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Moodie family fonds

Series 1 Frank and Lucy Moodie papers. — 1880-1982. — 62.5 cm of textual records. — 8 photographs. — 1 audio recording. — 32 items o.s. — The series consists of documents, correspondence, financial and other material related to James Francis Melville (Frank) Moodie (1878-1943) and his cousin and wife, Lucy Catherine Moodie (1869-1965). Includes Frank’s business papers regarding his watch and jewelry repair business and his various gold mining, coal mining and petroleum operations. Also includes material related to his natural history collection, his unsuccessful bid for election in 1940, and a recorded interview with Norman Moodie regarding his father Frank’s business career (1982).
  Personal documents relating to Frank and Lucy Moodie
M-7967-1 Personal documents. — 1901-1926. — Consists of marriage certificates, Frank’s passport, permit to leave Canada, letters of recommendation, insurance, etc. Also includes birth certificate for Frank and Lucy’s eldest son, James Fyfe Moodie.
  Frank and Lucy Moodie’s personal correspondence
M-7967-2 Letters to Frank from his mother Berthia. — 1907-1913
M-7967-3 Letters to Frank from his father James. — 1909-1926
M-7967-5 Letters to Frank from miscellaneous family members. — 1909-1910, 1942
M-7967-6 Letters to Lucy from Frank. — 1913-1939
M-7967-4 Letter to Frank from Lucy. — 1915
M-7967-7 Letters of condolence to Lucy after Frank’s death. — 1943
M-7967-8 Letters to Lucy re estate, business, etc. after Frank’s passing. — 1943-1947
  Frank Moodie’s business correspondence
M-7967-9 General business correspondence. — n.d.
M-7967-10 General business correspondence. — 1914-1919
M-861-1 Letters from Frank to Major Fitz Horrigan of the Royal North-West Mounted Police. — 1918. — Re Harry Smith, union checkweighman at Rosedale Mine, who possibly robbed a bank at New Hazelton, British Columbia.
M-861-2 Letter of appreciation from Rosedale residents. — December 25, 1918
M-7967-11 General business correspondence. — 1920-1929
M-7967-12 General business correspondence. — 1930-1936
M-7967-13 Business letters from Frank to his son-in-law’s father, Daniel J. Munn Sr. — 1935-1937
M-7967-14 General business correspondence — 1940-1943
M-861-6 Correspondence re Sentinel Oils. — 1941-1942
M-861-7 Correspondence with the provincial Department of Lands and Mines re petroleum and natural gas leases. — 1941-1944
  Financial information relating to Frank and Lucy Moodie
M-7967-15 Cashbook. — 1910
M-7967-16 Bank account book. — 1921-1924
M-7967-17 Invoices, receipts, etc. — 1921-1944
M-7967-18 Financial re Calgary property. — 1924-1929. — Re Lots 17 and 18, Block 226, Plan 5700 A.G.
  Frank Moodie’s business interests: Watch and jewellery business
M-7967-19 Letterbook: copies of letters sent by Frank while in the watch and jewellery business in Chesterville, Ontario. — 1904-1905. — File also includes a blank receipt for “J. Francis Moodie, Pracitcal Watchmaker and Jeweler, Chesterville, Ont.”
M-7967-20 Ledger book kept by Frank while in the watch and jewellery business in Calgary. — 1905-1906. — Includes accounts for various Moodie family members, L.H. Doll, William Roper, Minnie Cochrane, Dr. Egbert, etc. File also includes recipes on notepaper with letterhead “Moodie Bros. Watchmakers, Jewelers, Engravers and Opticians.” The brothers are listed as W.B.C. Moodie and J.F. Moodie.
  Frank Moodie’s business interests: Miscellaneous mining and minerals
M-7967-21 Mineral claims in the Spillimacheen area, British Columbia. — 1907. — Includes claims sold to Frank and claims sold to others by “James F. Moodie, agent.”
M-7967-22 Memorandum of agreement between Frank and Calgary tinsmith William Campbell re mineral claim known as the “Hermit”. — 1908
M-7967-23 Big Bend Mica Mines Ltd. — 1908. — Consists of prospectus, report, assessment by engineer P. Turner Bone, maps, letterhead, Frank’s business card, etc. The mine was located on the Columbia River in British Columbia. See also PD-153-4 for scrapbook/photograph album related to Big Bend Mica Mines Ltd.
M-7967-24 Publications relating to mining. — 1918-1919. — Includes price list relating to mica from the M&H Mining and Development Co. Ltd.; copy of the Mines Act from the Statutes of Alberta; “The Mentor: The Story of Coal” by Charles Fitzhugh Talman; etc.
M-7967-25 Receipts relating to gold mining and mineral claims. — 1920-1934
M-7967-26 Power of attorney relating to mining claims in British Columbia. — 1932. — Power of attorney given to attorney Glen Caprenter of Cranbrook, British Columbia by Lucy Catherine Moodie, Norman F. Moodie, Hetty Park and Matilda MacKid.
M-7967-27 Inca Gold Holdings Ltd. — 1933. — Includes proposed working plan and maps for placer gold mining operation in the Cranbrook area, British Columbia.
M-7967-28 Placer mining leases. — 1934
M-861-17 Prospectors Guide for Strategic Minerals in Canada. — 1942. — Published by the Canadian Department of Mines and Resources.
  Frank Moodie’s business interests: Rosedale Coal Co.
