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Maude and Harold Riley fonds


Maude Riley’s personal papers. – 1894-1993, predominant 1902-1962. – 14 cm of textual records. – 1 transcription disk. – Consists of personal correspondence, certificates and awards, speeches, financial records, newspaper clippings about her activities, radio broadcast about her, her will, and posthumous tributes.

M-8401-1 School certificates. – 1894-1906
M-8401-2 Letters of recommendation. – 1902-1904
M-8401-3 Marriage certificate and wedding invitation. – 1907
M-8401-4 Personal correspondence. – 1904-1962. – Includes letters from Prime Minister Arthur Meighen, Ella Thorburn, Irene Parlby, Ernest Manning, Muriel Manning, Doris McCubbin, Walter H. Johns, and family members.
M-8401-5 Letters from Maudie Ferguson. – 1939-1945, 1958-1959. – Maudie Ferguson’s married name was Mrs. Bob Farquharson. She was a member of the Canadian Women’s Press Club.
M-8401-6 Letter from Amelia Muir. – 1933. – Consists of a letter regarding her sister, Henrietta Muir Edwards, and their early life as girls in Montreal.
M-8401-7 Valentines from family. – [ca. 1936, 1950s]
M-8401-8 Congratulations and thank you cards from women’s groups. – [ca. 1940s]
M-8401-9 Certificates. – 1919, 1937 and nd. – Consists of Queen Elizabeth award from the Belgian government for her work promoting the Belgian Relief Fund (1919); certificate from Buckingham Palace which accompanied a coronation medal (1937); and a House of Commons menu with autographs on the back (nd).
M-8401-os1-5 Certificates. – 1927-1962. – Consists of National Baby Week awards (1927, 1936); Junior Chamber of Commerce Citizenship Award (nd); certificate of thanks from the City of Calgary (1949) [for photograph of the presentation see PA-3647-1]; and certificate (illuminated by Herbert Earle) celebrating her 40th year as president of the Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare (1962).
M-8401-10 Speech and article on child welfare. – 1923 and nd. – Consists of manuscript for article entitled “Child Welfare is our Country’s Welfare”, which was published in Safe Milk (see M 8410/34 for published version). Also consists of a speech regarding child welfare (nd).
M-8401-11 Notes for speech on the achievements of women. – [ca. 1936]. – Presented in Lethbridge.
M-8401-12 Speech on the establishment of a minimum wage. – [ca. 1938]
M-8401-13 Speech about Canada’s contribution to the war. – [ca. 1941]. – Includes description of Dunkirk.
M-8401-14 Speech entitled “Vocational Training”. – [ca. 1940s]. – Consists of speech presented to the Kiwanis Club, regarding training for women.
M-8401-15 Notes. – nd. – Consists of handwritten notes for speeches and for personal use.
RAD-55-3 Radio broadcast: “Mrs. Harold W. Riley”. – March 29, 1959. – 1 transcription disk. – Consists of a tribute to Maude Riley on Calgary Power’s “Sunday Serenade” program on CFAC radio. For correspondence about, and transcript of, this broadcast, see M-8401-4.
M-8401-16 Finances. – 1928-1962. – Consists of papers related to investments, properties, and income tax. Includes a bank book and the final bill from the Palliser Hotel (where she lived until her death).
M-8401-17 Alfred George Frederic Riley estate. – 1940-1944. – Consists of legal documents about the final disbursement of the estate. For more about this estate, see Harold Riley’s files (M-8401-75 and 76).
M-8401-18 Church donations and dedications. – 1947-1963. – Consists of papers about gifts given to St. Barnabas and St. Andrews churches by Maude Riley.
M-8401-19 Notebook. – 1953-1962. – Consists of notebook recording accounts, addresses of social welfare contacts, and addresses and birthdays of family and friends.
M-8401-20 Mailing list. – [ca. 1950s]. – Consists of addresses of contacts in various social welfare organizations.
M-8401-21 Newspaper clippings about Maude Riley and her activities. – 1912-1930s
M-8401-22 Newspaper clippings about Maude Riley and her activities. – 1940s
M-8401-23 Newspaper clippings about Maude Riley and her activities. – 1950s
M-8401-24 Newspaper clippings about Maude Riley and her activities. – 1960s
M-8401-25 Handwritten draft of will. – [ca. 1960-1962]
M-8401-26 Maude Riley’s death. – 1962-1964. – Consists of final will; assignment of power of attorney; doctor’s report on final illness; letters of sympathy on her death to daughter Harriet Maude Sproule; and correspondence about the estate.
M-8401-27 Posthumous tributes. – 1978-1993. – Consists of speech given in her honour at the YWCA [ca. 1978]; newspaper clipping about her achievements (1978); Elise Corbet’s article about her from Citymakers (1987); and tribute from Alberta Government on 40th anniversary of Family Courts (1993).

