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Max Bishop fonds

M-97-1 Correspondence. — 1913-1932. — Re poem “The Prophecy,” congratulations on “Miss Hook of Holland.”
M-97-2 Calgary production programs. — 1921-1951. — Include the Paget Players productions of “Sweet Lavender,” “Caste,” “What Happened to Jones,” “Our Boys,” “Brother Bill and Me,” “The Chimney Corner;” “The Vendetta,” “The Private Secretary” Crescent Heights High School Operatic Society productions of “The Lucky Jade,” “Don Alonso’s Treasure,” “Bitter Sweet Anne,” “Rose of the Danube,” “Blow Me Down,” “An Old Spanish Custom;”Calgary Normal School Glee Club’s production “Pinafore;” The Lyric Operatic Society’s “The Queen of Romance;” Grand Theatre and The Plays of Shakespeare; Pro Cathedral Sixth Annual Choir Dinner; Grace Presbyterian Annual Choir Concert; The Alberta Military Institute Annual Vimy Dinner; Remembrance Day Concert; 50th Battalion Annual Reunion; The Dominion Drama Festival; list of productions.
M-97-3 Miscellaneous theatre programs, no date. — Concert program for Royal Alexandra, program of Henry V, Theatre Guild, Montreal.
M-97-4 Scrapbook. — 1920-1948. — 59 pages. — Contents of scrapbook follow.
M-97-4, p.1 Clippings re horticulture. — 1920
M-97-4, p.2 Programs of Calgary tonic Solfa choral Society concert. — December, 1922. — Royal Arch Masons of Alberta. — 1924
M-97-4, p.3 Calgary Women’s Musical Club. — 1922. — Grand Benefit Concert. — 1922
M-97-4, p.4 Menu for the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta. — 1923. — Programs of First Annual Dancing Exhibition.
M-97-4, p.5 Dominion Labor Party Concert and Dance. — 1923. — Clipping re Paget Players “Vendetta”
M-97-4, p.6 Program of Grand Benefit Concert. — 1925. — Smoking concert. — 1924
M-97-4, p.7 St. Patrick’s Concert and Dance. — 1923. — Menu for Sons of England Benefit Society Banquet. — 1924
M-97-4, p.8 Programs for Calgary Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir Concert and dance. — 1925. — Clipping re military smoker.
M-97-4, p.9 Calgary Women’s Musical Club program. — 1925. — Clippings re military smoker.
M-97-4, p.10 Menu for the Alberta Military Institute. — 1925. — Clipping re military smoker.
M-97-4, p.11 Program for the Calgary Choral and Orchestral Society, 1927 “The Messiah” Program for Calgary City Police Annual Benefit Concert, 1925 and 1926, and clipping.
M-97-4, p.12 Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir, 1927 Grand Concert
M-97-4, p.13 Menu for Calgary Medical Society Dinner. — 1927
M-97-4, p.14 Menu for Riley Park Tennis Club Meeting and Banquet. — 1927.- Program for Alberta Co-op Wheat Producers meeting. — Clipping re Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir at Keith Sanatorium.
M-97-4, p.15 Program for Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir Annual Choir Annual Concert. — 1928. — Program for St. Mark’s Lodge No. 118 Concert. — 1928
M-97-4, p.16 Program for United Anglican Young People’s Grand Concert. — 1928. — Program for United Farm Women’s Annual Convention Banquet. — 1928
M-97-4, p.17 Program and menu for Pro-Cathedral Choir Banquet. — 1929. — Menu for the Army and Navy Veterans’ Annual Banquet. — 1928
M-97-4, p.18 Program for St. Michael’s Church Choir Concert. — 1927
M-97-4, p.19 Menu for the Annual Dinner of the Canadian Manufacturer’s Association. — 1929. — Program for South Calgary United Church Concert. — 1929
M-97-4, p.20 Program for Calgary Little Theatre Association “He and She,” “Beauty and the Jacobin,” “How He Lied to Her Husband”. — 1930
M-97-4, p.21 Menu and program for Pro-Cathedral Choir banquet. — 1930. — Program for Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir of Calgary Annual Concert. — 1930. — Clipping re Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir.
