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Charles S. Noble fonds

Series 1

Biographical, personal and family papers. – 1886-1982

M-7198-oversize Marriage certificate of Charles Sherwood Noble and Margaret Fraser. – 1903
M-7198-67 C.S. Noble’s notebooks. – [ca. 1930s]. – Conists of 13 pocket-size notebooks recording daily expenditures. Includes some personal notes on activities, shopping lists, etc.
M-7198-69 Gerald Noble’s term paper “Marketing Wheat”, done for a Political Economy class. – n.d.
M-7198-70 C.S. Noble biographical material. – 1917-1961. – Consists of brief biographies, brief history of the Noble Cultivator, and letter of congratulations on being inducted into the Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1951.
M-7198-70a Noble family tree. – n.d.
M-7198-70b Newspaper clippings regarding the Noble family. – 1952-1959
M-7242 Margaret Naomi Fraser. – 1886-1901. – Consists of a teacher’s certificate, letters of recommendation, teacher training notes and school assignment book. The material predates her marriage to C.S. Noble in 1903.
M-6334 Noble Cairn. – 1982. – Consists of invitation, newspaper clippings, inscription, etc. regarding the dedication of a cairn to Charles S. Noble in Nobleford.
RCT-432 Unveiling of C.S. Noble Cairn. – May 15, 1982. – 1 audio cassette. – Consists of a sound recording of the ceremonies at the unveiling of the C.S. Noble Cairn at Nobleford, Alberta.
RCT-449 Interview with Mr. Shirley Noble. – August 6, 1979. – 1 audio cassette. – Consists of an interview with Shirley Noble (son of C.S. Noble) by Carly Stewart. Includes discussions of Shirley’s recollections of his father, the Cameron Ranch, soil drifting, early Nobleford, a trip to California in the 1930s, his father’s sense of humour, the chin tramway, grain bins and augers, and the Noble Foundation.

Series 2

Noble Foundation. – 1912-1921. – The series consists of records about the establishment and promotion of the Noble Foundation. See also Series 3 below for other material about the Foundation.

M-7198-2 Noble Foundation correspondence. – 1912. – Consists of negotiations with Mr. Alan of Scotland regarding financing for the Noble Foundation.
M-7198-65 Noble Foundation financial and promotional. – 1919. – Consists of a financial summary of the Foundation. Includes a promotional brochure about the Foundation; summary of grain yields from 1911-1917; and inventories of the land and buildings at the Cameron, Grand View, Marquis, Mountain View, Fraser, and Prairie Grange farms, and at the Nobleford property.
M-2428 Noble Foundation account book and scrapbook. – 1912-1921. – Consists of a farm accounts book; and a scrapbook of plans of the buildings, leaflets about livestock, circulars about the Noble Foundation, etc.

Series 3

Noble Foundation / Cameron Ranch collection. – 1913-1958. – The series consists of material compiled by Glenbow employee Dr. O.S. Longman (in 1957 and 1958) about the Noble farming operations.

M-2427-1 Copies of C.S. Noble correspondence. – 1922-1936. – Consists chiefly of correspondence between C.S. Noble and Alberta government officials.
M-2427-2 Dr. O.S. Longman’s research – Noble Foundation. – 1954-1958. – Consists of correspondence between Dr. Longman and others about the Noble Foundation. Includes G.C. Noble’s story of the development of the Noble Cultivator.
M-2427-3 Charles S. Noble biographical material. – 1949-1957. – Consists of biographical sketches, notes from an interview, newspaper clippings and journal articles about Noble.
M-2427-4 Land, equipment and operations. – 1957. – Consists of material gathered by Dr. Longman, including legal description of land owned by the Noble Foundation, sectional maps, lists of equipment at the time of liquidation, correspondence regarding the Shannandoah hitch, and accounts of farm operations given by former employees Robert Gratz and J. Shantz.
M-2427-5 Journal articles about the Noble Foundation. – 1916-1953. – Consists chiefly of articles published in the Grain Growers’ Guide and Canadian Business.
M-2427-6 Dr. O.S. Longman’s research – Cameron Ranch. – 1956-1958. – Consists of correspondence between Dr. Longman and others about the Cameron Ranch.
M-2427-7 Sir Roderick W. Cameron / Cameron Ranch. – [compiled 1957]. – Consists of biographical information about R.W. Cameron including his will, copy of act incorporating the Alberta Railway and Coal Company, and legal descriptions of lands involved.
M-2427-8 Diagram of Noble Cultivator and miscellany. – [compiled 1957]. – The file also includes notes on the construction of a cable conveyor on the Old Man River, and Dr. Longman’s miscellaneous notes about C.S. Noble.
M-2427-9 Articles and publications. – 1881, 1913, 1955. – Consists of a copy of the prospectus for the Noble Foundation (1913); copy of a sessional paper with an agricultural report by R.W. Cameron (1881); and Canadian Cattlemen article about the Cameron Ranch (1955).
M-3741 “Contributions to the Advancement of Agriculture”. – 1913-1956. – Consists of material compiled by Dr. O.S. Longman, including: Noble Foundation prospectus (193); “Charles Sherwood Noble” by Newell James Noble (1915); a series of articles from the Grain Growers’ Guide (1916-1921); letters from C.S. Noble to Agriculture Minister George Hoadley (1922-1923); transcript of radio broadcast on C.S. Noble by S.F. Noble; various newspaper articles on C.S. Noble and the Noble blade (1949-1955); interview with C.S. Noble by O.S. Longman (1956); etc.