Series 2

Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare. – 1916-1962. – 16 cm of textual records. – 2 transcription disks. – The Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare grew out of the earlier Calgary Children’s Aid Society, the name being changed in 1923. Maude Riley served as president of the organization from 1923 until 1962. – Consists of reports, resolutions, correspondence, Child Welfare Week programs, and radio broadcasts promoting Child Welfare Week.

M-8401-28 Reports and correspondence. – 1916-1922. – Includes reports and resolutions related to the rights of children, juvenile crime, baby clinics, the pasteurization of milk and parent-teacher associations. View now.
M-8401-29 Reports and correspondence. – 1922-1936. – Includes reports, resolutions and correspondence related to baby clinics and the Child Welfare Act of Alberta. View now.
M-8401-30 Correspondence and resolutions. – 1936-1949. – Includes reports, resolutions and correspondence related to Child Welfare Week, juvenile delinqency, establishment of a boys’ industrial school, kindergartens, and family allowances. View now.
M-8401-31 Correspondence and resolutions. – 1951-1962. – Includes reports, resolutions and correspondence related to Child Welfare Week, kindergartens, supervised playgrounds, extended hours of service for the Children’s Aid Department, and family courts. View now.
M-8401-32 Resolutions. – nd
M-8401-33 Organized sports for children. – 1956. – Consists of reports and resolutions about recreational and sporting opportunities for children.
M-8401-34 Milk campaigns. – 1921-1923. – Consists of information about milk programs in eastern Canada; correspondence with the National Dairy Council of Canada; a booklet, Safe Milk, featuring Maude Riley’s article, “Child Welfare is Our Country’s Welfare” (see M-8401-10 for the hand-written version of this article); and a children’s play called “Milk Fairies”.
M-8401-35 Baby Welfare Week programs. – 1916-1918
M-8401-36 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1921-1923, 1925
M-8401-37 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1926-1928, 1930
M-8401-38 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1931-1934
M-8401-39 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1935-1938
M-8401-40 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1939-1942
M-8401-41 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1943-1946
M-8401-42 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1947-1950
M-8401-43 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1951-1954
M-8401-44 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1955-1958
M-8401-45 Child Welfare Week programs. – 1959, 1961
RAD-55-1 Radio broadcast: “It’s a Woman’s World”. – April 2, 1956. – 1 transcription disk. – Consists of a CFAC radio broadcast, featuring a telephone interview with Maude Riley about Child Welfare Week. The show, hosted by Jacqueline Penn, also includes an extensive description of the forthcoming marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco.
RAD-55-2 Radio broadcast: “Mrs. H.W. Riley, Public Service Talk”. – April 7, 1956. – 1 transcription disk. – Consists of a public service talk by Maude Riley broadcast on CFAC radio, during Child Welfare Week.
M-8401-46 Published leaflets. – 1937, 1941. – Consists of leaflets published by the Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare: Adolescence by Dr. Geraldine Oakley (1937), and Health Insurance by Miss Rae Chittick (1941).

Series 3

Organizations and committee work. – 1911-1962. – 15 cm of textual records. – Maude Riley sat on the executives of a large number of charitable organizations. – Consists of papers related to the many organizations to which Maude Riley belonged, or with which she interacted. The records have been artificially arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the organization.

