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Alfred Rawlins fonds

Series 1

Personal papers. — 1908, 1911 and n.d.

M-1024-1 Biographical material, notes and newspaper clippings about Alfred Rawlins. — n.d.

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M-1024-2 Rawlins’ homestead receipts, Turin, Alberta. — 1908 and 1911

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Series 2

Farming. — 1911-1951

M-1024-3 Alberta Wheat Pool business and correspondence. — 1938-1951. — Consists of The Budget (1938); statements for wheat delivered; growers’ statement of reserves; letter from L.D. Nesbitt re G.S. Thorvaldson’s anti-Pool speech; and 1950 convention news.

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M-1024-4 Alberta Wheat Pool pamphlets. — [ca. 1926]-1942. — Consists of the following:

Wheat Pool Talks (brief summary of objects and accomplishments), [ca. 1926]
Serious Charges Made by the Pool Director (against government grain handling system), [ca. 1927]
The Truth About Australia, [ca. 1927]
A Defence of Canada’s Wheat Pool, 1931
Submissions by the Wheat Pool Organization of Western Canada to the Royal Grain Inquiry Commission, 1937
Membership Contol, 1939
The Case for Alberta Wheat Pool, 1942

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M-1024-5 Albert Wheat Pool and Canadian Wheat Board – Business and correspondence. — 1938-1943. — Consists of drafts of letters to the Editor by Rawlins over the grain marketing system; rough draft of essay on the way to handle grain; Canadian Wheat Board permit (1942-1943); complaint again Wheat Board, Ogilvie Flour MIlls and Alberta Pacific Grain Company.

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M-1024-6 Canadian Wheat Board and wheat marketing pamphlets. — [ca. 1927]-1943. — Consists of the following:

Why the Hurry? Canada’s grain handling and marketing system, [ca. 1927]
Facts on Grain Marketing, [ca. 1927]
Report of Canadian Wheat Board, 1935-1936
The Need for a National Wheat Board, 1937
Grain Sampling and Inspection, 1942
The Price Ceiling and the Farmer, 1943

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M-1024-7 Correspondence between Rawlins and H.G.L. Strange, Director of Searle Grain Company. — 1936-1937, 1941. — Consists of letters of criticism by Strange over Rawlins’ essay on the grain industry. Includes reference to evidence given by Strange before the Turgeon Commission.

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M-1024-8 Correspondence between Rawlins and United Grain Growers. — 1919, 1935-1937. — Includes a stock receipt and discussion of the disposal of the Retlaw grain elevator.

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M-1024-9 Turgeon Royal Commission. — 1937-1938, 1948. — Consists of pamphlet, “Why the State should Intervene to Help the Farmers”, presented to the Commission by J.T. Hull, 1937; Rawlins’ brief to the Commission; letters to E.G. Hansell, MP, about this brief; and a speech before the House of Commons discussing the Turgeon Grain Commission.

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M-1024-10 Turgeon Royal Commission – Submissions by J.H. Rhodes and John I. McFarland. — 1937

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M-1024-11 Bow River Drought Area Association, and the Retlaw Agricultural Improvement Association. — 1937-1938. — Consists of minutes and business records of both organizations; essay on soil drifting; and addresses by Field Crop Commissioner O.S. Longman to the drought association.

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M-1024-12 Irrigation. — 1937-1938, 1947. — Consists of correspondence with James Gardiner suggesting irrigation in areas of drought; applications to construct a dam; petition of farmers to federal and provincial governments; speech broadcast on CBC radio about farm conditions in the West; and letters re the proposed Sundial Irrigation District.

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M-1024-13 Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, and Prairie Farm Assistance Act. — 1937-1942. — Consists of applications for dugout awards; crop bonuses; plan for wheat acreage reductions; correspondence re PFAA with James Gardiner; and House of Commons speech by Ernest G. Hansell (February 19, 1942).

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M-1024-14 Alberta Famers’ Union. — 1941, 1944 and n.d. — Consists of draft articles re proposed farmers’ organization. Includes demand for more stable produce prices, and a letter from H.E. Nichols re the AFU.

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M-1024-15 National Farm Radio Forum. — 1942-1943. — Consists of a brochure on the program, letters of complaint by Rawlins, and replies by E.W. Brunsden.

