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Canada Northwest Land Ltd. fonds

Series 1 Articles of association, bylaws, etc. — 1882-1964
M-6531-1 Articles of association. — 1882
M-6531-2 Prospectus. — [ca. 1882 or 1883]. — Includes list of directors, map of land for sale from Winnipeg to the third meridian (part missing).
M-6531-3 Acts of incorporation and bylaws. — 1893, 1903, 1908, 1910 and 1964

Series 2 Minutes. — 1882-1965
M-6531-4 Minute book (London). — July 27, 1882-May 31, 1886
M-6531-5 Minutes (London). — March 30, 1887-June 6, 1890
M-6531-6 Minute book (Canadian Board of Directors). — September 23, 1882-March 13, 1893
M-6531-7 Minute book (handwritten copy of part of the minute book above). — September 23, 1882-January 3, 1888. — Includes a glued in “Extract from Minutes of Meeting of the Canadian Board, held in Montreal on Saturday the 1st February 1890”.
M-6531-8 Minute book “In Liquidation”. — May 9, 1893-November 9, 1914
M-6531-9 Minute book. — March 31, 1915-March 25, 1942
M-6531-10 Minute book. — February 9, 1943-March 28, 1956
M-6531-11 Minute book. — March 27, 1957-March 17, 1965

Series 3 Annual reports. — 1883-1968
M-6531-12 Annual reports. — 1883-1893
M-6531-13 Annual reports. — 1894-1912
M-6531-14 Annual reports. — 1913-1935
M-6531-15 Annual reports. — 1936-1968

Series 4 Legal documents and agreements. — 1882-1914
M-6531- 16 Legal documents. — 1882. — Consists of agreement of sale of 5,000,000 acres from CPR to E.B. Osler, W.B. Scarth, J. K. Tod and O. H. Northcote; agreement between CNWL and The Land Corporation of Canada; assignment of Power of Attorney from William B. Scarth to Edmund B. Osler; agreement between W.B. Scarth and J. Brandon and K.N. Macfee; agreement between the CPR, CNWL, The Land Corportaion of Canada on one hand, and Donald A. Smith et al on the other.
M-6531-17 Legal documents. — 1883. — Consists of Dominion Lands Grants to the Qu’Appelle Valley Farming Company; agreement between the Queen and CPR re disposal of townsites of Regina, Moose Jaw, Qu’Appelle and Virden; Dominion Lands Grant to E.B. Osler et al for 22 and 28-18-14-W2
M-6531-18 Legal documents. — 1884. — Consists of Dominion Lands Grants for 27-16-25-W2 (Pasqua), 33-17-18-W2 (Pilot Butte), 15-17-21-W2 (Grand Coulee).
M-6531-19 Legal documents. — 1885-1886. — Consists of Dominion Lands Grant for 15-11-26-W3 (1885); agreement between Qu’Appelle Valley Farming Company and R.B. Angus et al (1886); mortgage of G. Boyd and G.R.R.Cockburn (1886); license to operate in the Province of Manitoba (1895).
M-6531-20 Legal documents. — 1887-1890. — Consists of Dominion Lands Grant for SW-25-7-19-W1 (1887); company registration in the North-West Territories (1887); agreement of R.B. Angus and the CPR (1887); agreement between R.B. Angus and the Bell Farm Company (1888); letters patent for The Free Homestead Company (1890)
M-6531-21 Legal documents. — 1891-1892. — Consists of agreement between the Canada Homestead Settlement Company and the Free Homestead Company (1891); indenture between the CPR and R.B. Angus (1892).
M-6531-22 Legal documents. — 1894. — Consists of assignment of Power of Attorney to Lachlan Alexander Hamilton; Dominion Lands Grant for NW-17-5-16-W1; assignments of various mortgages and transfers of land from the CNWL (English) to CNWL (Canadian);
M-6531-23 Legal documents. — 1895-1897. — Consists of license to operate in the Province of Manitoba (1895); company registration in the North-West Territories (1895); agreement with Gardiner Boyd and George R.R. Cockburn (1896); statutory declaration of Thomas Skinner (1896); Dominion Lands Grants for the parish of St. Agathe, S-32-1-29-W1, and NE-34-1-29-W1.
M-6531-24 Legal documents. — 1898-1901. — Consists of Dominion Lands Grant – NE-33-6-6-W1 to CNWL (1898); statement of claim: Commercial Bank of Manitoba vs W.B. Scarth (1898); court documents re CNWL vs Toronto General Trusts (1900-1901)
M-6431-25 Legal documents. — 1903-1906. — Consists of CNWL Certificate of Registration under the Foreign Companies Ordinance (1903); R.B. Angus’ land documents (1904-1905); and agreement with Osler, Hammond and Nanton (1906).
M-2274-96a Legal documents. — 1889-1889. — Consists of agreement between CPR and R.B. Angus et al re land grant (1888 – 3 copies); and agreement between CPR, CNWL, and Canadian Agricultural Coal and Colonizaton Company on the one hand, and R.B. Angus, Donald A. Smith, E.B. Osler, W.B. Scarth on the other hand, re land grants (1889 – 3 copies).
M-2274-1 Land grant, Hudson’s Bay Company to Richard B. Angus, et. al. — 1882. — On present site of Grenfell, Saskatchewan, on CPR main line.
M-2274-2 Land grants, Dominion of Canada to Edmund B. Osler, et. al. — 1883. — On present site of Landsdowne, Manitoba.
M-2274-3 Land grant, Dominion of Canada to CPR — 1901. — West of Pelican Lake, Manitoba.
M-2274-4 Powers of attorney. — 1882-1889. — Between Richard B. Angus, Edmund B. Osler, Donald A. Smith and William B. Scarth, CPR townsite trustees.
M-2274-5 Power of attorney. — 1882. — From A. H. Marsh to Hugh J. Macdonald.
M-2274-6 Nicholas Flood Davin papers. — 1883-1892. — Agreements between N. F. Davin, Miller and Richards, type founders and Robert L. Patterson. — 1883. — Land mortgage with townsite trustees. — 1892.
M-2274-7 Angus and Alex Campbell papers. — 1885-1904. — Correspondence and chattel mortgages with CNWL Company, abstract of title, certificate from sheriff’s office.
M-2274-8 Donald McFayden Sr. and Jr. papers. — 1885-1904. — Chattel mortgages, correspondence re homestead, certificate from sheriff’s office.
M-2274-9 Ewen Cameron and Alexander McDougall papers. — 1885-1904. — Interim homestead receipt; chattel mortgage; correspondence re homesteads.
M-2274-10 Agreement. — 1887. — Between John Rathwell and Manitoba South Western Colonization Railway Company for construction of siding at Treherne, Manitoba.
M-2274-11 Quit claim statement, Assiniboia. — 1888. — Dominion of Canada to township trustees of 1 ‘ sections at Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-12 Charles McMillan papers. — 1892-1905. — Certificate re land sale by township trustees; agreements and correspondence re mortgages; land registration certificates, insurance policies and premium receipts.
M-2274-13 Agreement. — 1893. — Transfer of assets from CNWL Company in London, England, to CNWL Company in Canada.
M-2274-14 Affidavits, Winnipeg. — 1894. — Witnesses for William A. Ducker, Dominion Land Surveyor and for William B. Scarth.
M-2274-15 Miscellaneous correspondence. — 1900-1903. — Re disposition of townsite land, division of interests of Dominion Government, CPR, and CNWL Company
M-2274-16 Canadian American Land Co. papers. — 1902-1903. — Account sheet of Canadian American Land Co. with CNWL Company; correspondence; schedules of land; agreements with CNWL Company and Charles H. Davidson, et. Al.
M-2274-17 Agreement and deed of land. — 1902. — Re division of interests of Dominion Government, CPR and CNWL Company
M-2274-18 Townsite trustees orders. — 1902. — For the replacement of William B. Scarth (deceased) by William Whyte as a trustee.
M-2274-19 Lady Emily Eliza Steel Gordon Cathcart papers. — 1902. — Registration abstracts and certificates; division of lands and liens in which CNWL Company and Lady Cathcart were jointly interested; correspondence.
M-2274-20 Deed of land. — 1904. — From CNWL to King Edward VII, west of Reston, Manitoba.
M-2274-21 Agreement. — 1904. – Between CNWL Company and Robert Cowan, Foxleigh, N.W.T. for payment of debt by Cowan.
M-2274-22 Agreement. — 1906. — Between CNWL Company and Osler, Hammond and Nanton for purchase of agreements for sale of land; includes lists of sales agreements purchased, with date, purchaser, legal description, price, payments.
M-2274-23 Agreement. — 1906. — With Alexander McKay re agreement above.
M-2274-24 Coal lease, Kootenay district. — 1906. — To William R. MacInnes. Includes power of attorney for Walter Hull Aldridge, Trail, B.C.
M-2274-25 Certificate of title. — 1907. — John McQuaid, Summerberry, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-26 Quit claim deed, Manitoba. — 1907. — Between Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Sharratt, Canadian Northern Railway, Mackenzie Mann & Company and CNWL Company
M-2274-27 William White papers. — 1909. — Correspondence re lien and registration abstract and certificate.
M-2274-28 Extract of minutes, CPR directors. — 1914. — To replace Donald A. Smith, deceased, with Frederick T. Griffin, as township trustee.

