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John James Bowlen fonds

Series 1

Family and personal papers. — 1893-1960. — The series consists of family correspondence, personal correspondence, notebooks, and memorabilia.

  Family correspondence. — 1903-1959. — Consists of letters from brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters about family issues and family business.
M-118-2 Family correspondence. — 1903-1943
M-118-3 Family correspondence. — 1944
M-118-4 Family correspondence. — 1945
M-118-5 Family correspondence. — 1946
M-118-6 Family correspondence. — 1947-1949
M-118-7 Family correspondence. — 1950-1959
M-8516-6 Miscellaneous family letters. — 1911, 1937, 1949-1957
  Personal correspondence. — 1897-1959. — Consists of letters predominantly from acquaintances requesting personal favours, or congratulating “J.J.” on certain appointments.
M-118-8 Personal correspondence. — 1897-1939
M-118-9 Personal correspondence. — 1940-1944
M-118-10 Personal correspondence. — 1945
M-118-11 Personal correspondence. — 1946
M-118-12 Personal correspondence. — 1947-1948
M-118-13 Personal correspondence. — 1949-1957
M-118-14 Personal correspondence. — 1958
M-118-15 Personal correspondence. — 1959
M-8516-7 Miscellaneous personal and business letters. — Includes a letter from Guy Weadick.
  Miscellaneous personal and family papers. — 1893-1957
M-3889 Biography of John J. Bowlen by O.S. Longman. — 1957
M-117 Miscellaneous personal and business papers. — 1893-1951
M-8516-18a Early papers, family and business letters. — 1898-1934
M-8516-21b J.J.Bowlen’s certificates. — 1935-1955 and n.d. — Re medals from Buckingham Palace (1935, 1937), life membership in Martitime Provinces Association of Edmonton (1955), Boreas Rex X!V (n.d.), Kiwanis Club Legion of Honor (n.d.), Northwest Orient Airlines flight club (n.d.), and Shriners Hospitals Crippled Children (n.d.).
M-9681-oversize Unprocessed records. — This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting. Consists of Bowlen’s certificates and 3 large portrait paintings of him. [accession 2014.068]
  Notebooks. — 1896-1947
M-118-117 Notebooks. — 1896-1947. — 10 volumes. — Consists of small notebooks kept by Bowlen in which he recorded acitivities, appointments, accounts, and notes to himself.
M-8516-19 Notebooks. — 1912-1943. — 9 volumes. — Consistsof small notebooks kept by Bowlen in which he recorded activities, appointments, addresses, accounts and notes to himself.
  Memorabilia: invitations, programs, greeting cards, etc.. — 1912-1960
M-118-16 Miscellaneous personal papers, membership cards and an article about W.F. Bowlen. — 1931-1959
M-8516-3 Handmade invitation to diner at Edmonton Club
M-8516-4 Memorabilia. — 1920-1953 and n.d. — Includes 1953 Coronation itinerary; greeting cards, Trans-Canada Airlines ticket folder; social invitations; 1920 income tax assessment notice; and Christmas card sent out by the Bowlens.
M-8516-5 “Coronation Trip”. — 1953. — Consists of a diary kept by “Jessie”, wife of a Calgary lawyer. The couple attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
M-8516-8 Memorabilia. — 1952-1957. — Includes items related to the Junior Hospital League of Edmonton’s “Folies” (1952, 1955); Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium dedication (1957); and an advertisement for the Dominion Drama Festival (1957).

Memorabilia. — 1950-1960. — Includes items related to the following:

Farewell dinner for James M. MacArthur (1950)
Oopening of Edmonton-Regina section of Interprovincial Pipe Line (1950)
Community Chest of Edmonton annual report (1951)
Edmonton Burns Club dinner menus (1951, 1952 and 1957)
University of Alberta, Students’ Union Parliamentary dinners (1953 and 1956)
“Edmonton’s Chamber of Mines looks good to Winnipeg” (editorial, 1953)
St. Joseph’s Cathedral annual report (1954)
First Baptist Church service program (1954)
City of Calgary program for Alberta Golden Jubilee celebrations (1955)
Robertson United Church organ dedication program (1956)
Edmonton Livestock Exchange dinner (1956)
Theatre Associates program for “The Teahouse of the August Moon” (1960)

M-8516-10 Memorabilia. — 1940, 1953 and 1957. — Consists of speech by Sir Edward Beatty (1940); “Scope”, published by the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews (1953); “The Outlook” (1953); and roll of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, the Priory of Canada (1957).