M-8401-47 Alberta Federation of Women. – 1936-1941. – Maude Riley was president of this umbrella group which represented the Women’s Institutes, United Farm Women of Alberta, Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare, Provincial Girl’s Work Board, and the Provincial Children’s Work Board. Includes records regarding the formation of the group, minutes of annual meetings, petitions to the provincial government (some on sexual sterilization), and a report on eugenics. View now.
M-8401-48 Alberta Department of Health – Bulletins. – 1936. – Consists of health bulletins on measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and venereal disease.
M-8401-49 Alberta Department of Health – Sub-committee on Birth Control. – 1937. – Consists of a report by chairman Dr. Malcolm Bow (Deputy Minister of Health) summarizing various views on birth control, and Maude Riley’s response to his report. View now.
M-8401-50 Alberta Government – Mothers’ allowances. – 1916, 1941. – Maude Riley was instrumental in having the 1916 act passed. – Consists of An Act to Provide Allowances for Mothers (1916), and the annual report of the Child Welfare and Mothers’ Allowance Branch (1941).
M-8401-51 Calgary Local Council of Women. – 1914-1925. – Maude Riley was convener of the Council’s Committee on Laws, which monitored legislation related to women and children. Includes annual reports of the Committee on Laws, written by Maude Riley, and a petition to have Jennie Hawks’ death sentence commuted. View now.
M-8401-52 Calgary Local Council of Women yearbooks. – 1933, 1941. – Consists of yearbooks which feature Maude Riley and her work for the Council.
M-8401-53 Calgary Playground Association. – 1916-1920 and nd. – Maude Riley was president of the Association. – Consists of minutes and a report written by Maude Riley.
M-8401-54 Canadian Council on Child Welfare. – 1924-1934, 1937. – Maude Riley was convener of the Poster Committee. Includes correspondence with Charlotte Whitton, who served at various times as secretary and director of the Council. View now.
M-8401-55 Canadian Council on Child Welfare booklets. – 1927-1932. – Consists of Sex Education in the Child Welfare Program by Judge Laura E. Jamieson (1927), Youth in Revolt(1931), Professional Training for Social Work (1932), the Child Welfare Problems series (1931), Save the Baby from Rickets (1932), Protection against Diphtheria (1932), and a list of CCCFW publications.
M-8401-56 Canadian Women’s Press Club. – 1915. – Consists of The Calgary Club Woman’s Blue Book, featuring Maude Riley and her work with the Belgian Relief Fund.
M-8401-57 Community Chest. – [ca. 1940]. – Maude Riley was a director of the Community Chest (the predecessor of the United Way). – Consists of a transcript of a radio broadcast promoting the Community Chest. The broadcast featured Maude Riley, Mrs. Ervin Hirst, and Mrs. A.M. Gammie.
M-8401-58 Family Courts. – 1947, 1949-1952. – Maude Riley was instrumental in getting family courts established in Alberta. – Consists of annual reports of the Toronto Family Court (1947, 1949-1952), and Maude Riley’s hand-written report outlining their functions and urging their establishment in Alberta. See M-8401-27 for a tribute from the Alberta Government on the 40th anniversary of Family Courts.
M-8401-59 First World War. – 1914-1920. — Maude Riley was active in the Great War Veterans Association, the Canadian War Contingent Association, and the Belgian Relief Fund. – Consists of reports and correspondence of these groups. See M-8401-9 and M-8401-56 for more on Maude Riley’s Belgian Relief Fund work.
M-8401-60 Foothills Provincial General Hospital. – 1959-1962. – Maude Riley was a member of the Board. – Consists of minutes, bylaws and correspondence related to the establishment of the Foothills Hospital.
M-8401-61 Maude Riley Home. – 1948. – The City of Calgary renamed The Children’s Shelter the Maude Riley Home in honour of Maude Riley’s tireless work for the benefit of children. – Consists of City Council resolution regarding the renaming, an invitation to the opening, and a speech.

National Council of Women, Provincial Executive. – 1916-1936. – Maude Riley served as recording secretary and after 1931, when Henrietta Muir Edwards died, as president of the Council. Includes constitution of the Provincial Executive, minutes of the Provincial Law Committee, minutes of annual meetings, and petitions to, and responses from, the Alberta Government, regarding mothers’ pensions, divorce laws, dower act, sterilization act, and other women’s issues.

View part 1.
View part 2.

