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Jim Kerr fonds

Series 1 Jim Kerr – Personal papers. — 1912-2002. — 25 cm of textual records. — 1 transcription disc. — The series consists of Jim Kerr’s birth certificate, school records, personal correspondence, income tax returns, memberships and certificates, investment records, photograph albums, and will.
M-9009-1 Birth registration. — 1912
M-9009-2 Better Baby certificate. — 1914
M-9009-3 Cadet Signalling certificate. — 1925
M-9009-4 Grade 8 diploma and high school marks. — 1926-1928
M-9009-5 Chartered accountant memberships, circulars correspondence, etc. — 1928-1939
M-9009-6 Articles of clerkship to chartered accountant John H. Williams. — 1931
M-9009-111 Jim Kerr’s photograph album. — 1931-1934, 1944-1945. — Consists of photographs of the Banff Highland Gathering, including views of Jim in a kilt, August 1931; a trip to Vancouver and Victoria (1933); a trip to Vancouver Island (1934); and views of Jim in uniform in England and Scotland (1944-1945).
M-9009-112 “West Coast Vancouver Island Tour”. — 1934. — Consists of an album of photographs, sketches, cut-outs, and memorabilia of a trip on the S.S. Princess Norah. The album was apparently put together for Jim Kerr by “Babs”.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta – Admission to Membership certificate. — 1937
M-9009-7 Personal accounts. — 1937-1948
M-9009-8 Petroleum investments. — 1937-1939
M-9009-9 Newspaper clippings. — 1943-1990
M-9009-10 Personal correspondence. — 1945-1948. — Re post war plans, employment, dismissal from job, etc.
M-9009-11 Thomas Irwin & Son Ltd. — 1946-1948. — Re Kerr’s work in Hamilton, Ontario.
M-9009-12 Miscellaneous correspondence. — 1946-1981 and n.d.
M-9009-13 Gypsy Rose Lee program, autographed “Hello Jim”. — [ca. 1949-1950]
M-9009-14 Personal estate security plans. — 1949, 1963
M-9009-15 New house. — 1950-1951. — Re the building and furnishing of the Kerr house at 1716 – 23 Street SW.
M-9009-os-1 Architectural plans for the Kerr house at 1716-23 Street SW. — 1950. — 4 sheets.
M-9009-16 House repairs, furnishings, plants, etc. — 1950-1955
M-9009-17 Canadian Legion memberships. — 1950-1955
M-9009-18 Property taxes on house. — 1951-1966. — Also include 1964 house insurance.
M-9009-19 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta. — 1951, 1959-1962. — Primarily re membership.
M-9009-20 Driver’s licences and Alberta Motor Association memberships. — 1951-1956
M-9009-21 Income tax returns. — 1951-1965
M-9009-22 Income tax returns. — 1966-1973
M-9009-23 Ale Party invitations. — 1950-2002. — Hosted by the Cross family.
M-9009-24 Oil and mining investments. — 1952-1963
M-9009-25 Schenley International Master Barmen certificate. — 1953
M-9009-26 Province of Alberta liquor licences. — 1954, 1956, 1957
M-9009-27 Earl Grey Golf Course membership. — 1955-1968
RAD-61 “Green Chri$tma$” by Stan Freberg. — 1958. — 1 transcription disc (5 min) : 33 1/3 rpm. — Consists of a CFCN recording of Stan Frieberg (American recording artist, comedian and radio personality) spoofing Christmas commercialism. The sketch features lines including:”Deck the halls with advertising, ’tis the time for merchandising”, “We wish you a Merry Christmas and please buy our beer”, “Christmas has two S’s and they’re both dollar signs”.
M-9009-28 Purchase of Oldsmobile car. — 1961
M-9009-29 Brewery pension plan. — 1961-1984
M-9009-30 “Old Sun” photo presented to Kerr by Julian West of the Horsemen’s Hall of Fame. — 1962
M-9009-31 Monthly daytimers. — October-December 1964 and February-August 1965
M-9009-32 Speech (by Kerr) to the Calgary Foremen’s Club. — 1964
Calgary Fish and Game Association Life Membership. — 1966. — Illuminated by Herbert Earle.
M-9009-33 Will, list of property in bank, personal information. — 1967-[ca. 1974]. — Includes lists of memberships, bank accounts, investments, insurance and real estate.
M-9009-34 Kerr and Ross family trees (drafts). — n.d.
M-9009-35 Purchase of cemetery plot in Queen’s Park. — 1972
M-9009-36 Amusing poem and song about Jim Kerr, possibly on retirement. — [ca. 1971]
M-9009-37 Speech notes for address by Kerr, possibly on retirement . — [ca. 1971]
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta Life Membership. — 1977
M-9009-38 Invitation to Sandy Cross’ honorary degree ceremony at the University of Calgary. — 1987
M-9009-39 Molson Hole-in-One award. — 1989
M-9009-40 Health concerns and home care expenses. — 1993, 2002

Series 2 Parents and sister — James Kerr Sr., Jane Ross Kerr, and Frances Kerr. — 1889-1973. — 80 cm of textual records. – -The series consists of personal papers of Jim Kerr’s parents, James and Jane Kerr, as well as his sister Frances. Includes carpenters’ union records of James Kerr Sr, postcard collection of Jane Kerr, and school report cards, household accounts and tax returns of Frances Kerr. — Note: See Series 12 below for family photographs.
  James Kerr Sr. — 1889-1973
M-9009-41 Certificates of passing the 5th and 6th standards at Peebles English School in Scotland. — 1889-1890
M-9009-42 Proclamation of banns and marriage certificate for marriage to Jane Ross. — 1907
M-9009-43 Associated Carpenters’ and Joiners’ Society, Scotland – Membership cards. — 1898-1909. — Includes his 1896 “Entrance” card.
M-9009-44 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Local 1779 – Membership booklets. — 1910-1970. Includes union contracts, 1971-1973.
M-9009-45 Share certificates. — 1913, 1927, 1933. — For the Calgary Labor Temple (1913 and 1933) and Premier Garage (1927).
M-9009-46 Invitation to Scottish Ball at the Al Azhar Temple. — October 14, 1914. — James Kerr Sr. was the Chairman of the Amusement Committee.
M-9009-47 Letters from George M. McKie, serving in the First World War. — 1917
Order of Scottish Clans, Clan MacInnes No. 221 Honor Roll. — July 1918. — Includes George McKie, who was killed while serving in France.
M-9009-48 Newspaper clippings re politics, the Oxford Group and Social Credit. — 1933, 1936
M-9009-49 Order of Scottish Clans certificate. — 1916
M-9009-50 Civic Employees’ Pension Fund. — 1939-1942
M-9009-51 Alberta Chauffeur’s licence. — 1941
M-9009-52 Calgary School Board. — 1946, 1951. — Notice of pension, appointment as Inspector of New School Buildiings, Christmas bonus, and sample pay stubs.
M-9009-53 Government of Alberta Journeyman Carpenter certificate. — 1954
M-9009-54 Kerr coat of arms with description. — [ca. 1960s]
M-9009-55 Grace Presbyterian Church certificate. — 1973
M-9009-56 Obituaries. — 1973
  Jane Kerr. — 1907-1949
M-9009-57 Appliance receipts. — 1907-1940. — For Singer sewing machine (1907), Maytag washing machine (1923), and Electrolux refrigerator (1940).
M-9009-58 Memorabilia of trip to Scotland for the “Natives of Glasgow Reunion”. — 1932
M-9009-59 Letters about James Kerr Jr’s service overseas during the Second World War. — 1944-1945
M-9009-60 Postcards from Jane to her husband and family. — 1928-1937. — Many written during her 1932 visit to Scotland.
M-9009-61 Postcards from Frances and James Jr. while on vacation. — 1926-1939, 1949
M-9009-62 Postcards from her sisters and mother (the Ross family) in Scotland. — 1913-1924
M-9009-63 Postcards from her sister, Robina Goldie, in Scotland. — 1931-1949. — Robina was also known as Bean, Bena, and Beanie.
M-9009-64 Postcards from F.M. Nelson of Sunnyslope, Alberta. — 1914-1916
M-9009-65 Postcards from Lucy Johnston. — 1916-1925. — Possibly a Calgary neighbour.
M-9009-66 Postcards from M.E. Frisken. — 1924-1928. — Possibly a Calgary neighbour.
M-9009-67 Postcard album. — 1903-1908. — Consists of postcards, primarily of Scotland, including views of Peebles (birthplace of James Kerr, whom she married in 1907), Edinburgh, Fauldhouse, and Aberdeen.
M-9009-68 Postcard and photograph album. — [ca. 1903-1916]. — Consists of postcards, primarily of Scotland, and photographs of James Kerr, Jane Kerr, and their Scottish relatives. Includes photographs taken in Calgary, including the Carpenters’ Union football team (1912) and the musketry school at Sarcee Army Camp (1916).

