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George B. McClellan fonds

Series 1

Personal papers and family history. — 1919-1982. — 25 cm of textual records. — The series consists of personal records regarding his marriage, family tree and proposed autobiography. Includes his honorary degrees, certifcates, memorabilia, and personal correspondence during his retirement.

M-6851-1 Characters by George Belcher. — 1922. — Consists of a book given to George as a Christmas present when he was 14 years old.
M-6851-2 Marriage to Elizabeth Austin. — 1941. — Consists of telegrams of congratulations, newspaper articles about the wedding, and pencil sketches of the bride and groom.
M-6851-3 Will and obituaries for Elizabeth McClellan (George’s mother). — 1958
M-6851-4 McClellan family genealogy. — 1971-1976. — Consists of material gathered by George McClellan regarding the McClellans of Alton, including his correspondence with various institutions and relatives, family trees, newspaper articles, etc.
M-6851-5 “The Pinch” by Greg Clark, in The Ottawa Citizen Weekend Magazine. — August 15, 1964. — Sub-titled “Greg Clark tells how he got his fishing pal – now Commissioner of the RCMP, into trouble with the law”.
M-6851-6 Curriculum vitae. — [ca. 1975]
M-6851-7 Correspondence with publishers re possible autobiography. — 1973-1975
M-6851-8 “Items for book”. — [ca. 1976-1982]. — Consists of a notebook of brief descriptions of events in his life, possible chapter subjects, etc.
M-6851-9 Honorary degree from the Royal Military College. — 1976. — Part of RMC’s centennial convocation.
M-6851-10 Honorary degree from the University of Alberta. — May 1978
M-6851-11 Frederic Renner correspondence. — 1963, 1971-1977. — Regarding Charles Russell paintings, especially those featuring Mounties.
M-6851-12 William Sullivan and J. Edgar Hoover. — 1974-1975. — Consists of journal articles, newspaper clippings etc. re FBi and security issues. One article by William C. Sullivan, called “Personal observations and recommendatons on privacy” is inscribed: “To George, Sincere friend of many long and difficult years with its laughter and heartbreaks – but a friendship to the end which is not too far off for both of us”.
M-6851-13 Correspondence with Arthur McClellan (brother). — 1974-1977. — Partly regarding the history of the 46th Battalion.
M-6851-14 Personal correspondence. — 1972-1978
M-6851-15 Personal correspondence. — 1979-1981
M-6851-16 Personal correspondence. — 1981
M-6851-17 Personal correspondence. — January-May 1982
M-6851-18 Miscellaneous personal papers. — 1919-1958 and n.d. — Includes letter from mother, passport, eulogy for father, ration books, prosperity certificate, etc.
M-6851-19 Miscellaneous personal papers. — 1960-1982 and n.d. — Includes invitations, certificates, address book, etc.
M-6851-20 Invitations and greeting cards. — 1967-1979

Certificates. — 1966-1978 and n.d. — Consists of the following:

Certificate of graduation form the National Defence College, Kingston, Ontario, n.d.

Certificate of being made Chief Thunder Chief of the Blood Band of The Blackfoot Indian Confederacy, 1966 [Kainai Chieftainship]

Presentation photograph of the original Thunder Chief, 1966

Certificate re crossing the Arctic Circle, May 4, 1967

Certificate of appreciation for contribution to Alberta RCMP Century Celebrations, 1974

Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Alberta, 1978

Series 2

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Early career, 1933-1959. — 12.5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of various Mountie handbooks, rules and regulations, and records of McClellan’s promotions; memorabilia of social events and of official events such as a royal visit and plaque unveiling; and miscellaneous correspondence.