Series 5 Shareholders’ records. — 1882-1966
M-2274-vol.115 Shareholders� ledger. — June-November 1882. — Consists of entries which record payments for shares, arranged alphabetically by the name of the shareholder. The shareholders are primarily from Toronto and Montreal
M-6531-vol.1 Shareholders’ record book. — 1890-1911. — Consists of entries which record the name of the shareholder and share numbers.
M-6531-vol.2 �Stock Book’. — 1893. — Consists of the signatures of the original subscribers to the newly incorporated Canadian company: Donald A. Smith, W.R. Angus, William Hendrie, T.E. Shaughnessy, W.C. Van Horne, Thomas Skinner, E.S. Clouston, E.B.Osler, H.J. Hammond, Harry Moody, A.I. Baker, and others.
M-6531-vol.3 Shareholders’ record book – Liquidation of old company. — 1893. — Consists of an alphabetical list of shareholders to whom a circular was sent re the liquidation of the old company and how to claim their equivalent allotment of stock in the new company.
M-6531-vol.4 Shareholders’ ledger – “London Ledger 1 – Common Shares”. — 1894-[ca. 1930]. — Consists of entries which record names of shareholders, certificate numbers, total numbers of shares, and details of transfers. Arranged by date of original purchase of shares.
M-6531-vol.5 “1-150 Common Stock” book. — February 12, 1894-November 1, 1901. — Consists of vouchers which record the purchase of stock. Only vouchers 1 through 91 have been filled in.
M-6531-vol.6 “1-150 Preferred Stock” book. — February 12, 1894-November 1, 1901. — Consists of vouchers which record the purchase of stock. Only vouchers 1 through 93 have been filled in.
M-6531-vol.7 Stock transfer book. — 1916-1965. — Consists of records, arranged in date order, of name of transferor, name of transferee, and number of shares transferred.
M-2274-vol.114 “Stock Transfer Book – Common Stock” – Transfers 801-1586. — 1908-1964. — Consists of records of the transfer of stock, including name of shareholder, number of shares, signatures of transferor and transferee, etc.
M-6531-vol.8 Stock transfer book – “Common Stock No. 4 – 1501-2000”. — 1912-1926. — Consists of records of the transfer of stock, including name of shareholder, number of shares, signatures of transferor and transferee, etc.
M-6531-vol.9 Stock transfer book ; “Common Stock No. 5 – 2001-2501”. — 1926-1958. — Consists of records of the transfer of stock, including name of shareholder, number of shares, signatures of transferor and transferee, etc.
M-6531-vol.10 “Transfers Nos. 2491-2590 – Common Stock”. — 1959-1965. — Actually includes transfers up to 2627. Consists of records of the transfer of stock, including name of shareholder, number of shares, signatures of transferor and transferee, etc.
M-6531-vol.11 “Transfers Nos. 2651 Up – Common Stock”. — 1965-1967. — Last entry is 2741. Consists of records of the transfer of stock, including name of shareholder, number of shares, signatures of transferor and transferee, etc.
M-6531-vol.12 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 3751-4000. — September 21, 1926-December 28, 1932
M-6531-vol.13 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 4001-4250. — January 31, 1933-January 19, 1943
M-6531-vol.14 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 4251-4500. — February 10, 1943-April 3, 1952
M-6531-vol.15 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 4501-4625. — March 21, 1952-December 13, 1955
M-6531-vol.16 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 4626-4750. — January 18, 1956-December 17, 1958
M-6531-vol.17 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 4751-4875. — December 18, 1958-October 5, 1961
M-6531-vol.18 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 5001-5125. — December 4, 1963-March 23, 1965
M-6531-vol.19 Stock purchase receipt book – Certificates 5126-5250. — March 23, 1965-August 24, 1966