Some of the Jane Kerr postcards (M-9009-60 – M-9009-68) have been scanned.
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  Frances Kerr. — 1914-1973
M-9009-69 Embroidered postcards from France. — [ca. 1914-1918]. — From friends serving overseas during the First World War.
M-9009-70 School report cards. — 1916-1925. — From Mount Royal School, Connaught School, Central High School and Commercial High School.
M-9009-71 Grade 8 diploma; music exam results; and newspaper article about her tree planting essay. — 1922
M-9009-72 “Cooking Book” scribbler from Connaught School. — [ca. 1922]. — Also includes Lillian Gallay’s household science scribbler.
M-9009-73 Grace Presbyterian Church membership. — 1925; and typing profiency certificate. — 1926
M-9009-74 Comic Plays and Dialogues. — [ca. 1926-1935]; and tatting sample.
M-9009-75 Autograph book. — 1929-1937
M-9009-76 Hockey game. — 1936-1937. — To raise money for the proposed Calgary Artificial Ice Rink.
M-9009-77 Letters, cards, and birth announcements from firlends. — 1938-1957
M-9009-78 Dental bills from Dr. J. Glenson Pullar. — 1929-1939
M-9009-79 Medical report on her health by Dr. D. Maclauchlan. — 1945
M-9009-80 Arrangements for headstone for mother, Jane Kerr. — 1952
M-9009-81 Recipe books and loose recipes. — [used ca. 1920s-1971]. — The large book called “Book of Tried Favourites” was likely her mother’s.
M-9009-82 Personal accounts. — 1928-1934
M-9009-83 House furnishings bills. — 1950-1959
M-9009-84 Household accounts. — 1951-1960
M-9009-85 Household accounts. — 1961- 1970
M-9009-86 Household accounts. — 1971-1972
M-9009-87 Sunset Oils investment. — [ca. 1937-1942]. — Includes propectus of company.
M-9009-88 Investors Mutual of Canada investment. — 1938-1963
M-9009-89 Income tax returns. — 1960-1969
M-9009-90 Frances Kerr estate. — 1972-1973. — Frances died on November 17, 1972. — Includes some details of her father’s estate, as he outlived her by a year.

Series 3 Royal Canadian Air Force. — 1940-1945, 1951-1960. — 42.5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of records of his service with the RCAF in Ottawa, where he helped plan recruitment and training of allied aircrews; records related to his management of the Allan Cup winning RCAF Flyers hockey team; and records of his service at the RAF Air Ministry in the United Kingdom. Includes a few post-war records of his continuing involvement with the military.
M-9009-91 Power of Attorney assigned by Jim Kerr to sister Frances R. Kerr. — 1940-1944
M-9009-92 RCAF paybook, identification card, and notebook/address book. — 1940-1944
M-9009-93 RCAF – Applications for leave, mess accounts, etc. — 1940-1943
War service certificates. — 1940-1945. — Consists of an RCAF appointment as officer (1940); Order of the British Empire (1944); RAF poster entitled “The Object of Disciplinary Training” (ca. 1944-1945); and a cartoon of W/C Jim Kerr MBE, heading off to England, autographed by his RCAF colleagues (1944).
M-9009-94 Letters from friends. — 1942. — Includes letters from friends also serving in the Second World War, including Alfred Kunkel, “Jud” and “Porky”.
M-9009-95 Handwriting analysis. — [ca. 1942]
M-9009-96 “Secret Memorandum of Agreement Between the Governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australian and New Zealand about the Training of Aircrews in Canada and Their Subsequent Service”. — 1942
M-9009-97 Member of the British Empire. — 1943-1944. — Consists of announcements and letters of congratulations to Jim Kerr on his inclusion in the New Year’s Honor List.
M-9009-98 Jim Kerr’s report: “The Training of Aircrews in Canada”. — June 8, 1944. — Consists of a report by Wing Commander Jim Kerr of the Royal Canadian Air Force, about British Commonwealth Air Training Program for pilots, air observers and wireless operators during the Second World War.

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M-9009-99 Press release re Air Force recruiting. — 1944
M-9009-100 Diary. — July 31, 1944-August 22, 1945. — Re travel to the United Kingdom to serve with the RAF, Air Ministry.
M-9009-101 Handmade Christmas card, signed by several colleagues in the United Kingdom. — 1944
M-9009-102 10 shilling note with autographs. — 1944 or 1945
M-9009-103 J. Kerr’s RAF working papers. — 1944-1945. — Includes several “secret” planning documents.
M-9009-104 RAF /RCAF – end of active service and postwar paperwork. — 1945-1946
M-9009-105 War miscellany. — 1940-1945
M-9009-106 RCAF Reserves. — 1951-1960. — Consists of records re activities in the reserves, and Calgary Station Officers’ Mess memberships.
Note For photographs of Jim serving in England with the RAF, see his photograph album in Series 1 above (M-9009-111).
  RCAF Flyers Hockey Team (managed by Jim Kerr)
M-9009-107 Financial records, and telegrams of congtratulations on winning the Allan Cup. — 1942
M-9009-108 Newspaper clippings about the Flyers and their winning of the Allan Cup. — 1942
M-9009-109 Programs for Flyers hockey games, and for the awards banquet held after winning the Allan Cup. — 1942-1943.
M-9009-110 RCAF Flyers photograph album. — 1942. — Consists of views of the team and individual players. Includes autographs of the players underneath their photos.

