
Research material via Nola B. Erickson and Virginia Fledderjohn. — 1970-1980
M-4739-185 Correspondence between Nola B. Erickson and Sheilagh Jameson. — 1970-1978
M-4739-186 Circular lettes by Nola B. Erickson. — 1974-1979. — Consists of letters sent to former Chautauquans, mainly regarding the book project.
M-4739-187 Miscellaneous letters and notes. — 1967-1978. — Primarily to Nola B. Erickson from former Chautauquans.
M-4739-188 Correspondence re the Ericksons’ early careers. — 1977-1978. – Gathered by Virginia Fledderjohn from various universities and other institutions.
M-4739-189 Viginia Fledderjohn – Correspondence and notes. — 1977-1979. — Re research questions and comments on chapters of the book.
M-4739-190 Papers re American Chautauqua bi-centennial. — 1974-1978. — Includes stamp, data re Kennedy Centre exhibition and poster.
M-4739-191 Miscellaneous publications re Chautauqua. — 1952-1978. — Includes Monica Mugan’s article in Maclean’s magazine (1952).
M-4739-192 Chautauqua Institution publications. — 1944-1980. — Consists of several issues of The Chautauquan, various brochures, and Three Taps of the Gavel by Alfreda L. Irwin, re the Chautauqua Institution.
M-4739-193 Miscellaneous American cultural publications. — 1979. — To which literature re the Chautauqua in Canada book was sent.
Reference material compiled by Sheilagh Jameson. — 1888-1979. — Primarily photocopies.
M-4739-194 Papers re “Chautauqua” name. — 1907-1977. — Consists of extracts from dictionaries and place name publications.
M-4739-195 Hamilton Public Library papers. — 1888-1978 and n.d. — Re Grimeby Park, Ontario and the Massey family.
M-4739-196 Public Archives of Canada papers. — 1916-1966. — Includes correspondence from Mackenzie King papers and introduction to Grimeby Park papers at Hamilton Public Library.
M-4739-197 Saskatchewan Archives Board papers. — 1918. — Consists of copy of program.
M-4739-198 United Church of Canada Archives papers. — 1877-1922. — Consists of Reverend John Maclean papers re Chautauqua Literary and Scientific circles, etc., sent by J. Ernest Nix.
M-4739-199 Papers from miscellaneous suorces. — 1925-1969. — Includes material about Chautauqua in Bassano; photos in University of Alberta Archives; information on Pansy Pue and W.D. “bob” Hanscom; and newspaper clippings from the Calgary Public Library.
M-4739-200 Photocopies of photographs from the Chautauqua Institution in New York, re history of the Institution.
M-4739-201 Papers of American Chautauquans. — 1919, 1976-1978. — Consists of contract, programs, etc. re Independent Chautauqua Association (1919); and articles re Montana and Colorado.
M-4739-202 Extracts from other Glenbow Archives fonds re Chautauqua. — 1930-1931
M-4739-203 Papers re the Chautauqua Desk, compiled by Glenbow Cultural History Department. — 1913-1969
M-4739-204 Newspaper clippings re performances. — 1917-1930s. — Includes details of oepration during 1917 and 1918; descriptions of programs, etc.
M-4739-205 Newspaper clippings re background. — 1919-1930s. — Re influenza epidemic (flu epidemic), conditions, costumes, etc.
M-4739-206 Newspaper clippings re Community Chautauquas company at Rouleau, Saskatchewan. — 1970 and n.d.
M-4739-207 Sheilagh Jameson’s rough notes re a variety of topics. — 1962-1979
M-4739-208 Miscellaneous items. — Re dress donated to Glenbow Cultural History Department by Mrs. H.N. Jennings; activities using Chautauqua name; and Star-Phoenix article on Chautauqu.
M-4739-209 Reference cards, A-H. — Based on the Erickson scrapbook, D.L. Graham thesis, various publications, reminiscences, and We Called it Culture Under Canvas.
M-4739-210 Reference cards, I-P. — Based on the Erickson scrapbook, D.L. Graham thesis, various publications, reminiscences, and We Called it Culture Under Canvas.
M-4739-211 Reference cards, P-W. — Based on the Erickson scrapbook, D.L. Graham thesis, various publications, reminiscences, and We Called it Culture Under Canvas.