Memorabilia. — 1937-1954. — Consists of the following:

Canadian Thoroughbreds yearbook (1951)
“The Canadian Liberal” (1951)
“Canada in Paintings” by the Canadian Club of New York
“A Primer of Pipe Line Construction” by M.J. Crose Manufacturing (1952)
“The St. Lawrence Seaway” from Seagrams annual report (1954)
“Stamps” magazine (1937)
Souvenir program of St. Patrick’s Guild, Bronx, New York (1946)
Menu of English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth (1953)


Memorabilia. — 1941-1957. — Consists of the following:

Invitation to sod turning for new Edmonton International Airport (1957)
Official opening of Edmonton’s new city hall (1957)
IODE, Provincial Chapter annual meeting (1950)
Kiwanis Club of Edmonton banquet and ball (1956)
Edmonton Grey Cup Dinner (1956)
University of Alberta alumni dinner (1957)
University of Alberta guest weekeng (1956)
University of Alberta convocation (1957)
Alberta College calendar (1941-1942)
Albertacraft booklet (1956)
“Detective Story”, Studio Theatre program (1955-1956)
Dominion Drama Festival luncheon (1957)
Alberta Drama League, Edmonton Zone, one-act play festival (1956)
Canadian Players programs for MacBeth and Saint Joan (1956 or 1957)
“The Messiah” by Canadian Bandmaster’s Association (1956)
Women’s Musical Club of Edmonton program (1956)
Royal Winnipeg Ballet program (1955)
Edmonton Symphony programs (1953, 1955, 1956)
“Cindy-Rella” by the Varieties Production (1957)
“South Pacific” by Light Opera of Edmonton (1956)
“Cavalcade of Stars” by Orion Musical Theatre (1956)
Anna Russell, special program edition


Memorabilia. — 1945, 1955-1957. — Consists of the following:

Edmonton Rodeo program (1956)
Edmonton Horse Show programs (1956 and 1957)
Old Time Rangemen’s Dinner, Calgary (1956)
Cathedral Church of All Saints dedication (1956)
Alberta Pensioners’ Society pamphlet and songsheet (1956?)
Canadian Medical Association AGM (1957)
Edmonton Highland Games, program for Highland Gathering (1957)
Maritime Provinces Association of Edmonton annual banquet (1956)
L’Association Canadienne des Educateurs de Lange Francaise dinner (1957)
Mount St. Francis Lay Retreat Association, Golden Jubilee Mass (1955)
Senior Citizens’ Banquet, Calgary, celebrating Jubilee year (1955)
Alberta Phoenix Tube ane Pipe plant opening (1955)
19th Alberta Dragoons officers’ mess dinner program (1956)
Grand Reunion adn Welcome Home to “Forty-niners” (1945)
Central Masonic Temple annual communication (1956)

Series 2

Agriculture, ranching and cattle. — 1907-1953. — The series consists primarily of Bowlen’s correspondence about his agricultural activities.

  Agricultural correspondence. — 1907-1953. — Consists of letters re Bowlen’s lessees and their problems; irrigation of Bowlen’s land; agricultural clubs; land sales, etc.
M-118-17 Agricultural correspondence. — 1907-1929
M-118-18 Agricultural correspondence. — 1930-1934
M-118-19 Agricultural correspondence. –1935-1939
M-118-20 Agricultural correspondence. — 1940-1941
M-118-21 Agricultural correspondence. — 1941-1942
M-118-22 Agricultural correspondence. — 1943
M-118-23 Agricultural correspondence. — 1944
M-118-24 Agricultural correspondence. — 1945
M-118-(25-27) Agricultural correspondence. — 1946
M-118-28 Agricultural correspondence. — 1947
M-118-29 Agricultural correspondence. — 1948
M-118-30 Agricultural correspondence. — 1949-1953
  Other agricultural records. — 1915-1953
M-118-1 Printed matter. — 1946, 1950. — Consists of miscellaneous agricultural and Maritime pamphlets.
M-118-31 Agricultural maps. — 1949-1953
M-118-32 Ranch receipts. — 1938-1939
M-118-33 Registration of cattle. — 1915-1940
M-118-115 Horse purchase for export overseas. — 1945-1946

Series 3

Legal documents and correspondence. — 1906, 1913-1953. — The series consists of indentures, mortgages, caveats, land titles, claim deeds, transfer of brands, leases, case against P.D. Bowlen (brother), citizenship records, and last will and testament.

