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Perry family fonds

Series 1

Annie May (Gibson) Perry. — 1900-1937

M-7664-1 Correspondence. — 1911-1917. — Includes of letters from Mary G.H. Dangerfield, former Matron of the Calgary General Hospital, letters from men fighting overseas during the First World War, and an invoice re the birth of daughter Jessie.
M-7664-2 Postcards and greeting cards. — 1904-1911. — Primarily humourous postcards sent to “Nurse Gibson”. Includes five leather postcards.
M-7664-3 Nursing training notebook. — 1901. — Consists of Mabel Bleakney’s notebook, kept while attending the Lady Stanley Institute in Ottawa.
M-7664-4 Nursing training notebooks. — 1905-1906. — 4 volumes. — Consists of Annie Gibson’s notes from lectures at the Calgary General Hospital School of Nursing.
M-7664-5 School exercise book of essays and poetry. — n.d.

Programs. — 1909-1937. — Consists of the following:

Christmas dinner and concert, Pottenger Sanatorium, Monrovia, California, 1909
Graduating exercises program, Calgary General Hospital, 1921
Promotional booklet about Alberta, ca. 1924
Programs and pictorial booklets from RMS Mauretania and RMS Empress of France, 1919-1920
Calgary General Hospital Nurses Alumnae programs, 1936, 1937.

M-7664-7 Sketches and caricatures of “Nurse Gibson” by L’Egville. — [ca. 1911]. — Consists of cartoons, drawn by R. d’Embleville during his three-month stay as a patient at the Calgary General Hospital, which depict Nurse Gibson, Nurse Latham, and other hospital staff. Includes a poem about Nurse Gibson, and a tongue-in-cheek letter about his time in hospital. The items were apparently given to Nurse Gibson, who created the album, possibly on her departure from the Calgary General Hospital to marry Thomas Perry.

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M-7664-8 Miscellaneous. — 1900, 1918 and n.d. – Consists of newspaper clipping about the Spanish influenza (ca. 1918); marriage announcement of Charles Waddington and Lavinia Chamberlain (1900); and cartoon called “The party line” (n.d.).
M-626 Invitations, hospital rules, health bulletins, and a promotional booklet about Calgary. — 1903-1921. — 9 items.
M-6895 Songbooks and sheet music, both popular and classis. — 1890s-1940s. — 75 cm of textual records.
M-6896 Leather postcards, miniature prayer book, hymn book, and Annie Gibson’s Calgary General Hospital nursing certificate. — n.d. — 15 items.
M-7352 Assorted postcards and greeting cards received by Annie May Perry. — n.d. — 16 items.

Series 2

Thomas Lionel Perry. — 1895-1955

M-7625 Diaries of Thomas Perry. — 1921-1929, 1934-1942. — 30 cm of textual records. — Consists of entries recording the weather, farm expenses, and personal notes about his activities.
M-7764-3 Marriage certificate of Thomas Lionel Perry and Annie May Gibson. — 1911
Second World War ration book. — 1943-1946
M-6949 Receipts, ownership papers for purchase of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) land, livestock, etc., Beddington. — 1904. — 5 items.
M-7262 Irrigation, etc. — 1895-1929. — 2 cm of textual records. — 3 blueprints. — Consists of correspondence about mineral rights and irrigation (1910-1929); and irrigation plans for the Cochrane / Calgary area (1895-1919).
M-7285 Family wills; birth, confirmation, marriage and death certificates; bankbooks, etc. — 1871-1928 and n.d. — 2 cm of textual records.
M-7664-oversize T.L. Perry’s Freemason certificate. — 1919
Thomas Perry’s and Annie Perry’s Alberta Jubilee certificates. — 1955
M-7664-9 Presentation book, The Veterinarian, given to Thomas L. Perry by Central Creamery. — March 20, 1929
M-7432 Programs, menus, etc. — 1929-1939. — 4 items. — Consists of programs for the Calgary Stampede (1929), Old Timers’ round-up (1938), R.B. Bennett farewell dinner (1939), and a Victory Loan Rally.
M-7435-1 Miscellaneous records. — 1909-1945. — 4 cm of textual records. — Consists of cheque books; Siegel Auto Company bill (1918); International Harvester promissory note (1909); and Victory Loan certificates (1943-1945).

Series 3

Jessie Perry. — 1922-1930 and n.d.