M-6851-21 RCMP memorabilia. — 1947-1945 and n.d. — Consists of telegrams, skits, programs for social programs, letters, etc.
M-6851-22 Promotions, certificates, annual reports, leave for marriage, etc. — 1934-1954
M-6851-23 Canadian Constables’ Manual. — 1935. — Annotated “Geo. B. McClellan, Reg. No. 11757. Also includes his Manual of Horsemanship, Equitation and Animal Transport.
M-6851-24 RCMP Officers’ Dress Regulations and Orders of Dress. — 1933
M-6851-25 RCMP Rules and Regulations. — 1938. — With updates glued in by McClellan.
M-6851-26 In Memoriam for late Commissioner James MacBrien. — 1938
M-6851-27 RCMP handbooks. — 1941, 1956. — Consists of RCMPolice Officers Mess Traditions and Hints to Young Officers (1941); and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers Handbook (1956).
M-6851-28 Wanted poster for escaped prisoner of war, Seigfried Schmidt. — March 3, 1943. — This German POW escaped from an internment camp near Kingston, Ontario.
M-6851-29 Personnel selection. — 1944-1945. — Reports, regulations, etc. Inspector McClellan’s copy.
M-6851-30 “The Trooping of the Color” in Mayfair magazine. — August 1956. — Page 31 has a photo of Assistant Commissioner McClellan and his wife.
M-6851-31 Princess Margaret’s visit to Alberta. — 1958. — Consists of an invitation to dinner, photographs of the Princess during her visit, and a thank you letter to McClellan from the Princess.
M-6851-32 Speeches by others. — 1959-1966. — Consists of two speeches by Commissioner C.W. Harvison (1959, 1961) and one by J.G. Glassco (1966).
M-6851-33 Personal correspondence of Assistant-Commissioner McClellan. — 1958-1961
M-6851-34 Retirement of RCMP Commissioner L.H. Nicholson. — 1959
M-6851-35 RCMP Drumhead Service, Rockcliffe, Ontario. — May 31, 1959
M-6851-36 Unveiling of plaque at Fort Macleod, Alberta. — 1959. — Includes speech about Colonel J.F. Macleod, invitation, newspaper clippings, etc.

Series 3

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Security and intelligence work. — 1943-1966. — 12.5 cm of textual records. — George McClellan was in charge of security in British Columbia beginning in 1939. By the end of the Second World War he was in charge of security and intellingence in Toronto. One of his major tasks at this time was the safeguarding of Russian defector Igor Gouzenk. From 1947 to 1953 he was Director of Security for Canada. — The series consists of records primarily related to Igor Gouzenko, but also to other anti-subversive activities of the Force.

M-6851-37 Braulter case summary by Corporal Robertson. — 1943. — Re German espionage.
M-6851-38 Special Branch cartoon. — [ca. 1940s]
M-6851-39 “Report on Mission to USA and Canada” by Captain D.H.T. Mollison. — August 8, 1945. — Re Japanese Canadians in the Canadian Army.
M-6851-40 The Report of the Royal Commission to Investigate Espionage Activities. — June 27, 1946. — Commissioner S.T. Wood’s copy. Includes section on Igor Gouzenko.
M-6851-41 Lester B. Pearson appearance at US Senate Committee re Igor Gouzenko. — 1953
M-6851-42 Newspaper clippings re Igor Gouzenko. — November-December 1953
M-6851-43 “What it’s like to be Mrs. Gouzenko” by John Clare, in Chatelaine magazine. — March 1954
M-6851-44 “Spy Hunters”, in Time magazine. — September 14, 1953, page 42. Includes text about, and photograph of, George McClellan.
M-6851-45 “What about McCarthy? Canadians ask visitor”, in Canada’s New Century. — 1953. — Includes photogtraph of McClellan, “the J. Edgar Hoover of Canada” on page 22.
M-6851-46 “I’m in Hiding for Life” by Igor Gouzenko in Look magazine. — March 23, 1954, page 40.
M-6851-47 Frantisek Nemec. — 1963. – Consists of his obituary, tranlated from Czech at the request of Deputy-Commissioner McClellan.
M-6851-48 “Speech Material – Subversive”. — 1957-1966. — Consists of material collected by Deputy-Commissioner McClellan, including newspaper articles and speeches, primarily related to communism in Canada.

Series 4

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Commissioner’s records. — 1963-1967. — 25 cm of textual records. – The series consists largely of memorabilia related to McClellan’s time as Commissioner of the Force, including letters of congratulation on his appointment, invitations to various events, RCMP Christmas cards, and personal corresponence while Commissioner.