Series 4

Noble Farms. – 1933-1940. – The series primarily of correspondence related to the operations of the Noble farming operations during the 1930s, and to the development, manufacture, patenting and marketing of the Noble Cultivator.

  Noble Farms – General correspondence
M-7198-3 General correspondence. – January-April 1933
M-7198-4 General correspondence. – December 1935-April 1936
M-7198-5 General correspondence. – June-August 1936
M-7198-6 General correspondence. – September-October 1936
M-7198-7 General correspondence. – January-April 1937
M-7198-8 General correspondence. – May-June 1937
  Noble Farms – Alphabetical correspondence
M-7198-9 Alberta Government. – 1937-1938. – Consists of correspondence with the Departments of Agriculture and Municipal Affairs, and with the Provincial Secretary.
M-7198-10 Alberta Pacific Grain Company. – 1933-1936. – Includes record of Noble Farms telephone calls to, and accounts with, the APGC.
M-7198-11 Alberta Pacific Grain Company. – 1938
M-7198-12 Alberta Pacific Grain Company. – 1938. – Consists of grain handling accounts, including producer’s certificates.
M-7198-13 Alberta Pacific Grain Company. – 1939
M-7198-14 Alberta Pacific Grain Company . – 1939. – Consists of Board of Grain Commissioners inspection certificates (gives grade).
M-7198-15 Bank of Montreal. – 1937-1938
M-7198-16 British Canadian Trust Company. – 1937-1938. – Regarding the R.W. Cameron estate.
M-7198-17 “B” miscellaneous. – 1933-1938
M-7198-18 Capital Insurance Agencies. – 1937-1938
M-7198-19 “C” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-20 Delameter, Mrs. Annie. – 1934-1938. – Regarding lease and sale of her land.
M-7198-21 Dominion Experimental Farms. – 1937-1938
M-7198-22 “D” miscellaneous. – d1937-1938
M-7198-23 “E” miscellaneous. – 1935, 1937
M-7198-24 Fetherstonhaugh and Company. – 1936-1938. – Regarding applications for patent in Canada and the USA for cultivator and packer. Includes a full description of inventions and blueprints of designs.
M-7198-25 Flax seed. – 1935. – Regarding sales to farmers.
M-7198-26 French and Hecht. – 1937-1938. – Regarding the manufacture of metal wheels, etc. for Noble’s machines. Includes blueprints of designs.
M-7198-27 “F” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-28 Gratz. Robert. – 1936-1937. – Regarding land sale.
M-7198-29 “G” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-30 Hutchings, R.J. and Anne. – 1932-1938. – Regarding land sales and mortgages.
M-7198-31 “H” miscellaneous. – 1936-1938
M-7198-32 Inquiries. – 1937-1938. – Regarding winter wheat, sale of trucks and trailers, job opportunities, etc. Includes C.S. Noble’s brochure, “Why Winter Wheat”.
M-7198-33 “I” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-34 John Deere Plow Company. – 1935-1938. – Consists of Noble Farm’s accounts, bulletins to John Deere dealers, and general correspondence.
M-7198-35 “J” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-36 “K” miscellaneous. – 1938
M-7198-37 “L” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-38 “M” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-39 “Mc” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-40 National Revenue, Canada. – 1938. – Regarding customs charges.
M-7198-41 Noble. – 1935-1939, 1947. – Consists of correspondence with Edith Noble, William H. Noble, Guy L. Noble, Lloyd E. Noble, Newell J. Noble, Gerald C. Noble, Earl H. Noble, Shirley F. Noble, and Noble Drilling Company.
M-7198-42 Noble Culitvators. – February 1937-March 1938. – Consists of inquiries about, and orders for, cultivators, and letters to various experimental farms and individuals to promote the cultivator. Includes lists of purchasers.
M-7198-43 Noble Cultivators. – April-November 1938. – Consists of inquiries about, and orders for, cultivators, and eltters to various experimental farms and individuals to promote the cultivator.
