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Richard Barrington Nevitt fonds

M-893-1 Letters to Elizabeth “Lizzie” Eleanor Beaty. – 1871. – Regarding romance and social activities.
M-893-2 Letters to Lizzie. – 1872. – Regarding social activities, and work at Toronto General Hospital.
M-893-3 Letters to Lizzie. – 1873. – Regarding medical work, social activities, trip to Georgia, New York and Massachusetts, visit with family, and theatre presentations in Toronto, Ontario.
M-893-4 Letters to Lizzie. – 1874. – Regarding trip to Western Canada, March West with the North-West Mounted Police, medical work, trip to Fort Benton, Montana, and occurrences at Fort Macleod. View originals OR View transcripts.
M 892 Christmas dinner menu. – 1874. – For the officers’ mess at Fort Macleod
M-893-5 Letters to Lizzie. – January-April 1875. – Regarding life at Fort Macleod, his associates, New Year’s Day activities, cold weather, medical work, dances and other amusements. View now. [There are no transcripts available for these letters.]
M-893-6 Letters to Lizzie. – April-June 1875. – Regarding spring weather, cricket games, Hugh Munro being hired as interpreter, Métis camp, Major Walsh’s activities, and his horse Satan. View now. [There are no transcripts available for these letters.]
M-893-7 Letters to Lizzie. – June-September 1875. – Regarding medical work, occurrences at Fort Macleod, Indian ceremonies, trip to mountains, accident to Father Scollen, Dominion Day, rifle match, dance, departure of “F” Troop, trip to Cypress Hills, and hunting trip to Fort Benton. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-8 Letter to Lizzie. – October-December 1875. – Regarding medical work, occurrences at Fort Macleod, sawmill, anniversary of arrival, hunting trip to Porcupine Hills, and Indian ceremonies. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-9 Letters to Lizzie. – January-August 1876. – Regarding work at Fort Brisebois, search for Reverend George McDougall, occurrences at Fort Macleod, two trips to Fort Benton and Helena, visit to lumber party, playing cricket, visits to Morleyville, buffalo robes, fire at sawmill, dress ball, trip to Cypress Hills, and Fort Calgary. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-10 Letters to Lizzie. – September-December 1876. – Regarding occurrences at Fort Macleod, medical work, possible move to Battle River, expiration of three-year term for some men in the Mounted Police, problems with rain, repairs to hospital, playing cricket, anniversary of arrival, and trip to Helena. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-11 Letter from Harry Nevitt to Lizzie. – September 1876. – Regarding Barrie, Sioux Indians, possibility of stock raising, trip to Fort Macleod, and Barrie’s new quarters. Note: The letter is faint and difficult to read. View original.
M-893-12 Letters to Lizzie. – January-June 1877. – Regarding medical duties, occurrences at Fort Macleod, dramatic presentations, trips to Fort Calgary, vaccinations for smallpox, trial, sports day, and arrests by police. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-13 Letters to Lizzie. – July-December 1877. – Regarding medical duties, occurrences at Fort Macleod, arrival of recruits, arrangements for Treaty 7, picnic, Indian battles in Idaho and Montana, trip to Fort Calgary, caring for Indians at signing of Treaty 7, meeting with Sitting Bull, preparations to return to Eastern Canada and change of plans, prairie fire, servant caught trading whiskey, shooting case, theatre presentations, treating Crowfoot (Blackfoot chief), Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-14 Letters to Lizzie. – 1878. – Regarding medical duties, occurrences at Fort Macleod, burning of Lizzie’s letters, sketches for Harper’s Magazine, descriptions of house, prairie fire, dramatic presentations, and birth of daughter to Colonel James Macleod and his wife Mary, operation on Kittson, trip to Calgary, establishment of school, and return to Toronto. Includes mementos kept by Lizzie with the letters, including Barrie’s photographs and a lock of his hair. View originals OR View transcripts.
M-893-15 Letter to his father. – December 7, 1879. – Regarding headstone for brother Harry, appearance in court regarding medical licence, and his infant son.
M-893-16 Letters to Lizzie from family in the USA. – 1884-1886. – Regarding social activities, visits by R.B. Nevitt, etc.
Photographs of Nevitt’s sketches. – [ca. 1875-1978]. – Consists of black and white photographs of Nevitt’s sketches related to North-West Mounted Police activities in the Canadian West, including views of Fort Macleod, Fort Calgary and Fort Walsh; the Blackfoot, Peigan, Kootenay, and Assiniboine; Our Lady of Peace Mission; and Mounted Police activities. – The original sketches are held by the Glenbow Art Department. View now.
Photographs. – 1897, 1907. – Consists of a view of the North-West Mounted Police keeping surveillance on Almighty Voice (1897); and a photograph of a painting of Dr. Nevitt (1907). View now.
PA-3125 Photograph. – 1877. – View of North-West Mounted Police barracks, Fort Macleod, Alberta, taken by Wing and Steel of Winnipeg, Manitoba.