M-6851-49 Appointment as Commissioner of the RCMP. — 1963. –Consists of the announcement in the House of Commons by Prime Minister L.B. Pearson. Includes pages from McClellan’s personal diary about his chances of being appointed.
M-6851-50 Letters of congratulations on his appointment, A-F. — 1963
M-6851-51 Letters of congratulations on his appointment, G-Mc. — 1963
M-6851-52 Letters of congratulations on his appointment, N-Z. — 1963
M-6851-53 “Modern Mounties” in Time magazine. — November 8, 1963, page 44. — Consists of an article about the newly-appointed Commissioner McClellan.
M-6851-54 “Commissioners from French to McClellan” in Scarlet and Gold. — 1964, page 9.
M-6851-55 Personal correspondence while Commissioner. — 1964-1967. — [Possibly pulled out for reference while working on autobiography].
M-6851-56 Personal correspondence while Commissioner. — January-March 1967
M-6851-57 Northern Roads – Fort Smith and the economic development of the town. — 1967
M-6851-58 RCMP Christmas and New Year’s cards used by Commissioner McClellan. — 1963-1967
M-6851-59 RCMP Christmas and New Year’s cards received from other Mounties
M-6851-60 Commissioner’s personal invitation file. — 1964
M-6851-61 Commissioner’s personal invitation file. — 1965
M-6851-62 Commissioner’s personal invitation file. — 1966
M-6851-63 Report of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. — 1963-1967. — 5 volumes. — Consists of annual reports of the RCMP, including Commissioner McClellan’s reports.
M-6851-64 District Attorney’s Association, New York City. — January 31, 1964. — Seminar attended by McClellan.
M-6851-65 RCMP memorial plaque to Constable Neil Bruce, Kelowna, British Columbia. — April 10, 1965. — Consists of program and photographs.
M-6851-66 RCMP Confidential General Orders. — December 18, 1965. — Includes a Christmas message from Commissioner McClellan.
M-6851-67 Ceremony at Carmacks, Yukon. — June 9, 1966. — Includes photographs.
M-6851-68 “To Present Trophies” in Official Souvenir Program of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. — July 1966. — Page 13 has a photograph of McClellan.
M-6851-69 Commissioner’s Prayer. — n.d.
M-6851-70 G.B. McClellan – Retirement as Commissioner of RCMP. — 1967. — Consists of newspaper articles, correspondence re pension, etc.
M-6851-71 Scarlet and Gold announcement (page 61) of McClellan’s retirement as Commissioner and F.A. Lindsay’s appointment. — 1967
M-6851-72 “Top Cop” in Time magazine. — July 21, 1967. — Re appointment of Malcolm Francis Aylesworth Lindsay as RCMP Commissioner.

Series 5

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Criticisms and commissions. — 1963-1967, 1975-1980. — 45 cm of textual records. — The series consists of records related to House of Commons criticisms of both Commissioner McClellan and the RCMP, and commissions of inquiry into political wrongdoings and scandals involving the federal government and the RCMP. Includes extensive records about the Dorion Commission re the Rivard-Favreau affair, and the Spence Commission re German spy, Gerda Munsinger (1963-1967). Also includes records of the McDonald Commission re the creation of an ombudsman for the RCMP (1979).

M-6851-73 Relationship of RCMP to the Department of Justice and transfer to Solicitor General. — 1963-1966
M-6851-74 Bilingualism in the RCMP. — 1965-1966
M-6851-75 RCMP relations with the Solicitor General. — 1967
M-6851-76 Mounties and the Knott case. — 1963
M-6851-77 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the RCMP. — November 1964
M-6851-78 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the RCMP. — June 1965. — Includes personal criticism of Commissioner McClellan by Douglas Fisher, MP (June 3, 1965).
M-6851-79 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the RCMP. — June 1965
M-6851-80 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the RCMP. — May-July 1967
M-6851-81 “Time Magazine articles containing incorrect, unfair and maliscious [sic] criticism against RCMP in Dorion Enquiry”. — 1965. — Consists of correspondence, notes, marked passages from Time magazine, etc.
M-6851-82 “The Run of the Place” and “The Mounties’ Story” in Time magazine. — March 12, 1965, pages 10 & 11. — Consists of articles about Lucien Rivard and the Dorion Commission. Includes a photo of McClellan on page 11.
M-6851-83 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the Dorion Commission re the Rivard, Favreau case. — March 1965
M-6851-84 House of Commons Debates – Passages about the Dorion Commission. — June 1965
M-6851-85 Commissioner McClellan’s testimony to the Dorion Commission. — March 4, 1965
M-6851-86 “Report of the Commissioner The Honourable Frederick Dorion”. — June 1965. — Annotated by McClellan.
M-6851-87 Dorion Commission – Newspaper clippings. — 1965
M-6851-88 “The Role of the Public Inquiry in our Constitutional System” by Gerald E. Le Dain, in Public Inquiry magazine. — [ca. 1972]. — Mentions the Dorion Inquiry.
M-6851-89 House of Commons Debates – Munsinger case. — March-May, 1966. — Includes and index at the end.
M-6851-90 Munsinger Inquiry by Justice Wishart Spence. — April 27- 28, 1966. — Volumes 3 & 4.
M-6851-91 Munsinger Inquiry. — May 10 & 18, 1966. — Volumes 6 & 7
M-6851-92 Munsinger Inquiry. — May 19 & 24, 1966. — Volumes 8 & 9
M-6851-93 “Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Matters Relating to One Gerda Munsinger” by Wishart Flett Spence, Commissioner”. — September 1966
M-6851-94 Newspaper clippnigs, primarily re Munsinger case. — 1966. — From Quebec papers. Some are in French with English translations.
M-6851-95 Pearsona and the Munsinger case. — 1966, 1969
M-6851-96 “Commission of Inquiry into complaints made by George Victor Spencer” by Justice Dalton Courtright Wells. — July 1966
M-6851-97 Inquiry re the Honourable L.A. Landreville by I.C. Rand Commission. — 1966. — Re dealings with Northern Ontario Gas Company.
M-6851-98 “Commission of Enquiry relating to Public Complaints, Internal Discipline, and Grievance Procedures within the RCMP”. — 1975
M-6851-99 Judge D.C. McDonald – “Commission of Inquiry Concerning Certain Activities of the RCMP”. — 1977-1980. — Includes 1979 “First Report”, McClellan’s submissions, etc., re creation of ombudsman for RCMP.