Series 6 Townsite sales. — 1882-1958, predominant 1882-1910
Townsite sales – Alphabetical townsite files
M-2274-29 Argyle, Manitoba. — 1895. — Agreement between CNWL Company and CPR re taxation of lands.
M-2274-30 Balgonie, Saskatchewan. — 1894-1902. — Deed transfer; declaration of trust between townsite trustees and CPR
M-2274-31 Broadview, Saskatchewan. — 1884-1909. — Topographical description; deed of sale; agreement between townsite trustees and Broadview School District trustees; correspondence re contracts.
M-2274-32 Burrows, Saskatchewan. — 1884. — Deed of sale from CPR and Charles F. Smithers to townsite trustees.
M-2274-33 Calgary, Alberta. — 1884-1889. — Deed of sale as above; release from school district taxes on CNWL Company land; section map showing right-of-way.
M-2274-34 Canmore, Alberta – Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. — 1905-1914. — Correspondence re land; memo proposing to divide interests of CPR and CNWL Company at Canmore, Alberta and Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan; sketch maps.
M-2274-35 Dalzell, Saskatchewan. — 1946. — Correspondence re land.
M-2274-36 Elkhorn, Manitoba. — 1884-1905. — Deed of sale as in file 32; deed of land from townsite trustees to CNWL Company
M-2274-37 Estevan, Saskatchewan. — 1903-1904. — List of applicants for land.
M-2274-38 Fleming, Saskatchewan. — 1884. — Deed of sale as in file 32.
M-2274-39 Gleichen, Alberta. — 1883-1914. — Sketches and land descriptions.
M-2274-40 Grenfell, Saskatchewan. — 1890. — School district tax assessment agreement.
M-2274-41 Griswold, Manitoba. — 1884-1905. — Deed of sale as in file 32; deeds of land, townsite trustees to CPR; sketch maps and notes.
M-2274-42 Indian Head, Saskatchewan. — 1894-1952. — Order re Indian Head townsite plan; correspondence re market square, assessment notice.
M-2274-43 Irvine, Alberta. — 1904-1912. — Transfer of land, CNWL Company to Baptist Church; correspondence re transfer.
M-2274-44 Kemnay, Manitoba. — 1909. — Order amending townsite plan.
M-2274-45 Kennedy, Saskatchewan. — 1906. — List of CNWL Company lots.
M-2274-46 Langdon, Alberta. — 1906. — List of purchasers.
M-2274-47 Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. — 1903-1904. — Requisitions for land transfers.
M-2274-48 Medicine Hat, Alberta. — 1905-1958. — Registration abstract and certificate; assignment of town lots from E. C. Elson to E. B. White; agreement between city of Medicine Hat, Alberta and CPR re parks; correspondence re Medicine Hat lots.
M-2274-49 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. — 1883-1910. — Deed of sale as in file 32; agreement between Moose Jaw and townsite trustees re taxation; abstract of title; registration abstracts and certificates; correspondence; list of lots; deed of land; quit claim deed.
M-2274-50 Moosomin, Saskatchewan. — 1890. — Agreement between Moosomin and townsite trustees re taxation.
M-2274-51 Morton, Ontario. — 1892. — Tax settlement by-law.
M-2274-52 Oak Lake, Manitoba. — 1884. — Deed of sale as in file 32.
M-2274-53 Odanah, Manitoba. — 1892. — Tax settlement agreement between Rural Municipality of Odanah, CPR and CNWL Company
M-2274-54 Pense, Saskatchewan. — 1884-1907. — Deed of sale as in file 32 correspondence.
M-2274-55 Pipestone, Manitoba. — 1892. — Tax agreements.
M-2274-56 Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. — 1891-1914. — Description of Qu’Appelle cemetery; tax agreement with townsite trustees; correspondence; lists of lots; schedule and deed of land from two townsite trustees to Crown; order re townsite plan; correspondence and lists re squatters; agreement between CPR and CNWL Company. See also file M-2274-34 above.
M-2274-57 Rathwell, Manitoba. — 1888. — Field notes.
M-2274-58 Red Jacket, Saskatchewan. — n.d. — Correspondence re land.
M-2274-59 Regina, Saskatchewan. — 1884-1930. — Deed of sale as in file 32, transfer of lots, townsite trustees to Crown; agreement for land transfer for exhibition site certificate of title for Qu’Appelle, Long Lake and Saskatchewan Railway; correspondence re townsites, registration abstract and certificate, quit claim between townsite trustees and Regina; withdrawal of caveat for F. T. Griffin; correspondence re exhibition site.
M-2274-60 Sifton, Manitoba. — 1894. — Tax settlement by-law.
M-2274-61 Sintaluta, Saskatchewan. — 1894. — Declaration of trust between townsite trustees and CPR
M-2274-62 Summerberry, Saskatchewan. — n.d. — Notes.
M-2274-63 Swift Current, Saskatchewan. – 1907. — Letter from Swift Current Land Co.
M-2274-64 Virden, Manitoba. — 1902. — Lists of town lots, deed and schedule of lands.
M-2274-65 Wallace, Manitoba. — 1892. — Agreements re taxation.
M-2274-66 Wapella, Saskatchewan. — 1906. — Correspondence re reservoir.
M-2274-67 Whitehead, Manitoba. — 1893. — By-law re tax settlement.
M-2274-68 Whitewood, Saskatchewan. — 1890-1916. — Land description; tax agreement with School District trustees; correspondence and transfer of land to Knox Church, transfer from surviving original trustees to new trustees.
M-2274-69 Wolseley, Saskatchewan. — 1890-1904. — By-law and agreement re taxes; land description; deed of land to David Kennedy, Wolseley, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-70 Woodworth, Manitoba. — 1893. — Agreement between CPR and CNWL Company re payment of taxes.
Townsite sales – Registers and accounts
M-2274-vol.1 Lots cash book, Brandon, Manitoba. — 1882-1908.
M-2274-vol.2 Deed and agreement register, Brandon, Manitoba. — 1889-1894. — Also cash accounts, CNWL Company — 1883-84.
M-2274-vol.3 List of lots sold, Brandon, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.4 Journal, Brandon, Manitoba. — 1882-1898.
M-2274-vol.5 Miscellaneous and banking accounts, Brandon, Manitoba. — 1882-1908.
M-2274-vol.6 Cash book, CNWL Company CNWL Company, November 1882-August 1883.
M-2274-vol.7 Register of patents, CNWL Company — 1887-1903
M-2274-vol.9 Townsite plan book, CNWL Company
M-2274-vol.10 Register of application of shares.
M-2274-vol.11 Assignment book for townsites. — 1883-1909
M-2274-vol.18 Townsite written recapitulations. — 1899-1902.
M-2274-vol.19 Receipt book, CPR townsite trustees. — 1910-1930.
M-2274-vol.20 Townsite index.
M-2274-vol.21 Townsite ledger balances. — 1903-1930. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Cochrane, Gleichen, Irvine, and Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Balgonie, Belle Plain, Boharm, Broadview, Burrows, Caron, Grand Coulee, Indian Head, Maple Creek, McLean, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Pense, Percival, Pilot Butte, Qu’Appelle, Red Jacket, Regina, Sintaluta, Swift Current, Summerberry, Wapella, Whitewood, and Wolseley); Manitoba ( Alexander, Griswald, Hargrave, Kemnay, Oak Lake, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.22 CPR Townsites. — 1882-1927. — Includes Alberta (Canmore, Cochrane, and Gleichen); Saskatchewan (Broadview, Fleming, Grenfell, Maple Creek, McLean, Moosomin, Pense, Summerberry, Wapella, Whitewood and Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Elkhorn, Griswold, Oak Lake and Virden).
M-2274-vol.23 Land register, Regina Townsite. — 1882-1896.
M-2274-vol.24 Sales Book, CPR Townsites. — 1882-1886. — Includes Alberta (Calgary); Saskatchewan (Broadview, Fleming, Grenfell, Maple Creek, Moosomin, Pense, Summerberry, Wapella, Whitewood and Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Elkhorn, Oak Lake, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.26 Sales Book, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan townsite. — 1882-1886.
M-2274-vol.27 Sales Book, Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan townsite. — 1882-1886.
M-2274-vol.28 Sales Book, Regina, Saskatchewan townsite. — 1882-1886.
M-2274-vol.29 Sales Book, Regina, Saskatchewan. — 1882-1902.
M-2274-vol.30 Assignment book, joint townsites. — 1883-1905.
M-2274-vol.31 Register of town lot deeds and transfers executed by CPR townsite trustees. — 1883-1903. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Dunmore, Gleichen, Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Balgonie, Broadview, Burrows, Fleming, Grenfell, Indian head, Maple Creek, McLean, Moosomin, Pense, Percival, Red Jacket, Regina, Sintaluta, Summerberry, Swift Current, Wapella, Whitewood and Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Elkhorn, Griswold, Hargrave, Kemnay, Oak Lake, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.32 Deeds register, joint townsites. — 1883-1909. — Includes Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Virden, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.33 Cash book, joint townsites. — 1882-1902.
M-2274-vol.34 Ledger, joint townsites. — 1882-1906. — Includes Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan; Regina, Saskatchewan; Virden, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.35 Journal, joint townsites. — 1882-1891.
M-2274-vol.36 Journal, joint townsites. — 1891-1906.
M-2274-vol.37 Journal, joint townsites. — 1911-1930.
M-2274-vol.38 Ledger balance, joint townsites. — 1883-1926.
M-2274-vol.39 Townsite Register, CPR Townsite Trustees. — 1886-1909. — Includes Saskatchewan (Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Broadview, Burrows, Caron, Fleming, Grand Coulee, Maple Creek, Moosomin, Percival, Red Jacket, Sintaluta, Wapella and Whitewood); Manitoba (Elkhorn, Griswold, and Kemnay).
M-2274-vol.40 Cash book, CPR townsites, No. 1. — 1882-1893.
M-2274-vol.41 Cash book, CPR townsites, No. 2. — 1894-1901.
M-2274-vol.42 Cash book, CPR townsites, No. 3. — 1901-1904.
M-2274-vol.43 Cash book, CPR townsites, No. 4. — 1904-1930.
M-2274-vol.44 Ledger, CPR townsites, No. 1. — 1882-1891.
M-2274-vol.45 Ledger, CPR townsites, No. 2. — 1892-1902. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Dunmore, Gleichen and Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Broadview, Burrows, Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Fleming, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Indian Head, McLean, Moosomin, Maple Creek, Moose Jaw, Pilot Butte, Pense, Percival, Qu’Appelle, Red Jacket, Regina, Summerberry, Swift Current, Sintaluta, Wolseley, Wapella and Whitewood); Manitoba (Alexander, Elkhorn, Griswold, Hargrave, Kemnay, Oak Lake and Virden).
M-2274-vol.46 Journal, CPR townsites, No. 1. — 1882-1889.
M-2274-vol.47 Journal, CPR townsites, No. 2. — 1889-1894.
M-2274-vol.48 Journal, CPR townsites, No. 3. — 1895-1910.
M-2274-vol.49 Purchaser’s ledger, CPR townsites, No. 1. — 1882-1901.
M-2274-vol.50 Purchaser’s ledger, CPR townsites, No. 2. — 1883-1904. — Includes Alberta (Canmore, Cochrane, Gleichen, Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Balgonie, Indian Head, Maple Creek, McLean, Pense, Percival, Red Jacket, Sintaluta, Swift Current, Wapella, Wolseley); Manitoba (Hargrave and Kemnay).
M-2274-vol.51 Purchaser’s ledge, CPR townsites. — 1882-1903. — Includes Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw, and Qu’Appelle); and Virden, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.52 Purchaser’s ledger, CPR townsites. — 1902-1922. — Includes Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw, Qu’Appelle and Regina); and Virden, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.53 Purchaser’s ledger, CPR townsites. — 1890-1917. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Broadview, Burrows, Caron, Fleming, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Indian Head, Maple Creek, Moosomin, Pense, Percival, Pilot Butte, Sintaluta, Summerberry, Swift Current, Wapella, Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Elkhorn, Hargrave, Kemnay, and Oak Lake).
M-2274-vol.54 Ledger balance, CPR townsites. — 1883-1906.
M-2274-vol.55 Town lot deeds register, CPR townsite trustees. — 1902-1949.
M-2274-vol.56 Townsites register, CNWL Company — 1884-1906. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Indian Head, Swift Current) and Hargrave, Manitoba.
M-2274-vol.57 Townsites land register, CNWL Company — 1883-1910. Includes Moose Jaw and Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-vol.58 Townsite register, CNWL Company — 1888-1918. — Includes Alberta (Cochrane, Gleichen, Irvine, Langdon); Saskatchewan (Arcola, Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Boharm, Burrows, Broadview, Caron, Dumas, Fleming, Forget, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Halbrite, Indian Head, Kaiser (Peebles), Kennedy, Manor, Maple Creek, McLean, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Neelby, Parkbeg, Pense, Percival, Pilot Butte, Qu’Appelle, Red Jacket, Rocanville, Sintaluta, Stockholm, toughton, Swift Current, Summerberry, Wapella, Wawota, Weyburn, Whitewood, Wilcox, Windthorst, Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Ebor, Elkhorn, Griswold, Hargrave, Oak Lake, Sinclair, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.59 Ledger, CNWL Company — 1906-1927. — Includes Alberta (Bantry, Cochrane, Gleichen, Irvine, Langdon, Namaka); Saskatchewan (Arcola, Burrows, Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Boharm, Broadview, Caron, Forget, Fleming, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Indian Head, Kaiser (Peebles), Kennedy, Manor, Maple Creek, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, McLean, Neelby, Parkbeg, Pense, Pilot Butte, Percival, Qu’Appelle, Rocanville, Red Jacket, Summerberry, Stockholm, Sintaluta, Swift Current, Wapella, Wawota, Weyburn, Whitewood,Wilcox, Windthorst, Wolseley; Manitoba (Alexander, Broomhill, Elkhorn, Ebor, Griswald, Oak Lake, Rathwell, Sinclair, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.60 Ledger, CNWL Company Toronto agency. — 1892-1893.
M-2274-vol.61 Purchase ledger No. 4, CNWL Company townsites. — 1902-11. — Includes Alberta (Bantry, Cochrane, Gleichen, Irvine, Langdon, Namaka); Saskatchewan (Arcola, Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Boharm, Burrows, Broadview, Caron, Dumas, Fleming, Forget, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Halbrite, Indian Head, Kaiser (Peebles), Kennedy, Manor, Maple Creek, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Neelby, Parkbeg, Pense, Pilot Butte, Rocanville, Sintaluta, Stockholm, Swift Current, Wapella, Wawota, Weyburn, Whitewood, Wilcox, Windthorst, Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Broomhill, Ebor, Elkhorn, Griswold, Hargrave, Oak Lake, and Sinclair).
M-2274-vol.62 Purchase ledger No. 5, CNWL Company townsites. — 1911-1947. – Includes Alberta (Cochrane, Gleichen, Irvine); Saskatchewan (Arcola, Balgonie, Belle Plaine, Boharm, Burrows, Broadview, Caron, Dumas, Fleming, Forget, Grand Coulee, Grenfell, Halbrite, Indian Head, Kaiser (Peebles), Kennedy, Manor, Maple Creek, McLean, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Neelby, Parkbeg, Pense, Percival, Pilot Butte, Qu’Appelle, Red Jacket, Rocanville, Sintaluta, Stockholm, Swift Current, Summerberry, Wapella, Wawota, Weyburn, Whitewood, Wilcox, Windthorst, Wolseley); Manitoba (Alexander, Ebor, Elkhorn, Griswold, Hargrave, Oak Lake, Sinclair, and Virden).
M-2274-vol.63 Sales register, Rathwell, Manitoba townsite. — 1891-1911.
M-2274-vol.64 Sales register, Canadian American Land Co. — 1902-1903.
M-2274-vol.77 Ledger No. 1, CNWL Company – 1882-1883. — Includes Saskatchewan (Broadview, Grenfell, Moosomin, Pense, Regina, Wapella, Whitewood); Manitoba (Oak Lake and Virden); general accounts.
M-2274-vol.78 Ledger No. 2, CNWL Company – 1884. — Includes Alberta (Calgary, Medicine Hat); Saskatchewan (Broadview, Fleming, Grenfell, Maple Creek, Moose Jaw, Pense, Qu’Appelle, Regina, Whitewood, Wolseley); Manitoba (Elkhorn, Griswold, Oak Lake and Virden).
M-2274-vol.103 Alphabetical index by name of purchaser. — n.d. — For contracts 1-7600. It is unclear to which volumes this is and index.