M-118-34 Legal documents. — 1906, 1913
M-118-35 Legal documents. — 1914-1916
M-118-36 Legal documents. — 1917
M-118-(37-38) Legal documents. — 1918
M-118-39 Legal documents. — 1919
M-118-40 Legal documents. — 1920
M-118-41 Legal documents. — 1921
M-118-42 Legal documents. — 1922-1925
M-118-43 Legal documents. — 1926-1929
M-118-44 Legal documents. — 1930
M-118-45 Legal documents. — 1931-1932
M-118-46 Legal documents. — 1933-1934
M-118-47 Legal documents. — 1935
M-118-48 Legal documents. — 1936-1938
M-118-49 Legal documents. — 1939
M-118-50 Legal documents. — 1940-1941
M-118-51 Legal documents. — 1942-1943
M-118-52 Legal documents. — 1944
M-118-53 Legal documents. — 1945
M-118-54 Legal documents. — 1946
M-118-55 Legal documents. — 1947-1948
M-118-56 Legal documents. — 1949-1953

Series 4

Financial, investment and tax records. — 1903-1959

M-118-57 Tax receipts. — 1929-1935
M-118-58 Tax receipts. — 1936-1937
M-118-59 Tax receipts. — 1938-1939
M-118-60 Tax receipts. — 1940-1942
M-118-61 Tax receipts. — 1943-1944
M-118-62 Tax receipts. — 1945-1951
M-118-63 Receipts, including farm receipts. — 1903-1914
M-118-64 Receipts. — 1920-1929
M-118-65 Receipts. — 1930-1937
M-118-66 Receipts. — 1938-1939
M-118-67 Receipts. — 1940-1941
M-118-68 Receipts. — 1942-1943
M-118-(69-70) Receipts. — 1944
M-118-(71-72) Receipts. — 1945
M-118-73 Receipts. — 1946-1947
M-118-74 Receipts. — 1948-1959
M-118-108 Stocks and bonds and related correspondence. — 1917, 1924-1939
M-118-109 Stocks and bonds and related correspondence. — 1940-1944
M-118-110 Stocks and bonds and related correspondence. — 1945-1947
M-118-111 Stocks and bonds and related correspondence. — 1949-1953
M-8516-20 Bank passbooks. — 1912-1919. — For Bowlen’s accounts with the Quebec Bank, Union Bank of Canada, and Merchants’ Bank of Canada.
M-8516-21a Bank passbooks. — 1922-1950. — For Bowlen’s accounts with the Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Imperial Bank of Canada, and Royal Bank of Canada.
M-8516-16 Miscellaneous financial records. — 1946-1958. — Consists of household bills, radio licences, income tax assessments, property tax statements, etc.
M-8516-17 Miscellaneous household bills, Edmonton. — 1950-1959. — Includes Macdonald Hotel bills.
M-8516-18b Miscellaneous financial and tax records. — 1940-1958
M-8516-22 Bank statements and cancelled cheques. — 1912, 1917, 1921-1922, 1924-1935, 1939-1957. — 30 cm of textual records

Series 5

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). — 1947-1958. – – The series consists of letters of congratulation for appointment to CBC Board of Governors, business letters, and notices of meetings.

M-118-(75-76) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation correspondence. — 1947
M-118-77 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation correspondence. — 1948
M-118-78 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation correspondence. — 1949
M-118-78A Box of CBC pamphlets and other records. — 1947-1958. — Consists of recommendations to the Licensing Authority; pamphlets re Report of Joint Technical Committee; agenda of meeting 55 of the Board of Governors; agenda of meeting 61 of the Board of Governors; Radio Edmonton’s application for licence; “Development of the National System”; “Broadcasting in Canada”; and “Report on Television”.

Series 6

Member of the Legislative Assembly / Lieutenant-Governor. — 1935-1959. – – The series consists of offical duties and speeches of J.J. Bowlen, first as a Liberal MLA in the Alberta Legislature, and later as the Lieutenant-Governor of the province. Includes invitations to events, dedication of plaques and memorials, etc.