Series 6

Royal Canadian Mounted Police history. — 1918-1974. — 29 cm of textual records. — The series consists of historical material related to the Force, which was collected together by McClellan. Includes records of Mounties who served overseas during the First World War; files of RCMP Superintendent Herbert Darling (parts may relate McClellan’s work as a Mountie in Vancouver in the 1930s); copies of early NWMP documents; correspondence wih the Amon Carter Museum re a book about the Mounties; and RCMP centennial memorabilia.

M-6851-100 Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) – Overseas recruits during the First World War. — 1918. — Consists of handwritten list of recruits, including regimental number, age, occupation, and date of enlistment.
M-6851-101 Royal North-West Mounted Police – 2nd Draft. — February & March 1919. — Consists of a nominal roll of the “Returning Squadron”.
M-6851-102 “Report on RNWMP Overseas Cavalry Draft and RNWMP Wpcial Squadron, France”. — July 1919.
M-6851-103 H. Darling – “Investigation re Finance Department”. — February 1, 1922. — Consists of report to Commissioner of the RCMP.
M-6851-104 Superintendent H. Darling – Report to Vancouver City Police re “confidence” men. — January 1937
M-6851-105 Tucker report re problems with Vancouber police force. — November 1936. — Superintendent Darling’s copy.
M-6851-106 W.H. Macdonald report. — 1936. — Consists of report re the Tucker report’s allegations of problems within the City of Vancouver police force. Macdonald exonerated the police.
M-6851-107 H. Darling – Mision Tecnica Canadiense. — 1950. — Consists of records of a Canadian Technical Mission to Colombia, which advised the government on national registration, finger printing and vital statistics. In Spanish and English.
M-6851-108 Superintendent Darling’s documents re RCMP history. — 1945 and n.d — Consists of a playlet, J.P. Turner’s notes re a possible published history, poem: “The Riders of the Plains”, and a short humorous piece.
M-6851-109 History of the Force. — [compiled ca. 1963-1971]. — Consists of articles, newspaper clippings, booklets, etc. collected by McClellan.
M-6851-110 History of the Force. — [compiled ca. 1971-1980]. — Consists of aritcles, booklets, letters, programs, newspaper articles, etc. collected by McClellan.
M-6851-111 History of the Force – Uniforms. — [compiled ca. 1960s]
M-6851-112 Diary of Lt. Col. Patrick Robertson-Ross. — [originally created 1872]. — Consists of a copy of his survey of the North-West Territories. Robertson-Ross recommended the creation of the NWMP. The original is held by Library and Archives Canada.
M-6851-113 Extracts from North-West Mounted Police Comptroller’s and Commissioners files. — [originally created 1874-1876]. — Consists of copies. The originals are held at Library and Archives Canada.
M-6851-114 Photocopies of newspaper articles about the North-West Mounted Police. — [originally created 1893-1894].
M-6851-115 “Seven Pound Field Guns Owned by the Force”. — [compiled 1967; documents originally created 1922-1967]. — Re RNWMP cannons.
M-6851-116 “Nine Pound Filed Guns Owned by the Force”. — [compiled 1967; documents originally created 1922-1967] . — Re RNWMP cannons.
M-6851-117 Transcript of Vernon Kemp’s “Northern Diary”, Herschel Island. — [originally created 1927-1928]. — Location of original diary unknown.
M-6851-118 “Windy” Simpson of the Cypress Hills. — 1960-1964. — Consists of drafts of an article by M. Ward “Buck” Jones.
M-6851-119 “Christmas Passed” by G.B. Austin. — n.d. — Consists of short story about the little town of Jackpine, Alberta.
M-6851-120 Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. — 1966-1969. — Consists of correspondence with G.B. McClellan re a possible book about the Mounties.
M-6851-121 Centennial of the creation of the RCMP – Ottawa celebrations. — May 1973. — Consists of articles, letters and memorabilia.
M-6851-122 Centennial of the October 1874 arrival of RCMP in Alberta. — 1974. — Consists of invitations, programs and memorabilia.