Series 7 Farm land sales. — 1882-1968
Farm land sales – General
M-2274-vol.8 List of lands, CNWL Company Lands listed are part of 2,200,000 acres purchased from CPR — 1882
M-6531-vol.20 List of lands sold to CNWL by CPR as per agreement of July 4, 1885. CNWL land is listed on pages 1-380. Ontario and Qu’Appelle Land Company holdings are listed on pages 431 to 479.
M-2274-vol.12 Assignment book for farm lands. — 1883-1925
M-2274-vol.99 Cash land register No. 1. — 1894-1907.
M-2274-vol.100 Farm lands register
M-2274-vol.101 Farm lands agreement register. — 1882-1892.
M-2274-vol.102 Installments and interest diary. — 1883-1890.
M-2274-vol.25 Sales book – Farm lands. — 1882-1886. — Very few pages used.
Farm land sales – Sales registers. — 1886-1911
M-2274-vol.65 Alphabetical index by purchaser’s name to the sales registers below.
M-2274-vol.66 Sales register No. 1 – Contracts 5-359. — 1886-1888
M-2274-vol.67 Sales register No. 2 – Contracts 360-654. — 1888-1890
M-2274-vol.68 Sales register No. 3 – Contracts 655-954. — 1889-1892
M-2274-vol.69 Sales register No. 4 – Contracts 955-1246. — 1892-1896
M-2274-vol.70 Sales register No. 5 – Contracts 1247-1705. — 1896-1898. — Also includes additional entries for contracts 175-953, 1883-1892
M-2274-vol.71 Sales register No. 6 – Contracts 1706-2303. — 1898-1899
M-2274-vol.72 Sales register No. 7 – Contracts 2304-2865. — 1899-1901. — Also includes additional entries for contracts 995-1239, 1892-1896.
M-2274-vol.73 Sales register No. 8 – Contracts 2866-3459. — 1901-1902
M-2274-vol.74 Sales register No. 9 – Contracts 3460-4052. — 1902-1903
M-2274-vol.75 Sales register No. 10 – Contracts 4053-4649. — 1903-1904
M-2274-vol.76 Sales register No. 11 – Contracts 4650-4903. — 1904-1911. — Also includes additional entries for contracts 852-1701, 1891-1898.
Farm land sales – Sales registers, “C” series. — 1894-1968
M-2274-vol.104 Alphabetical index by purchaser’s name to the sales registers below. The index covers contracts from approximately numbers C-1950 to C-4375. The location of the index to the earlier contract numbers is unknown.
M-6531-vol.21 Sales register 2 – Contracts C-1 to C-507. — 1894-1905
M-6531-vol.22 Sales register 3 – Contracts C-508 to C-1101. — 1905-1906
M-6531-vol.23 Sales register 4 – Contracts C-1102 to C-1693. — 1906-1910
M-6531-vol.24 Sales register 5 – Contracts C-1694 to C-2216. — 1910-1915
M-6531-vol.25 Sales register 6 – Contracts C-2217 to C-2518. — 1915-1917
M-6531-vol.26 Sales register 7 – Contracts C-2519 to C-2820. — 1917-1918
M-6531-vol.27 Sales register 8 – Contracts C-2821 to C-3122. — 1918-1919
M-6531-vol.28 Sales register 9 – Contracts C-3123 to C-4322. — 1919-1924
M-6531-vol.29 Sales register 10 – Contracts C-3423 to C-3717. — 1924-1930
M-6531.vol.30 Sales register 11 – Contracts C-3718 to C-4018. — 1930-1935
M-6531.vol.31 Sales register 12 – Contracts C-4019 to C-4318. — 1935-1946
M-6531-vol.32 Sales register 13 – Contracts C-4319 to C-4409. — 1946-1968
Farm land sales – Atlases (first set). — n.d. — Consists of volumes with plans of townships of 36 sections. CNWL Company land has been coloured pink, and contract numbers are written into the quarter sections. Includes Western Provinces Land Company land as well.
M-6531-vol.33 “Manitoba” – 1-11-W1 through 16-29-W1. — Arranged in order of township number.
M-6531-vol.34 “Saskatchewan” [includes some Manitoba] – 11-30-W1 through 20-4-W2. — Annotated inside: “From Gainsborough Manitoba to North Portal, Saskatchewan”. Arranged in order of range number.
M-6531-vol.35 “Saskatchewan” – 7-5-W2 through 20-16-W2. — Arranged in order of range number.
M-6531-vol.36 Saskatchewan and Alberta – 5-17-W2 through 9-22-W4. — Arranged in order of range number.
Farm land sales – Atlases (second set). — n.d. — Similar to the above set, but dating later.
M-6531-vol.37 Land sales atlas – Manitoba – 1-5-W1 through 16-29-W1
M-6531-vol.38 Land sales atlas “2” – Saskatchewan – 1-30-W1 through 2-6-W2
M-6531-vol.39 Land sales atlas “3” – Saskatchewan – 2-5-W2 through 20-16-W2
M-6531-vol.40 Land sales atlas “4” – Saskatchewan and Alberta – 8-17-W2 though 24-10-W5
Farm land sales – Settlers sponsored by Lady Cathcart, Duke of Argyle, London Colonization Aid, etc.
M-2274-vol.13 Settlers – Miscellaneous written reports. — 1879-1904. — Lord Elphinstone; Imperial Colonization; Alfred Ashdown, T. J. Lawlor; North-Scotland Canadian Mortgage Co.; Canadian Anthracite Coal Co.; Crofter’s settlers; Lady Cathcart settlers; Regina collateral securities; farm land purchases; Duke of Argyle’s settlers; London Colonization Aid Society’s settlers; miscellaneous settlers, etc.
M-2274-vol.14 Miscellaneous written reports. — 1884-1888. — CPR and government farm lands; joint townsites; settlers; shares.
M-2274-vol.15 Settler’s ledger No. 1. — 1883-1884. — Includes Lady Cathcart’s settlers; Coutts Colony; Duke of Argyle’s settlers; Lord Dunmore’s settlers, miscellaneous settlers.
M-2274-vol.16 Settler’s mortgages. — 1885-1899.
M-2274-vol.17 Settler’s mortgages. — 1890-1903. — Includes Lady Scott’s settlers; Cathcart settlers; miscellaneous settlers.