M-7198-44 “N” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-45 Olson, Oscar A. – 1932-1938. – Motor Securities Company businesss, primarily regarding land.
M-7198-46 “O” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-47 “P” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-48 Quotations. – 1937. – Consists of costs of cultivator parts, freight rates, etc. Includes list of parts for one cultivator.
M-7198-49 Riverside Iron Works. – 1937-1938. – Regarding materials and manufacture of cultivators. Includes Dominion Bridge Company correspondence.
M-7198-50 “R” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938. – Primarily Reliance Foundry Company, Vancouver.
M-7198-51 Shunk Manufacturing Company, Ohio. – 1937-1938. – Regarding materials and manufacture of cultivators.
M-7198-52 Steel. – 1935-1937. – Consists of correspondence regarding steel for blades with Riverside Iron Works, Lethbridge Iron Works, George Ferris, Sawyer-Massey, and others.
M-7198-53 “S” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-54 Taxes. – 1933-1935. – Consists of tax notices, receipts and correspondence. – Includes 1934 tax consolidation records.
M-7198-55 Taxes. – 1936. – Consists of tax notices, receipts, correspondecne and income tax returns.
M-7198-56 Taxes. – 1937. – Consists of tax notices, receipts, correspondecne and income tax returns.
M-7198-57 Taxes. – 1938. – Consists of tax notices, receipts, correspondecne and income tax returns. Includes Local Tax Arrears Consolidation Act notices.
M-7198-58 “T” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-59 United States Department of Agricultur. – 1937-1938
M-7198-60 University of Alberta. – 1937-1938
M-7198-61 “U” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938. – Consists primarily of correspondence with the Union Tractor and Harvesting Company. Includes lists of contributions to the United Church in Nobleford.
M-7198-62 Vennum, Daisy and Ralph. – 1935-1938
M-7198-63 “V” miscellaneous. – 1937-1938
M-7198-64 “W” miscellaneous. – 1937-1939
  Noble Farms financial records
M-7198-1 Noble Farms annual returns to registrar of companies. – 1932-1937
M-7198-66 Noble Farms trial balances. – 1935
M-7198-vol.1 Cashbook. – 1936-1938
M-7198-vol.2 Elevator returns. – 1931-1940. – Consists of records of wheat shipments. Includes lists of employees and reports on the condition of various machinery.

Series 5

Noble Cultivators Ltd. – 1937-1986. – The series consists of patent records, promotional literature, correspondence about licencing and patent infringements, financial ledgers, and employee timebooks.

M-7198-68 Sketches and blueprints. – 1938 and n.d. – Regarding cultivator blades, hitches, etc.
M-7198-71 Noble Cultivators brochures and promotional leaflets. – 1939, 1951 and n.d.

View 1939 brochure.

M-2429 Promotional literature. – 1951-1952. – Consists of 17 items of promotional material, describing agricultural implements including eight models of Noble Blade culitvators and various attachments.
M-7198-72 Versative Noble decals. – 1980-1986. – Versatile purchased Noble Cultivators in the early 1980s.
M-7697-1 Victory Equipment Company, Lethbrige. – 1949-1956. – Regarding licence to manufacture blade cultivator under the Noble patent. Includes licence agreement.
M-7697-2 Johnson Farm Machine Company, Barons. – 1950-1954. – Regarding patent infringement by the “Johnson Tillovator”. Includes licence agreement.
M-7697-3 Fetherstonhaugh and Company. – 1952-1955. – Regarding patents. Includes Letters of Patent for various improvements to the Noble blade.
M-7697-4 Patents, 1937, 1947. – Consists of description of the Noble blade and subsequent improvements, submitted as part of patent applications.