Series 4

Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. — 1949-1972, 1988, 1992. — 1.4 m of textual records. — 4 film reels. — The series consists of records created by Jim Kerr as an employee of the Company. He was first hired by the CBMC as Chief Accountant in 1949, was promoted to General Manager in 1956, and became President in 1963. The series consists of these sub-series:

Jim Kerr as Chief Accountant

Jim Kerr as General Manager

Jim Kerr as President

Financial and production records

Promotional and advertising material

Hotel system

Provincial commissions on the brewing industry

Films commissioned by the Brewery

Series 4-A Jim Kerr as Chief Accountant of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-113 Income tax calculations. — 1949-1952
M-9009-114 Northwest Brewing Company. — 1952-1954. — Re shares. The company was renamed Bohemian Maid.
M-9009-115 General business. — 1952-1955. — Includes correspondence with Davart Productions re a motion picture of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
M-9009-116 United States Brewers’ Academy – Executive Seminar in Brewing. — November 29-December 10, 1954. — Jim Kerr attended.
M-9009-117 Execuitve Seminar in Brewing – “Biochemistry of Brewing”. — 1954
M-9009-118 Executive Seminar in Brewing – Schwarz Labs, brewing method reports. — 1953-1954
M-9009-119 Nurses’ Association name tags. — 1954. — CBMC sponsored the conference, being held in Banff.
M-9009-120 Beer complaints – interoffice reports on improving beer. — 1956
M-9009-121 Alberta Brewers’ Agents. — 1956. — Consists of financial statements, annual report, and brief to the Special Alberta Legislature Liquor Inquiry Committee.
Series 4-B Jim Kerr as General Manager of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-122 Press release re appointment of Jim Kerr as General Manager. — 1956
M-9009-123 General Manager business. — 1957-1960
M-9009-124 General Manager business. — 1961-1963
M-9009-125 Alberta Liquor Plebiscite Analysis. — 1957
M-9009-126 Newspaper clippings. — 1957. — Include coverage of the Liquor Plebiscite of October 1957.
M-9009-127 Subpoena by the Supreme Court of Ontario re Canadian Breweries Ltd. being charged with operating a combine. — 1959. — Includes a brief written by Jim Kerr for CBMC President J.B. Cross.
M-9009-128 Canadian Breweries combines investigation. — 1959-1960. — Consists of records re “Her Majesty the Queen against Canadian Breweries Ltd.”
M-9009-129 Newspaper clippings. — 1958-1959. — Includes coverage of the Canadian Breweries combines investigation.
M-9009-130 Newspaper clippings. — 1959-1960. — Includes coverage of the Canadian Breweries combines investigation.
M-9009-131 Newspaper clippings. — 1960-1961, 1963. — Includes Jim Kerr’s appointment as President, July 1963.
M-9009-132 Press release promoting soft drinks for children. — [ca. 1960]
M-9009-133 Problems with beer being stolen from the Brewery. — 1960. — Includes detective reports.
M-9009-134 Purchase of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company by Canadian Breweries Ltd. — 1961-1962
M-9009-135 CBMC Board minutes. — 1961-1962
M-9009-136 Press release about the brewery industry, written by Jim Kerr for the Calgary Albertan newspaper. — January 29, 1962
M-9009-137 New accounting system for CBMC. — October 1962
M-9009-138 Western Canada Brewers Association – Distribution Committee. — 1962. — Jim Kerr was a member of the committee. Consists of minutes, survey, reports, etc.
M-9009-139 Bohemian Maid. — 1962-1963. — Consists of annual report, list of shareholders, minutes, etc.
Series 4-C Jim Kerr as President of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-140 General business as President. — 1963
M-9009-141 Newspaper clippings. — 1964-1965
M-9009-142 General business as President. — January-June 1964
M-9009-143 General business as President. — July-December 1964
M-9009-144 General business as President. — January-March 1965
M-9009-145 General business as President. — April-June 1965
M-9009-146 General business as President. — July-December 1965
M-9009-147 General business as President. — 1966
M-9009-148 Jim Kerr’s notes for President’s monthly reports. — September 1963-April 1964
M-9009-149 Jim Kerr’s notes for President’s monthly reports. — July 1964-March 1965
M-9009-150 Canadian Breweries Ltd. — 1961-1964. — This company bought out the Calgary Brewing and Malting Companyi 1961.
M-9009-151 Canadian Breweries – Organization of Calgary plant. — 1961-1964
M-9009-152 Canadian Breweries – Transfer of employees. — 1961-1962
M-9009-153 Canadian Breweries – Employees’ retirement plan and group insurance plan. — 1962-1964
M-9009-154 Beer quality control. — 1962, 1964
M-9009-155 Advertising controversy – Soft drinks and the horseshoe and buffalo head trademark. — 1963-1964
M-9009-156 Bohemian Maid shares. — 1963-1964
M-9009-157 Closure of the Edmonton plant. — 1965
M-9009-158 Aquarium. — 1965
M-9009-159 Report on the Calgary Aquarium by Jim Kerr. — 1965
M-9009-160 Canadian Breweries Advisory Board. — 1966-1967. — Jim Kerr was a member.
M-9009-161 Canadian Breweries Advisory Board. — 1968-1969
Series 4-D Financial and production records of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-162 Plant operations financial statements. — 1958-1961. — Includes sales, costs & profits, plus total quantities of product sold.
M-9009-163 Consolidated financial statements. — January-October 1961. — Includes balance sheets, capital expenditures, statistics, sales by province, etc.
M-9009-164 Consolidated financial statements. — 1961-1962
M-9009-165 Consolidated financial statements. — 1962-1963
M-9009-166 Consolidated financial statements. — 1963-1964
M-9009-167 Consolidated financial statements. — 1964-1965
M-9009-182 Beer production record book. — 1949-1961. — Includes statistics on barrels produced, ingredients used, and expenses.
M-9009-183 Monthly beer production record book. — 1954-1964. — Includes draft, bottled and barrels of beer.
Series 4-E Promotional and advertising material of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-168 Beer labels. — [ca. 1967]. — Consists of original artwork for labels for Export Lager, Pale Ale, Stock Ale, Stout, Pilsner. etc.
Original artwork for High Life beer advertisements. — [ca. 1960s]. — The beer was made by Caribou Brewing Company, which was taken over by the CBMC in 1958.
M-9009-169 CBMC decals. — [ca. 1960s]. — Primarily the horseshoe and buffalo head trademark.
Large format decals. — [ca. 1960s]. — Of the horseshoe and buffalo head trademark decals.
M-9009-170 Greeting cards sent out by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. — 1949-[1960s]. — Primarily Christmas cards featuring the Brewery grounds, aquarium, buildings, etc.
M-9009-171 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company stationery. — [ca. 1940s-1960s]
M-9009-172 Tom Innes political cartoon [original]. — 1960. — Re beer advertising controversy.
M-9009-173 Miscellaneous promotional material. — [ca. 1960s]. — Includes place mats, booklets, brochures, coasters, ginger ale decals, Western Interprovincial Football Union schedules.
M-9009-os-2 Poster featuring the horseshoe and buffalo head trademark. — 1988. — Advertising Stampede Brand beer.
M-9009-os-3 Poster featuring historic Brewery buildings. — 1992. –Annotated: “Reproduced by Molson Breweries to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company”. The poster is a reproduction of a lithograph commissioned by the Brewery in the 1950s or 1960s, an original of which is in the Horsemen’s Hall of Fame records at Glenbow, call number M-2111-os-10 (framed).
Series 4-F Hotel System of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company
M-9009-174 Hotel System history. — 1965. — Written by Jim Kerr. Includes a history of the Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association at end.
M-9009-175 Hotel leases. — 1938-1939, 1944, 1949-1950
M-9009-176 Manual ofAccounting and forms for the Hotel System. — 1953, 1955
M-9009-177 Manual of Accounting. — 1959. — Updated version.
M-9009-178 Reports on the condition of hotel buildings. — [ca. 1964]
Series 4-G Provincial commissions on the brewing industry
M-9009-179 Submissions and records re the brewing industry price study. — 1971
M-9009-180 Submission by Alberta Brewers’ Agents to the Ghitter Commission on Liquor Legislation. — 1972. — Written by Jim Kerr.
M-9009-181 Submissions to the Ghitter Commission on Liquor Legislation. — February-August 1972. — Includes submissions from Saskatchewan and Quebec.
Series 4-H Films commissioned by the Brewery
F-197-1 Rainbows in the Rockies. — [ca. 1940s]. — 1 film reel : silent, colour. — Consists of a film about the experimental fish hatcheries run jointly by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company and the Alberta Department of Lands and Mines, Fisheries Service. Includes scenes of collecting fish roe in the mountains; Calgary Brewing and Malting Company gardens and ponds (full of fry); Inglewood Rearing Ponds; Government Hatchery facilities; and fishing in the Rockies. The film ends with a sign proclaiming “Big Fish mean more fun, more tourists, more money for Albertans”.
F-197-2 Calgary Stampede / Davart Productions, Toronto. — 1952. — 1 film reel : optical sound, colour. — Consists of a film commissioned by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. The photography in the film is credited to Arthur Chetwynd. Includes scenes of horses being rounded up and crossing river before arriving at the Stampede grounds; pancake breakfast; Stampede parade; livestock in barns; midway and grandstand; and rodeo events including bucking broncs, calf roping, and chuckwagon races. See M-9009-115 above for correspondence about the making and distribution of this film.
F-197-3 Beyond the Furrow / Art Hundert. — [ca. mid-1950s]. — 1 film reel : magnetic sound, colour. — Consists of a film commissioned by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. The music in the film is credited to Vic Siebert and his Sons of the Saddle. Consists of ranching scenes from southern Alberta, possibly shot on the Cross family’s a7 Ranche. Scenes include branding, pastures against a mountain backdrop, feeding cattle, round ups, calving, cattle in corral, lassoing calves, cattle crossing river, country fair and rodeo, cowboys riding in midst of herd, cattle pens at stockyards, cattle auction, children’s rodeo, Sunday dinner featuring a roast, and beef being served in a restaurant. The end of the films features southern Alberta cattle brands, including the a7.
F-197-4 Calgary Stampede / Chetwynd Films, Toronto. — 1957. — 1 film reel : optical sound, colour. — Consists of a film commissioned by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. Includes scenes of Chief Bearspaw and Mrs. Bearspaw; visitors arriving at the Calgary airport; pancake breakfast and people in western dress; Stampede grounds including the midway being set up and a tipi being raised in the Indian Village; livestock in the barns and a 4-H boy grooming his steer; the grandstand; wrapping a steers horns to prevent injuries; Stampede parade including First nations, pioneers, Mounties; rodeo events including bronc riding, clowns, boys’ wild steer riding, calf roping, steer decorating, wild bronc riding, thoroughbred racing, and bull riding with lion in the ring; square dancing and hoop dancing in the streets; sheep dog trials; cutting horse competition; chuckwagon races; and the midway lit up at night. The film ends with a cowboy “hitting the trail”.