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M-1024-16 General farming business. — 1911-1942. — Consists of a brochure, “The Seed Supply” (1912); receipt from Alberta Farmers’ Cooperative Elevator Company (1913); threshing machine registration; amendment to threshers’ liens act; draft letters on various topics to the Editor, J. Percy Page, James Gardiner, and H.E. Winch; program of convention of agricultural improvement associations; record of grain threshed; and a farmer’s pocket ledger.

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M-1024-17 Livestock marketing. — 1941, 1944 and n.d. — Consists of memorandum re livestock marketing in Alberta; resolution to censure federal government;and issues of Canadian Cattlemen (No. 17, 20 and 24) issued to Western Stock Growers’ Association members.

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Series 3

Politics. — 1911-1944

M-1024-18 Map of polling divisions in South Central Alberta for the federal election. — 1911
M-1024-19 Dominion politics. — 1931-1941. — Consists of letters to the editor about federal government policies; letter to R.B. Bennett re the Grain Exchange (1931); letter of protest to W.L. Mackenzie King re war policies (1941).
M-1024-20 Provincial politics. — 1941-1944. — Consists of letters to the editor and replies about Social Credit; statement from the electors of Bow West re remaining a Special Area; and transcript of a radio broadcast by Rawlins.

Series 4

Education. — 1936-1957

M-1024-21 Education. — 1936-1957. — Consists of fourAlberta School Trustees’ Association pamphlets; letters to the editor and correspondence re dispute over large school unit, teachers’ salaries, and local boards. Includes letters to the Minister of Education and a brief to the British Columbia Education Committee.

Series 5

General. — 1932-1963

M-1024-22 General correspondence. — 1932-1951. — Consists of letters ot he editor; dispute over Leonard W. Brockington’s speech (1932); letters re constructing a dugout; complaints to the CBC; references tothe Canadian silver problem; formation of the Taber Constituency Independent Association; correspondence with the UFA Coop at Turin, etc.
M-1024-23 Seventh Day Adventists. — 1941-1956. — Consists of a brochure, “A Message for You”; advertisement for W.R. Foulston’s talk entitled “One Government for all Men”; and thank you letter to Rawlins for his tithes.
M-1024-24 Biographical notes about A.E. Palmer, Superintendent of the Dominion Experimental Farm at Lethbridge. — n.d. — Also inclues notes about Andy Nairn.
M-1024-25 Milk enquiry by Mr. Justice Clyne. — [1955]. — Consists of resolution praising British Columbia dairymen; and broadcasts 1-5 about the milk situation in the Fraser Valley. Includes information re raw vs pasteurized milk.
M-1024-26 Miscellaneous. — 1939-1961. — Consists of letters to the editor re war efforts, nurses, roads; brief to J.E. Brown (who was investigating conditions in the Municipality of Surrey); British Columbia Health Committee report (1947); and a ration book (1947).
M-1024-27 Article and talks by Rawlins. — 1963 and n.d. — Consists of manuscripts for fictionalized writing re ranch life; religious article; sketch re difficulties as a returning officer in 1908; and script of talk re farming in Alberta.

Series 6

Newspaper clippings. — 1936-1961

M-1024-28 Newspaper clippings – Crop news and marketing. — 1936-1941
M-1024-29 Newspaper clippings – Alberta Wheat Pool and Canadian Wheat Board. — 1929-1937
M-1024-30 Newspaper clippings – Turgeon Commission. — 1937
M-1024-31 Newspaper clippings – Education. — 1937-1944
M-1024-32 Newspaper clippings – Farm Rehabilitation and irrigation. — 1937-1938
M-1024-33 Newspaper clippings – Miscellaneous. — 1938-1961

Series 7

Photographs. — [ca. 1900]-1919. –10 photographs

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PA-1129 Prince of Wales; Lake Bennett, British Columbia, etc. — 1919 and [ca. 1900]. — 9 photographs. — Consists of views of a visit to Alberta by Edward, Prince of Wales in 1919; and postcards of the north, possibly during the Klondike gold rush [ca. 1900], including caribou in the Yukon River, Lake Bennett, White Horse and Yukon railway, Skagway, and Wrangell, Alaska.
NA-2005 Early car in southern Alberta. — [ca. 1910s]. — 1 photograph