Series 7

Ombudsman for Alberta. — 1967-1979. — 38 cm of textual records. — The series consists of records about his appointment as North America’s first Legislative Ombudsman, his annual and special reports, correspondence with the New Zealand Ombudman, newspaper and journal articles written about him, and records of the Philipzyk case.

M-6851-123 Appointment as Ombudsman. — 1966-1967. — Consists of correspondence, Order-in-Council, newspaper clippnigs, etc. Includes his first complaint.
M-6851-124 Ombudsman anuual reports. — 1967-1969. — 3 volumes
M-6851-125 Ombudsman annual reports. — 1970-1971. — 2 volumes
M-6851-126 Ombudsman annual reports. — 1972-1973. — 2 volumes
M-6851-127 Ombudsman annual reports. –1973-1975. — 2 volumes. — Reports of McClellan’s successor, Randall Ivany.
M-6851-128 Ombudsman annual report. — 1977. — 1 volume. — Report of Randall Ivany.
M-6851-129 Ombudsman – Special Reports 1-3. — 1970-1971. — Includes reports re R.J. Philipzyk case.
M-6851-130 Ombudsman report – “Escape of Dangerous Patients from the Alberta Mental Hospitals. — September 1973.
M-6851-131 Newspaper clippings re Ombudsman. — 1966
M-6851-132 Time magazine articles about McClellan as Ombudsman. — 1967, 1968
M-6851-133 Correspondence with New Zealand Ombudsman, Guy Powles. — 1968-1974. — Includes a lecture given by Powles at various locations in Canad in 1966.
M-6851-134 Weekend Magazine article about Ombudsman McClellan. — May 24, 1969, page 6.
M-6851-135 “About Your Ombudsman” brochures. — 1970, 1974. — For McClellan and his successor, Randall Ivany.
M-6851-136 Philipzyk case. — 1970, 1975-1977. — Judgement, evidence and newspaper clippings re Philipzyk’s expulsion from the Edmonton Real Estate Board.
M-6851-137 Ombudsman’s testimony before the Legislature. — April 26, 1971. — Re comments by Commissioner McLaurin about McClellan.
M-6851-138 McClellan’s re-appointment as Ombudsman. — 1972. — Includes copies of the Ombudsman Act.
M-6851-139 “People get an Ally in ‘Fighting City Hall'” in US News and World Report. — August 13, 1973, page 45. — Re ombudsmen.
M-6851-140 McClellan’s correspondence. — 1973-1974. — Includes letters re his forthcoming retirement as Ombudsman.
M-6851-141 Newspaper clippings re Ombudsman. — 1973-1974
M-6851-142 Tribute by Legislative Assembly of Alberta to Ombudsman George B. McClellan. — December 6, 1973
M-6851-143 “A Solid Trail Blazed”. — April 15, 1974. — Albertan editorial re McClellan’s retirement.
M-6851-144 International Bar Association – Ombudsman Committee. — 1974-1979
M-6851-145 Karl A. Friedmann – “Controlling Bureaucracy, Attitudes of the Alberta Public Service Towards the Ombudsman”, University fo Calgary conference paper. — 1975
M-6851-146 Alex B. Weir – “The Legislative Ombudsman” in Alberta Law Review. — 1976
M-6851-147 Submission of the Ombudsman to the Select Committee, Alberta Ombudsman Act. — 1976
M-6851-148 International Ombudsman Conference. — September 1976. — Includes photos of McClellan, who attended the conference.
M-6851-149 Ombudsman miscellany. — 1970-1975

Series 8

Speeches and writings. — 1938, 1956-1981. — 12.5 cm of textual records. — The series consists of McClellan’s speeches and published articles about his work with the RCMP, the history of the Force, and the role of an Ombudsman. Includes reference materials he gathered for use in speeches.