M-97-4, p.22 Program for Calgary Little Theatre “A Tight Corner”. — 1930
M-97-4, p.23 Program for Great West Canadian Folk- song-Folk-dance and Handicraft Festival, – 1930. — Menu for The Federated Association of Letter carriers complimentary Dinner. — 1930
M-97-4, p.24 Program for Alberta Optometric Association Convention. — 1930. — Program for Scarborough Church Choir Concert. — 1930
M-97-4, p.25 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “The Rebel Maid”. — 1930. — Clipping re: Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir
M-97-4, p.26 Program for Canadian Pacific Male Choir Annual Concert. — 1931. — Clipping re “Camp Fire Sparks”. — 1931
M-97-4, p.27 Menu for Engineering Institute of Canada Annual Dinner. — 1932. — Program for Grace Presbyterian Church Annual Choir Concert. — 1934
M-97-4, p.28 Program for the Pro-Cathedral program of musical service. — 1932
M-97-4, p.29 Program for Normal School Glee Club “All at Sea”
M-97-4, p.30 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “Miss Hook of Holland”. — 1932
M-97-4, p.31 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “Miss Hook of Holland”. — 1932. — Clippings.
M-97-4, p.32 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “Quaker Girl”. — 1933
M-97-4, p.33 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “The Geisha”. — 1934
M-97-4, p.34 Program for the Calgary Light Opera Society “The Arcadians”. — 1934
M-97-4, p.35 Program for St. Mark’s Bible Class “Her An’ There”. — 1934
M-97-4, p.36 Clippings re amalgamation of Green Room Club and the Little Theatre. — 1925-1930
M-97-4, p.37 Program for The Alberta Dramatic League Festival. — 1930
M-97-4, p.38 Program for Mary Lesignham Shortt Violin Recital. — 1935
M-97-4, p.39 Program for Grace Presbyterian Church Annual Choir Concert. — 1935
M-97-4, p.40 Program for Calgary Light Opera Society “The Merry Widow”. — 1935. — Clipping.
M-97-4, p.41 Clippings re “The Merry Widow”
M-97-4, p.42 Program for The Army and Navy Veteran’s Own 18th Wolf Cub Pack All-Star Vaudeville Show. — 1935
M-97-4, p.43 Program for Alberta Regional Dramatic Festival. — 1936. — Clippings re “The Merry Widow”.
M-97-4, p.44 Program for The Army and Navy Veteran’s Own 18th Wolf Cub Pack “A Change for the Better”. — 1936
M-97-4, p.45 Menu for Alpine Club of Canada Annual Banquet. — Clipping re Normal School Glee Club “H.M.S. Pinafore”.
M-97-4, p.46 Clippings re Calgary Light Opera Society “The Chocolate Soldier”. — 1936
M-97-4, p.47 Program “The Chocolate Soldier”. — 1936. — Clippings.
M-97-4, p.48 Pro-Cathedral Organ Recital program. — 1940
M-97-4, p.49 Program for Crescent Heights High School Choral Society “The Lucky Jade”. — 1940
M-97-4, p.50 Clippings re Folk Dancing Festival. — 1940
M-97-4, p.51 Clippings re Folk Dancing Festival. — 1940
M-97-4, p.52 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “In Old Vienna”. — 1939
M-97-4, p.53 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “An Old Spanish Custom”. — 1942
M-97-4, p.54 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “Jerry of Jericho Road”. — 1943
M-97-4, p.55 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “Blow Me Down”. — 1944
M-97-4, p.56 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “The Belle of Baghdad”. — 1945
M-97-4, p.57 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “Don Alonso’s Treasure”. — 1946
M-97-4, p. 58 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “The Lucky Jade”. — 1947
M-97-4, p.59 Program for Crescent Heights Choral Society “Bitter Sweet Anne”. — 1948
M-97-5 Scrapbook. — 1913-1947. — Includes newspaper clippings of poetry, many poems by Max Bishop.
M-97-6 Max Bishop’s poems. — 1913-1918. — Include “The Prophecy”; “My War Garden”.
M-97-7 Personal clippings. — 1921and no date. — Re Max Bishop.
M-97-8 Clippings re Calgary production. — 1926-1934. — Re choral singing; Calgary Philharmonic Society; “K – the Unknown,” “The Geisha,” Calgary Gyro Show; Calgary musical talent; Folk festival.
M-97-9 Clippings re miscellaneous productions. — 1915- 1916. — Re Peter Pan at the Walker, Winnipeg.
M-97-10 General papers. — 1944 and no date. — Includes article “The Drama,” clipping re Christ Church, Winnipeg; “The Story of the Stolen Church” by Fred J. Smyth.
M-97-11 Scrapbook. — 1894-1930. — 102 pages. — Contents of scrapbook follow.
