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Leslie family fonds

Series 1

John C. Leslie family. — 1917-1947. — Note: See Series 5 (unprocessed records) for more family papers.

M-5662-1 Family correspondence. — 1940-1943 and n.d. — Consists of letters between Jack Leslie at the University of Alberta and his father John C. Leslie (1940); re the Beekeepers’ picnic (1943); between brothers Frank L. Leslie and John C. Leslie; concerning John C. Leslie’s death; and general business correspondence.
M-5662-2 Letters from Frank L. Leslie to his brother John C. Leslie. — 1917-1919
M-5662-3 Historical sketch of the children of John C. Leslie and Agnes Bell Leslie. — n.d. — Written by Jean Leslie.
M-5662-4 Letters from George Leslie to his son John C. Leslie. — 1920-1921
Business correspondence between George and John C. Leslie, and Frank and Jack Leslie. — 1922, 1932
M-5662-5 Business letters from George Leslie; newspaper clippnigs re R.B. Bennet’s election campaign; and letters to and from Frank. — 1925-1932
M-5662-6 Letters from George Leslie to his son John Leslie. — 1923-1947
M-5662-7 Letters from Frank Leslie to his brother John Leslie; and letters from John C. Leslie to Geroge Leslie. — 1923-1947
M-5662-8 Miscellaneous. — n.d. — Consists of relatives notes to Jean Leslie re family genealogy; correspondence between Margaret Gordon (a relative) and Jean Leslie; fictional reminiscences of Elizabeth Standish Leslie on 60th anniversary of marriage to George Leslie, written by Margaret Gordon.
M-5662-9 Miscellaneous. — n.d. — Consists of descriptions of Frank Leslie’s fatal accident; miscellaneous correspondence; receipts.

Series 2

Jean and Jack Leslie memorabilia. — [ca. 1930s]-1976

M-673 Welcome certificated presented to Mayor Jack Leslie by Campbell River, British Columbia. — 1968. — 1 item
M-3058 Jean Leslie memorabilia. — [ca. 1930s-1968]. — 17 pages. — Consists of invitation to Calgary Highlanders ball, menus, milk bottle cap commemorating coronation of King George VI (1937), program of Wesley United Church annual mother and daughter service (1936), and speeches by Jean Leslie regarding women’s rights and community involvement.
M-3059 Jean and Jack Leslie memorabilia. — 1943-1976. — 1 cm of textual records. — Consists of article regarding Calgary City Council’s controversy with the Canadian Pacific Railway (1964); sermon by Reverend A.R. Huband of Knox United Church (1943); and invitations to military functions.
M-4041 Biographical sketch of Jack Leslie. — 1974. — 7 pages
M-5768 Architectural plans for Jack Leslie’s proposed office building. — 1964. — 8 plans
M-4042 Historical sketches of Calgary mayors from 1884 to 1969, written by Jean Leslie. — 1968-1975. — 1 cm of textual records

Series 3

Jean Leslie’s interviews with Calgarians. — 1971-1985. — 16 sound recordings

RCT-93 Helen Yule interview. — 1972. — 1 audio reel. — Primarily regarding the EP Ranch.
RCT-225 John James Saucier interview. — [ca. 1970s]. — 1 audio reel. — Re R.B. Bennett and other early Calgary personalities. Includes comments on the Depression, Bob Edwards, and Sir James Lougheed.

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RCT-226 Jack Grogan interview. — 1974. — 1 audio reel. — Re Calgary Stampede and early Calgary personalities. Includes comments re Dick Cosgrave, Fred Kennedy, Florence LaDue, Guy Weadick and Harold Wright.

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RCT-227 Carl Cummer and Dudley Batchelor interview. — 1973. — 2 audio reels. — Re Calgary civic government. Includes comments re Andy Davison, Annie Gale, Pearl Miller, Pansy Pue, and Rose Wilkinson.

Audio Guide Listen to interview, part 1.Audio Guide Listen to interview, part 2. View outline.

RCT-228 Mrs. Leinweber interview. — [ca. 1970s]. — 1 audio reel. — Re life as a labourer in a pre-revolutionary German community in Russia, and her life in Canada. Includes comments on emigration and immigrant experiences, German-Russian communities in Alberta, and the Lutheran Church.

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RCT-229 Mary Dover, Archdeacon Swanson and Sidney Vallance interviews. — 1970-1972. — 1 audio reel
RCT-231 A.G. Graves interview. — 1972. — 1 audio reel

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RCT-252 Isobel Newton interview. — 1980. — 1 audio reel
RCT-920-1 Judge Thorson interview. — 1971. — 1 audio cassette
RCT-920-2 Ron Glass, Tom Glass, Kelly Sutherland and Garry Dorchester. — July 1973. — 1 audio cassette. — Re chuckwagon races.
RCT-920-3 Tom Dorchester. — July 1973. — 1 audio cassette. — Re chuckwagon races.
RCT-920-4 Clarence Mack. — July 4, 1974. — 1 audio cassette
RCT-920-5 Art Briars and Sadie Briars. — June 1985. — 1 audio cassette
RCT-920-6 Jame M. Wardle. — n.d. — 1 audio cassette
RCT-920-7 “Harry”. — n.d. 1 audio cassette. — Re construction of the Banff-Windermere highway.

Series 4

Photographs. — 1897-1975. — 120 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2004 Views of the Leslie family, Jack Leslie as Mayor, and Jean Leslie. — [ca. 1920s-1960s]. — 26 photographs
NA-3585 Views of the Leslie family in Ontario and Alberta. — 1987-1975. — 94 photographs. — Includes views of the Logan family, and many of Jack Leslie as Mayor of Calgary.

Series 5

Unprocessed records. — [ca. 1913-2000s]. — This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-4760 Unprocessed records. — [ca. 1913-1975]. — 1.5 m of textual records. — Consists of business, personal and political papers of the John C. Leslie family. [accession 5528m]
M-5639 Unprocessed records. — 1960-1974. — 4 cm of textual records. — Consists of Jack Leslie’s speeches, Centennial Committee records and business papers. [accession 5639m]
M-9164 Unprocessed material. — [ca. 1970s-1990s]. — 1 m of textual records. — Consists of Jean Leslie’s research material compiled for use in her books and articles about the history of Calgary. [accession 2006.057]
M-9332 Unprocessed material. — [ca. 1960s-1990s]. — 25 cm of textual records. — 17 audio reels. — Consists of research files for various historical articles about Calgary; and recorded interviews with Calgary personalities. Includes interviews with Pansy Pue, Mrs. Dean re Nellie McClung, Dudley Batchelor, Mrs. Leinweber (Russian German), Nick Nicholson, Mary Dover (re founders of Ranchmen’s Club), Lina Beavers, Cecil Swanson, Angus McKinnon, A.G. Graves. Also includes recordings of Family Christmas Morning, McKNight Boulevard opening, and Kootenay Crossing rededication. Note: The recordings have not been listened to and the quality of the recordings is in question. Many may be copies of the interviews listed in Series 3 above. [accession 2008.123]
M-9391 Unprocessed material. — [ca. 1960s-2000s]. — 25 cm of textual records. — Consists of research files, etc. [accession 2009.081]
Unprocessed material. — [ca. 1970s]. — 2 boxes of textual records and audiovisual material. — Consists of recordings of pioneer interviews. [accession 2017.021]