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Henry E. Spencer fonds

Series 1

Correspondence, biographical and interviews. – 1914-1970s

M-1165-1 Biographical information.
M-1165-2 Appointment, Justice of the Peace, Alberta. – 1914.
M-1165-3 Correspondence. – 1925-1935. – Includes statements of progressive policy; letter of thanks from Mackenzie King; letter from Premier Brownlee re seed grain relief; monetary reform association business; memo re Social Credit; tribute to “ginger group”; and letters to William Aberhart re Social Credit.
M-1165-4 Correspondence, 1935. – Letters of sympathy re 1935 election defeat.
M-1165-5 Correspondence. – 1936-1943. – Letters re Alberta social credit policy and government; letter of acknowledgment from R.B. Bennett; and letter from A.J. Hooke offering position on Provincial Reconstruction committee.
M-1165-6 Correspondence. – 1952-1965. – List of material sent to National Archives; Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) current objectives; letter re Agnes McPhail; and letter from T.C. Douglas re Saskatchewan medicare.
RCT-986 Interviews with, and recordings by, Henry Spencer. — [ca. 1960s-1970s]. — 38 audio cassettes

Series 2

House of Commons business. – 1921-1945

M-1165-7 Battle River Constituency business. – 1921-1945. – Election results; letters to the election; election expense; and report to constituency convention.
M-1165-8 Notes re House of Commons business. – 1931-1935. – Explanations, questions, and notes re bills presented.
M-1165-9 House of Commons speeches by Spencer. -1922-1935. – Official Hansard report.
M-1165-10 Radio Addresses. – 1930-1945. – Includes address by Mrs. Spencer (1930) and addresses re Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) plans, monetary reform, and post-war problems.
M-1165-11 Parliament and the Party System by H.E. Spencer. – 1923.
M-1165-12 Public health. – 1928-1935. – Resolutions, articles, speeches and reports.

Series 3

Finance. – 1925-1944

M-1165-13 Currency and credit. – 1925-1933. – Speeches and addresses.
M-1165-14 Monetary reform. – 1932-1933. – Notes and questions re money; notes re Major Douglas plan; and methods of Canadian banks.
M-1165-15 Banking and Commerce Committee. – 1928, 1934. – Synopsis of evidence and questions.
M-1165-16 Assets and Liabilities of Canada Report. – 1934.
M-1165-17 Diagrams re Canadian banking, financial reform, etc. – 1928- 1933. – Graphs compiled for the Canadian Monetary Reform League.
M-1165-18 Pamphlets re Finance. – 1924-1944. – Includes:

  • Our Monetary System by J.W. Robson
  • Efficiency and Permanence of Economic Organization by W. Irvine (1924)
  • Monetary Reform (1932)
  • House of Commons, Bill 23: An Act to amend the Finance Act (1932)
  • Monetary Policy Report (1932)
  • New Monetary Policy (1932)
  • Age of Plenty (1930)
  • Scarcity or Abundance: The People Must Choose by W. Irvine (1944)

Series 4

Political groups. – 1920-1944

M-1165-19 Reports and correspondence, Major C.H. Douglas, 1933-1936. – Includes correspondence re Douglas Social Credit proposals and comments re Alberta Social Credit.
M-1165-20 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). – 1920-1937. – Minutes of incorporation meeting; incorporations, reports, addresses, resolutions, etc.
M-1165-21 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) pamphlets. – 1918-1934. – Includes:

  • The Farmers Platform (1918)
  • Constitution of the Battle River UFA and the United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) Constituency Association
  • Constitution of the Battle River UFA and the United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) Political Association
  • The UFA and the Provincial Government (1920)
  • The Alberta Government’s Record (1934)
  • Federal Affairs in Review (1922-1930)
  • The UFA, No. 8, 9 and 10 (1930)
  • A Few Facts About the Present Administration of Alberta and What it has Accomplished (1925)
M-1165-22 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) papers. – 1933. – Consists of the closing speech made by Francis Reginald “Frank” Scott at the first national Cooperative Commonwealth Federation convention. View now.
M-1165-23 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) pamphlets. – Includes:

  • People’s Voice in the Legislature
  • Constitution of the CCF, Alberta Section (1944)
  • The Sensational Record of a CCF Government: 83 Facts about Saskatchewan

Series 5

Education. – 1944-1966

M-1165-24 Correspondence re education. – 1948-1960. – Includes School Trustees’ Association matters, etc.
M-1165-25 Alberta Teachers’ Association Addresses. – 1945-1948.
M-1165-26 Alberta School Trustees’ Association. – 1944-1952. – Reports, addresses, convention news, etc. re education in Alberta.
M-1165-27 Alberta Educational Council. – 1948-1950. – Conference minutes and editorial.
M-1165-28 Canadian Education Association. – 1951-1958. – History of association, reports, and articles from conventions.
M-1165-29 Canadian School Trustees’ Association. – 1944-1963. – Includes minutes; convention news; reports; history of association; brief to Louis St. Laurent; award of merit presented to H.E. Spencer; and brief submitted to Royal Commission on Taxation.
M-1165-30 Canadian School Trustees’ Association, Annual Reports. – 1948-1958.
M-1165-31 Education pamphlets. – 1945-1966. – Includes:

  • Education Steps Up Living Standards (1945)
  • Presentation to John Diefenbaker by Canadian School Trustees’ Association (1963)
  • Brief of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts (1947)
  • Education at Market Prices (1948)
  • Bits and Pieces from the Records, Alberta Teachers Association (1966)

Series 6

Miscellaneous. – 1933-1957

M-1165-32 Miscellaneous items. – 1933-1957. – Consists of:

  • Cartoon of Bank of England (nd.)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization Constitution (1949)
  • Advertisement for book, The Honorable Mr. Nixon (1957)
  • Text of inaugural address for “The New Deal” by Franklin D. Roosevelt (March 4, 1933

Series 7

Photographs. – 1919-1970s

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-851 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) directors. – [ca. early 1940s]. – 1 photograph. – George Church is in the centre of the front row.
PB-244 UFA board of directors, and School Trustees Association executive. – 1919-1942. – 4 photographs. – Consists of views of UFA directors (1919, 1937 and 1939), and of the School Trustees Association executive (1942). Copy negatives are in NA-1283.
NA-1246 H.E. Spencer, Robert Gardiner, E.J. Garland, and UFA views. – [ca. 1920s]-1938. – 5 photographs
NA-1283 UFA board of directors, and School Trustees Association executive. – 1919-1942. – 4 photographs. – Consists of views of UFA directors (1919, 1937 and 1939), and of the School Trustees Association executive (1942). Copies of the originals in PB-244 above.
S-248 Views of the Spencer family. — [ca. 1960s-1970s]. — 35 slides