Series 5 Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association. — 1940-1964. — 42 cm of textual records. — The Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association was established in the early 1940s with the financial sponsorship of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. CBAA built a baseball stadium and ran the Pee Wee hockey program. Jim Kerr was involved in managing the Association’s affairs. — The series consists of scrapbooks of the early years of Pee Wee hockey and baseball; and financial statements, agreements with teams, and papers regarding the proposed sale of the stadium site. Includes Jim Kerr’s hockey miscellany and a film of a 1950 hockey game between the Chicago Black Hawks and Montreal Canadiens.
Note A history of the Asssociation, written by Jim Kerr in 1965, is in M-9009-174, listed above.
M-9009-184 Scrapbook – “Pee Wee Hockey sponsored by Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd.”. — 1943-1944. — Consists of newspaper clippings and photographs.
M-9009-185 Scrapbook – “”Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association, Pee Wee Hockey Season”. — 1944-1945. — Consists of newspaper clippings and photographs
M-9009-186 Scrapbook – “Calgary Buffalo Stadium, Baseball”. — 1944-1945. — Consists of newspaper clippings.
M-9009-187 Olde Time Hockey Players’ Benevolent Association. — 1954-1958. — Consists of financial report and proposed constitution written by Jim Kerr.
M-9009-188 CBAA financial statements. — 1962-1964
M-9009-189 Buffalo Stadium. — 1963-1964. — Consists of agreements with sports teams using the facility, and correspondence about proposed sale of site.
M-9009-190 Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association letterhead. — n.d.
M-9009-191 Jim Kerr’s hockey miscellany. — 1940-1962
F-197-5 Film of a hockey game: Chicago Black Hawks vs Montreal Canadiens. — November 9, 1950. — 1 film reel : b&w. — Annotated “shown November 14, 1950”. The Black Hawks won 2 to 1.

Series 6

Hotels. — 1949-1991. — 2 m of textual records. — Jim Kerr was the financial consultant/accountant for several small town hotels in Alberta, some of which originally had been part of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company Hotel System, and some of which were owned by Samuel L. Timmins’ Eseltee Hotel Company. — The series consists of financial statements, income tax returns, correspondence with hotel managers, hotel plans, and other records for the following hotels and hotel companies:

Alberta Hotel, Oyen (Gladstone Hotel Company; Eseltee Hotel Company)

Cochrane Hotel, Cochrane (Chinook Hotel Company)

Mack Hotel, Cereal (Eseltee Hotel Company)

National Hotel, Hanna (Eseltee Hotel Company)

Waldorf Hotel, Drumheller (Chinook Hotel Company)

Empire Hotel, Youngstown (Youngstown Hotel Company)

King Edward Hotel, Banff (Kaygor Hotel Company)

Shamrock Hotel, Calgary

National Hotel, Calgary

King Edward Hotel, Strathmore

Samuel L. Timmins (Eseltee Hotel Company)