  Official duties (mostly ceremonial). — 1935-1959
M-118-79 Official duties as Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). — 1935-1945
M-118-80 Public duties. — 1944-1949. — Note: Bowlen was not in political office during this period of time.
M-118-81 Official duties as Lieutenant-Governor. — 1950
M-118-82 Official duties as Lieutenant-Governor. — 1951
M-118-83 Official duties as Lieutenant-Governor. — 1952
M-118-84 Official duties as Lieutenant-Governor. — 1953-1956
M-118-85 Official duties as Lieutenant-Governor. — 1957-1959
  Speeches and broadcasts. — 1939-1958
M-118-86 Speeches from the Throne. — 1939, 1940, 1942 and 1951. — Of Lieutenant-Governor Bowlen (1951) and his predecessors.
M-118-87 Speeches of interest to J.J. Bowlen. — Consists of speechse by other politicians, and an article on ranching.
M-118-88 Speeches by J.J. Bowlen. — 1949. — Consists primarily of political and dedication speeches.
M-118-89 Speeches by J.J. Bowlen. — 1943-1956. — Consists of political, Lieutenant-Governor, and club speeches, written on the backs of envelopes.
M-8516-14 Speeches by J.J. Bowlen. — [ca. 1936]-1950. — Consists of notes for speeches, many written on the backs of envelopes; speech given as the leader of the opposition during Aberhart’s premier-ship [ca. 1936-1937]; and a speech given as a radio broadcast over CFCN radio while a Citizens’ Slate candidate (1940). Includes letters from groups inviting him to make speeches, including a letter from Guy Weadick re High River homecoming celebration (1950).
RCD-1 and RET-29-1 Sound recordings of speeches by Lieutenant Governor John J. Bowlen. — 1950-1958. — 23 audio discs. — Includes speeches made at the opening of the Alberta Legislature (1950, 1951, 1952 and 1954), and his Christmas messages (1953, 1957 and 1958). Please use the audio tape copy at RET-29-1. Note: Both the discs and audio tape reels are obsolete formats and may be difficult to use.
RET-29-2 Kainai Chieftain ceremony with John Bowlan and Ernest Manning. — n.d. — 1 audio reel. — Copied from original audio discs in RCD-1. Note: Both the discs and audio tape reels are obsolete formats and may be difficult to use.
RET-29-3 J.J. Bowlen radio broadcasts. — n.d. — 1 audio reel. — Conssits of broadcast “This is Canada” re Bowlen’s ranching experiences; and speech by Bowlen re the National Capital Plan exhibit. — n.d. — 1 audio tape. — Copied from original audio discs in RCD-1. Note: Both the discs and audio tape reels are obsolete formats and may be difficult to use.
RET-29-4 Broadcast: “A Message from our Leader”, by W.L. Mackenzie King. — August 1948. — 1 audio reel. — Copied from original audio discs in RCD-1. Note: Both the discs and audio tape reels are obsolete formats and may be difficult to use.

Series 7

Political and party correspondence. — 1930-1959. — The series consists of Bowlen’s correspondence as MLA, Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta, and as a member of the Liberal party.