M-97-11, pp.1-39 Invitations, program, clippings, from England. — December 1894-May 1903
M-97-11,pp.40-71 As above, from Winnipeg. — April 1904-April 1911
M-97-11,pp.72-75 Claresholm – programs and clippings. — March 1912-January 1913
M-97-11, p.76 Programs from St. Mark’s Church Choir Socials, Calgary. — April 1915-February 1915
M-97-11, p.77 Clippings – Max as a poet winning awards, Albertan (February?), News Telegram (August 1914); Choir concerts (St. Mark’s); “Charley’s Aunt” Calgary Dramatic Society at the Grand Theatre May 21 and 22, 1915
M-97-11, p.78 Program – “Charley’s Aunt”
M-97-11, p.79 Revues of “Charley’s Aunt”
M-97-11, p.80 Programs and revues of “Fete D’Avril” (St. Hilda’s pupils in Page Hall). — April 1917. — St. Mark’s Church concert, November 1916. — I.O.D.E. and Red Cross Group – Entertainment for convalescent soldiers at Ogden (revue only).
M-97-11, p.81 Programs and revues of concerts for soldiers. — February 1916. — Clippings – opening of new Y.M.C.A., Hut. — May 1917
M-97-11, p.82 Clippings – concerts. — no date
M-97-11, p.83 Program and clipping – concerts. — no date. — Programs – “Complimentary Smoker” – 17th Cavalry Ambulance Corps. — April 1917
M-97-11,pp.84-85 Revues and programs for charity concerts. — February-March 1918
M-97-11, p.86 Program and revue, St. Mark’s Guild concert. — April 1918
M-97-11, p.87 Program – Concert by South Calgary United Choir. — December 1918
M-97-11,pp.88-89 Programs and clippings re – “Caste” by Paget Players. — January 1919
M-97-11, p.90 Programs and clipping re Banquet and Concert – Army Medical Corps. — March 1919
M-97-11, p.91 Program – Banquet and Concert – 8th Field Ambulance – April 1919. — Concert, Canadian Pacific social and Athletic Club. — March 1919
M-97-11, p.92 Banquet Menu and award presentation – 50th Battalion. — June 1919. — Concert program – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian. — May 1919
M-97-11, p.93 Souvenir Banquet Memo – Hudson’s Bay Company. — August 1919. — Clipping – visit to city of United States Editorial Association. — no date
M-97-11, p.94 Program – “Sweet Lavender” – Paget Players. — February 1919. — Revue of above.
M-97-11, p.95 3 more revues of “Sweet Lavender”
M-97-11,pp.96-97 Program and 3 revues – “The Private Secretary” – Paget Players. — April 1919
M-97-11, p.98 Program – Harvest Social and Reunion- Pro-Cathedral. — October 1919. — Clipping, Christ Church Men’s Association social evening. — ? 1919. — Clipping, Grand Concert announcement, St. Barnabas
M-97-11, p.99 Menu and program and clipping, Victory Loan Dinner for Calgary Sales Force by Pat Burns. — December 1919
M-97-11,pp.100-101 Program and 3 revues, “Brother Bill and Me” and “The Chimney Corner” – Paget Players. — November 1919
M-97-11, p.101 Clipping – notice of Victoria Church concert. — December 1919
M-97-11, p.102 Invitation – to “At Home” from Cyprus Preceptory No. 33 (K.T. and K.M.) in Masonic Temple. — December 1919. — Revue, Police Benefit Concert at Al Azhar Temple.
M-97-12 Sheet music, “Percy Vere”, written, composed and sung by Max Bishop. — no date
M-97-13 Annotated theatrical scripts. — no date. — For “HMS Pinafore” and “The Red Mill”. Contains specific notes and directions for Calgary productions.
PA-1348-(1-9) Musical and theatrical photographs. — 1920- 1934. — 9 photographs. — Consists of views of Max Bishop in various productions.
PB-356-(1-3) Paget Players photographs. — 1921-1929. — 3 photographs. — Consists of views of Max Bishop and the Paget Players.
PD-280-(1-305) Photograph album. — 1922-1945. — 305 photographs. — Consists of photographs taken by Max Bishop, including views of Calgary, Banff area scenery, Johnston’s Canyon, Bow Valley, Lake Louise area, Emerald Lake, Marble Canyon, Radium Hot Springs, camping, Waterton Lakes, Vancouver, Victoria, EP Ranch, Keith Sanatorium, Okanagan, 1939 Royal visit, the family house and gardens at 1816 – 33rd Avenue SW, Pro-Cathedral, and construction of the Glenmore Dam.
NA-2458-1 Pro-Cathedral Choir photograph. — 1920. — 1 photograph. — Consists of a view of the choir posed in front of the Cathedral.