Series 6-A Alberta Hotel, Oyen. — 1950-1991. — The hotel was owned by the Gladstone Hotel Company and then by Samuel L. Timmin’s Eseltee Hotel Company. For many years it was managed by Frances McSorley.
M-9009-192 Gladstone Hotel Company – Certificate of incorporation and articles of association. — 1952
M-9009-193 Hotel mortgage. — 1952
M-9009-194 Gladstone Hotel Company takeover of Alberta Hotel. — 1952-1953. — Includes application for liquor licence, official name, etc.
M-9009-195 Gladstone Hotel Company purchase of Alberta Hotel. — 1953. — Includes inventory of hotel furnishings and their value.
M-9009-196 Authorization for borrowing. — 1953-1954
M-9009-197 Gladstone Hotel Company. — 1952-1960. — Consists of minutes, registrations under the Companies Act, financial statements, and resolutions. — 1952-1960
M-9009-198 Gladstone Hotel Company. — 1961-1969. — Consists of minutes, registrations under the Companies Act, financial statements, resolutions, and records re liquidation of company.
M-9009-199 Annual reports under the Companies Act. — 1952-1965
M-9009-200 Dominion Bureau of Statistics returns. — 1953-1963, 1967. — Includes the number of rooms, capacity, and percentage of beds filled.
M-9009-201 Census of Trade returns. — 1953-1963, 1965, 1967. — Re wage earners and wages paid.
M-9009-202 Annual financial statements. — 1952-1967
M-9009-235 Account book (journal). — 1952-1960. — Includes general expenses as well as accounts for the bar, rooms, and tobacco.
M-9009-236 Account book (ledger). — 1952-1968
M-9009-203 Corporate income tax returns. — 1953-1966, 1968
M-9009-204 Transfer of hotel from Gladstone Hotel Company to Samuel Timmins (Eseltee Hotel Company). — 1968. — Includes 1952 share certificates.
M-9009-205 Group insurance for staff. — 1959
M-9009-206 Cumulative annual revenues for the bar and rooms. — 1953-1966
M-9009-207 Financial statements . — 1968-1973
M-9009-208 Corporate Income tax returns. — 1969-1970. — Includes audited financial statements.
M-9009-209 Beverage room and beer vendor licences. — 1961-1972. — In the name of Mrs. Frances McSorley, manager.
M-9009-210 Reports of inspector.– 1965, 1968-1970
M-9009-211 Weekly payroll registers. — 1971, 1973, 1974
M-9009-212 Construction contract with Bennett and White Alberta Ltd. — 1969
M-9009-os-4 Architectural plan of the main floor of the Alberta Hotel. — 1972. — Shows bar and lounge as well as proposed coffee shop changes. Drawn by Larry Stoller.
M-9009-os-5 Architectural drawing of proposed kitchen range feature. — 1972. — Drawn by Larry Stoller.
M-9009-213 Albertta Hotel Coffee Shop. — 1973, 1980. — Consists of an inventory (1973) and lease (1980).
M-9009-214 Appraisal of hotel by Floen Appraisals. — 1977. — Includes photographs of the hotel.
M-9009-os-6 Architectural plans of proposed changes to the Alberta Hotel bar. — 1977. — 4 sheets. — By Eaton Design Group.
M-9009-os-7 Architectural plans of washroom renovations at the Alberta Hotel. — 1977. — 2 sheets. — By Baker Construction Ltd.
M-9009-215 Sale of Alberta Hotel. — 1980-1984. — Includes inventories of contents and financial statements.
M-9009-216 Alberta Hotel – Various, primarily re voluntary liquidation. — 1969
  Alberta Hotel, Oyen – Frances McSorley records
M-9009-217 Correspondence with Cecil and Fran McSorley. — 1952. — The Alberta Hotel manager wrote weekly letters to Jim Kerr about the operations of the hotel. After Cecil died, Frances McSorley became the hotel’s manager, and a good friend of Jim Kerr’s.
M-9009-218 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1953
M-9009-219 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1954
M-9009-220 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1955
M-9009-221 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1956
M-9009-222 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1959-1960
M-9009-223 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1961
M-9009-224 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1962
M-9009-225 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1963
M-9009-226 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1964
M-9009-227 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1965
M-9009-228 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1966-1970
M-9009-229 Correspondence with Fran McSorley. — 1971
M-9009-230 Frances McSorley’s personal income tax returns. — 1955-1960
M-9009-231 Frances McSorley’s personal income tax returns. — 1961-1965
M-9009-232 Frances McSorley’s personal income tax returns. — 1966-1973
M-9009-233 Frances McSorley’s personal income tax returns. — 1974-1985
M-9009-234 Eulogy to Frances Elizabeth McSorley by Jim Kerr on her death. — 1986
Series 6-B Cochrane Hotel, Cochrane (Chinook Hotel Company)
M-9009-241 Postcard of the Cochrane Hotel. — 1950
M-9009-242 Chinook Hotel Company – Shares allotment. — 1951. — Alexander “Sandy” Cross was one of the shareholders.
M-9009-243 Income tax returns and financial statements. — 1951-1954
M-9009-244 Income tax returns and financial statements. — 1955-1962
M-9009-237 Account book (journal). — 1951-1956
M-9009-245 Financial statements. — 1970-1977
M-9009-246 Weekly and cumulative revenues and expenditures reports. — January 1954-April 1957. — Includes bar, rooms, tobacco, dining room, off-sales, wages, and kegs.
M-9009-247 Various business. — 1952-1956. — Includes correspondence with manager Frank Opdeback.
M-9009-248 Census of Trade returns (provincial government) and Accommodation Surveys (federal government).– 1953-1954, 1963-1970
M-9009-249 Various business. — 1961-1963, 1966-1967
M-9009-250 Various business. — 1968-1972. — Largely insurance.
M-9009-251 Architectural plans of hotel and proposed addition. — 1963-1964. — By J. Stevenson and Associates.
M-9009-252 Cochrane Hotel stationery. — n.d.
Series 6-C Mack Hotel, Cereal (Eseltee Hotel Company)
M-9009-253 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1955-1959
M-9009-254 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1960-1968
M-9009-255 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1969-1971
M-9009-256 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1972-1975
M-9009-257 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1976-1979
M-9009-258 Annual reports under the Companies Act. — 1954-1970, 1974
M-9009-259 Correspondence with manager John Flug. — 1955-1960. — Includes some correspondence of Ted Bally, who was the hotel’s accountant prior to Jim Kerr.
M-9009-260 Various business. — 1968-1991
Series 6-D National Hotel, Hanna (Eseltee Hotel Company)
M-9009-261 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1964-1965
M-9009-262 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1966-1967
M-9009-263 Various business. — 1963-1968. — Includes inventories of furniture, beer stock, and groceries. Also includes records re sale of the hotel to Eseltee Hotel Company.
Series 6-E Waldorf Hotel, Drumheller (Chinook Hotel Company)
M-9009-264 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1962-1967
M-9009-265 Income tax returns and financial records. — 1968-1971
M-9009-266 Balance sheets. — 1953-1955
M-9009-267 Financial statements. — 1960-1970. — Includes some working copies.
M-9009-268 Financial statements. — 1971-1979
M-9009-269 Insurance policies. — [expiring November 3, 1954]
M-9009-270 Insurance policies. — [expiring November 3, 1957]
M-9009-271 Insurance policies. — [expiring November 3, 1960]
M-9009-272 Insurance policies. — [expiring November 3, 1963]
M-9009-273 Other insurance. — 1952-1961
M-9009-274 Payroll register. — 1974-1978
M-9009-275 General business. — 1963
M-9009-276 General business. — 1964
M-9009-277 General business. — 1965
M-9009-278 Repairs and renovations to the hotel. — 1965. — Includes all the bills.
M-9009-279 General business. — 1966
M-9009-280 General business. — 1967
M-9009-281 General business. — 1968
M-9009-282 General business. — 1969
M-9009-283 General business. — 1970
M-9009-284 General business. — 1971
M-9009-285 General business. — 1972
M-9009-286 General business. — 1973
M-9009-287 General business. — 1974
M-9009-288 General business. — 1975
M-9009-289 General business. — 1976
M-9009-290 General business. — 1977
M-9009-291 General business. — 1978
M-9009-292 General business. — 1979
M-9009-293 General business. — 1980
M-9009-294 Architectural plans for alterations to the Waldorf Hotel. — 1972 and n.d. — By Stevenson Raines et al (n.d.) and Eaton Design Group (1972).
M-9009-295 Beverage and food menu for the Sportsmans Tavern at the Waldorf Hotel. — 1972
M-9009-296 Waldorf Hotel stationery. — n.d.
Series 6-F Empire Hotel, Youngstown (Youngstown Hotel Company)
M-9009-297 Annual reports under the Companies Act. — 1954-1961
M-9009-298 Correspondence re hotel operations. — 1954-1956. — Between manager R.W. “Waldo” McFarlane and accountant Ted Bally.
M-9009-299 Correspondence re hotel operations. — 1957-1958. — Between manager Mike Tatarniuk and accountant Ted Bally.
M-9009-300 Correspondence re hotel operations. — 1959-1961. — Between manager Steve Meldon and accountant Ted Bally.
M-9009-301 Agreement between Steve Meldon and Samuel L. Timmins. — 1961
M-9009-302 Weekly revenue reports. — 1955. — Includes bar, rooms, tobacco, and dining revenues.
M-9009-303 Income tax and financial records. — 1956-1959
M-9009-304 Income tax and financial records. — 1960-1971
M-9009-238 Account book (ledger). — 1949-1955
M-9009-239 Account book (ledger). — 1956-1961
M-9009-305 Financial statements. — 1955-1963
M-9009-306 Wind up of company. — 1969-1971
Series 6-G Kind Edward Hotel, Banff (Kaygor Hotel Company)
M-9009-307 Income tax, financial records, and correspondence with owners Kathleen “Kay”Lock and Gordon Lock. — 1966-1969
M-9009-308 Income tax, financial records and correspondence with owner Kay Lock. — 1970-1974
M-9009-309 Report on the condition of the King Edward Hotel by James L. Cook. — 1967
M-9009-310 Correspondence with the Locks and re the Gordon Lock estate. — 1967-1972. — Gordon died in 1969.
Series 6-H Shamrock Hotel, Calgary, Alberta
M-9009-311 Appraisal of the Shamrock Hotel. — 1968. — Includes photographs of the hotel.
M-9009-312 Estate of Madeline Kolbus. — 1968-1970. — Kolbus was a part owner of the hotel.
M-9009-313 Court case, Eileen Craig vs Shamrock Hotel. — 1969-1970. — Craig was a part owner of the hotel.
M-9009-314 Business correspondence. — 1966-1968
M-9009-315 Business correspondence. — 1969
M-9009-316 Businesss correspondence. — 1970. — Includes investigation of Jim Kerr after complaint by Eileen Craig.
M-9009-317 Business correspondence. — 1971
M-9009-318 Business correspondence. — 1972-1973
M-9009-319 Income tax returns. — 1964-1972
M-9009-320 Financial statements. — 1958, 1963-1965
M-9009-321 Financial statements. — 1966-1967
M-9009-322 Financial statements. — 1968-1972
M-9009-240 Account book (journal). — 1954-1971
Series 6-I National Hotel, Calgary
M-9009-323 Financial statements. — 1953-1960
M-9009-324 Income tax returns of hotel operator Jim Campbell. — 1953-1973. — Includes some hotel financial statements.
Series 6-J King Edward Hotel, Strathmore
M-9009-325 Income tax returns and financial statements. — 1964-1967
Series 6-K Samuel L. Timmins (owner of Eseltee Hotel Company, and former Calgary Brewing and Malting Company employee)
M-9009-326 Birth certificate. — Copy made in 1963. — Consists of a copy of his 1905 birth certificate, for purposes of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company pension.
M-9009-327 Samuel Timmins and Margaret Timmins – Wills. — 1964
M-9009-328 Personal income tax returns. — 1949-1965
M-9009-329 Personal income tax returns. — 1966-1975
M-9009-330 Samuel L. Timmins estate papers. — 1975-1976. — Includes medical bills, funeral program, and probabe of will.