M-861-15 Map showing Rosedale Coal & Clay Product Co’s lands. — [ca. teens]
M-7967-29 Weekly time book. — [ca. teens]. — Likely relates to the Rosedale Coal Co. operation.
M-7967-30 Ledger and accounts book. — 1912-1913. — Likely relates to the Rosedale Coal Co. operation.
M-7967-31 Rosedale Coal Co. miscellaneous. — 1914-1920. — Consists of agreements, letter to shareholders, advertising blotter and picture from calendar.
M-861-13 Articles re coal. — 1917 and n.d. — Includes “Something Radically Wrong with the Coal Situation” and “Shortage of 50,000,000 Tons in Nation’s Coal Supply”. — 1917 and n.d.
M-7967-32 Notebook. — [ca. 1918]. — Consists of names, notes relating to coal, etc. Likely relates to the Rosedale Coal Co. operation.
M-861-8 Certificate of title. — 1919. — For 174.74 acres of land at 28-19-W4 (near Rosedale).
M-7967-33 Minutes of the Twenty-Seventh Consecutive and Fourth Biennial Convention of the United Mine Workers of America, Cleveland, Ohio, September 9, 1919. — 1919
M-7967-34 Judgment in a legal case involving Frank Moodie and Rosedale Coal and Clay Products Co. Ltd.. — 1928.
  Frank Moodie’s business interests: Oil and gas
M-7967-35 Application for shares receipt book (blank). — [ca. teens]. — Statement on the bottom of receipts reads: “Make all cheques or remittances payable at par to the order of J.F. Moody.”
M-7967-36 Oil and gas agreements. — 1914. — Between Frank Moodie and others including the Mount Stephen Oil and Gas Co. Ltd.
M-7967-37 Geological reports relating to oil and gas. — 1922-1935
M-7967-38 Publications relating to oil and gas. — 1922-1941. — Includes “Manual for Operators under Oil and Gas Regulations” compiled by S.E. (Stan) Slipper; Government of Alberta “Schedule of Wells Drilled for Oil and Gas to 1938”; “The Structure and Oil Prospects of the Foothills of Alberta between Highwood and Bow Rivers” by G.S. Hume; “The Stratigraphy and Structure of Turner Valley, Alberta” by G.S. Hume; and copies of journals The Mineralogist, The Miner, and “Petroleum in Canada,” a supplement to the Canadian Mining Journal.
M-7967-39 Notebook/account book relating to oil and gas, drilling wells, coal, etc. — 1925
M-7967-49 Miscellaneous oil company shares. — 1926, 1936-1937. — Re New Valley Oil Co. Ltd. and McLeod Oil Co. Ltd.
M-7967-41 Sentinel Oils Ltd. — 1926-1943. — Includes prospectus, reports, agreements, receipts, letterhead, shares, list of shareholders, correspondence with Patrick Burns, etc. Also includes correspondence relating to Sentinel Oils to and from Frank’s brother Kenneth Moodie after Frank’s death.
M-7967-42 Report by Frank Moodie to the Prairie Petroleum and Natural Gas Syndicate of Regina re the oil and gas potential of Saskatchewan. — 1927
M-7967-43 Anglo-Indian Oils Corporation. — 1929. — Includes share offer, shares, letterhead, map, etc.
M-861-16 Extracts from reports. — 1932. — Re development of Alberta’s oil resources and possible European investments.
M-7967-44 Presentation by Frank Moodie re oil potential in the Calling Valley, Priddis, Black Diamond areas. — 1936
M-7967-45 Promotional information related to the Pouce Coupe Oil Fields. — 1936. — 5 photographs. — Includes booklet, maps, photographs and receipts for purchase of petroleum and natural gas rights for various sections of land.
M-861-9 Sentinel Oils Ltd.: Minutes and financial statements. — 1938-1943
M-7967-46 Land purchase proposals and agreements. — 1942-1943. — Includes report detailing oil and gas potential on Pat Burns’ Bradfield Ranch at Millarville (later known as the Qu’Appelle Ranch).
M-861-10 Anglo-Indian Oils Corporation: Minutes. — 1942-1943
M-861-11 Manuscript entitled “Oil Finding” written by Frank Moodie. — 1940
  Frank Moodie’s business interests: Maps
M-7967-o.s.-(1-4) Maps related to Frank Moodie’s mining and oil and gas interests. — 1906-1919. — 4 items o.s. — Includes a sheet of diagrams and pictures re the Rosedale Coal and Clay Products Co.
M-7967-o.s.-(5-14) Maps related to Frank Moodie’s mining and oil and gas interests. — 1922-1927. — 10 items o.s. — Includes maps showing oilfields of Turner Valley, including the location of wells of interest to Frank Moodie: Sentinel No.1, New Valley No.1, Anglo-Indian No.1, etc.
M-7967-o.s.-(15-31) Maps related to Frank Moodie’s mining and oil and gas interests. — 1931-1938. — 17 items o.s. — 2 photographs : b&w. — Includes maps showing oilfields of Turner Valley, Calling Valley, Sentinel No.1, etc. One geological cross-section has two pasted on panoramic photographs showing that area.
  Miscellaneous items related to Frank and Lucy Moodie
M-7967-47 Frank’s school books and notes. — 1880-1898. — Frank Moodie attended Mt. Hermon School in Massachusetts.