G.B. McClellan’s speeches. — 1956-1981

M-6851-150 Correspondence re speech request. — 1959-1966
M-6851-151 Speech. — [ca. 1956]. — Called “Man Management as it Applies to the R.C.M.Police”
M-6851-152 Speeches. — [ca. 1960]. — Re communism in Canada and the exploits of the RCMP.
M-6851-153 Speech. — 1961. — “Communism in Canada”.
M-6851-154 Speeches. — 1962. — Re communism, the work of the RMCP, and the law. Includes speeches given to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Society for Industrial Security, the Empire Club of Canada, and the Ottawa Home and School Association.
M-6851-155 Speeches. — 1963. — Re history of the RCMP, communist subversives, planning in a police organizaton, wire-tapping, and undercover aspects of warfare. Includes speeches given to the Toronto Board of Trade, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Defence College.
M-6851-156 Speeches. — 1964. — Re criticism of the police and quelling of riots. Includes speeches given to the Charlottetown Rotary Club and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police convention.
M-6851-157 Speeches. — 1965. — Re cops and robbers, protection of VIPs, and trying time in the Force. Includes speeches given to the Toronto Canadian Club, the Commonwealth Security Conference, and the Ottawa Police Association.
M-6851-158 Speeches. — 1966. — Re history of RCMP and the police and the press. Includes speeches give to the Queen’s University Alumni Association, International Police Academy graduation, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the American Bar Association.
M-6851-159 Speech. — [ca. 1967]. — Consists of McClellan’s reminiscences of his 1963 appointment as Commissioner of the RCMP.
M-6851-160 Speeches. — [ca. 1967-1974]. — Re his role as Ombudsman.
M-6851-161 Speeches. — 1969, 1973, 1977. — Re his career, RCMP history, and role of Ombudsman. Includes speeches given to the “G” Division RCMP annual dinner, Alberta Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Clubs.
M-6851-162 Speeches. — 1978, 1981. — Re his RCMP career, horses, police history, and role as Ombudsman. Includes speeches given to “K” Division constables’ dinner, Little Club (Edmonton), Hudson’s Bay Company voyageurs dinner, Supreme Court of Alberta event, Old Time Range Men’s dinner, University of Alberta convocation, and Ross Sheppard High School class.
M-6851-163 Speech material – Police and Crime. — 1961-1967
M-6851-164 Speech material. — 1968-1972. — Labelled by McClellan: “Newspaper clippings and other related material suitable for speeches”.
Note For speech material related to anti-subversive and anti-communism activities of the RCMP, see file M-6851-48 above.

G.B. McClellan’s writings. — 1938, 1963-1978

M-6851-165 “Psychology and the Policeman”. — June 1938. — Written by Constable McClellan (Meteghan River Detachment in Digby County, Nova Scotia) for an essay competition held by RCMP Quarterly.
M-6851-166 “Criminal Law Enforcement in Canada” by G.B. McClellan, in Kansas City Law Review. — Winter 1963
M-6851-167 “A Forum on the Interrogation of the Accused” in Cornell Law Quarterly. — Spring 1964. — Contributions by McClellan and ten others.
M-6851-168 “An Answer to the Rise in Crime and Violence” by G.B. McClellan, in US News and World Report. — November 9, 1964
M-6851-169 Congressional Record. — February 18, 1966. — Consists of the text of G.B. McClellan’s address given at the International Police Academy graduation ceremonies.
M-6851-170 “Canada’s Mounties, Focus on a Famous Force” in Pace magazine, February 1966. Based on an “exclusive interview” with G.B. McClellan.
M-6851-171 “The Embattled Policeman” by Fred E. Inbau, in Reader’s Digest. — August 1966. — Includes quote from speech by Commissioner McClellan.
M-6851-172 “The Pendulum has Swung” in RCMP Gazette. — September 1966. — Consists of excerpts froma speech by Commissioner McClellan to the American Bar Association.
M-6851-173 “To Light a Candle” in Canadian Police Chief. — July 1968. — From a speech by G.B. McClellan, Ombudsman, to the Ontario Police Association.
M-6851-174 “The Role of the Ombudsman” by G.B. McClellan, in University of Miami Law Review. — Winter-Spring 1969
M-6851-175 “A Different Breed of Cat”, by G.B. McClellan, in The Headlight. — March 1972. — Part 2 only.
M-6851-176 “Personal Experiences of an RCMP Officer” by G.B. McClellan, in Canadian Geographic Journal. — May 1973
M-6851-177 “RCMP Tops” in the Victoria Times. — March 31, 1978. — Consists of a letter to the editor by G.B. McClellan, defending RCMP security services.