M-8401-63 Tuberculosis associations. – 1911-1914, 1926. – Maude Riley was secretary of the Sanatorium Committee of the Woman’s Canadian Club of Calgary, of the Calgary Branch of the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, and of the Alberta Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis (AAPT). Includes correspondence and reports of all three organizations, and correspondence (some regarding suffrage) with Emily Murphy, who was vice-president of the AAPT. View now.
M-8401-64 Women’s University Club of Edmonton. – 1930, 1960. – Maude Riley was a charter member of the group. – Consists of letters regarding the 21st and 50th anniversaries of the Club.
M-8401-65 World Federation of Education Associations. – 1931. – Maude Riley attended the conference held in Denver, Colorado. – Consists of programs for the conference and Maude Riley’s handwritten report about the proceedings.
M-8401-66 Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). – 1919, 1921. – Maude Riley was convener of the Physical Culture Committee of the YWCA. – Consists of reports of the Committee.

Series 4

Harold W. Riley’s personal papers. – 1906-1977, predominant 1908-1946. – 11 cm of textual records. – Consists of personal correspondence, war time service record, will, newspaper clippings, records of the Alfred G.F. Riley estate, and miscellaneous papers related to Riley’s Ltd., the University of Alberta, and the Alberta Legislature.

M-8401-67 University of Alberta. – 1908, 1933. – Harold Riley was the Secretary of the Board of the University in 1908 and 1909. – Consists of a convocation program (1908), and a brief history of the University (1933).
M-8401-68 Legislative Assembly of Alberta. – 1906. – Harold Riley was the first Deputy Provincial Secretary of the Province of Alberta in 1905. He later sat as the MLA for Gleichen from 1911 to 1913. – Consists of his autographed copy of Rules, Orders and Form of Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.
M-8401-69 Riley’s Ltd. [financial firm]. – 1910-1930. – Consists of articles of association (1910), share certificates (1910-1912), mortgage correspondence (1910-1911), registration under Companies Act (1930), and miscellaneous cancelled cheques (1925-1930).
M-8401-70 First World War. – 1919 and nd. – Consists of Harold Riley’s service record, and a letter to his wife Maude from overseas. – The letter is extremely fragile and difficult to read.
M-8401-os6-7 Certificates. – 1925, 1930. – Consists of a certificate of appreciation from the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association for his work as secretary-treasurer (1925), and a Pioneers’ Certificate from the Calgary Daily Herald (1930).
M-8401-71 Personal correspondence. – 1939-1944. – Consists of letters to and from family members.
M-8401-72 Will. – 1943
M-8401-73 Newspaper clippings. – 1932-1946. – Consists of articles by and about Harold Riley. Includes his obituaries.
M-8401-74 Booklets, programs, invitations. – 1928-1940. – Consists of Calgary Diocesan Gazette, featuring history of Diocese by Archdeacon Tims (1928); booklet: Calgary School District No. 19 of the Province of Alberta, 1885-1935; invitation to commemoration of 50th anniversary of first transcontinental train (1936); program for unveiling of Cecil Denny headstone in Union Cemetery (1938); and Britons Awake, war poems by Edna Jaques (1940).
M-8401-75 Alfred G.F. Riley estate. – 1929-1939. – Consists of legal documents about the final disbursement of the estate, especially the sale of the farm. For more about this estate, see Maude Riley’s file (M-8401-17).
M-8401-76 Alfred G.F. Riley estate. – 1933-1943. – Consists of legal documents about the final disbursement of the estate. For more about this estate, see Maude Riley’s file (M-8401-17).
M-8401-77 E.J. Riley. – 1930. – Consists of correspondence between E.J. Riley and his nephew Arthur regarding the operations of The Magnet Store in Banff.
M-8401-78 Harold Riley Jr. – 1952, 1958. – Consists of letters regarding the old homestead and the family brand.
M-8401-79 Posthumous tributes. – 1973-1977. – Consists of newspaper clippings and an annual report of Harold W. Riley Elementary School.