M-7967-48 Correspondence, receipts, etc. re Frank’s natural history collection and donations. — 1903-1951, 1961-1965, 1975. — 1 photograph. — Consists of correspondence etc. with the American Museum of Natural History, Charles H. Sternberg, the Manitoba Museum, Ward’s Natural Science Establishment (Rochester, N.Y.), University of British Columbia, etc. Also includes acknowledgements from the Glenbow Foundation and the Museum of the Highwood to Norman Moodie and Peggy Moodie Munn regarding the donation of items from their father’s collections, and a sheet outlining the aims and objects, membership, etc of the Alberta Mineral Society (Frank Moodie was the founding honorary president).
M-7967-49 List of books and their locations within Frank and Lucy’s house. — 1909 and n.d. — Includes some accounts.
M-7967-50 Frank’s talks and speeches. — [ca. teens], 1929. — Includes a biography of J.G. Tooker by George Christie.
M-7967-51 Greeting cards, notes, etc. — 1917-1957
M-7967-52 Knox United Church. — 1918-1955. — Includes Knox Church collection envelope containing a lock of hair.
M-7967-53 Art copyright assignment for a cartoon created by Robert J. Duff. — 1926. — Frank purchased the copyright to Duff’s cartoon “Everybody’s Darling ‘Auntie Cline'” for $1.00.
M-7967-54 Canadian Kennel Club certificates. — 1937-1940
M-7967-o.s.-32 Certificate from the Calgary Fish and Game Association acknowledging the role of Frank Moodie in the introduction of the Hungarian Partridge. — 1939. — 1 item o.s.
M-7967-55 Wartime miscellaneous. — 1939-1942. — Includes map of Europe; radio speech by Donald Gordon, chairman of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board “To the Women of Canada”; patriotic and sentimental pamphlets; tongue-in-cheek ad from British Industries Ltd. relating to Hitler taking command of the German army; etc.
M-861-12 “Wake Up, Canada!” circular. — [ca. 1940]. — Printed and circulated by Frank Moodie when he ran as an independent candidate for Calgary in the 1940 provincial election campaign. See also newspaper clipping at M-861-18 and photographs PA-4028-1-18,19.
M-7967-56 “Wake Up, Canada!” political cartoon. — [ca.1940]. — Signed J.F.M.M. Created by Frank for use during his 1940 provincial election campaign. See also newspaper clipping at M-861-18 and photographs PA-4028-1-18,19.
M-7967-57 Memorial to Frank Moodie. — 1943. — Given by Rev. S.J. Parsons at Frank’s funeral service at Scarboro United Church, June 28, 1943.
M-7967-58 Memoir of J.F. Moodie by son Norman F. Moodie. — 1981
RCT-419 Interview with son Norman F. Moodie. — March 24, 1982. — 1 audio recording. — Consists of Norman’s account of his father’s activities as a pioneer in coal and oil in Alberta, and descriptions of his own career as an engineer. View outline.
M-7967-59 Sheet music and song books. — 1890-1930
M-7967-60 Scrapbook of famous sayings kept by Frank. — 1917. — 3 photographs. — Includes photographs of Mt. Hermon School in Massachusetts and Frank’s children, Peggy and Norman.
M-7967-61 Newspaper clippings. — 1908-1919. — Re Frank’s interests and activities including Big Bend Mica Mines, Rosedale Coal Co., striking miners, the Spanish Flu epidemic, etc.
M-7967-62 Newspaper clippings. — 1928-1943. — Re Frank’s car accident, and oil and gas interests and activities including Sentinel Oil Co., etc.
M-861-14 Newspaper clippings. — 1936 and n.d. — Re Alberta oil and coal production.
M-861-18 Newspaper clippings re Frank Moodie. — 1940, 1943. — Includes the Western Examiner’s endorsement of Moodie in the 1940 provincial election; and Moodie’s obituary (1943).
M-7967-63 Newspaper clippings re death of Frank Moodie, June 26, 1943. — 1943
M-7967-64 Newspaper clippings. — 1956. — Consists of a special anniversary supplement to The Albertan newspaper, June 15, 1956: “A Salute to the Men Whose Vision Brought in Alberta’s Pioneer Oil Field…Turner Valley”.

Series 2 Rosedale Mine detective reports. — 1918-1919. — 8.5 cm of textual records. — Consists of daily reports of “Operative #3,” a spy from the Pinkerton Detective Agency who was hired by mine owner Frank Moodie to work undercover at the Rosedale Mine in Drumheller during a period of labour unrest. The miners knew him by the name Schofield.
M-861-3 Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency – Correspondence and invoices for the services of an undercover detective. — 1918-1919

Rosedale Mine detective reports. — April 17, 1918-August 30, 1918. — 140 pages. — Includes reports on subversive actions of miners, tensions between the English and “foreign” element, strike threats, and union activities.

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Rosedale Mine detective reports. — September 1-December 31, 1918. — 120 pages. — Includes reports on subversive actions of miners, tensions between the English and “foreign” element, strike threats, union activities, and the Spanish Influenza (flu), which reached Drumheller in October 1918.

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Rosedale Mine detective reports. — January 1-April 30, 1919. — 118 pages. — 118 pages. — Includes reports on subversive actions of miners, tensions between the English and “foreign” element, strike threats, union activities, and the One Big Union.

