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Eastern Irrigation District fonds

Series 1 Eastern Irrigation District annual reports. — 1915-1934. — 43.5 cm of textual records. — 7 microfilm reels. — The series consists of annual reports of the Superintendent of Operation and Maintenance about the overall operations of the EID. Includes reports of the Canal Superintendent as well.
M-6388-1 Annual report. — 1915-1917. — Report made by F.D. McNaughton (Acting Superintendent of Operation and Maintenance) to A.S Dawson, Chief Engineer.
M-6388-2 Annual report. — 1918. — Report made by Archie Griffin (Superintendent of Operation and Maintenance) to A.S. Dawson.
M-6388-3 Annual report. — 1919. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-4 Annual report. — 1920. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-5 Annual report. — 1921. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-6 Annual report. — 1922. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-7 Annual report. — 1923. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-8 Annual report. — 1924. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-9 Annual report. — 1925. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-10 Annual report. — 1926. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-11 Annual report. — 1927. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-12 Annual report. — 1928. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-13 Annual report. — 1929. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-14 Annual report. — 1930. — Griffin to Dawson
M-6388-15 Annual report. — 1931. — Griffin to Griffin
M-6388-16 Annual report. — 1932. — Griffin to Griffin
M-6388-17 Annual report. — 1933. — Griffin to Griffin
M-6388-18 Annual report. — 1934. — Griffin to Griffin
Microfilm-EID-(1-3) Annual reports. — 1915-1934. — Note: these are microfilm copies of the same annual reports listed in files M-6388-(1-18) above.

Canal Superintendent’s annual reports. — 1915-1920

EID monthly reports. — 1920


Irrigation Branch (Canal Superintendent’s) annual reports. — 1921-1922

EID monthly reports. — 1921


Irrigation Branch (Canal Superintendent’s) annual reports. — 1923-1925

Irrigation Investigation Branch annual report. — 1924

Microfilm-EID-7 Engineering Branch (Canal Superintendent’s) annual reports. — 1926-1934