Series 7 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. — 1949, 1959-1971. — 33.5 cm of textual records. — Jim Kerr was a Stampede shareholder, and had an ongoing relationship with the Stampede. He was an Associate Director through 1960s and served on the Indian Committee, Sites Planning Committee, Insurance and Medical Committee, and Grounds Planning Committee. He was involved in long range planning for the Stampede, including improvements such as the new grandstand, and expansions into neighbouring Victoria Park. — The series consists primarily of Kerr’s files as Coordinator of Sites Planning Committee and Manager of Grounds Development, including extensive working papers related to Stampede improvements and expansion. Also includes some papers related to the Indian Committee, and a report that Kerr wrote for the Red Deer Exhibition on its grounds.
M-9009-331 Purchase of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede shares. — 1960. — Jim Kerr bought 25 shares.
M-9009-332 Sites Planning Committee – General. — 1964-1965
M-9009-333 Sites Planning Committee – General. — 1966
M-9009-334 Sites Planning Committee – General. — 1967
M-9009-335 Sites Planning Committee – General. — 1968
M-9009-336 Sites Planning Committee – Working papers. — 1965-1966
M-9009-337 Sites Planning Committee – Working papers. — 1966
M-9009-338 Stevenson Raines et al report – Proposed re-development plan for the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede at Victoria Park. — 1967
M-9009-339 Stevenson Raines et al – Proposed plans for a grandstand complex. — [ca. 1960s]. — Consists of overhead projector sheets of architectural plans.
M-9009-340 Stevenson, Cawston and Stevenson – Architectural plans for proposed arena for Stampede. — 1949
M-9009-341 Stevenson Raines et al – Architectural plans for grandstand. — 1966-1967
M-9009-342 City of Calgary – Plan for bridge across the Elbow River at the Stampede grounds. — 1959
M-9009-343 Grounds Development Committee – General. — 1969-1971
M-9009-344 Grounds Development Committee – City of Calgary agreements. — 1968-1971
M-9009-345 Grounds Development Committee – Corral proposal. — 1971
M-9009-346 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede: A Proposal for Long Range Development. — [ca. 1971]
M-9009-347 Indian Committee – General. — 1965
M-9009-348 Indian Committee – General. — 1965-1966
M-9009-349 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede – Financial projections. — 1968-1969
M-9009-350 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede – Financial statements. — 1962-1968. — Includes working papers for cashflow projections.
M-9009-351 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede – Roles and responsibilities. — 1966-1968. — Includes lists of directors and officers.
M-9009-352 Red Deer Exhibition – Development of grounds. — 1966-1967
M-9009-353 Red Deer Exhibition – “Development Plan: Fairgrounds”. — January 1967. — Report written by Jim Kerr.
M-9009-354 Red Deer Exhibition – Architectural plans of proposed grounds improvements, by Stevenson Raines et al. — 1966-1967. — Includes bill for the work.
M-9009-os-8 Hand-coloured and mounted architectural plan of proposed ground improvements, by Stevenson Raines et al. — [ca. 1966-1967]