Series 9

Clubs and organizations. — 1953-1982. — 22.5 cm of textual records. – The series consists of miscellanouse records related to various clubs and societies of which McClellan was a member, including the Sir Winston Churchill Society, the Royal Military College Club, the Little Club (Edmonton) and the Kainai Chieftainship.

M-6851-178 Sir Winston Churchill Society – Churchill speeches. — 1965-1965 and n.d. — Consists of of correspondence with Weekend Magazine.
M-6851-179 “The Light has Gone Out – Sir Winston has Died” in The Gazette (Montreal). — January 25, 1965
M-6851-180 Finest Hour, bulletin of the International Churchill Society. — 1971-1972
M-6851-181 Sir Winston Churchill Society annual banquet, Edmonton. — 1973. — Consists of local arrangements, program, and autographed photo of guest speaker, Viscount Boyd of Merton.
M-6851-182 Sir Winston Churchill Society newsletter, Edmonton. — 1974
M-6851-183 Sir Winston Churchill Society, Edmonton. — 1976. — Consists of membership lists, plans and program for annual banquet, and itinerary for guest speaker, Lord Shawcross.
M-6851-184 Sir Winston Churchill Society, Edmonton. — 1977. — Consists of correspondence of G.B. McClellan, who served as President this year.
M-6851-185 Sir Winston Churchill Society annual banquet, Edmonton. — 1977. — Consists of local arrangements, program and McClellan’s welcoming speech for guest speaker Viscount Head of Throupe. Includes autographed photo of Head.
M-6851-186 Sir Winston Churchill Society, Edmonton. — 1978-1982. — Consists of circulars to members.
M-6851-187 RCMP Officers’ Mess, “K” Division. — 1975, 1979-1982. — Consists of constitution, lists of members, and circular letters.
M-6851-188 Governor-General’s Curling Club. — 1976-1982. — Consists of list of members and circular letters.
M-6851-189 Royal Military College Club of Canada, Ottawa Branch. — 1953. — Consists of a list of members.
M-6851-190 Royal Military College Club, Class of ’30. — 1955 and 1960. — Consists of autographed dinner menus for 25th and 30th anniversaries.
M-6851-191 Royal Military College Club, Class of 1926-1930. — 1976. — Consists of records of reunion, newsletters, etc.
M-6851-192 Royal Military College Club, Old Brigade, etc. — 1976-1982
M-6851-193 Edmonton Northlands Exhibition Association. — 1978-1982. — Consists of Hall of Fame History Committee minutes and correspondence.
M-6851-194 RCMP Veterans’ Association. — 1965-1966, 1982. — Consists of membership list and newsletters.
M-6851-195 The Little Club, Edmonton. — 1979-1981. — Consists of membership list and correspondence about speakers.
M-6851-196 Kainai Chieftainship. — August 1959. — Consists of newspaper accounts of ceremonies.
M-6851-197 Kainai Chieftainship. — 1966. — Consists of information about the original Thunder Chief, after whom McClellan was named when made an honorary Blood Chief.
M-6851-198 Kainai Chieftainship. — 1970-1980. — Consists of circular letters and a photo of the 1977 annnual meeting.
M-6851-199 Kainai Chieftainship. — 1977. — Consits of memorabilia of the visit of prince Charles to Blackfoot Crossing on the occasion of the centennial of the signing of Treaty 7.

Series 10

Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. — 1930s-1982. — 1.13 m of textual records. – The series consists of both scrapbooks of newspaper articles, and loose clippngs, which were collected over the years by G.B. McClellan. Includes are articles about himself, RCMP actiivities and personalities, ombudsman activities, and the successes and controversies of his careers.