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Rosedale Mine detective reports. — May 1-August 31, 1919. — 115 pages. — Includes reports on subversive actions of miners, tensions between the English and “foreign” element, strike threats, union activities, the Winnipeg General Strike, and the One Big Union.

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Rosedale Mine detective reports. — September 1-December 10, 1919. — 101 pages. — Includes reports on subversive actions of miners, tensions between the English and “foreign” element, strike threats, union activities, and the detective’s recovery from a mining accident.

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Series 3 Frank and Lucy Moodie’s extended family. — 1850-1957, 1990. — 13.5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of correspondence and other records related to Frank and Lucy’s extended family, including their joint grandfather, Matthew Moodie (his eldest son, Walter, was Lucy’s father; his middle son, James, Frank’s father); their parents and siblings; and their children, Margaret B.A. (Peggy) Moodie (1909-1974), Norman Francis Moodie (1911-1995) and Kenneth William Byron (Bill) Moodie (1915-1942). Note: A birth certificate for Frank and Lucy’s eldest son, James Fife Moodie (1908-1990), may be found among their personal documents in M-7957-1.
  Matthew Moodie (Frank and Lucy’s grandfather)
M-7967-65 Store account book/diary/family register and account of a trip kept by Matthew Moodie. — 1850-1874. — Matthew Moodie emigrated to Quebec City from Glasgow in 1834 and married Margaret Fife in 1836. They had three sons who later helped with the family import/export business: Lucy’s father, Walter (b.1837), Frank’s father, James (b.1841), and Henry (b.1846).
  Frank and Lucy’s children
  Margaret B.A. (Peggy) Moodie Munn (Frank and Lucy’s daughter)
M-7967-66 Letters from father Frank and Lucy. — [ca. teens]-1942. — Also includes letters to Peggy’s husband (Rev. Daniel J. Munn) and children from Frank.
M-7967-67 Alberta high school matriculation examination questions. — 1926
M-7967-68 Pages from Calgary Normal School yearbook. — 1926-1927. — According to her daughter, Catherine Munn Smith, Peggy attended Normal School for a year before switching to nursing.
M-7967-69 Notebook: “Books I Have Read”. — 1927-1934
M-7967-70 Copy of a letter from Nellie McClung to Mrs. [Elaine] Catley. — 1934. — Praising a book of poetry produced by Calgary poets under the direction of Mrs. Catley (Collected Poems of Poetry Group of the Calgary Branch Canadian Authors’ Association, 1934 ). Many of the contributors are named and their poems described, including Georgina Thomson, Winnifred Tims, and Margaret B.A.[Peggy] Moodie.
M-7967-71 Daily expense book, bank book, etc. — [ca. 1930s], 1957
M-7967-72 Youth Hostel Association handbook and enrollment form. — [ca. 1933]
M-7967-73 Medical forms, booklets, pamphlets, etc. related to Peggy’s nursing career. — 1944-1951
M-7967-74 Sheet music and songbook collected by Peggy’s husband, Rev. Daniel J. Munn. — 1922-1937. — Also includes sheet music belonging to his father, Daniel J. Munn, and his sister, Mary Munn.
M-7967-75 Religious tracts, etc. collected by Rev. Daniel J. Munn. — 1925-1953
M-7967-76 Private receiving station license issued to Rev. Daniel J. Munn. — 1948
  Norman Francis Moodie (Frank and Lucy’s son)
M-7967-77 Letters from father Frank. — 1925. — See also RCT-419 for a 1982 recorded interview with Norman regarding his father’s career and his own as an engineer.
  Kenneth William Byron (Bill) Moodie (Frank and Lucy’s son)
M-7967-78 Letters from father Frank. — [ca.1920]-1942. — Bill was a flying officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force killed in action during the Second World War, May 5, 1942.
  Frank’s extended family
  James and Berthia Moodie (Frank’s parents)
M-7967-79 Miscellaneous items relating to James and Berthia Moodie. — 1875-1913. — Consists of publications inscribed by and to James; a sample of James’ letterhead, ca. 1920; and photocopies of letters relating to Berthia, including one written from Glenbow Ranch by her sister-in law, Janet E. Johnson Moodie (Lucy’s mother).
  Norman G. Moodie (Frank’s brother)
M-7967-80 Notebooks belonging to Norman Moodie (empty). — 1920. — See also M-7967-41 for correspondence to and from Norman Moodie after Frank’s death regarding Sentinel Oils Ltd.
  Eleanor M. Moodie (Frank’s sister)
M-7967-81 Sheetmusic collected by Eleanor Moodie. — 1891-1920
  William Brown Clark (Will) Moodie (Frank’s brother)
M-7967-82 Report of the death of Will Moodie at Vimy Ridge. — 1917
  Lucy’s extended family
  Janet Elizabeth Johnson Moodie (Lucy’s mother)
M-7967-83 Letters to Janet E. Johnson from her sister Marion Ada Johnson. — 1861. — Marion died at age seven, soon after these letters were written.
  Walter Hill Moodie (Lucy’s brother)
M-7967-84 Copy of a handwritten biographical sketch of Walter Hill Moodie (1871-1955). — 1990. — Written for the Okanagan Historical Society by his daughters, Janet Moodie Graham and Marcella Moodie Bell. Walter Moodie was born in Quebec City and came to the Glenbow Ranch northwest of Calgary with his family in 1891. For more records relating to Walter Hill Moodie, see M-9713.
