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Elizabeth Bailey Price fonds

Series 1 Manuscripts, newspaper columns and reference material. — 1920s-1930s

Alberta pioneers, A-K. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of material related to the following:

Albert Boyd
Mrs. R.A. Brown
Pat Burns
Mrs. George B. Cook
W.H. Cushing
Daniel “Peaches” Davis
Robert Dixon (Rattlesnake Pete)
Father Leon Doucet
George Elliott
Justin Deane Freeman
James H. Fullwood
Helen Gough
Mrs. John Graham
Donald Grey
Richard Hardisty
Dr. Andrew Henderson
John Herron
Mrs. William Roper Hull
John Irwin
Mrs. George Jacques
Mrs. John Pascoe Jermy Jephson
George Hope Johnston
Mrs. A.N. Kennedy
Mrs. Jesse Kerr
George Clift King


Alberta pioneers, L-Z. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of material related to the following:

Mrs. George Lane
Dr. John Lauder
Lady Lougheed
E.A. Lucas
Norman Luxton
A.E.C. McDonnell
Mrs. David McDougall
Mrs. John McDougall
Alfred S. McKay
Mrs. J.F. Macleod
Alex S. McTavish
Robert Macutcheon
H.F. Maunsell
Harry Mullins
Robert Patterson
Mrs. William Pearce
Mrs. George Phipps
Senator Dan Riley
William Robertson
Gilbert E. Sanders
Mrs. S.W. Shaw
Andrew Sibbald
James Smart
Mrs. Catherine Stirrett
R.C. Thomas
Reverend John William Tims
Thomas Underwood
Colonel James Walker
Norman Williams
Mrs. T.J. Williams
Mrs. A. Wolley-Dod
A.G. Wolley-Dod

M-1000-3 First Nations. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of stories about Indians and money; article about Lord Byng becoming a Chief; material about Chief Crowfoot; and a Blackfoot syllabarium. Includes material related to Blackfoot history, Cree names, Sarcee reserve (Tsuut’ina) and economic conditions
M-1000-4 Railways. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of columns about driving the last spike; Calgary and EdmontonRailway; surveying the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) route; building the early line; and reminiscences about early crews. Includes material related to Howard Douglas, John J. Fidler, James F. Fisher, John Ormiston, Charles Shaw and Duncan Stewart.
M-1000-5 Sports. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of columns about cricket, curling and football in Calgary.
M-1000-6 Calgary’s early days. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of columns about communications by air, autombile and radio; housing; fire department; churches; oil boom; and hospitals. Includes material related to airplanes, radio broadcasting, the 1885 Riel Rebellion, and trade unions.
M-1000-7 Alberta’s early days. — Written 1920s-1930s. — Consists of columns about history, pioneering, ranching, origin of names. Includes articles aboutthe Bar U Ranch, Fort Edmonton, Fort Macleod, Gleichen, Pincher Creek and Queenstown.
M-1002-1 Correspondence about her writings. — 1922-1926. — Includes material related to Banff National Park, crime and criminals, Howard Douglas, Constable Marmaduke Grayburn, and Edward H. Maunsell.
M-1002-2 Reminiscences by Eliza Mary May. — 1929. — Includes material related to Ernest Gundry May and ranching.
M-1002-3 Manuscripts of stories about western Canada. — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-4 “Addison McPherson, A Western Pioneer of the Sixties” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-5 “Charles Mair – Our Greatest Living Western Pioneer” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Includes material related to buffalo, Red River Rebellion, and the Red River Settlement.
M-1002-6 “Colonel James Walker” (manuscript) . — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-7 “Crowfoot and Treaty 7” (manuscript) . — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-8 “Patrick Burns – Packer” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-9 “Florence McHugh – A Dream that came True” (manuscript) . — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-10 “John D. Lauder of Innisfail” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-11 “McDougall family” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Includes material related to David McDougall, George McDougall, Mrs. John McDougall, Methodist Church clergy,

“Howard Douglas – CPR construction at Calgary” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Re the Canadian Pacific Railway.

“J.F. Fisher and J. Ormiston” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]

M-1002-13 “R.G. Robinson” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Includes material related to the Elbow Park Ranch.
M-1002-14 “NWMP – March of 1874” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Re the North-West Mounted Police.
M-1002-15 “Calgary – Brief history” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-16 “Fort Dunvegan on the Peace” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-17 “Extermination of the Buffalo” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]

“Christmas Dinners of Old West” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]

“New Year’s Day was ‘Kissing Day'” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]

M-1002-19 “Red River Song and Jig” (manuscript). — [ca. 1920s-1930s]
M-1002-20 Newspaper articles by Elizabeth Price. — [ca. 1920s-1930s]. — Includes material about Royal Canadian Mounted Police personalities.

Series 2

Calgary : The Gateway to the Woman’s West. — June 12, 1913. — Consists of a special supplement to the Western Standard Illustrated Weekly, published in honour of the Canadian Women’s Press Club. Includes articles about new houses, club women, how to “make good” in the west, brides and babies, churches, education, women’s industrial opportunities, women writers, impressions of a newcomer, pioneer women, the vote, Consumer’s League, homes for business women, music and theatre, charities, prominent Calgarians, Banff, and Red Cliff. Three articles by Elizabeth Bailey Price appear in this special edition. The original is in the Glenbow Library, call number 303.409712 C151 pam #.

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