  Political correspondence. — 1932-1959
M-118-90 Political correspondence. — 1932, 1937-1939. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, R.L. MacMillan, Stanley Huston, Paul Farnalls, W.L. Mackenzie King, James G. Gardiner, W.H. McGuire, Charles Burchill, Hugh John Macdonald, and Bowlen’s possible appointment to the Senate.
M-118-91 Political correspondence. — 1940-1943. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James G. Gardiner, George Woytkiw, Ernest Manning, James Angus MacKinnon (Minister of Trade and Commerce), Fred White, J.L. Ralston, Manley Justin Edwards, and W.G. Anderson.
M-118-92 Political correspondence. — 1944. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James Angus MacKinnon, Percy Maddux, W.L. Mackenzie King, Louis St. Laurent, W.A. Buchanan, adoption, and Hutterites in Alberta.
M-118-93 Political correspondence. — 1945-1946. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James Angus MacKinnon, W.A. Buchanan, Orland Thomas Dean, C. Irving, N.V. Buchanan, Supreme Court appointment, J.H. Tremblay, and leadership of Alberta Liberals.
M-118-94 Political correspondence. — 1947-1948. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James A. MacKinnon, J.H. Tremblay, W.A. Buchanan, Major P.J. Jennings, August Hesse, Senator Dan Riley, Harold W. Riley, and James G. Gardiner.
M-118-95 Political correspondence. — 1949-1952, 1959. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James A. MacKinnon, P.J.J. Norris, August Hesse, James G. Gardiner, Bowlen’s appointment as Lieutenant-Governor, Clinton James Ford, W.A. Buchanan, and N.E. Tanner.
  Liberal Party correspondence. — 1932-1950
M-118-96 Party correspondence. — 1932-1934. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, R.B. Bennett, Farmers’ Creditors Arrangment Act, Manley Justin Edwards, Saskatchewan Anit-Tubercular Scheme, Western Canada Conference, W.R. Howson, W.L. Mackenzie King, Dorothy A. Anderson, J.F. MacMillan, J.H. Woods, Frank Amidon, and J.S. Woodsworth.
M-118-97 Party correspondence. — 1936-1937. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James A. MacKinnon, James G. Gardiner, L.E. Fairbairn, Liberal convention, J.M. Dechene, and F.M. Gainor.
M-118-98 Party correspondence. — 1938. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, James G. Gardiner, W.C. Barrie, C.D. Howe, J.K. Cornwall, Charles S. Conquest, and P.D. Bowlen.
M-118-99 Party correspondence. — 1939. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, Page Rideout, A.A. MacMillan, J.A. MacKinnon, James G. Gardiner, Lethbridge Federal Liberal Association, W.C. Barrie, Fred Gainor, and W.A. Buchanan.
M-118-100 Party correspondence. — 1940-1941. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, Charles H. Grant, W.H. McGuire, J.C. Mahaffy, Committee of Ten Thousand, James G. Gardiner, Manley J. Edwards, Charles Power, Ernest Manning, Charles Stewart,
M-118-101 Party correspondence. — 1943-1946. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, R.M. Mahoney, Manley J. Edwards, Hugh John Macdonald, C.A. Nolan, Land Sales Prohibition Act, James A. MacKinnon, Francis P. Carroll, Harold W. Riley, Louis St. Laurent, Edmonton and Calgary election expenses, Percy Page, and T.B. Windross.
M-118-102 Party correspondence. — 1947-1953. — Includes correspondence with, or related to, Ted Manning, Frank Cusack, Wesley Stambaugh, James A. MacKinnon, M.C. Ragan, Percy Page, Fred J. White, Calgary Liberal Association campaign donations. Harold Millican, convention radio broadcasts, James G. Gardiner, D.A. Ure, Social Credit blacklist, Calgary Independent Association, Ernest Manning, J.P. McDonald, Sadie O’Connor and W.A. Buchanan.
  Miscellaneous political papers. — 1930-1959
M-118-103 Printed political papers. — 1930. — Includes various speeches, election results, and minutes of political meetings.
M-118-104 Printed political papers. — 1944-1948
M-118-105 Official stationery of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
M-118-106 Printed political papers. — 1930-1947. — Includes speeches, statements, maps of political area, policies and campaign literature.
M-118-107 Printed political papers. — 1948-1959

Series 8

Calgary Library Board. — 1932-1949

M-118-113 City of Calgary Library Board. — 1932, 1938, 1945
M-118-114 City of Calgary Library Board. — 1946-1949

Series 9

Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. — 1919-1959

M-118-118 Newspaper clippngs
M-118-119 Newspaper clippings
M-118-boxes 12 through 19 Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. — 1919-1959. — 20 volumes. — Consists of newspaper articles of both a political and personal nature.
M-8516-1 Scrapbook. — 1951-1956. — Re term as Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta.

Series 10

Miscellaneous. — 1945-1959 and n.d.

M-118-112 Letters from school children. — 1959
M-118-116 Washington Newsletter. — 1945-1946
M-8516-2 “Experience in the Klondyke” by Christian Bartsch.
M-8516-15 Miscellaneous calendars and greeting cards, sent by businesses. — 1951, 1953 and n.d.

Series 11

Photographs. — 1898-1959. — 126 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-233 Portraits of J.J. Bowlen and the Bowlen family; and ranching and Klondike views. — 1898-1958. — 77 photographs
PB-62 Family and official photographs of J.J. Bowlen. — 1906-1959. — 23 photographs
PC-30 Large Calgary Stampede views. — 2 photographs
Unprocessed records. — This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting. — ca. 24 photographs. — Consists of photos of Bowlen carrying out his vice-regal duties. [accession 2014.068]
NA-367 Bowlen’s horse herd and the Q Ranch. — 1911, 1917. — 2 photographs
NA-590 Clem Gardner competing at the Calgary Stampede. — [ca. 1919]. — 2 photographs. — Copied from PB-62.
NA-2615 Chilkoot Pass and Klondike gold rush views; portrait of J.J. Bowlen. — 1898 and [ca. 1955]. — 19 photographs. — Copied from PA-233.
NA-2679 Three provincial party leaders. — [ca. 1936]. — 1 photograph. –Consists of photo of W.R. Howson (Liberal), William Aberhart (Social Credit), and D.M. Duggan (Conservative). — Copied from PA-233.