Series 4 Margaret A. Moodie papers. — 1887-1926. — 4 cm of textual records. — The series consists of miscellaneous papers related to Lucy’s oldest sister. Margaret Amelia (Maggie) Moodie (1865-1926). Born in Quebec City, Maggie came to the Glenbow Ranch northwest of Calgary with her family in 1891, took teacher training in Regina, and taught in Calgary, mainly at Central High School, from 1898 until her retirement in 1922. She died in Montreal in 1926.
M-7967-85 Cards. — 1912-[ca.1915]. — Includes postcards written from Auntie Maggie to her niece and nephew, Frank and Lucy’s children, Peggy and Norman.
M-7967-86 Receipt for a headstone. — 1914
M-7967-87 Notes on teaching. — [ca.1880s-1890s]
M-7967-88 Child’s alphabet book. — 1887. — Consists of The Mother’s Picture Alphabet (1887).
M-7967-89 Book, sheet music. — 1887-1902. — Includes The Presbyterian Book of Praise received in 1902 from her cousin Lucy Catherine Moodie.
M-7967-90 Newspaper clippings. — 1917-1926. — Consists of clippings relating to Maggie’s teaching career and retirement from the Calgary School Board in 1922, her death in 1926, several newspaper columns by Nellie McClung (including one praising trained nurses), pages from The Teacher’s Institute, etc.
M-7967-91 Dominion Experimental Farms Bulletin: “Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables for Home Use”. — 1919
Series 5 Marion E. Moodie papers. — 1875-1966. — 32.5 cm of textual records. — 21 drawings. — 3 items o.s. — The series consists of diaries, correspondence, financial material and other records related to Lucy’s middle sister, Marion Elizabeth Moodie (1867-1958). Born in Quebec City, Marion (sometimes called Minnie) came to the Glenbow Ranch northwest of Calgary with her family in 1891. In 1895, she became the first student nurse at the Calgary General Hospital, graduating as a trained nurse in 1898. She did hospital and private nursing in Calgary, was in charge of the hospital at Frank, Alberta, 1903-1905, and matron of Red Cross Convalescent Hospital at Ogden south of Calgary, 1917-1919. From 1920 to 1926, she was in charge of the Ninette Sanatorium in Ninette, Manitoba. In addition to nursing, Marion developed a strong interest in studying and sketching botanical specimens and donated many items to prestigious institutions across North America. She also wrote poetry and published a collection of poems, several of which were later set to music by Calgary composer Clifford Higgin. She retired from nursing in 1926 and moved to Montreal to care for an elderly relative. She died in Calgary in 1958.
  Marion Moodie’s notebooks and correspondence
M-7967-92 Notebooks and diaries. — 1910-1934
M-7967-93 Correspondence. — 1875-1919. — Consists of letters both to and from Marion including from her mother, Janet E. Moodie; Gray Herbarium at Harvard University; Dudley Herbarium at Stanford University; Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; and a number of naturalists, entomologists, etc. with various branches of the Canadian government including John Macoun, C. Gordon Hewitt, N.B. Sanson, etc.
M-860-1 Letter written by Marion Moodie from the Glenbow Ranch. — 1893. — 7 pages. — Consists of a letter to her cousin Norman Moodie (Frank’s brother) that mentions health problems such as diphtheria and typhoid fever. There are also brief mentions of the family and ranch operations.
M-7967-94 Correspondence. — 1920-1927. — Consists of a letter from Marion while serving at the Ninette Sanatorium to The Canadian Nurse and Hospital Review, and letters to Marion from New York Botanical Garden; Canadian Department of Fisheries; Arthur O. Wheeler; etc.
M-7967-95 Correspondence. — 1930-1939. — Consists of letters both to and from Marion including from Canadian Department of Fisheries; University of Alberta; Medicine Hat General Hospital; The Canadian Nurse; etc.
M-7967-96 Correspondence. — 1940-1957. — Consists of a letter from Marion to the Board of Management, Homeopathic Hospital of Montreal, and letters to Marion from McGill University Departments of Botany and Zoology; Government House, Ottawa; Calgary General Hospital; Calgary General Hospital Alumnae Association, etc.
  Financial material relating to Marion Moodie
M-7967-97 Receipts, etc. — 1920-1940. — Consists of receipts, membership fees, honorarium and copyright payments, lists with values for jewellery and other items in storage, etc.
M-7967-98 Last will and testament. — 1944 View now.
M-7967-99 Charitable and church donations record book. — 1950-1951
  Marion Moodie’s nursing training and career
M-7967-100 Miscellaneous medical books and texts. — 1895-1936. — Also includes a sample mustard plaster paper manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.
M-7967-101 Newspaper clippings. — 1898-1953, 1981. — Consists of clippings relating to Marion Moodie’s training and nursing career and Calgary General Hospital. Also includes her obituary clipping.
M-7967-102 Nursing certificates, letters of commendation, tributes, etc. — 1907-1953
M-7967-o.s.-33 Alberta Association of Graduate Nurses registration certificate. — 1916. — 1 item o.s.
  Marion Moodie’s botanical interests and artwork
M-860-2 “Botanical Notes by Marion E. Moodie”. — 1892 and n.d. — Consists of a folder of sketches, notes and dried plants compiled by Marion Moodie.