M-6851-200 Newspaper clippings. — 1930s
M-6851-201 Newspaper clippings. — 1940s
M-6851-202 Newspaper clippings. — 1950s
M-6851-203 Newspaper clippings. — 1960s
M-6851-204 Newspaper clippings. — 1971-1972
M-6851-205 Newspaper clippings. — 1973
M-6851-206 Newspaper clippings. — 1974
M-6851-207 Newspaper clippings. — 1975
M-6851-208 Newspaper clippings. — 1976
M-6851-209 Newspaper clippings. — 1977
M-6851-210 Newspaper clippings. — 1978
M-6851-211 Newspaper clippings. — 1979
M-6851-212 Newspaper clippings. — 1980
M-6851-213 Newspaper clippings. — 1981-1982
M-6851-214 Newspaper clippings. — n.d.

Scrapbook, volume 1. — 1942-1977. — Consists of newspaper articles about the following:

Pages 1-73 Communism, Igor Gouzenko, Russian spy rings, espionage, Fred Rose spy case, C.W. Harvison as spy hunter, 1942-1946

Pages 74-121 RCMP personalities and events, 1955-1963 and 1967

Pages 123-134 Letters from well-known people on McClellan’s retirement, 1967

Pages 135 to end RCMP personalities and events, 1969-1970, 1977

M-6851-216 Scrapbook, volume 2. — 1963-1965. — Consists of newspaper articles and memorabilia about McClellan’s appointment as Commissioner; House of Commons Debates about his appointment; McClellan’s family; iInvitations, telegrans, photos, programs and other memorabilia; Sir Winston Churchill’s death; the new Canadian flag, the RCMP in general, and an Interpol conference in Rio de Janeiro.
M-6851-217 Scrapbook, volume 3. — 1964-1965. — Consists of newspaper articles about L.B. Pearson and government wrongdoings; the Favreau-Rivard case (Dorion Commission), Rvard’s capture, and Gilles Gregoire’spersonal attack on Commissioner McClellan.
M-6851-218 Scrapbook, volume 4. — 1965-1966. — Consists of newspaper articles about the RCMP in general, Justice Claude Wagner’s criticism of the RCMP, the Victor Spencer case (his involvement with Soviet spies), Justice Minister Lucien Cardin and the Gerda Munsinger scandals.

View scrapbook, part 1
View scrapbook, part 2
View scrapbook, part 3
View scrapbook, part 4
View scrapbook, part 5
View scrapbook, part 6
View scrapbook, part 7
View scrapbook, part 8

M-6851-219 Scrapbook, volume 5. — 1966. — Consists of newspaper articles and memorabilia about the RCMP and McClellan’s career, Spencer Inquiry, Gerda Munsinger case, L.B. Pearson’s wrongdoings with respect to the Munsinger files, Pierre Sevigny and his affair with Munsinger, Justice Spence’s report and RCMP bilingualism.

View scrapbook, part 1
View scrapbook, part 2
View scrapbook, part 3
View scrapbook, part 4
View scrapbook, part 5
View scrapbook, part 6
View scrapbook, part 7
View scrapbook, part 8

M-6851-220 Scrapbook, volume 6. — 1966-1967. — Consists of newspaper articles and memorabilia about the RCMP and McClellan’s career, the International Police Academy Course No. 8, the 3rd annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Philadelphia, C.C. Vanier’s death and state funeral; 1967 Royal Visit, and announcement of McClellan’s appointment as Ombudsman for Alberta.
M-6851-221 Scrapbook, volume 7. — 1968-1971, 1977. — Consists of newspaper articles about Ombudsman McClellan and his career (1968-1971) and his rejection of the Alberta Press Council’s appointment (1977).

Series 11

Photographs. — 1919-1978. — 452 photographs. — The series consists primarily of photos of George B. McClellan and his various activities, especially during the time he served as Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and as Ombudsman for Alberta. Includes a small number of photos related to the history of the RCMP.

Two portraits of McClellan have been scanned. View now.

PA-449 R.N. Wilson’s (ex-Mountie) Trading Post on the Blood Reserve at Stand Off. — 1 photograph
PA-2606 Portraits of Commissioner / Ombudsman McClellan; views of his activities and career; and a few early Mountie photos. — 1919-1978, predominant 1960s and 1970s. — 392 photographs
PB-642 Portraits of Commissioner / Ombudsman McClellan. — [ca. 1963-1973]. — 45 photographs
PD-245 Album of photos of Fort Walsh, including the restored Solomon Trading Post and Farwell Trading Post. — [ca. 1970s]. — 12 photographs
NA-2780 Potraits of Commissioner McClellan. — [ca. 1963-1967]. — 2 photographs