Series 4

Manuscript for Chautauqua in Canada. — 1978-1979

M-4739-219 Original manuscript, first draft.
M-4739-220 Original manuscript, second draft.
M-4739-221 Hugh Dempsey’s comments, dedication and preface.
M-4739-222 Proposed re-organization from second draft.
M-4739-223 Edited copy, Chapters 1 to 11
M-4739-224 Edited copy, epiliogue, notes, appendix, index, etc.
M-4739-225 Extra copy of manuscript
M-4739-226 Dummy copy, showing arrangement of pictures in text.
M-4739-227 Galleys of book.
M-4739-228 Galleys of book.
M-4739-229 Blue line copy of book (incomplete).

Series 5

Post publication papers. — 1979-1989

M-4739-212 Publicity for books and display. — 1979. — Includes book launching invitations, biographical information about Nola Erickson and Virginia Fledderjohn, etc.
M-4739-213 Reviews of Chautauqua in Canada. — 1979-1980
M-4739-214 Correspondence re book. — 1979-1981. — Consists primarily of congratulatory letters.
M-4739-215 Clippings re book launch from Calgary newspapers. — 1979
M-4739-216 Sheilagh Jameson’s articles re Chautauqua. — 1980. — Includes related correspondence.
M-4739-217 Advertisement for Chautauqua in Canada in Talent magazine. — 1981
M-4739-218 Miscellaneous items, including framed American commemorative stamp and copies of The Chautauquan.
M-8890-(1-6) Additional material re Chautauquas, Chautauqua in Canada, and CBC production “Chautauqua Girl:. — [ca. 1979-1989]. — 9 cm of textual records. — This material came from the Sheilagh Jameson estate after her death.
M-7473 Glenbow Museum (collector). — 1986. — Consists of a “Chautauqua” program for an event held at the Highwood Memorial Centre.
M-8454 “America’s Cultural Revolution : A History of Lyceum and Chautauqua” by Robert D. Hanscom. — [1980s]. — Also includes various publications re the International Platform Association (1979-1988).