Series 8 Purchasers’ files – Applications and contracts. — 1917-1935. — Consists of application to purchase land, and contract specifying price (including interest) and payment schedule. These are annotated when the contract was “paid in full”. Arranged in contract number order. Not all contract numbers are present. The date given is the year the contract was made. Some files include later assignments to other purchasers, and other correspondence about the contract.
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1917
M-6531-26 C-2491. John Elbert Elder
M-6531-27 C-2563. Peter Robutka
M-6531-28 C-2564. John E. Durham
M-6531-29 C-2565. Matthew Kenney
M-6531-30 C-2566. Mrs. Mary Laing
M-6531-31 C-2568. Porteous Brothers
M-6531-32 C-2569. Victoria Lipinska
M-6531-33 C-2575. Frederick Rolfe
M-6531-34 C-2576. Julia Liebel and Mike Exner
M-6531-35 C-2579. Jonas A. Hedstrom; assigned to P.S. Steudahl
M-6531-36 C-2580. John W. Park
M-6531-37 C-2582. Matthew S. Craig; assigned to William George Smewing
M-6531-38 C-2584. John Harpell
M-6531-39 C-2586. Andreas Frei
M-6531-40 C-2587. Malcolm McIntyre and William Stewart
M-6531-41 C-2589. Peter Deck
M-6531-42 C-2590. Eric Strandlund
M-6531-43 C-2591. Mike Plawiak
M-6531-44 C-2593. Carl W. Strandlund
M-6531-45 C-2596. Charriere, Pierre
M-6531-46 C-2597. Anton J. Hornung
M-6531-47 C-2598. Donald Crawford
M-6531-48 C-2600. Matthew Kenney; assigned to John Sivak
M-6531-49 C-2604. John Erickson
M-6531-50 C-2605. Magnus Strandlund
M-6531-51 C-2607. Halvar Hanson
M-6531-52 C-2610. Nelson Reid
M-6531-53 C-2613. Albert Grose
M-6531-54 C-2616. Edmond Mestdagh; assigned to Henri Saelens and Leopold Van den Bussche
M-6531-55 C-2618. Edward Richards and Robert Richards
M-6531-56 C-2619. Albert Hoedel
M-6531-57 C-2620. Porteous Brothers
M-6531-58 C-2622. Michael Batza
M-6531-59 C-2623. Thomas Longhorn; assigned to Annie Badger Daley
M-6531-60 C-2626. Antony Mudrzynski; assigned to Frank Cieckiewicz and Elizabeth Ciekiewicz
M-6531-61 C-2629. Thomas Sprague; assigned to Alexander Stewart
M-6531-62 C-2633. Wilfred Wyatt
M-6531-63 C-2634. James Snyder
M-6531-64 C-2635. William Lipsey and Fred Lipsey
M-6531-65 C-2642. William Punter
M-6531-66 C-2644. William Conlin
M-6531-67 C-2645. Olaf Maurice Radstrom
M-6531-68 C-2646. John Yanocko and George Yanocko
M-6531-69 C-2647. Morgan Van Dresser
M-6531-70 C-2648. John Loszczuk; assigned to John Slusanchuk
M-6531-71 C-2649. Henry Hayes Willway
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1918
M-6531-72 C-2651. George Carter
M-6531-73 C-2652. Albert Glydon
M-6531-74 C-2654. George Leary; assigned to Harry Parker
M-6531-75 C-2657. William Frederick
M-6531-76 C-2658. James Wesley McMIllan
M-6531-77 C-2659. John Brooks; assigned to Victor Grimeau
M-6531-78 C-2662. Holger Munch; assigned to Dougald Lamont
M-6531-79 C-2663. Peter Muchowski and Mary Muchowski
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1919
M-6531-80 C-3197. Henry Edward Snell and Bessie Gertrude Snell
M-6531-81 C-3203. Blake Pearce
M-6531-82 C-3206. August De Pape
M-6531-83 C-3207. Archie Buchanan
M-6531-84 C-3211. Victoria Moulin; assigned to Sylvain Rossier and Alphonse Rossier
M-6531-85 C-3216. Kenneth Holt; assigned to John Nesom
M-6531-86 C-3224. George Mearns
M-6531-87 C-3226. George Merritt
M-6531-88 C-3232. Wolseley Taylor
M-6531-89 C-3236. Fred Lipsey
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1920
M-6531-90 C-3244. Joseph W. Sharpe
M-6531-91 C-3245. James Gathercole and Hannah Gathercole
M-6531-92 C-3248. George Glen Axford
M-6531-93 C-3249. Thomas John Carlyle Reid
M-6531-94 C-3250. Edward Ramsay
M-6531-95 C-3252. Peter Bagu; assigned to John Daku
M-6531-96 C-3257. Samuel Sell
M-6531-97 C-3258. John Thomas Whittingham
M-6531-98 C-3262. Mary Campbell
M-6531-99 C-3264. James Hardie
M-6531-100 C-3266. Andrew Johnson
M-6531-101 C-3267. David Marshall
M-6531-102 C-3269. Albert Good
M-6531-103 C-3284. Mrs. Lulu Rea
M-6531-104 C-3276. John McCaw
M-6531-105 C-3291. Ferdinand Zimmerman
M-6531-106 C-3293. Ragnhild Furtan
M-6531-107 C-3300. James Emery and Ernest Emery
M-6531-108 C-3302. Leon Guerin; assigned to Rene Istace
M-6531-109 C-3311. James Dobson and Robert Dobson
M-6531-110 C-3320. John Potter
M-6531-111 C-3325. Thomas Taylor; assigned to Malcolm McDonald
M-6531-112 C-3332. Roderick McDougall
M-6531-113 C-3333. John Kovach
M-6531-114 C-3335. Francis Wilson
M-6531-115 C-3342. Ovila Gareau; assigned to Joseph Proteau; assigned to Joseph Edgar Bessette and Robert Bessette; assigned to P. Cardinal
M-6531-116 C-3348. Hugh Thomas White
M-6531-117 C-3551. Robert White
M-6531-118 C-3352. Robert Kirkland
M-6531-119 C-3353. Alex LaBossiere
M-6531-120 C-3367. John. Ottenbreit
M-6531-121 C-3370. Halvar Hanson
M-6531-122 C-3371. John Laing
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1921
M-6531-123 C-3381. Gideon Wight
M-6531-124 C-3385. Charles Simpson, Thomas Simpson, and Harry Simpson
M-6531-125 C-3387. Bartholomew McCarthy
M-6531-126 C-3389. Frank Lolicher
M-6531-127 C-3390. Joseph Moneta
M-6531-128 C-3392. George Mayes
M-6531-129 C-3393. Daniel Kuz
M-6531-130 C-3394. Archibald Charles Philips
M-6531-131 C-3395. James Hardwick
M-6531-132 C-3396. Philip Bolger
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1922
M-6531-133 C-3397. Henry Stephens
M-6531-134 C-3398. Ambrose Hugo
M-6531-135 C-3400. Archibald MacKenzie
M-6531-136 C-3401. Cora Elliott
M-6531-137 C-3404. Cuthbert Smith
M-6531-138 C-3405. R. John Ennis
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1923
M-6531-139 C-3408. Frank Kivela
M-6531-140 C-3409. Eugene Houghton
M-6531-141 C-3410. John Hill
M-6531-142 C-3411. Earl Clemence
M-6531-143 C-3412. Martin Meres
M-6531-144 C-3413. George Zelinskis
M-6531-145 C-3414 and C-3436. John Brickley
M-6531-146 C-3416. Per Sigfrid Stendahl
M-6531-147 C-3418. Edwin Sidney Gander
M-6531-148 C-3419. Wilbert Fox; assigned to Willis Edward Eichel
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1924
M-6531-149 C-3420. Thomas Bray
M-6531-150 C-3423. Rene Istace
M-6531-151 C3424. Edwin Jackson
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1925
M-6531-152 C-3425. Joseph Szakacs Jr.
M-6531-153 C-3427. Archie Campbell
M-6531-154 C-3428. Eddie Elliott
M-6531-155 C-3429. John Hill
M-6531-156 C-3420. George Sim
M-6531-157 C-3431. Benjamin Szakacs; assignted to Andrew Daku
M-6531-158 C-3432. Christian Ruopp
M-6531-159 C-3433. Emil Holpaineu
M-6531-160 C-3434. Ignace Gal (sometimes Ignacz Gall) and William Gal
M-6531-161 C-3435. Charles Daku Jr.
M-6531-162 C-3437. Philippine Costache
M-6531-163 C-3440. Mike Hawrylishyn
M-6531-164 C-3441. John McKenzie
M-6531-165 C-4332. John Henry Whicher
M-6531-166 C-3444. John Gall
M-6531-167 C-3445. Robert Istace
M-6531-168 C-3447. John Hall
M-6531-169 C-3448. John Pratt and Alice Pratt
M-6531-170 C-3449. Walter Laidlaw
M-6531-171 C-3450/ Rosie Balog
M-6531-172 C-3453. Joseph Szakacs; assigned to Louis Balogh
M-6531-173 C-3454. Duncan MacDonald
M-6531-174 C-3455. William Philips
M-6531-175 C-3456. Hans Huber
M-6531-176 C-3458. Edward Arthur Dunkerley
M-6531-177 C-3460. John Kachuck
M-6531-178 C-3462. John Ferguson
M-6531-179 C-3463. Josef Wihlidal and Annie Wihlidal
M-6531-180 C-3464. Harry Kaczmarski
M-6531-181 C-3466. Peter Bawtinhimer
M-6531-182 C-3468. Pat McCarthy
M-6531-183 C-3469. Mike Tarko
M-6531-184 C-3470. Jeremiah Roland Herbert
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1926
M-6531-185 C-3472. William Philips
M-6531-186 C-3473. Leon Vinck
M-6531-187 C-3474. Olive Marguerite Warwick
M-6531-188 C-3475. Endres Meszaros
M-6531-189 C-3478. John Leib
M-6531-190 C-3479. Hubert Koenig
M-6531-191 C-3481. Constance Isabel Harrison
M-6531-192 C-3482. Charles Owen Heaton
M-6531-193 C-3483. Hugh Armstrong
M-6531-194 C-3484. John Fuchs
M-6531-195 C-3485 and C-3486. Ivan Dahnke
M-6531-196 C-3488. William Edwards
M-6531-197 C-3490. Ernest Bullivant
M-6531-198 C-3491. John Schoenthaler
M-6531-199 C-3492. Russell Ealey
M-6531-200 C-3493. James Garfield Proctor
M-6531-201 C-3495 and C-3496. Kost Szarko; assigned to Kost Kozack
M-6531-202 C-3498. Mrs. Valeda Giroux
M-6531-203 C-3499. August Schifferns
M-6531-204 C-3500. Daniel McFarlane
M-6531-205 C-3501. John Hartenberger
M-6531-206 C-3502. William Guignard
M-6531-207 C-3503. Gustave Chaperon
M-6531-208 C-3504. John Kopas
M-6531-209 C-3508. Christian Butz
M-6531-210 C-3510. John Soroka
M-6531-211 C-3511. Ester Balog
M-6531-212 C-3512. Isidor Veiner
M-6531-213 C-3513. James Bonar
M-6531-214 C-3514 and C-3399. Charles Cooke, Walter Cooke and James Cooke
M-6531-215 C-3515. Zephir Beauchene
M-6531-216 C-3517. John Neugebaur
M-6531-217 C-3519. John O’Connor; assigned to Oliver Drever
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1927
M-6531-218 C-3520. Edward William Pady
M-6531-219 C-3521. Edmond Bachtold; assigned to Charles Egg
M-6531-220 C-3522. Charles Maxwell
M-6531-221 C-3523. Alfred Wortman
M-6531-222 C-3525. Joseph Balog
M-6531-223 C-3532. Arthur Fox
M-6531-224 C-3533. John Bonar
M-6531-225 C-3534. George Bourgon
M-6531-226 C-3535. Peter Molnar; assigned to Thomas Izsak; assigned to Alexander Kish
M-6531-227 C-3536. Rosalie Borowski; assigned to Nicholas Delong
M-6531-228 C-3537. James Brown
M-6531-229 C-3558. Albert Glydon
M-6531-230 C-3540. Bella Taylor
M-6531-231 C-3544. Ewen MacKenzie
M-6531-232 C-3545. Frank Geiger
M-6531-233 C-3549. Joseph Wood
M-6531-234 C-3551. Charles Barkley
M-6531-235 C-3554. Ernest Bullivant
M-6531-236 C-3355. Bill Yaremko
M-6531-237 C-3356. Mat Bunyak
M-6531-238 C-3559. Walter Laidlaw
M-6531-239 C-3561. Adolf Nilson
M-6531-240 C-3567. Vernon Apperley
M-6531-241 C-3568. Fred Kitchen
M-6531-242 C-3569. Theresa Wautier; assigned to James Koneicky
M-6531-243 C-3570. Mike Prokopinko; assigned to William John Faye
M-6531-244 C-3573. William Bryan Hextall
M-6531-245 C-3574. Victor Ennis
M-6531-246 C-3577. William Burnham
M-6531-247 C-3579. Berti Szakacs
M-6531-248 C-3586. Chris Juell
M-6531-249 C-3596. John McCloy
M-6531-250 C-3600. George Smith
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1928
M-6531-251 C-3605. Frank Bergquist and Agnes Bergquist
M-6531-252 C-3606. Richard Doney and Richard Clair Doney
M-6531-253 C-3609. Ross Diamond
M-6531-254 C-3610. John McLeod
M-6531-255 C-3618. Alexander Morton
M-6531-256 C-3619. Robert Cowan
M-6531-257 C-3624. Ervine Johnston
M-6531-258 C-3626. George Watkins
M-6531-259 C-3629. Edmund Stevenson
M-6531-260 C-3630. Kristian Jorgensen
M-6531-261 C-3631. Joseph Towler and Francis Towler
M-6531-262 C-3632. Richard Walker
M-6531-263 C-3635. William Furtan
M-6531-264 C-3636. Carl Hanson; assigned to James Orr; assigned to Tom Hargreave
M-6531-265 C-3643. Per Sigfrid Stendahl
M-6531-266 C-3649. John Lupton
M-6531-267 C-3652. Andrew Ross; assigned to Lena Gigian
M-6531-268 C-3653. Amos Ross
M-6531-269 C-3654. Pontus Wicklund and Simon Wicklund; assigned to Reginald McLellan; assigned to Valentine Gerein
M-6531-270 C-3655. Frank Balez and George Balez
M-6531-271 C-3658. Marcus Spray and Ezra Spray
M-6531-272 C-3659. Archie McIntyre
M-6531-273 C-3668. George Bessant
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1929
M-6531-274 C-3669. William Quinn
M-6531-275 C-3671. Paul Englot
M-6531-276 C-3572. Roger Carlton and David Carlton
M-6531-277 C-3689. Josef Sobotka; assigned to Jan Novak
M-6531-278 C-3795. John Davidson
M-6531-279 C-3696. William Dunn
M-6531-280 C-3700. Fred Trithardt
M-6531-281 C-3701. Mick Rapp
M-6531- 282 C-3703. Peter Johnson
M-6531-283 C-3705. Martin Gunderson
M-6531-284 C-3706. Theoline Hudson
M-6531-285 C-3707. Walter Englot
M-6531-286 C-3708. William Ritchie
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1930
M-6531-287 C-3711. William Cleary
M-6531-288 C-3712. William Hawkes
M-6531-289 C-3714. Louis Szabo
M-6531-290 C-3718. John Morrice
M-6531-291 C-3720. Joseph Wood
M-6531-292 C-3723. John Balding
M-6531-293 C-3724. Frederick Stringer
M-6531-294 C-3727. Thomas McLellan
M-6531-295 C-3732. Arthur Leigh; assigned to Pete MacGregor
M-6531-296 C-3740. George Johnston
M-6531-297 C-3741. Joe Kirs; assigned to Joseph Dencsak
M-6531-298 C-3742. Andrew Hutchence
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1931
M-6531-299 C-3746. Jean Pignal
M-6531-300 C-3748. Benjamin Tanner
M-6531-301 C-3749. Charles Tanner
M-6531-302 C-3750. William Dove
M-6531-303 C-3754. Etienne Balez
M-6531-304 C-3755. Robert McMillan; assigned to Martha Louise Coulthard
M-6531-305 C-3756. Richard James
M-6531-306 C-3759. Hattie Nicol
M-6531-307 C-3761. James Clark
M-6531-308 C-3765. John Dunkerley
M-6531-309 C-3768. William Gardner
M-6531-310 C-3770. Phillip Matthews; assigned to Edith Gwendolen Gibson
M-6531-311 C-3772. Steve Izsak
M-6531-312 C-3782. Thomas Appleby
M-6531-313 C-3783. Annie Spence
M-6531-314 C-3784. James Sheen
M-6531-315 C-3788. John Morrison
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1932
M-6531-316 C-3789. Wilfred George Maloney
M-6531-317 C-3790. John Harold Woods
M-6531-318 C-3793. John McKay
M-6531-319 C-3799. Dilbert Clearwater
M-6531-320 C-3802. Richard Carter
M-6531-321 C-3903. Edmond Hoskins
M-6531-322 C-3804. Peter Marshall
M-6531-323 C-3806. Earl Parker
M-6531-324 C-3810. Albert Girardin; assigned to Marc Souyri
M-6531-325 C-3811. John Revill
M-6531-326 C-3812. Kristian Jorgensen
M-6531-327 C-3813. The Board of Trustees of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District
M-6531-328 C-3816. George Sadler
M-6531-329 C-3817. James Cowan
M-6531-330 C-3818. Robert Dunn
M-6531-331 C-3819. Birdie Gardner
M-6531-332 C-3822. Imre Szumutku
M-6531-333 C-3827. William Dawson
M-6531-334 C-3829. Donald Raymond and John Vander Steen; assigned to Charles Husband and Walter Husband
M-6531-335 C-3833. Arie Kool
M-6531-336 C-3836. Walter Bester
M-6531-337 C-3840. Joseph Philippe and Jean Marieu Philippe
M-6531-338 C-3841. Rubert Fredlund and Henning Fredlund
M-6531-339 C-3843. Gordon Mabe; assigned to Harry Campkin
M-6531-340 C-3844. Robert Lewis
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1933
M-6531-341 C-3847. Paul Syganiec
M-6531-342 C-3848. Steve Lawrence
M-6531-343 C-3849. Thomas Langan
M-6531-344 C-3850. George Hirscu; assigned to James Styrvoky
M-6531-345 C-3851. George Dodd
M-6531-346 C-3859. Marius Lautier
M-6531-347 C-3860. Frank Ast
M-6531-348 C-3862. Mary Carnie
M-6531-349 C-3863. Louis Sahlmark; assigned to Holder Munch and Herbert Clements
M-6531-350 C-3964. Joseph Rathy
M-6531-351 C-3965. James Vargassy
M-6531-352 C-3866. Robert Bonar; assigned to George Dodd
M-6531-353 C-3867. George Lewis; assigned to Joseph Lewis
M-6531-354 C-3869. Andrew Wyporowich
M-6531-355 C-3870. Walter Lake
M-6531-356 C-3871. Walter Anderson
M-6531-357 C-3872. Vincent Kapp
M-6531-358 C-3873. Leila Jamet and Ferdinand Jamet
M-6531-359 C-3874. Albert Hatley
M-6531-360 C-3875. Franz Stawarz
M-6531-361 C-3876. John Seitz
M-6531-362 C-3878. Joseph Giroux
M-6531-363 C-3879. Ana Langmaier
M-6531-364 C-3880. Louis Stir
M-6531-365 C-3881. Cameron McGillivray; assigned to Frank Wood
M-6531-366 C-3883. Walter Syganiec
M-6531-367 C-3884. Arne Halmoy; assigned to Ellen Hughes-Adams
M-6531-368 C-3885. Charles Rusywich
M-6531-369 C-3886. Emil Wagner; assigned to John Linz
M-6531-360 C-3888. John Laidlaw
M-6531-371 C-3889. Henry Anderson
M-6531-372 C-3891. Joseph Szakacs
M-6531-373 C-3894. John Wyers
M-6531-374 C-3897. Laurine Richards
M-6531-375 C-3898. Ludwig Silzer
M-6531-376 C-3899. May Jardine
M-6531-377 C-3900. Marion Wood
M-6531-378 C-3902. Alfred Erickson
M-6531-379 C-3903. Karl Brandt
M-6531-380 C-3904. Tony Szakacs
M-6531-381 C-3905. Andrew Prodaniuk
M-6531-382 C-3906. Katerina Malowany
M-6531-383 C-3907. Dmyter Hrycak
M-6531-384 C-3911. Leo Hassler and William Hassler
M-6531-385 C-3912. Mary Ann Lintjes
M-6531-386 C-3913. Emil Hein
M-6531-387 C-3914. John Neugebaur
M-6531-388 C-3915. Kathleen Carleton
M-6531-389 C-3916. Ole Svenson
M-6531-390 C-3917. Nels Swanson
M-6531-391 C-3918. Aaron Sauer
M-6531-392 C-3920. Carl Broecker
M-6531-393 C-3921. William Hamm
M-6531-394 C-3922. Richard McAllister
Purchasers’ files – Contracts made in 1934
M-6531-395 C-3923. Stefan Malik
M-6531-396 C-3924. Paul Englot
M-6531-397 C-3926. Ernest Buhse; assigned to Albert Muscoby
M-6531-398 C-3928. Joe Demyen
M-6531-399 C-3930. Robert Clark, Charles Clark, and David Clark
M-6531-400 C-3931. Jacob Miller
M-6531-401 C-3932. John Weresiuk
M-6531-402 C-3933. Tena Weresiuk
M-6531-403 C-3934. Valenty Kardynal
M-6531-404 C-3935. Elmer Sheane and John Sheane
M-6531-405 C-3937. James Allen; assigned to Dan Foley
M-6531-406 C-3938. X. Saverious Gaetz
M-6531-407 C-3939. Fred Willway
M-6531-408 C-3943. John Hendry
M-6531-409 C-3951. Tahvo Laine
M-6531-410 C-3955. John Czelezsan
M-6531-411 C-3959. William Wood
M-6531-412 C-3960. Joseph Smith
M-6531-413 C-3962. Alain Hemery
M-6531-414 C-3963. Ella Bourgon
M-6531-415 C-3965. Frank Peto Jr.
M-6531-416 C-3969. Martin Sherred
M-6531-417 C-3971. Esther Parker
M-6531-418 C-3972. John Wonko and Mary Wonko
M-6531-419 C-3973. Wenzel Edner
M-6531-420 C-3974. Frederick Rolfe
M-6531-421 C-3975. Andrew Prodaniuk
M-6531-422 C-3976. Ernest Anderson
M-6531-423 C-3978. John Daku
M-6531-424 C-7979. John Thurstan
M-6531-425 C-3980. William Moir
M-6531-426 C-3982. Milina Filteau; assigned to Aline Bessette
M-6531-427 C-3984. Robert Kincade; assigned to Harold Feather
M-6531-428 C-3985. Mike Prodoniuk
M-6531-429 C-3986. Mary Daku
M-6531-430 C-3987. Ernest Coomber
Purchasers’ files – Contract made in 1935
M-6531-431 C-3990. John Duryba