M-7967-103 Artwork by Marion Moodie. — 1892-[ca.1904]. — 21 drawings. — Consists of pen and ink and watercolour drawings, paintings, greeting cards, calendars, etc. Includes a small watercolour labelled “Glenbow,” a sketch of the EP Ranch gate, a drawing labelled “Hospital and patients at Frank, Alberta, Crows Nest Pass,” and a “Sample Color Tablet” from the Japanese Water Color Company, Rochester, N.Y.
AR-11 Painting of the Bow River by Marion Moodie. — [ca. 1900]
M-7967-104 Book covers and other miscellaneous artwork collected by Marion Moodie. — 1928 and n.d. — Includes Bird and Animal Paintings by R.Bruce Horsfall (1928).
  Marion Moodie’s poetry and other writings
M-7967-105 Poetry by Marion Moodie. — 1904-1938. — Consists of handwritten and typed originals, drafts and copies.
M-862 Notes, poetry and correspondence. — 1908-1915, [ca. 1935]. — Consists of a poem by Marion Moodie; letters received by her from Arthur O. Wheeler, John Macoun and the New York Botanical Garden; listings of flowers by botanical name; and sheet music for her poems “The Four Winds” and “The Call of the Woods,” set to music by local Calgary composer, Clifford Higgin.
M-7967-106 Stories and reminiscences by Marion Moodie. — 1924 and n.d. — Consists of handwritten and typed originals, drafts and copies of nature stories, and stories and reminiscences relating to her nursing experiences (“Pioneer Nursing in Alberta,” “Tales from the Wards”) and time living in the Crowsnest Pass (“A Trip Up Turtle Mountain”).
M-7967-107 Consists of published poems and stories by Marion Moodie. — 1904-1934. — Consists of a published collection of poems, Songs of the West (Toronto: William Briggs, 1904), copies of the poem “A Song of the West” reprinted in other sources, a privately printed story (“The Legend of Dryas,” 1926), and the published versions of several poems and stories cut from newspapers and magazines.
M-7967-108 Notices and reviews of work published by Marion Moodie. — 1904-1934
M-7967-109 Books collected by Marion Moodie or inscribed to her by others. — 1894-1905
M-7967-110 Poems and books of poetry by others collected by Marion Moodie. — 1919-1938. — Includes two issues of Canadian Poetry Magazine (April 1936, June 1938), an autographed copy of Drifting Soil by Edna Jaques (1934), and a copy of an illustrated poem by Edna Jaques, “In Flanders Now (An Answer to Lt. Col. John McCrae)” (1919).
M-6251 Sheet music by Marion Moode and Clifford Higgin, Calgary. — [ca. 1935]. — 4 tiems. — Consists of poems by Marion set to music by Clifford Higgin, including “A Prairie Flower Song”, “Wonderland”, “The Call of the Woods”, and “The Four Winds”.
M-7967-111 Copyright for “Wonderland”. — 1935. — Words by Marion Moodie; music by Clifford Higgin.
M-7967-112 Sheet music collected by Marion Moodie. — 1894-1927
  Miscellaneous items relating to Marion Moodie
M-7967-113 Miscellaneous notes, greeting cards, prescriptions, etc. relating to Marion Moodie. — 1891-1931. — Includes Marion’s War Service Badge certificate (1919), and a weekly weight chart kept by her for six months during her time nursing at Ninette Sanatorium (1923-1924).
M-7967-o.s.-(34-35) Certificates. — 1929-1955. — 2 items o.s. — Consists of Marion’s Montreal Auxiliary Bible Society Life Membership (1929), and Alberta Golden Jubilee Senior Citizen Award (1955).
M-7967-114 Miscellaneous acknowledgements, certificates, etc. — 1930-1935
M-4107 Biographical sketch of Marion Moodie written by Mrs. Charles Parks. — 1966. — Includes copy of a newspaper clipping and an undated poem by Marion Moodie, “A Poet’s Garden.”

Series 6 Miscellaneous papers related to the Moodie family. — 1862-1963. — 24 cm of textual records. — The series consists of recipe books, scrapbooks, programs, greeting cards and other miscellaneous items collected by members of the Moodie family, gathered into this miscellaneous series because they are unattributed or appear to have been created by more than a single family member.
M-7967-115 Recipe book. — 1862-1959. — Handwritten, typed and printed recipes cut from newspapers and other sources and glued or laid loose in an unlined hardcover notebook. According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this book contains the handwriting of three generations of Moodie women: her great-grandmother, Janet Johnson Moodie, her grandmother, Lucy Moodie, and her mother, Peggy Moodie Munn.
M-7967-116 Covers and illumination-style dedication page for an album given to Anne Hudson by her husband. — 1865. — Note: The rest of the album is missing. Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, is unaware of any connection between the Moodie-Munn family and Anne Hudson.
M-7967-117 Scrapbook of household hints, recipes, and miscellaneous newspaper clippings. — 1872-[ca.1900]. — Clippings, etc. have been pasted in over top of a handwritten school attendance register dated 1872-1873. According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this book may have belonged to Janet E. Johnson Moodie.
M-7967-118 Souvenir programs, etc. from trips to England. — 1875-1950. — According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, various Moodie family members travelled to England for holidays and Frank Moodie travelled there a number of times to look for potential investors for his business concerns.
M-7967-119 Scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings. — 1881-1915. — According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this scrapbook likely belonged to one of the sisters, Maggie, Marion or Lucy Moodie.