Series 8 Rothney Farm. — 1970-1995. — 66 cm of textual records. — Jim Kerr became the accountant of Alexander “Sandy” Cross’ Rothney Farm in 1974. — The series consists primarily of livestock registrations of Shorthorns, Galloways and Luing cattle, financial statements, and property tax records. — Note: Other Rothney Farm records are in the Cross Family fonds at Glenbow [M-8780-(183-253) and M-9046-(18-210)]
M-9009-355 Canadian Shorthorn Association registrations. — 1980
M-9009-356 Canadian Shorthorn Association registrations. — 1981-1982
M-9009-357 Canadian Shorthorn Association registrations. — 1983-1984
M-9009-358 Shorthorns – General. — 1974-1995. — Re the association, registrations, etc.
M-9009-359 Galloways – General. — 1982-1992. — Re the association, registrations, etc.
M-9009-360 A.R.C.’s [Sandy Cross] Shorthorn and Galloway register books. — 1967-1976. — 2 vol. — Consists of small book with information on the livestock, including name, date born, bred by, progeny, tattoo number, etc.
M-9009-361 Shorthorn and Galloway record books. — 1969, 1974-1978. — 2 vol. — Consists of handwritten books recording tattoo, name, sex, colour, sire and dam.
M-9009-362 Luings – Registrations, inventories, purchases, etc. — 1974-1992
M-9009-363 Livestock register. — Animals born 1947-1973
M-9009-364 Livestock register. — 1980-1994
M-9009-365 Livestock register. — 1979-1986
M-9009-366 Livestock register. — 1980-1988
M-9009-367 Rothney Farm livestock and crop inventories. — 1973-1976, 1978, 1980, 1983-1987, 1989, 1992-1993
M-9009-368 Jim Kerr’s appointment as accountant for Rothney Farm. — 1974
M-9009-369 Rothney Farm financial statements. — 1970-1973. — Done by Kerr’s predecessor, The Royal Trust Company.
M-9009-370 Rothney Farm financial statements. — 1974-1975
M-9009-371 Property taxes. — 1975, 1979-1985
M-9009-372 Property taxes. — 1986-1991
M-9009-373 Well drilling. — 1970-1990. — Primarily water well drillers’ reports.
M-9009-374 Nature Conservancy of Canada – Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. — 1987-1990
M-9009-375 Dispute between Rothney Farm and Everal Borghal re the Bunkhouse. — 1991-1994. — Re termination of the tenancy agreement with Everal Borghal and his organization, “The Abused and Underprivileged People’s Institute”.
M-9009-376 Brochuress. livestock catalogues, etc. — 1978-1983
M-9009-377 Rothney Farm – Miscellaneous. — 1971-1989

Series 9 Rotary Club. — 1955-1967. — 6 cm of textual records. — Jim Kerr was a charter member of the Manchester Rotary Club of Calgary in 1955. The Club later ran the concession stand at the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company’s Aquarium. Kerr was also on the planning committee for and international Rotary conference held in Banff in 1964. — The series consists of Kerr’s membership records, Aquarium concession inventories and accounts, and planning and financial records for the Banff conference.
M-9009-378 Manchester Rotary Club memberhip records. — 1955-1968. — Consists of membership cards (1955-1956), charter members’ roster, and letter of resignation (1968).
M-9009-379 Manchester Rotary Club – Aquarium Committee. — 1961-1967. — Jim Kerr was chair. — Consists of inventories and financial statements re souvenirs sold at a club-run concession at the Aquarium.
M-9009-380 Rotary International District No. 536 – Banff Assembly and Conference. — 1963-1965. — The conference was held in 1964. — Consists of planning records and accounts.

Series 10 CHFM Radio Station. — 1962-1970. — 15 cm of textual records. –Jim Kerr was a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Quality FM Ltd., woner of CHFM, an FM radio station in Calgary. — The series consists of the station’s application for a broadcast licence, annual reports, financial statements, and circulars to shareholders.
M-9009-381 Application for licence. — 1962. — Consists of the text for an oral presentation before the Board of Broadcast Governors.
M-9009-382 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1962
M-9009-383 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1963
M-9009-384 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1964
M-9009-385 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1965
M-9009-386 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1966
M-9009-387 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1967-1968
M-9009-388 CHFM reports, finances and circulars. — 1970

Series 11 Lloyd Turner Testimonial Dinner. — 1964-1978. — 3 cm of textual records. — Jim Kerr, an avid hockey fan, organized a dinner in honour of hockey legend Lloyd Turner. The event also resulted in a scholarship fund set up in Turner’s name. — The series consists of planning records for the dinner, and follow-ups on the fund.
M-9009-389 Program for dinner. — 1964. — Includes the photograph of Lloyd Turner used in the design of the program.
M-9009-390 Correspondence re planning the dinner. — 1964
M-9009-391 LLoyd Turner scholarship fund. — 1964-1972, 1978
M-9009-392 Obituary of Lloyd Turner. — 1976

Series 12 Photographs and slides. — 1890-1997. — 339 photographs. — 119 slides. — The series consists of views of the Kerr family, Jim Kerr’s RCAF service, Calgary Brewing and Malting Company buildings and events, and other groups with which Jim Kerr Jr. was affiliated.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