Series 6

Photographs. — [ca. 1900]-1947. — 768 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-3032 Grace Matheson Anderson – Chautauqua entertainers in western Canada. — n.d. — 5 photographs. — Some copied as NA-3748 and NA-3749.
PA-1705 Janet Chamberlain – Tent and travel views, Chautauqua, western Canada. — 1930-1931. — 5 photographs
PA-1469 Mabel Crosland – Chautauqua views, Meota and Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Carbon, Alberta and Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. — 1930s. — 15 photographs
PA-2996 Lucille Elmore – Views related to Chautauqua circuit, western prairies and Ontario. — [1920s-1930s]. — 8 photographs. — Some copied as NA-3790.
PA-1278 Nola B. Erickson – Views of Chautauqua personnel including performers; Nola Critz in musical show at high school and portrait of White at university, Missouri. — 1918-1972. — 14 photographs
PA-1707 Nola B. Erickson – Chautauqua groups and personalities; Erickson family and Chautauqua in western Canada and USA. — [ca. 1920s]-1932. — 80 photographs. — Some copied as NA-1900.
PA-1935 Virginia Fledderjohn – Louis J. Alber and Elbert Wickes (Chautauqua personalities) and views of Nola B. Erickson. — 1960s-1970s and n.d. — 14 photographs
PA-1872 Florence Tory Frederickson – Chautauqua groups and personalities in Alberta and Canada. — [1920s]. — 17 photographs. — Some copied as NA-3457.
PA-1706 Melissa Freeman – Views of Chautauqua groups, Ontario and Alberta. — [ca. 1929-1931]. — 15 photographs
PA-1708 Lady Janet Goodine – General Chautauqua views, western Canada. — [ca. late 1920s]. — 3 photographs
PD-152 Mrs. A.D. Longman – Views of Chautauqua talent and life on circuits, western Canada. — 1922-1924. — 1 photograph album (90 photographs). — Some copied as NA-3791.
PD-114 Mrs. William Neals – Views relating to Chautauquas, mainly western Canada. — [ca. 1917-1918]. — 1 photograph album (100 photographs)
PA-2995 Walter Orr – Views of workers and talent on Canadian Chautauqua circuit. — 1930. — 32 photographs. Some copied as NA-3769.
PA-1217 Winnie Rowles – Portraits of Chautauqua lecturers and entertainers. — [ca. 1930-1931]. — 6 photographs
PA-1758 Ada Gray Sparling – Views relating to first Chautauqua party into Alaska. — 1918. — 3 photographs. — Some copied as NA-3166.
PA-2851 John W. Stewart – Marjorie Maude Mason, advance promoter for Chautauqua in Saskatchewan and Alaska. — 1918-1919. — 179 photographs. — Some copied as NA-4949
PA-1418 Avis Walton – General Chautauqua views, western Canada. — 1931. — 17 photographs
PA-1130 Roman Wengel – Chautauqua personalities and performers, Saskatchewan. — 1925-1926. — 3 photographs
NA-1867 John Erickson, tents and Chautauqua performers. — [ca. 1900-1920s]. — 3 photographs
NA-1900 Erickson family and Chautauqua views. — [ca. 1909]-1947. — 48 photographs
NA-2007 Chautauqua tents, set up and taken down on railway platform. — 1925-1927. — 3 photographs
NA-2175 Chautauqua performers. — [ca. 1925]-1927. — 6 photographs
NA-2532 Chautauqua staff having fun. — 1931. — 5 photographs
NA-2541 Chautauqua tent and personnel. — [ca. 1917-1919]. — 3 photographs
NA-2611 Chautauqua tent and string quartet. — [ca. 1930s]. — 2 photographs
NA-3079 Chautauqua tents, personnel and performers. — [ca. 1918 or 1919]. — 8 photographs
NA-3166 Group enroute to Alaska; Ada Gray. — 1918-1919. — 2 photographs
NA-3457 Chautauqua performers and managers. — [1920s]-1947. — 18 photographs
NA-3744 Chautauqua performers. — [ca. early teens]-1921. — 4 photographs
NA-3748 Chautauqua talent and workers. — 1928. — 4 photographs
NA-3749 Chautauqua tent, Preeceville, Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1920s]. — 1 photograph
NA-3757 Chautauqua parade, Pilot Mound, Manitoba. — [ca. 1920s]. — 4 photographs
NA-3769 Chautauqua workers and performers in western Canada. — 1930. — 21 photographs
NA-3778 Chautauqua talent, workers and tents. — 1936-1930. — 39 photographs
NA-3781 Chautauqua groups in Brandon and enroute from Winnipeg to Chicago. — [ca. 1930]. — 2 photographs
NA-3782 Captain Wood Briggs, lecturer from Texas. — 1919. — 1 photograph
NA-3789 Chautauqua tents and performers, western Canada. — [1920s-1930s]. — 12 photographs
NA-3690 Chautauqua car stuck in mud near Battleford; group in boat; and Nola B. Erickson. — [ca. 1929-1930]. — 3 photographs
NA-3791 Chautauqua tents and performers, western Canada. — [1920s]. — 20 photographs
NA-3905 Cassie Davis and Chautauqua performers. — 1910-1928. — 7 photographs
NA-4949 Chautauqua groups in Saskatchewan and Alaska. — 1918-1919. — 26 photographs