M-7967-120 Scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings. — 1882-1927. — According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this scrapbook likely belonged to one of the sisters, Maggie, Marion or Lucy Moodie.
M-7967-121 Sewing and knitting patterns. — 1885-1933. — Consists of a commercial printed pattern for a Ladies’ Tucked Shirt-Waist from the New Idea Pattern Co. of New York (in existence, 1894-1920); and a book of handwritten and printed knitting patterns and instructions pasted or laid into a small, lined, hand-sewn notebook. According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, the latter was likely created by Janet E. Johnson Moodie, continued by her daughter, Lucy Moodie, and possibly by her daughter, Peggy Moodie Munn. Includes knitted samples of stitches and patterns.
M-7967-122 Handwritten listing of household hints and other items of interest copied from books and newspapers. — 1888-1890. — According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this listing may have been created by Janet E. Johnson Moodie or Lucy Moodie.
M-7967-123 Miscellaneous postcards and greeting cards collected by Moodie family members. — 1898-1941
M-7967-124 Cookbooks. — [ca.1908]-1959. — Consists of “Knox Church Ladies’ Aid Cook Book” (1908) with additional handwritten and printed recipes laid in. According to Frank and Lucy’s granddaughter, Catherine Munn Smith, this book likely belonged to Janet E. Johnson Moodie, and later Lucy Moodie, as the Moodies were members of Knox Church and regularly travelled from their home at the Glenbow Ranch to attend Knox Church in Calgary. Also includes a recipe book likely created by Lucy Moodie and/or Peggy Moodie Munn by pasting recipes, household hints, etc. cut from newspapers into a Standard Bank of Canada bankbook originally set up for the Rosedale Coal and Clay Company but never used for that purpose.
M-7967-125 Miscellaneous blotters, advertiques, calendars, menus, etc. collected by Moodie family members. — 1927-1963. — Also includes a Jenkins Groceteria Ltd. overseas order form; “My Lady’s Laundry List” checklist; Braille alphabet card; bridge tallies; Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire postcards and letterhead; “Firelite Fortune Teller” game; Trans-Canada Air Lines brochures and souvenirs, etc.

Series 7 Photographs. — 1864-1964. — 835 photographs. — 1 drawing. — The series consists primarily of views of the Moodie family, Rosedale Mine, Drumheller landscapes, and early nursing.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-803 Views of J.F. Moodie, gold mining, and Reverend Daniel Munn. — [ca. 1917-1930]. — 8 photographs
PA-1997 Views of North-West Mounted Police groups at Lesser Slave Lake, and Peigan Indian graves. — [ca. early 1900s]. — 4 photographs
PA-2016 Portraits of Marion E. Moode, Margaret A. Moodie, and view of Professor John Macoun. — 1898-1920. — 7 photographs
PA-2020 Views of J.F. Moodie, mines and miners. — [ca. 1912-1925]. — 21 photographs
PA-3304 Portrait of Janet Elizabeth (Johnson) Moodie, and Margaret A. Moodie in a horse-drawn wagon. — 1864, [ca.1900]. — 2 photographs
PA-3579 Moodie family views. — [ca. 1880s-1940s]. — 45 photographs
PA-4028-1-(1-70) Views of Frank and Lucy Moodie and family. — [ca.1880-1950s]. — 70 photographs (includes 1 glass negative). — Includes portraits, views of family activities and events, copies of material relating to Frank Moodie’s 1940 election campaign, etc. See NA-1058-6 for negative of PA-4028-1-70 (family picnic).
PA-4028-2-(1-82) Views of Marion E. Moodie. — 1867-[1950s]. — 82 photographs. — Includes portraits, views of graduation medal and nursing career, Calgary General Hospital, John Neil Hospital (Cold Lake, Alberta), Manitoba Sanitorium (Ninette, Manitoba), Red Cross Convalescent Hospital (Ogden, Calgary), etc. See NA-5074 for negatives of PA-4028-2-(78-82).
PA-4028-3-(1-80) Views of miscellaneous Moodie family members, friends, activities, events, etc. — [ca.1890s-1950s]. — 80 photographs. — Includes view of Banff Springs Hotel; EP Ranch house; Calgary Public Library; football game at Central Collegiate Institute; Alberta Provincial Police officers at Peace River,1927 (Inspector Hancock, Corporal Radcliffe, and Constables Faulkner, McGowan, Heal and Lowes); Edmonton Cold Storage Co.Ltd. group; unidentified outdoor public event in the mountains; etc.
PA-4028-4-(1-29) Views of Rosedale Coal Co. and area. — [ca. 1914-1919]. — 29 photographs (includes 6 glass negatives). — Includes views of mine workings and buildings; mine workers; Moodie family members including Frank and Lucy Moodie and children, Marion Moodie, etc.; visitors, including Mr. and Mrs. Jephson; ferry crossing the Red Deer River; Norwalk; views by W.J. Oliver of Rosedale football (soccer) team; etc.
PA-4028-5-(1-40) Views of mining operations in British Columbia. — [ca. teens-1930s]. — 40 photographs. — Includes view of Frank Moodie and group mining for gold; views identified as relating to Inca and Onea; cross-section and plan of sluice; etc.