  Family photographs. — 1890-1974
M-9009-393 James Kerr Sr. as a young man in Scotland. — [ca. 1890-1910]. — 8 photographs
M-9009-394 Isaac Kendall Kerr house with carpenters in front. — [ca. 1910]. — 2 photographs. — James Kerr Sr. helped build this house shortly after moving from Scotland to Calgary in 1910.
PE-208-1 Panorama of United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners members. –Labor Day, 1912. — 1 panoramic photograph. — James Kerr Sr. belonged to this union. Marcell photo number 204.
PE-208-2 Panorama of a Calgary Trades and Labour Council picnic on St. George’s Island. — September 6, 1926. — 1 panoramic photograph. — James Kerr Sr. probably attended this event. Taken by Kilroe.
M-9009-395 Jane Ross as a young woman in Scotland. — [ca. 1900-1908]. — 4 photographs. — Jane Ross married James Kerr in 1908.
M-9009-396 Ross family gravestone in Scotland and funeral of Francis Ross. — 1906 and n.d. — 2 photographs. — Francis Ross was the brother of Jane Ross.
M-9009-397 The Kerr family. — [ca. 1909-1918]. — 2 photographs. — Consists of a portrait of James, Jane and baby Francis in Scotland, ca. 1909-1910; and portrait of James, Jane, Francis and James Jr. in Calgary, ca. 1917-1918.
M-9009-398 Frances and James Kerr Jr. as children. — [ca. 1911-1912]. — 2 photographs. — Consists of a portrait of Frances Kerr, and another or Francis and baby James.
M-9009-399 Jane Kerr with Frances and James Jr. as children. — [ca. 1912]-1917. — 24 photographs. — Consists of photographs, primarily taken on June 24, 1917, of Jane and her children, and the interior of their house. Jame Kerr Sr. is in one.
M-9009-400 Jane Kerr with her mother and sisters in Scotland. — October 1926. — 15 photographs. — Includes photographs taken during a visit to her sister Meg in a tuberculosis sanatorium.
M-9009-401 The Kerr family by their Calgary house and views of Sylvan Lake. — [ca. 1926]. — 7 negatives
M-9009-402 Kerr family. — [ca. 1949]. — 1 photograph. — Consists of a portrait of James Kerr Sr, Florence Kerr, Jane Kerr, and James Kerr Jr. in front of their car. Includes both print and negative.
M-9009-403 Frances Kerr. — 1930-1950s. — 4 photographs
M-9009-404 Jim Kerr Jr. — [ca. 1932-1972], predominant 1960s. — 15 photographs. — 3 slides
M-9009-405 The Kerr house. — [ca. 1950]. — 7 photographs. — Jim Kerr Jr. built a house in 1950 at 1716 – 23rd Street SW. Includes negatives.
M-9009-406 Jane Kerr in the new house. — 1951. — 10 photographs. — Good views of the interior of the house.
M-9009-407 Jane Kerr’s gravestone. — 1953. — 10 photographs. — Also views of the Kerr house and car. Includes negatives.
M-9009-408 James Kerr Sr. receiving award from the United Brotherhoos of Carpenter and Joiners. — [ca. 1970]. — 2 photographs. — Possibly on his 60th anniversary as a union member.
M-9009-409 Kerr family gravestone. — 1974. — 4 slides
  Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) photographs. — 1941-1945
M-9009-410 RCAF Flyers hockey team. — 1942. — 2 photographs. — Consists of views of Jim Kerr, team manager, at the Allan Cup awards banquet.
M-9009-411 RCAF Flyers hockey team. — 1941-1942. — 13 photographs. — 1 postcard. — Consists of views of the team, individual players, awards banquet, the Allan Cup, etc.
M-9009-412 Jim Kerr in RCAF uniform, and other RCAF views. — [ca. 1940-1944]. — 14 photographs
M-9009-413 Jim Kerr in uniform and his family by the family home. — [ca. 1940-1944]. — 8 photographs. — Includes negatives.
M-9009-414 Jim Kerr and his family by the family home. — July 1944. — 9 photographs. — Taken just prior to his departure for the United Kingdom. Includes negatives.
M-9009-415 Royal Air Force, London, England. — 1945. — 14 photographs. — Consists of photographs sent home by Jim Kerr to his mother while serving in the United Kingdom with the Royal Air Force.
  Calgary Brewing and Malting Company photographs. — 1903-1997
M-9009-416 Jim Kerr at CBMC events. — [ca. 1960s-1972] and 1997. — 13 photographs
M-9009-417 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company historic views. — 1903-1914. — 15 photographs. —
Consists of views of a large tank being installed (ca. 1903-1905); laying of the corner stone for the Office Building (1907); construction of a building, possibly the Engine Room, ca. 1913; and views from the top of a Brewery building, including Terrill’s Greenhouses, 1914.
M-9009-418 Chuckwagons and cowboys on the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company grounds. — [ca. mid 1920s]. — 11 photographs. — Includes views of the Sundre and Mosquito Creek rigs.
M-9009-419 a7 Ranche. — [ca. 1920s]. — 9 photographs. — Consists of views of branding, cowboys, and polo.
M-9009-420 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company gardens. — [ca. 1932]-1935. — 27 photographs. — Consists of views of the laying out of the gardens, men digging and planting, and the stream.
M-9009-421 Miscellaneous views of the Brewery grounds, buildings and parade floats. — [ca. 1920s-1950]. — 16 photographs
PB-952-1 Laying corner stone for new bottling plant. — December 18, 1947. — 1 photograph. — Taken by W.J. Oliver.
PE-208-3 Panorama of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company grounds. — [ca. 1950s]. — 1 panoramic photograph
M-9009-422 Construction of new office building. — 1956. — 12 photographs. — Taken by W.J. Oliver studio.
M-9009-423 Buffalo chairs. — 1957. — 2 photographs. — The backs of the chairs were carved as buffalo heads.
M-9009-424 Ginger Ale advertising billboards and signs. — 1958-1960s. — 10 photographs
M-9009-425 Jim Cross. — 1959, 1962. — 2 photographs. — Consists of views of Jim Cross receiving the National Safety Context award from the Domion Brewers Association, 1959; and Jim Cross at an unidentified presentation, 1962.
M-9009-426 CBMC event, possibly the opening of the Aquarium in 1960. — 5 photographs
M-9009-427 Calgary Safety Roundup and School Patrol. — [ca. 1960s]. — 3 photographs. — The children are holding Calgary Brewery soft drinks.
M-9009-428 Brewery grounds. — [ca. 1960s]. — 12 photographs. — Taken by E.W. Cadman.
M-9009-429 Team of buffalo with horseshoe joke. — [ca. 1960s]. — 1 photograph
M-9009-430 CBMC event at the Palliser Hotel. — [ca. 1962]. — 9 photographs. — Includes views of J.B. Cross and Jim Kerr holding a polo trophy. Taken by Oliver-Cadman Studio.
M-9009-431 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company beer in a Frigidaire cooler. — [ca. 1960s]. — 1 photograph
M-9009-432 CBMC views. — 1960-1974. — 78 slides. — Consists of views of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company grounds, 1960-1961; Dow Brewery, 1961; possibly the hospitality room at the Brewery [?], ca. 1960s; trip to northern Canada, 1972; and Ptarmigan Inn (CBMC property), Hay River, NWT, 1974.
M-9009-433 Dirty baby with a Calgary Beer bottle. — n.d. — 2 photographs
M-9009-434 Calgary Stampeders hockey team. — 1941 and n.d. — 2 photographs
PB-952-2 Calgary Stampeders hockey team, Allan Cup finalists. — 1949-1950. — 1 photograph. — Lloyd Turner is in the back row on the left. The team members are identified.
M-9009-435 Royal Caledonian Curling Club. — 1964. — 1 photograph. — Consists of a view of Jim Kerr presenting the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company trophy.
  Photographs related to other Jim Kerr affiliations. — 1962-1987
M-9009-436 Alberta Hotel, Oyen. — [ca. 1969-1970s]. — 6 slides
M-9009-437 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. — [ca. 1965-1966], 1987. — 28 slides. — Consists of views of the Stampede grounds, ca. 1965-1966; and of 75th anniversary events including the parade, 1987.
PB-952-3 Manchester Rotary Club charter night. — April 7, 1977. — 1 photograph. — Jim Kerr was a founding member of this organization.
M-9009-438 Rotary Club. — 1964. — 1 photograph. — Consists of a view of Jim Kerr at a banquet.
M-9009-439 Quality FM. — [ca. 1962]. — 1 photograph. — Consists of a view of Jim Kerr at the CHFM radio station console.
PB-952-4 Lloyd Turner Testimonial Dinner. — 1964. — 1 photograph. — Consists of composite of dinner for Lloyd Turner, with the people who attended identified.
PB-952-5 Portrait of Lloyd Turner. — 1964. — 1 photograph