Series 5

Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association. – 1886-1938, predominant 1921-1938. — 9 cm of textual records. – Harold W. Riley helped found the Association, and served as the secretary from 1921 to 1943. – Consists of Riley’s correspondence as secretary of the Association; historical documents related to the disputed 1886 municipal election; first-hand histories of pioneer families, submitted to the Association in the 1920s); and resolutions regarding the continuance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

M-8401-80 Correspondence. – 1921-1940. – Consists of Harold Riley’s correspondence as secretary of the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association (SAPOTA).
M-8401-81 Municipal election. – 1885. – Harold Riley apparently acquired these historical records as secretary of SAPOTA. – The 1886 election was disputed due to questionable voters’ lists, and resulted in a controversial court case between William Murdoch (incumbent), James Reilly (disputant), presided over by Judge Travis. – Consists of nomination papers (dated December 1885) for the 1886 election.
M-8401-82 Municipal election. – 1886. – Harold Riley apparently acquired these historical records as secretary of SAPOTA. – Consists of court records in the Murdoch vs. Reilly court case resulting from the disputed election.
M-8401-os9 Judge Travis and Simon John Clarke case. – November-December 1885. – Harold Riley apparently acquired these historical records as secretary of SAPOTA. – Consists of copies of the Calgary Herald used as court exhibits. The newspaper’s editor, Mr. Cayley, was imprisoned and fined for contempt of court for articles criticising Judge Travis.
M-8401-83 Daniel M. Calder. – 1887-1893. – Harold Riley apparently acquired these historical records as secretary of SAPOTA. – Consists of Calder’s registrations as one of the earliest druggists in the North-West Territories (later Alberta).
M-8401-os10 James Sproule. – 1894. – Harold Riley apparently acquired these historical records as secretary of SAPOTA. – Consists of a copy of the Calgary Herald with an article about the sheriff’s seizure of James Sproule’s land.
M-8401-84 Historical sketches. – 1922-1923. – The Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’Association surveyed its members to get their first-hand accounts of their arrival and activities in Alberta. – Consists of brief historical sketches sent to Harold Riley by Thomas Bannister, Frank Beattie, William Bruce, Colonel John Dennis, Robert Dixon, F.W. Godsal, James Beatty and William Kemp, Albert La Pierre, Edward Larkin, Ed Loder, John Martin, Angus McDonald, James McKernan, Louis Petrie, Cyprian Pinkham (cover sheet only), Alfred B. Rogers, Andrew Sibbald, Howard E. Sibbald, and J. Harry Turner.
M-8401-85 E.H. Maunsell memoirs. – 1922. – Consists of his extensive handwritten manuscript, sent to Harold Riley.
M-8401-86 “Early Days” by H. Frank Lawrence. – 1924. – Consists of letter from F.W. Godsal to Harold Riley, in which he encloses Frank Lawrence’s memoirs, as published in Saturday Night magazine.
M-8401-87 “Establishment of the National Parks in the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains” by William Pearce. – 1924. – Consists of Calgary Daily Herald version of the article, a map, and a note by Pearce about the article.
M-8401-88 Mrs. John Finnegan. – 1929. – Consists of letter from Jean Williamson, giving a brief history of her sister, who was a Gleichen pioneer.
M-8401-89 Sam Livingston. – 1930. – Consists of a sketch of his life, provided by his son William Livingston.
M-8401-90 Dick Brown. – [ca. 1930s]. – Consists of an interview with Dick Brown, rancher, by Harold Riley.
M-8401-91 Notes regarding scalps. – nd. – Consists of notes regarding the taking of scalps, and regarding the Copithornes. The notes are related to the contents of Fred Bagley’s diary.
M-8401-92 Renewal of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. – 1937. – Consists of the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association’s resolution to have the RCMP continue to police Alberta.
M-8401-93 Pioneers biographies. – 1938. – Consists of paragraphs about a variety of Alberta pioneers, written by Harold Riley for the General Manager of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
M-8401-os8 Old Timers’ Reunion. – 1923. – Consists of a souvenir issue of the Calgary Daily Herald on the second annual reunion of the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association .
M-8401-94 Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association programs. – 1928, 1932, 1939. – Consists of programs for annual “Round-Ups” and dinners.

Series 6

Harold Riley’s speeches, broadcasts, and historical writings. – 1931-1941. – 10 cm of textual records. – Consists of his lectures to school children, speeches, radio broadcasts, and historical articles about Alberta pioneers and history. Includes the manuscript for his unpublished history of Alberta.