View 1937 patent application.

M-7697-5 Ralph P. Kooy, Nobleford. – 1955-1956. – Regarding patent infringement by the “V-style” blade cultivator.
M-7697-6 Perfection Machine Works, Calgary. – 1952-1955. – Regarding patent infringement by the “Renn” blade cultivator.
M-7697-7 George Gareau, Barons. – 1955-1956. – Regarding licence to manufacture blade cultivators under the Noble patent.
M-7697-8 Matthews Manufacturing Company, Red Deer. – 1949-1951. – Regarding patent infringement by the “Williamson Blade”.
M-7697-9 Glen L. Bollinger. – 1953. – Regarding patent infringement.
M-7697-10 Noble Cultivators Canadian price list. – 1947

View now.

M-7033 Financial ledgers and employee timebooks. – 1938-1973. – Consists of 16 volumes. Includes a small amount of brochures and newsletters.
F-124-7 Nobe Drill. – 1969. – 1 film reel. – Consists of a film, directed by Carly Stewart, presenting the Noble high clearance drill used by farmers for ploughed fields. Film discusses other agricultural products from Noble Cultivators ltd. Includes aerial views of the factory.
F-124-4 The Practice of Stubble Mulch Cultivation and The Noble Blade. – 1972. – 1 film reel. – Consists of a film, directed by Carly Stewart, about the history of Noble Cultivators since 1935. Includes aerial views of Nobleford.
F-124-5 Noble Harrow Stubble. – 1972. – 1 film reel. – Consists of a film, directed by Carly Stewart, showing the Noble portable stubble harrow being used in western Nebraska. Includes farmers’ testimonials.
F-124-6 Economy Rod Weeder. – 1973. – 1 film reel. – Consists of a film, directed by Carly Stewart, describing all functions of the economical rod weeder and its benefits to the farmer.
F-124-(1-3) Noble Cultivator. – n.d. – 3 film reels (super 8 film). – Consists of films related to the Noble Cultivator.

Series 6

Miscellany. – 1928-1940

M-7198-73 Articles and reference material. – 1933-1937. Consists of articles on tractors, insect and weed control, flax, and cover-cultivation by various western universities and experimental farms.
M-7198-74 Miscellaneous publications. – 1928, 1940 and n.d. – Consists of Lethbridge Board of Trade annual report (1928), Nobleford United Church hymnary, Decca Records catalogue (1940), and a typing course textbook.

Series 7

Photographs. – [ca. 1898]-1971. – 149 photographs. – The series consists of views of Charles S. Noble, Cameron Farm, Grandview Farm, Nobleford, agricultural activity, the Noble Cultivators factory, and Noble ancestors.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-104-1 Dr. C.S. Noble on his porch, Nobleford, Alberta. – 1957. – 1 photograph. – Lethbridge Herald photograph.
PA-1273-(1-30) Cameron Ranch, harvesting, Grandview Farm, Charles S. Noble etc. – 1911-1955. – 30 photographs
PA-1628-(1-6) Dr. C.S. Noble, Nobleford factory, Noble blade. – 1955, 1969-1971. – 6 photographs.

Aerial view of Nobleford. – [ca. 1970s]. – 1 postcard

Noble family ancestors. – [ca. 1890s]. – 5 photographs. – Include H.S. Noble, Jemima Sherwood Noble, C.S. Noble’s brothers, and the family home in Iowa.

NA-41-(1-17) Noble Foundation, Cameron Ranch agricultural scenes. – 1918-1922, 1935. – 17 photographs
NA-57-(1-38) Noble brothers, Cameron Ranch, Nobleford, Noble Foundation agricultural scenes. – [ca. 1898]-1955. – 38 photographs
NA-2321-(1-7) Cameron Ranch and Grandview Farm agricultural scenes. – 1920-1931. – 7 photographs
NA-4444-(1-4) Aerial views of Nobleford, Alberta. – 1950. – 4 photographs
NA-4884-(1-40) Noble family, Margaret Fraser, family home, Grandview Farm, Noble Cultivators factory. – [early 1900s-1950s]. – 40 photographs