M-7764-4 Jessie E. Perry’s scrapbook of bird cards. — n.d.
M-7435-os-box Picture postcard album. — n.d. — [Possibly Jessie Perry’s]

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M-7764-8 Diary (in a scribbler). — 1922-1923. — Consists of entries by both Jessie Perry and her younger brother Lionel.
M-7764-9 “Art Notes and Sketches”. — 1925-1926. — Probably kept while at St. Hilda’s School for Girls.
M-7764-10 Jessie’s agriculture scribbler, grade 8, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — [ca. 1926-1927]
M-7764-11 Jessie’s “Poultry”, report for school. — [ca. 1926-1930]
M-7764-12 Jessie’s geometry and physics scribblers, grade 10, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — 1928-1929
M-7764-13 Jessie’s arithmetic, chemistry, economics, history and literature scribblers, grade 11, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — 1929-1930
M-7764-14 Jessie’s undated geometry, history and Latin scribblers, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — [ca. 1926-1930]
M-7764-15 School exams – Arithmetic, chemistry and geometry. — 1927, 1929 and n.d.
M-7764-16 “Wildflowers”, pressed plant album. — [ca. 1926-1930]. — Probably a school project.
M-7764-17 Jessie’s art portfolio, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — [ca. 1926-1930]
M-7764-18 Jessie’s pastels workbook, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — [ca. 1926-1930]
M-7764-19 Jessie’s “Map Drawing Book”, St. Hilda’s School for Girls. — [ca. 1926-1930]
M-7764-20 St. Hilda’s School for Girls memorabilia. — 1925-1984. — Conisists of Christmas card with school crest; letter from her little brother Lionel; Jessie’s reply to a toast on behalf of the prefects; invitation to the Perry’s to attend the 1925 prize night; list of cast of the play “La Dame Noire” in which Jessie acted; French crossword puzzles; programs for 1979 school reuinion; and newspaper clippings re 1984 school reunion.

Series 4

Miscellaneous. — 1909-1976

M-7764-5 Mrs. W.D. Kerfoot’s bill from Muir, Jephson and Adams (lawyers). — 1909
M-7764-1 John Robert Hallifax. — 1914-1916, 1927. — Consists of Canadian Army Service Corps notebook from the First World War (1914-1916), and Calgary Polo Club membership (1927).
M-7764-2 Arthur George Hallifax. — 1925. — Consists of agreement for sale of land at NE-5-23-1-W5.
M-7764-22 Letter from Provincial School of Agriculture (Olds) to Mrs. T.L. Perry re admission requirements for her child. — 1934. — Includes school calendar.
M-7764-21 Calgary Spring Bull Sale, record of sale. — March 1951
M-7350 Alberta amusement tax ticket. — n.d.
M-7764-7 Charles E. Lane. — n.d. — Consists of advertiques blotters for a real estate agency at 309 – 8th Avenue SW, Calgary.
M-7764-6 Mrs. A.C. Kerfoot’s weather reports from a precipitation station at Cochrane. — 1961-1976. — 4 volumes. — Completed for the Meteorolgical Branch of the federal Department of Transport.

Series 5

Photographs. — [ca. 1880s]-1961. — 392 photographs

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PA-1529 Views of various hospitals, Granby Mines, Thomas Perry family and farm, Jehu Perry family, King George School classroom, and 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles. — [ca. 1880s]-1961. — 37 photographs
PA-2982-(1-52) Nursing career and family of Annie (Gibson) Perry, Calgary and California. — [ca. early 1900s]. — 52 photographs
PA-2982-(53-63) Family members. — [ca. 1880s-1920s]. — 11 photographs. — Consists of views of Jessie Perry Sr. (Thomas’ mother), Jehu Perry (Thomas’ father), Thomas as a young man, and his children Jessie and Lionel.
PA-2982-(64-101) Mountain camping trip. — [ca. early 1920s]. — 1 photograph album (38 photographs). — Consists of views of a trip made by the Perry and Hallifax families to Banff, Bow Falls, Lake Louise, Radium and Marble Canyon.
PC-235 G. Squadron, Canadian Mounted Rifles. — [ca. 1904]. — 1 photograph
PD-216 Thomas Perry family and farm, Beddington. — [ca. early 1900s]. — 1 photograph album (35 photographs)
PD-244 Nursing career and family of Annie (Gibson) Perry, Calgary and California. — [ca. early 1900s]. — 4 photograph albums (250 photographs)
PE-141 Panoramas of the Pottenger Sanatorium, Monrovia, California. — [ca. 1907]. — 2 photographs
NA-2689 Early Calgary, Perry family, nurses and Calgary General Hospital views, and the Thomas Perry farm at Beddington. — [ca. 1880s-1950s]. — 26 photographs. — Note: These are copy negatives made from some of the original prints described above.