Series 9 Deeds registers and deed transfer requisitions. — 1883-1977, predominant 1883-1966
M-6531-vol.41 Deed register 1 (farm lands) – Deeds 1-3904. — 1883-1906
M-6531-vol.42 Deed register 2 (farm lands) – Deeds 3905-9365. — 1906-1916
M-6531-vol.43 Deed register 3 (farm lands) – Deeds 9366-11641. — 1916-1975
M-6531-vol.44 Deed register (townsites) – Deeds 4258-6696. — 1903-1922
M-6531-vol.45 Title register. — 1889-1967. — For CNWL farm lands and townsites; joint townsites; and Western Provinces Land Company.
M-6531-432 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites A-B
M-6531-433 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites C and E
Note Townsites F-L missing.
M-6531-434 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites M-N
M-6531-435 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites O-R
M-6531-436 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites S-T
M-6531-437 Deed transfer requisitions. — [ca. 1903-1921]. — Townsites V-W
M-6531-440 Deed transfer requisitions – Manitoba. — [ca. 1887-1910]. — Ranges 19, 20 and 21-W1
M-6531-441 Deed transfer requisitions – Manitoba. — [ca. 1889-1912]. — Ranges 22, 23 and 24-W1
M-6531-442 Deed transfer requisitions – Manitoba. — [ca. 1895-1917]. — Ranges 24, 25 and 26-W1
M-6531-443 Deed transfer requisitions – Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1898-1918]. — Ranges 4 and 5-W2
M-6531-444 Deed transfer requisitions – Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1899-1918]. — Ranges 6 and 7-W2
M-6531-445 Deed transfer requisitions – Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1899-1920]. — Ranges 8 and 9-W2
M-6531-446 Deed transfer requisitions – Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1898-1919]. — Ranges 10 and 11-W2
M-6531-447 Deed transfer requisitions – Saskatchewan. — [ca. 1898-1918]. — Ranges 12, 13 and 14-W2
M-2274-71 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 1258-1452, December, 1893-December 1897. — Townsites
M-2274-72 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 1951-2115. — 1894-95. — Townsites
M-2274-73 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 2116-2240. — 1895. — Townsites
M-2274-74 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 2241-2397. — 1896. — Townsites
M-2274-75 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 2398-2622. — 1897-1898. — Townsites
M-2274-76 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 2623-2802. — 1898. — Townsites.
M-6531-438 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 2802a-3127. — 1899-1900. — Townsites
M-6531-439 Deed transfer requisitions, nos. 3128-3392. — 1900-1901. — Townsites
M-2274-77 Requisitions for deeds and transfer, nos. 1489-1666. — 1899-1902. — Townsites
M-2274-78 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 4637-4825. — November 1903-March 1904. — Townships
M-2274-79 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 4637-4825. — November 1903-March 1904. — Townships
M-2274-80 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 4826-4995. — August 1903-June 1904. — Townships
M-2274-81 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 4996-5270. — June 1904-October 1904. — Townships
M-2274-82 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 5271-5487. — October 1904-February 1905. — Townships
M-2274-83 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 5489-5275. — February 1905-October 1905. — Townships
M-2274-84 Requisitions for deeds and transfers, nos. 5726-5899. — October 1905-April 1906. — Townships