M-8401-95 Lecture series. – 1931. – Consists of the timetable and correspondence related to Harold Riley’s lectures about Alberta’s history, presented in Calgary schools. Riley used lantern slides to illustrate his talks.
M-8401-96 Speeches and talks. – 1932-1939
M-8401-97 Molasses story. – December 1938. – Consists of Harold Riley’s story about his trip as a child to buy molasses on Christmas eve, 1888. Includes Riley’s typescript, a newspaper clipping about the talk, and photographs of Riley and the store.
M-8401-98 “History of Alberta”. – [ca. 1930s]. – Consists of Harold Riley’s manuscript for a book about Alberta. All chapters are handwritten except chapters one and ten.
M-8401-99 “History of Alberta”. – [ca. 1930s]. – Consists of carbon copies of the typed version of his manuscript.
M-8401-100 “Old Timers” broadcasts. – 1938. – Consists of the transcripts of radio broadcasts made by Harold Riley about Alberta’s pioneers.
M-8401-101 “Old Timers” broadcasts. – 1938. – Consists of photocopies of the originals in M-8401-100.
M-8401-102 Talks on pioneer days in Alberta. – 1941. – Consists of the manuscripts for the “Old Timer” broadcasts, submitted to Ryerson Press for possible publication.
M-8401-103 Canadian Cattlemen magazine articles. – 1940. – Consists of handwritten manuscripts, and published versions of historical articles written by Harold Riley.

Series 7

Photographs and lantern slides. – 1869-1960. – 36 photographs. – 210 lantern slides. – Consists of photographs of Harold and Maude Riley, and historical views collected by Harold for his work with the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association, and for illustration of his lectures.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-5555 Harold Riley in the military and during First World War. – [ca. 1901-1904]-1918. – 6 photographs. – Consists of a photograph of Harold Riley in his Canadian Mounted Rifles uniform (ca. 1901-1904); and five views of him serving overseas with the 136th Battalion during the First World War (1916-1918).
PA-3647-(1-5) Maude Riley. – 1949-1960. – 5 photographs. – Consists of views of Maude Riley preparing Christmas gifts for children in various care homes, with groups of children, and being presented with a certificate of appreciation by the City of Calgary (see M-8401-os for the original certificate).
PA-3647-6 Harold Riley and the first Alberta government. – 1905. – 1 photograph. – Consists of a group shot of Premier Rutherford with government officials, including Harold Riley who was the Deputy Provincial Secretary.
PA-3647-7 Private Tom Riley’s war grave. – 1917. – 1 photograph
PA-3647-(8-10) First World War views. – [ca. 1914-1918]. – 7 photographs. – Consists of views of soldiers in a trench, marching, and dead in a field.
PA-3647-(11-15) Early Calgary. – 1884-1889. – 5 photographs. – Consists of early views of Fort Calgary, main street, houses, and the Bow River.
PA-3647-(16-17) Kootenai Brown. – [ca. 1900-1910]. – 2 photographs. – Consists of views of Brown on a horse and holding a liquor bottle.
PA-3647-18 Colonel James Walker and Colonel George Ham in London, England. – 1921. – 1 photograph
PA-3647-19 Mounted Police float in parade. – 1925. – 1 photograph
PA-3647-20 John “Scotty” Ormiston. – 1929. – 1 photograph. – Consists of a portrait of a railway pioneer, who was the firemen on the first train to arrive in Calgary in 1883.
PA-3647-21 Arrival of Jubilee train to Calgary. – July 1, 1936. – 1 photograph. – Consists of a view of the 50th anniversary train, commemorating the first Canadian transcontinental train of 1886.
PA-36476-(22-29) Pioneer trainmen event. – 1936. – 7 photographs. – Consists of views of a reception by E.D. Cotterell (manager of the CPR), for Calgary train pioneers, including Jack Fidler, the locomotive engineer on the first train to arrive in Calgary in 1883. The event was held at the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ cabin.
PA-3647-30 Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ float in the Calgary Stampede parade. – 1937. – 1 photograph
S-222-(1-210) Lantern slides. – 1869-1927 and nd. – 210 slides. – 14 negatives. – Consists of views of pioneers, the North-West Mounted Police, homesteading, early Calgary, Medicine Hat, Fort Macleod, the Calgary Stampede, etc., used by Harold Riley to illustrate his historical lectures. There is an inventory of the lantern slides, and some of the lantern slides have been scanned.
View lantern slide inventory.
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