Series 2 Eastern Irrigation District plans. — 1912-1972. — 229 microfiche. — The series consists of extensive plans and maps of water sources, lakes, irrigation works, railway crossings, canals, siphons, flumes, headgates and other irrigation structures, including the Bassano Dam and Brooks Aqueduct. Also includes topographical and townsites maps for the area within Ranges 11-18 and Townships 14-25, west of the 4th Meridian.
Fiche-EID-(1-5) Lake Newell gauge heights (1950-1960); Bow River Hydrograph (1941-1957); feedlots and corrals; Brooks headquarters and town park area
Fiche-EID-(6-7) Map of Eastern Irrigation District showing major structures
Fiche-EID-(8-10) Abutment details, highway bridges
Fiche-EID-(11-21) Antelope Creek siphon
Fiche-EID-22 Irrigation deveipments of southern Alberta showing costs
Fiche-EID-(23-33) Bassano Dam
Fiche-EID-(34-45) Brooks Aqueduct
Fiche-EID-46 Brooks water supply
Fiche-EID-47 Cowoki Lake
Fiche-EID-48 Map of Eastern Irrigation District showing canals
Fiche-EID-(49-52) Crawling Valley topography and flume
Fiche-EID-(53-54) Lake Newell reservoir
Fiche-EID-(55-57) Railway Crossings, Spring Hill and West Bantry
Fiche-EID-58 Water tight conveyance pipe installation
Fiche-EID-59 Tilley Canal Siphon, Bridge 53.12, Calgary sub-division
Fiche-EID-(60-61) Headgates, Main Canal “B”
Fiche-EID-(62-63) Headgates, north branch of Main Canal “B”
Fiche-EID-64 Reinforcement in sluicegate, north branch, Main Canal “B”
Fiche-EID-(65-72) Rolling Hill Canal, headgates, spillway, turnout
Fiche-EID-(73-76) Spring Hill Canal, headgates, topography, hoist, drop-chute
Fiche-EID-77-82) Antelope Creek spillway
Fiche-EID-(83-92) Bantry headgate replacement
Fiche-EID-(93-98) Spillway “E” structure
Fiche-EID-(99-100) Secondary 22 check structure
Fiche-EID-(101-104) North Branch drop structure
Fiche-EID-(105-108) John Ware siphon replacement
Fiche-EID-(109-114) Lathom flume replacement
Fiche-EID-(115-118) Spring Hill turnout
Fiche-EID-(119-125) Bantry headgates
Fiche-EID-(126-127) Bow Slope and East Branch Canal headgates
Fiche-EID-128 Brackets on gates
Fiche-EID-(129-132) Sluice gates for East Branch, Main Canal “B”
Fiche-EID-133 Culvert infill replacing Matziwin Creek flume (Spring Hill Canal)
Fiche-EID-(134-141) Lathom flume, Spring Hill Canal
Fiche-EID-(142-143) Right of way, Main Canal “B”
Fiche-EID-(144-145) Bow River hydrography (1942, 1941-1947)
Fiche-EID-(146-147) Topography for Range 11 (townships 16-17)
Fiche-EID-(148-171) Topography for Ranges 12 through 14 (townships 14-22)
Fiche-EID-(172-185) Topography for Range 15 (townships 14-25)
Fiche-EID-(186-197) Topography for Ranges 16 through 18 (townships 15-22)
Fiche-EID-(198-208 Township maps for Ranges 11 through 17 (townships 14-25)
Fiche-EID-(209-212) Spring Hill Canal rehabilitation
Fiche-EID-213 Bantry summit and Twelve Mile drains
Fiche-EID-214 North and West Bantry headgates replacement
Fiche-EID-215 Rolling Hills headgates
Fiche-EID-216 Lake Newell spillway
Fiche-EID-217 Bow Slope Canal and structures relocation
Fiche-EID-218 East Branch Canal headgates replacement
Fiche-EID-219 North Branch Canal headgates
Fiche-EID-220 Tilley siphon replacement
Fiche-EID-(221-222) Lake Newell reservoir
Fiche-EID-223 North Branch cut-off
Fiche-EID-224 John Ware Dam spillway
Fiche-EID-225 Livingston spillway rehabilitation
Fiche-EID-226 Tilley “B” reseroir and Tilley Canal turnout
Fiche-EID-227 Cassil’s siphon replacement
Fiche-EID-229 Imperial spillway rehabilitation
Fiche-EID-229 Tilley canal rehabilitation

Series 3 Eastern Irrigation District – Miscellaneous records. — 1910-1981. — 2 cm of textual records. — 2 audio cassettes. — The series consists primarily of an interview with, and research materials of, Robert White, a former General Manager of the EID.
M-2396 Contracts and specificationf for CPR irrigation canal, Lake Newell area. — 1910. — 8 pages. — Drawn up by J.S. Dennis.
M-7036 Eastern Irrigation District voters list. — 1944. — 21 pages
RCT-383 Interview with Robert T. White, former EID General Manager. — 1981. — 2 audio cassettes. — A summary of the discussions is available. View summary.
M-6188 Robert T. White’s articles, diagrams, etc. re Eastern Irrigation District. — 1974-1981. — 13 pages

Series 4 Photographs. — [ca. 1900-1940s]. — 295 photographs. — The series consists primarily of views of irrigation structures in the Eastern Irrigation District.

Most of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-4389-(1-110) Irrigation infrastucture. — 1910-1935. — 110 photographs. — Consists of views of irrigation works including the Brooks Aqueduct, Bassano Dam, canals, bridges, water pipes, headgates, spillways, flumes, culverts, water sources (lakes), the town of Brooks, and housing for EID staff.
NA-4930 Portraits of Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, J.R. Sweeney and Horace A. Craig; portrait of Professor George Harcourt; and Byron Wilson’s strawberry farm. — 1930s-1940s. — 4 photographs
NA-5200 Irrigation infrastucture and floods. — [ca. 1900-1940s]. — 158 photographs. — Consists of views of irrigation works in southern Alberta, including in the Stirling, Lethbridge, Magrath, Fort Macleod and Monarch areas. Also consists of views of the 1915 floods in Calgary and Edmonton.
PA-2856 Scenes on irrigation blocks, Arrowwood and Highwood. — 1939. — 25 photographs