PA-4028-6-(1-81) Views of oil fields and oil drilling operations. — 1913-1941. — 81 photographs (includes 1 glass negative). — Includes views of Frank Moodie and family members and other visitor at drilling sites; Lineham Wells at Oil City, Alberta; Texas Co. barrel tank on fire (photo by Clarence Jack); Home Oil’s Brazeau No.1 blowing out; views of various American oil fields and headquarters; James F.M. Moodie Co.’s Dundas No.1 well and camp near Sweet Grass, Montana; views of Frank Moodie consulting in California, ca.1927 (including views of him bandaged with a broken jaw after being hit by an oil well casing); views of Sentinel No.1 and a copy of a letter relating to Sentinel Oils Ltd.; etc.
PA-4028-7-(1-54) Photographs relating to Frank Moodie’s presentations on oil, gas, geology, etc. — [ca. 1920s]. — 54 photographs. — Includes views of Turner Valley/Calling Valley area; Sentinel No.1; Anglo-Indian No.1; Pouce Coupe River; aerial views by W.J. Oliver and the Royal Canadian Air Force/Department of National Defence; etc.
PA-4028-8-(1-11) Views of First Nations people. — [ca.1910-1950s]. — 11 photographs. — Includes views of unidentified honorary chieftainship ceremony; Peigan graves at Old Man River near Fort Macleod; Stoney Chief Walking Buffalo, (also known as George McLean); and copies of views of First Nations people taken by photographer Harry Pollard (original negatives at Provincial Archives of Alberta: P 95, P 101, P 104, P 111, P 139, and similar to P 126 and P 128).
PA-4028-9-(1-10) Views of horse racing. — 1907-[ca.1914]. — 10 photographs. — Includes views of horses owned by Frank Moodie, sulky racing, Frank racing, etc.
PB-894-1 J.F. Moodie as a child on horseback in Ontario. — [ca. 1888]. — 1 photograph
PB-894-2 Hand tinted mouintain camp scene. — n.d. — 1 photograph
PB-894-3 Pencil sketch of J.F. Moodie by “G.K.H.”. — 1931. — 1 drawing
PD-153-1 Rosedale Coal & Clay Products Co. Limited, Rosedale, Alberta. — [ca. 1912-1914]. — 1 photograph album (39 photographs). — Consists of views of the mine and buildings, including the power plant, tipple, screening plant, screen and picking table, main entry, lump coal, grate coal, stove coal, pea coal, slack coal, boiler room, hoist, generator, miners’ hall, accident room, kitchen, bath house and horses. Copies of many of these images are in the Bert and Myrtle Toschach fonds at Glenbow, call number NA-2389-(39-54).
PD-153-2 Rosedale Coal Mine and badlands. — n.d. — 1 photograph album (9 photographs). — Consists of views of the location of and landscape surrounding the mine; and of the Big Seam and Top Seam. Also includes a plan of the Lower Seam, and map showing the location of the Belly River formation.
PD-153-3 Rosedale area. — n.d. — 1 photograph album (10 photographs). — Consists of views of Horseshoe Coulee, chief engineer, Rosedale Ferry, fishing on the Red Deer River, building the Rosedale bridge, and hunters with a dead beaver.
PD-153-4 Big Bend Mica Mine. — 1907-1908. — 1 photograph album (63 photographs). — Consists of views of prospecting, mountainous terrain, canoe on a river, miners, mining camps, etc. related to the Big Bend Mine and a few family pictures of Frank, Lucy and baby Peggy. The album also contains several documents: Memoradum of Association under the Company’s Act, list of shareholders, map of the location of the mine (north of Revelstoke), newspaper clippings, and correspondence re shares.
PD-153-5 Big Bend Mica Mine. — [ca.1907-1908] — 1 notebook (11 photographs). — Consists of a notebook with postcard-style copies of photographs from vol. 4 above and a map showing the mine location.
PE-191-1 Panorama of Rosedale Coal Mine, Rosedale, Alberta. — n.d. — 1 photograph
PE-191-2 Panorama of nurses and veterans at Odgen Home, Calgary. — 1918. — 1 photograph
NA-1058 Views of the Moodie family and family home, picnics, Freddie McCall’s airplane, and Peigan graves. — 1889-1919. — 1 negative. — See PA-4028-1-70 for a print of NA-1058-6 (family picnic).
NA-3799 Portraits of Marion E. Moodie and Margaret A. Moodie, and view of Edelweiss, British Columbia. — [ca. 1890s-1915]. — 4 negatives
NA-3840 Views of North-West Mounted Police at Lesser Slave Lake, Professor John Macoun, and Peigan graves (n.d.). — 1902-1913. — 5 negatives
NA-5074 Nurse Marion E. Moodie at Frank Hospital, and portraits of Marion E. Moodie. — 5 negatives. — [ca. 1903]-1918. — See PA-4028-2-(78-82) for prints of these negatives.
NA-5439 Margaret A. Moodie and friend in horse-drawn wagon. — [ca. 1901]. — 1 photograph
NC-51 Views of the Moodie family, their home, nursing views, etc. — [ca. 1887-1908]. — 12 negatives
NC-80 Views of coal mining at Drumheller, Rosedale Mine, and a Red Deer River ferry. — [ca. 1920-1930]. — 18 glass negatives
S-249 Views of Calgary, Turner Valley oil wells, First Nations, and mountain scenery. — [ca. 1920-1930]. — 110 lantern slides (some hand-tinted)