Series 10 Land examinations. — 1913-1927
M-2274-85 Land Examinations, Sections 1-35. Townships 4-16, Ranges 6-34, W1. — 1913-1918. — Topographical descriptions.
M-2274-86 Land Examinations, Sections 1-35, Townships 7-20, Ranges 1-4, W2. — 1913-1918. — Topographical descriptions.
M-2274-87 Land Examinations, Sections 1-35, Townships 7-20, Ranges 5-10, W2. — 1913-1918, 1927. — Topographical descriptions.
M-2274-88 Land Examinations, Sections 1-33, Townships 5-20, Ranges 11-26, W2. — 1912-1918, 1927. — Topographical descriptions.
M-6531-448 Miscellaneous land examinations. — 1914-1921. — Consists of Alberta – Ranges (20-22)-W4 (1914); and 6-W4 (1916); Manitoba – Ranges (18-29)-W1 (1921)

Series 11 Land Commissioners’ correspondence. — 1887-1977
M-6531-449 Managing Director’s letter book (W.B. Scarth). — June 1887. — Copies of typewritten letters written from Ottawa. [only partially filled]
M-6531-450 Managing Director’s correspondence (W.B. Scarth). — 1984-1905
M-6531-451 Letter book – Free Homestead Company. — 1891-1896. — Consists of copies of handwritten letters from the Land Commissioner.
M-6531-452 Land Commissioner’s correspondence (F.T. Griffin). — 1909-1910
M-6531-453 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1929-1959. — Re mineral rights. Includes correspondence with Aladdin Oil, Eric Harvie, Union Oil, Imperial Oil, etc.
M-2274-97 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1914-1917. — Of F. T. Griffin, Land Commissioner. Re townsite trustees.
M-2274-98 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1924-1954. — Mainly with CPR re titles, deeds, etc.
M-2274-99 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1940-1948. — Mainly with CPR re land, shares etc.
M-2274-100 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1953-1963. — With CPR mainly re titles, deeds, etc.
M-2274-101 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1958-1965. — With CPR mainly re titles, deeds, etc.
M-2274-102 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1957-1965. — Re Manitoba land titles in Boissevain, Brandon, Carman, Morden, Neepawa, Portage la Prairie.
M-2274-103 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1957-1967. — Re mineral rights recovered by CNWL Company in Manitoba.
M-2274-104 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1959-1966. — Re mineral rights in Manitoba.
M-2274-105 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1957-1965. — Re mineral rights in Manitoba.
M-2274-106 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1955-1963. — Re mineral rights in Manitoba.
M-2274-107 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1954-1964. — Re mineral rights in Manitoba.
M-2274-108 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1957-1965. — Re mineral rights in Manitoba.
M-2274-109 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1957-1968. — Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands.
M-2274-110 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1951-1963. — Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands.
M-2274-111 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1960-1964- Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands.
M-2274-112 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1948-1962. — Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands from 11-5-W2.
M-2274-113 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1948-1964. — Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands from 11-5-W2.
M-2274-114 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1948-1964. — Re enquiries, searches and acreage adjustments on Saskatchewan lands from 11-5-W2.
M-2274-115 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1910-1962. — Re Saskatchewan titles.
M-2274-116 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1963-1969. — Re Saskatchewan titles.
M-2274-117 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1938-1963. — Re mineral rights lost.
M-2274-118 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1933-1968. — Re Manitoba Companies Act.
M-2274-119 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1922-1947. — Re share distributions.
M-2274-120 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1925-1969. — Re City of Winnipeg business tax.
M-2274-121 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1927-1932. — Re contract with the village of Kennedy, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-122 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1960. — Re tax exempt parcels in Saskatchewan.
M-2274-123 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1963-1966. — Re land in Sintaluta, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-124 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1923-1969. — Re land transfer of John Niebergall and Henry Hitchie, Kipling Saskatchewan.
M-2274-125 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1927-1937. — With Peter Pilloud and Joseph Le Poder, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba re contract.
M-2274-126 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1929-1969. — Re McTaggert contract and James T. Kelly of Riverside, Manitoba.
M-2274-127 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1932-1939. — Re Harry Gullet contract, Hilton, Manitoba.
M-2274-128 Land Commissioner’s correspondence — 1956-1969. — Re mineral rights on land near Kennedy, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-129 Abstracts and search certificates, Brandon Land Titles office. — 1957-1968.
M-2274-130 Abstracts and search certificates, Boissevain, Manitoba. — 1960-1968.
M-2274-131 Abstracts and search certificates, Regina, Saskatchewan. — 1966-1969.
M-2274-132 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1968-1969. — With oil companies re withdrawal of caveats.
M-2274-133 Secretary-Treasurer’s correspondence. — 1950-1952. — Re The California Standard Co. mineral lease.
M-2274-134 Secretary-Treasurer’s correspondence. — 1950-1955. — Re shares and accounts.
M-2274-135 Correspondence to I. M. Sinclair, Acting Land Commissioner. — 1950-1952. — Re office lease and enquiries re mineral rights, etc.
M-2274-136 Land Commissioner’s correspondence with Professor John L. Tyman. — 1966-1967. — Re research project involving land sales statistics on prairies.
M-2274-137 Land Commissioner’s correspondence with Eric Reford. — 1968-1969. — Re closing of Winnipeg office.
M-2274-138 Land Commissioner’s correspondence re Richard A. Webb contract, Archie, Manitoba. — 1904-1968.
M-2274-139 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1952-1965. — Re mineral rights in Saskatchewan.
M-2274-140 Land Commissioner’s correspondence. — 1961-1969. – Re Amana school district, Manitoba.
M-2274-141 Manitoba mineral rights affected by Real Property and Assessment Act. — 1932-1944
M-2274-142 List of contracts adjusted under Debt Adjustment Plan of 1937
M-2274-143 Land transfer, Saskatchewan. — 1928
M-2274-148 Sample forms
M-6531-454 Land Commissioner’s correspondence (Virginie Smith). — 1968-1969
M-6531-455 Land Commissioner’s correspondence (Virginie Smith). — 1969-1970
M-6531-456 Land Commissioner’s correspondence (Virginie Smith). — 1971-1974
M-6531-457 Land Commissioner’s correspondence (Virginie Smith). — 1975-1977

Series 12 Western Provinces Land Company. — 1925-1969
M-6531-458 Minute book. — March 10, 1925-May 28, 1964
M-6531-459 Deed register – Deeds WP1-WP567. — 1925-1949
M-6531-460 Deed register – Deeds WP-568-588. — 1950-1963. — All lands transferred back to CNWL
M-6531-461 Deed transfer requisitions – Deeds WP1-WP300. — 1925-1940
M-6531-462 Deed transfer requisitions – Deeds WP-301-WP-604. — 1940-1964
M-6531-463 Land transfers to WPLC from CNWL. — 1925-1933
M-6531-464 Agreement between WPLC and CNWL re management of company. — January 1, 1933
M-6531-465 Transfer of mineral rights from WPLC to CNWL. — 1950
M-6531-466 Acreage under lease to various oil companies. — 1955-1969. — Includes leases to Calstand, Dow, Ferguson, Imperial Oil, Laurence Oil, Shell, Supertest and Texaco.

Series 13 Mineral rights, oil and gas leases. — 1930-1969
M-6531-467 Agreement between CNWL and Aladdin Oil and Gas Company. — 1930
M-6531-468 Agreements with Imperial Oil. — 1946-1949
M-6531-469 Mineral rights register. — [1951-1965]. — Consists of records of leases to oil companies, including British American, Imperial Oil, Canmore mines, Mobil Oil, California Standard, Texaco, Shell, and others.
M-6531-470 Mineral holdings and leases by oil companies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. — 1959-1969

Series 14 Financial records. — 1882-1968
M-2274-vol.79 Cashbook No. 1 (thin). — 1882-1884.
M-2274-vol.80 Cashbook No. 1 (thick). — 1882-1884.
M-2274-vol.81 Cashbook No. 2. — 1884-1890.
M-2274-vol.82 Cashbook No. 3. — 1890-1893.
M-2274-vol.83 Cashbook No. 4. — 1894-1899.
M-2274-vol.84 Cashbook No. 5. — 1899-1902.
M-2274-vol.85 Cashbook No. 6. — 1903-1905.
M-2274-vol.86 Cashbook No. 7. — 1905-1907.
M-2274-vol.87 Cashbook No. 8. — 1907-1910.
M-2274-vol.88 Cashbook No. 9. — 1910-1915.
M-2274-vol.89 Cashbook No. 10. — 1915-1921.
M-2274-vol.90 Cashbook No. 11. — 1921-1928.
M-2274-vol.91 Cashbook No. 12. — 1928-1939.
M-2274-vol.92 Cashbook No. 13. — 1939-1948.
M-2274-vol.93 Journal No. 1. — 1883-1887.
M-2274-vol.94 Journal No. 2. — 1888-1891.
M-2274-vol.95 Journal No. 3. — 1891-1893.
M-2274-vol.96 Journal No. 4. — 1894-1901.
M-2274-vol.97 Journal No. 5. — 1901-1912.
M-2274-vol.98 Journal No. 6. — 1912-1945.
M-2274-vol.116 Journal. — 1946-1963
M-2274-vol.105 Journal (English Company). — 1882-1893.
M-2274-vol.106 Ledger (English Company). — 1882-1891.
M-2274-vol.107 Ledger (London Office). — 1883-1891.
M-2274-vol.108 Ledger. — 1882-1893.
M-2274-vol.109 Ledger. — 1894-1907.
M-2274-vol.110 Ledger. — 1930-1953.
M-6531-vol.46 Ledger. — 1954-1968
M-6531-vol.47 General Ledger Balances. — 1882-1908
M-2274-vol.111 General Ledger Balances. — 1909-1924.
M-2274-vol.112 General Ledger Balances. — 1925-1949.
M-2274-vol.113 General Ledger Balances. — 1950.

Series 15 Privy Council reports re railways. — 1877-1914
M-2274-144 Privy Council reports. — 1877-1904, 1914. — Re Main Line Grant.
M-2274-145 Privy Council reports. — 1880-1907. — Re Manitoba and North Western Railway.
M-2274-146 Privy Council reports. — 1880-1901. — Re Great North-West Central Railway Company.
M-2274-147 Privy Council reports. — 1889-1904. — Re CPR Souris Branch and Pipestone Extension.

Series 16 Miscellaneous records. — 1882-1977 and n.d. — The series has been artificially arranged in date order, with undated material at the end.
M-6531- 471 “List of Lands allotted to the Canada North West Land Limited West of the Princpl Merid”. — [ca. 1882]
M-6531-472 Miscellany. — 1882-1917. — Consists of receipts to Neil Robertson for purchase of shares (1882); “opinion” by McCarthy and Osler about CNWL rights under contract with CPR (1883); List of Certificates of Title sent to F.C. Campbell (1894); CNWL dividend notice (1905); map of holdings of The Saskatoon and Western Land Company (1906); expenses for 1907-1909; and �List of Lands in Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan, in which the C.N.W. Land Company are interested� (1917).
M-6531-473 Immigration – Schedule for Emigration Officer. — 1888. — Includes advances for passage money.
M-6531-474 Report, Evidence and Cash Statements submitted by The Townsite Commissioners. — 1900. — The commissioners were appointed by OC 1527 of June 19, 1900, and their report approved by OC 2779 of December 29, 1900.
M-2274-94 Balance sheets. — 1903 and n.d. — Includes joint townsites, Regina, Moose Jaw and Virden.
M-2274-93 Abstract, Manitoba. — 1906.
M-6531-475 Newspaper clippings. — 1909-1916. — Re CPR Land Department’s move from Winnipeg to Calgary; immigration to the West including wealthy British settlers; list of CNWL largest shareholders; and notices of CNWL annual general meetings.
M-6531-476 On Appeal from the Supreme Court of Alberta En Banc. — 1910. — Re appeal of case between the Minister of Public Works of Alberta and the CPR re taxation of certain land.
M-6531- 477 “Report on Colonization Work”. — 1910. — Consists of a brief account re Hungarians, Romanians, Russian Germans, Scandinavians, Austrians, Ruthenians, Finns, French, Belgians, and Mennonites.
M-2274-89 CPR land purchase applications. — [ca. 1910-1919]
M-2274-95 Road survey plan, Lorne, Manitoba. — 1917.
M-6531-478 CNWL income tax returns and financial statements for tax purposes. — 1917-1931
M-6531-479 Eric Harvie land purchase agreements. — 1926-1929
M-6531-480 Map of CNWL lands for sale in Manitoba. — 1928
M-6531-481 Notices to CNWL under the Tax Enforcement and Arrears of Taxes Act. — 1942-1949
M-6531-482 CPR vs Saskatchewan court case. — 1948. — Includes statements of claim and defence.
M-6531-483 Lists of dividends paid to shareholders. — 1963, 1967
M-6531-484 Reports – History of company and five-year forecasts. — 1971-1973, 1976-1977
M-2274-90 Proposed division of lots, Arcola and Weyburn, Saskatchewan and Sinclair, Manitoba. — n.d. — Between CPR and CNWL Company.
M-2274-91 List of lands. — n.d. — Obtained in lieu of lands in Moose Mountain timber reserve, near Kennedy, Saskatchewan.
M-2274-92 Land allotment lists, CNWL Company — n.d. — Legal descriptions.
M-2274-96 CNWL Company poster. — n.d. — Warning to trespassers forbidding cutting of hay or wood, Boissevain area, Manitoba.